Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap – LA Confidentia: Season 2 Episode 4

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap - LA Confidentia: Season 2 Episode 4

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood continues with an all new Monday September 28, season 2 episode 4 called “LA Confidentia” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Fizz and Nikki Mudarris rekindle their romance.

On the last episode, Nikki Mudarris knew what it’s like to have a man cheat and she also knew how to HANDLE a man who was cheating. When Brandi comes to her with the news that her husband might have been cheating on her, Nikki knew just what to do. She’s got her private investigator kit ready to go! Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “Fizz and Nikki rekindle their romance; Princess is determined to catch Teairra in a lie; Max and Brandi suffer a setback; and a blogger shows interest in Fizz and Hazel.”

It sounds like the 2nd season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will be packed full of can’t miss drama. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood tonight at 8PM!

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Gossip blogger Jason Lee and model Kamiah discuss her sorta-relationship with Fizz, a f**kboy. She tells Lee about them hooking up, saying that it was good after he could get it up. Jason suggests that he may put that story up online, saying in confessional that maybe it was about time everyone learned the full story on Fizz.

Hazel and Miles talk in the studio about his latest relationship problems with Milan, his secret gay paramour.  Hazel asks Miles if he has been cheating on Milan. Miles strongly denies that he cheated on Milan. He says he hasn’t been able to see himself with another man, saying he worries about how he will be seen as someone who is so strongly involved in the church as a youth pastor and also as a rapper. Hazel says she knows it isn’t easy, and Miles says it’s easier said than done and Milan needs to know that. “This shit eats me up,” he says. He says all he can do is show he loves him and is willing to do something today to show him that he wants this. Hazel tells him that he’s going to have to do something extravagant to show him that he can still be with him. Miles says he will show Milan that he is not going to lose him and that he is there for the long run. Hazel annoyingly tells him that the next time she hears from Milan on the phone he better be squealing like a highschool girl.

Fizz spots Nikki at the club and they dance together. Nikki says in confessional that Fizz has been around with some girl Kamiah, who has dissed her on the Internet, calling her “plastic.” She asks him what he is doing, and he says he is doing appetizers and she is not one.  She says she is not an appetizer- she’s an appetizer, a full course meal, dessert with sprinkles and a cherry on top.

Ray J sits Princess down, and he confronts her for going to a party. He says Princess knows he cares about her and she doesn’t want to be around people who will fuck her up. She says time will tell, and he tells her not to do that because it is fucking both of them up, not just her.She says she can hang out with whomever she wants to hang out with, just like he does. He then tells her: “You’re not a man. You’re a woman.”  He asks her if they can try to be on the same page. She says she would love that, but she isn’t going to be the same person she was sitting around waiting for him. This upsets Ray J, and he says he wants his old Princess Love back. She says no, that she is going to be out of the house living her life. Ray J starts getting up off the couch. She asks him if he isn’t going to be living his life, and he says no, he’s going to work – then storms out.

Brandi is annoyed with Max, who has not been coming home or wearing his ring. When he finally returns one of her text messages and answers his phone, she has already decided that is not going to take it, she says in confessional. She sits him down and immediately confronts him on the couch. He tries to act like he doesn’t know what the issue is. She says for her to walk in and see her husband without his ring on and a girl on his arm, he can’t say he doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. He says in confessional he’s the only man he knows who can say he doesn’t cheat, but he’s still getting this. Max tells her that what the ring represents to him is being married to a crazy person. He tells her he really doesn’t need this, and sometimes he thinks life would be better on his own. She asks him a few times if he is high. She says she’s asking him to stop playing games with his ring, because it’s a symbol of them and their marriage. Max tells her that he doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. “I’m not a f**king terrorist,” she says. He tells her to calm down, saying he doesn’t want to bail her out of jail. She chases him and he storms out. He tells her that ‘this ring right here ain’t shit.’

He says in confessional that he says that he doesn’t care about the rings and that they could buy new ones tomorrow. He then says that he takes his ring off everyday, just to show her that if she doesn’t act right, he isn’t going to wear it.
After Brandi has chased him out of the house, Max throws the ring out into the yard. Brandi runs after him, telling him to go get it. Instead, he gets in his car, backs up and drives away as Brandi sobs in the street.

