Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Finale Recap: 4×17

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Finale Recap: 4x17

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta continues with an all new Monday August 17, season 4 episode 17 called “I Do” finale and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Momma Dee’s children may not make it to her wedding;

On the last episode, Kirk planned a big surprise for Rasheeda; Scrappy may abdicate the throne on the eve of Momma Dee’s wedding; and Stevie took the guys on a farewell fishing trip and also learned a secret about Joseline. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “Momma Dee’s children may not make it to her wedding; Margeaux shares a secret with Nikko; Stevie has a proposition for Mimi; and Joseline delivers a big performance without her husband by her side.”

It sounds like the 4th season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta will be packed full of can’t miss drama. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta tonight at 8PM!

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Jessica Dime has just pulled out her surprise guest, Margeaux, at her live show with Mimi in the audience. The two of them perform Margeaux’s new track, “Start a War.” Mimi calls Dime an “ungrateful flea of an artist” in confessional. “Start a war with who, you?” Stevie asks Mimi.  After the show, Mimi walks up to Jessica and Margeaux.

Stevie tells Jessica that this isn’t how she handles her business, and she says he hasn’t been around from the beginning so why is he jumping in now. Stevie says this is his company so he’ll jump in whenever he wants.

Margeaux says that she asked Dime to be on her song with her so she doesn’t see what the problem is. Mimi tells her she put the show together, so Margeaux is performing at something she wasn’t invited to. When she criticizes Dime for going behind her back, Dime says that Mimi was going around talking shit about her behind her back.

Stevie claps as Dime storms away and tells the “broke-ass hasbeens” that she isn’t going to work with them anymore.

Kalenna has been focusing on her music and health and feeling better lately. Tony tells her he would like to work on music with her again. He says they’ll take the strongest song and get a video started. He asks to be Kalenna’s manager again. She smiles, saying she feels like he’s asking her to marry him. He says seeing her strength is one of the things that encouraged her to come back, and that he realized she had some things she was dealing with. Kalenna says the two of them are unstoppable together.

Stevie J meets with Mimi. He tells her that his life is on track, and he isn’t going to leave her out of it because she always supports him. “I want my family around,” he says. She asks what he means, and he says he wants her and Eva to move with him. He tells her he has a lot of projects lined up. She asks him about Joseline, and he tells her that Joseline has gone behind his back to work alone with producers she knows. He says Joseline is upset about who he’s working with as well. He says life is easy with them and they co-parent well. She says if they can figure out some sort of complete positive environment for them and their daughter, she’ll think about it.

Margeaux realizes she hasn’t been completely transparent with Nikko and his mom about her new man. She surprises Nikko at the gym, and she sits him down to talk. She says she knows she said she was seeing someone and dropped the bomb on him. He asks who he is, and she says it’s complicated and there are reasons she hasn’t told him yet. She reveals that she is seeing a girl, not a guy. He asks her if she is bisexual or a lesbian, and Margeaux says she likes people from the inside out. He asks if this woman is the reason they’re getting a divorce, and she says no. She says she’s been seeing the girl on and off for a year, and it was hard to tell him because she was a girl. She apologizes for putting her internal issues on him. He says she already knew she had a relationship going on with a woman when she came down there. She tears up saying she didn’t reveal it because it was difficult for her. She says half of her family isn’t talking to her. He asks Margeaux if she loves the girl, and she says yes.

He asks her what the girl’s name is. “Her names Merica. Like America without the A.”

Nikko says he sincerely wishes them a happy life.

Rasheeda holds the grand opening of her store, which Kirk bought for her to make up for a series of business mishaps.

KD and Joc see eachother at the party. Joc tries to talk to her and she brushes him off somewhat.

Karlie comes to the party. She says in confessional that she sees Rasheeda’s invitation as an olive branch and that she is going to be the bigger person. However, she come with gift bags to promote her business. Ariane is suspicious of Karlie being nice after her fight with Rasheeda.

Karlie asks Mimi what she has been up to, and she tells her that Stevie asked her and their daughter to move to Los Angeles with him. Mimi says she doesn’t want to deal with Joseline’s drama.Karlie goes to find Rasheeda, and Mimi says she doesn’t want to find Rasheeda because she doesn’t want to be anywhere near that.

Karlie goes up to Rasheeda and says it wasn’t right for Rasheeda to criticize her business. She says it’s hot in there but she isn’t going to talk shit about her event. Rasheeda says at the end of the day she invited Karlie there because she f**k with her.

Momma Dee is getting remarried, but her daughter and son are nowhere to be found. With a few minutes to showtime, they still aren’t there. However, Jasmine shows up soon after. She says she doesn’t want to get in the way of her happiness so she’s there to support her. Jasmine says she’s sure that Scrappy is going to come or she’s going to beat his ass. People try to get Momma Dee ready as she freaks out wondering where Scrappy is.

Stevie is not going to go to Joseline’s big performance today. He says in confessional that he’s happy for her even he’s mad about how she went about it. He says they all have to do what’s best for themselves and their careers and if Joseline thinks she can do better without him, so be it.

Meanwhile, Joseline is excited to support the LGBT community by performing for Gayborhood and ignores Stevie’s absence.

Stevie says in confessional that he spent three and a half years supporting Jasmine as an artist and a wife, and she didn’t appreciate it. He says that in the process he forgot about himself, so now he’s going to be all about Stevie. He leaves roses with a letter in the house before leaving with his luggage.

Joc arrives at the wedding with KD – the two of them are now together. KD says in confessional that Joc did get a divorce and cut all ties with Sina, so maybe he is serious this time.

Joc almost has to walk Momma Dee down the aisle after Scrappy doesn’t show up, but he runs in at the last minute in a white suit.

Joc says that his mom taking Erica out of the bridal party just so he would come let him know how much this means to her.

Joseline says in confessional that she is enjoying performing without Stevie’s support because she doesn’t do it for Stevie, she does it for her.

Karlie shows up to watch her friend perform. “She may not be Beyonce, but she puts on a great show,” she says of her friend.

Backstage, Karlie tells Joseline that she saw Rasheeda at the party and Mimi says Stevie invited her to LA. Joseline says that Karlie is starting to get real fake and pissing her off. She asks her why she always brings gossip to her, and Karlie says it’s because she wants to keep it 100 with her. Joseline tells her to get out, throwing her purse out of the door. They get into an altercation in the doorway and start hitting eachother. The two each start trying to hit eachother with bouquets of flowers as bodyguards separate them. Karlie tells Joseline that she doesn’t have any friends because she changes into a different person. She throws the bouquet into the room as bodyguards prevent her from going inside.