Fizz meets up with Apryl. He tells her that he hooked up with Nikki.  She laughs, saying “that’s fun.” Jason Lee comes over to them, saying he’s here to get lunch.  He says he came over to see him and Fizz. He says he is a friend of Kamiah, who says they were together. Fizz laughs at the idea that they were together, saying it’s over and she can come get the stuff she left at his place. He says after the first time, her legs were shaking because it was too good. He says first of all, if her sex was so bomb she would be “right here.”

Miles finally gets Milan to pick up the phone, he invites him out to dinner in public to show him he’s serious about the relationship.  Miles tells him that Milan not talking him made him wonder if the relationship was something he could lose, and he decided he could not. He says people can see them all around, and he doesn’t care because he is there for him. “This was dope,” Milan says. “I appreciate it.” Miles shows Milan a new crown tattoo with the two Ms of their names connected.

Fizz takes Nikki to the movie theater that he’s investing into. Nikki says in confessional that maybe there is more to Fizz since he’s showing her some of his boss side, and he knows she’s the bossest bitch there is. Nikki tells Fizz that Jason Lee is going to help her with her lingerie line. Fizz then tells her that Jason Lee invited himself into his lunch with Apryl and was asking him about Kamiah. Nikki says in confessional that what really bothers her is that Kamiah is still being brought up, and that Fizz needs to get rid of her. Nikki tells him about Kamiah bashing her by calling her “plastic” online, something he is shocked about and says in confessional he will do something about. Nikki and Fizz make out… yeah…

Princess says in confessional that she’s starting to wonder if Teairra is feeding info about her to Ray J. She tells Apryl that Teairra invited her to a party, which Ray then confronted her on going to.  In disbelief, Apryl tells Princess that she thought Teairra and Ray haven’t been speaking and asks her what she is going to do.Apryl says in confessional that she doesn’t see a reason why Teairra would do that because she said she was over Ray. She says she is going to stay as neutral as she can. Apryl tells Princess that if Teairra set her up, she needs to be slapped. Princess says she isn’t going to slap her or ask her if she did it; instead, she wants to set Teairra up like she felt set up. Princess texts Teairra inviting her to Vegas, to see if the info will get back to Ray.

Nikki meets up with Hazel and Jason Lee, who have issues with eachother, because she wants both of them to help her with her career. She tries to mediate between them to reach her goal, but the two start fighting immediately. Jason Lee says he doesn’t know Hazel as a publicist, questioning her credentials.

He says he knew her as an aspiring artist. Hazel says that just because he knows her for one thing doesn’t mean he has to trash what she is going. He interrupts her, telling her she was homeless. She says he can’t be Media Takeout with his gossip blog, and he gets up and throws a drink in her face. Hazel dabs the drink off her eyes and says they’re burning.

Teairra, Princess and Amber talk in a restaurant.Amber says the next time she sees Miles, she wants to talk to him one time to see what he has to offer but that’s his only chance. She says in confessional that at this point in the relationship, she needs to know if this is going to be a real relationship or not. Teairra tells the two of them that Princess texted her inviting her to Vegas. Amber asks her if she doesn’t think that Princess is trying to mess with her by doing that. Moniece tells Teairra that Princess is probably thinking the same thing she is so she should be ahead of her. Teairra eagerly sends a text to Ray to rile him up.

Nikki makes Fizz’s breakfast and wears extremely skimpy black lingerie, a robe and heels as she sits cross legged on the bar.
She tells him about the fight between Jason Lee and Hazel at the restaurant, saying she couldn’t believe he threw a drink at a woman. Fizz tells her that he was trying to warn her about him.  Nikki says she doesn’t understand why Kamiah is running her mouth when she doesn’t know her like that.  Nikki tells him the two of them need to put an end to that anyway. Kamiah then knocks on the door fervently (and conveniently), and is shocked when Fizz opens the door and reveals Nikki’s scantily clad form. Nikki says that they have an issue, telling her that she doesn’t need to run her mouth saying she’s this and that. “You can have him,” Kamiah says. Fizz tells him he needs to stop downplaying her, and she insults him saying he isn’t going to talk to her like that. She then goes to Nikki, saying she really isn’t going to talk to her because she will beat her ass. When Fizz comes between the two women Kamiah touches him. Fizz calls her a bitch as she is dragged out. “You forgot your care package, boo,” Nikki says.  Kamiah says she’s going to get it, and then picks it up and hurls it at Nikki. She is escorted out. Outside, she says that there is some expensive shit in there and Nikki can sell it to get plastic surgery because she’s an ugly ass bitch.