Mad Men Recap – Don Loses Out with the Ladies: Season 7 Episode 9 “New Business”

Mad Men Recap - Don Loses Out with the Ladies: Season 7 Episode 9 "New Business"

Tonight on Mad Men it’s an all-new Sunday, April 12 season 7 episode 8 called, “New Business.” On tonight’s episode Roger [John Slattery] gives Don [Jon Hamm] some unwanted advice.

On last week’s episode Don tried to track down a friend. Joan struggles to solve a problem with an account. Peggy was set up by an unlikely person. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say AMC “Roger gives Don some unwanted advice; Peggy and Stan disagree over an account’s personnel; Harry asks for Don’s blessing.”

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On #MadMen, Don makes milkshakes when Betty comes in dressed up. She says they had dinner with the dean and says she’s planning on going back to school to get her Masters in Psych. Henry comes in and Don says he has to leave but Henry invites him to stay. He refuses then looks back at how his family has become Henry’s now. Back at his place, he comes inside to a ringing phone. It’s Megan. She says the movers are coming Wednesday to get her furniture. She says they’re coming at 10 and then says it’s the 24th and he asks how she can be out of money.

She says if he will just sign the papers, she won’t have to beg for an allowance and reminds him he was a millionaire when they met. She says to just sign the papers. She asks for $500 and when he balks she says she has to go and hangs up. Sterling calls Caroline in and she says she has too much work so she’s brought in Shirley. She reads off Sterling’s calendar. Sterling says the guy they need to call is NAC (no afternoon calls) since he’s a day drinker.

Harry chats up Don’s secretary Meredith, then Don shows up and he asks to speak to Don. They head into his office and Harry says he got a strange call from Megan. He says she asked to meet him to help her find a new agent. He says Megan asked him not to tell Don and Don says she’s not his wife so it doesn’t matter. Don gets a call from Nicholas then later goes to the diner where Di is working. She asks what he wants and he says he wants to have dinner with her. She says no.

He gives her his number and asks her to call him once she gets off work. Peggy tells Stan she found a good candidate – Pima Ryan. Stan is aggravate and leaves. Di calls Don after work and he says he’s glad she called then asks how he found her. She says she went home to Racine to get a divorce and he says he is too. He says he asked Nick at the diner to let him know when she came back. He asks her to come over to his place and asks where she is. She says she’s at work.

He says he’ll come meet her. She comes to his place and he lets her in. She asks why he’s in a suit and if that’s what he sleeps in. He tells her he’s vain and she compliments his stylish apartment. She says it’s what she expected and he says he’s going to sell it then offers her a drink. She says she doesn’t want to get to know him better. He says they both know why she’s there and she unbuttons her dress then kisses him. Later they cuddle in his bed and she says she can’t sleep like this.

He says she was but she says she doesn’t want to. He asks if she wants to leave and she says no. She rolls over onto her back and asks if he’s really divorced. He says he is then asks why. She says there are a lot of coats in the closet and he says she can have one since his ex is in California and doesn’t need them. He asks how long she was married and she says 12 years. He says marriage is never easy and he’s on his second divorce. She says no kids for her when he says he has kids the first time.

She rolls over onto his chest and he says she smells good and she says it’s Avon shampoo she bought in her living room. She says that was in her ranch house with her two car garage. Next morning, Don gets out of the shower when his alarm buzzes. He looks for Diana who is looking at his kids’ room. He says he has them every other weekend. She steps into the room and sits on one of the single beds. He asks if she’s okay and she says no and shields her eyes with her hand. He sits by her and asks what’s wrong.

She says she lied and says she had a little girl and that’s why she left home. He says he’s sorry and asks when. She says it was two years ago and lost her to the flu. He says again that he’s sorry. She says she doesn’t want to talk about it. He strokes her back and she says he should go. He says it’s his house and she asks doesn’t he need to go to work. He holds her and says he doesn’t feel like it. She puts her head on his shoulder.

Torkelson talks to the crew at the commercial shoot and Peggy introduces Pima to Stan. He acts snotty because he doesn’t think she’s suited to this work. Peggy says he has a problem with new people but Pima says he hates himself. She says men like him don’t bother her then greets the models and asks them to take their places. Don comes in very late and Meredith says Sterling is in his office. He says he’s hiding from his two secretaries and says McCann represents Derby Foods but also represents Nabisco.

He says he and Pete need to take them golfing. Meredith says a messenger is there from his attorney. Sterling says Burt Peterson is the account man so he can’t go. Sterling advises him not to settle until he gets the number he wants. Sterling mocks Betty and her complaints against Don in their divorce then leaves to face his secretaries. Pima comes to chat with Stan after the shoot. She sees him sketching and says he’s good. She says she doesn’t want the negatives processed at their lab.

She asks to use their darkroom and he says no. She tells him she used to clerk at a newspaper in Florida and all she wanted was to get into the darkroom. She asks if he’s a photographer and he says he does it all. She asks to see his work and says she can tell he wants her opinion. He says if she’ll be honest, he’ll show her. She tells him to be brave. Megan shows up to see her mother and sister. The bellman brings her bags. Her sister says she wants to have a drinking contest between her and her mother.

Don and Diana go up to his apartment. He runs into a couple of his neighbors and he introduces them to Diana who is still in her waitress uniform. Arnold asks if he brought the whole restaurant home with them. Arnold says they should play squash if he has the energy. Diana asks Don how may girls he’s had in the elevator. Stan broods over his portfolio and says he has nothing worthwhile to show Pima. His GF says he can take photos of her.

Don kisses Diana and she asks if he sits on the balcony all the time. He holds her and says she’s nervous and doesn’t understand why. He asks if she’s hungry and she says not really. He kisses her. Later they sleep and he wakes to a ringing phone. It’s Meredith reminding him that Megan is coming. He says they need to leave because he doesn’t want to be there when she comes to get her things. He says it’s almost over and shouldn’t bother Diana. She says good then he kisses her again.

He says he wants to see her tonight and she says at her place. She says they should go. Don goes to work and curses when he sees Pete and his golf clubs. Megan’s sister is lying on the bed with a hangover while she and her mother pack her stuff. Her mother curses when she sees the red wine stain and says her daughter is lucky she didn’t get syphilis from Don. She give her sister the cash to pay the movers and then tells her mother not to make Megan feel like a failure.

Her sister says she should get an annulment and her mother tells Marie not to be a bitch. Megan says she has a business lunch and her mom asks if she can cancel. She says no and asks her mom if she can finish packing. Her mom says she hates what Don has done to her family. She points out what needs packed and leaves for her lunch with Harry. The mover asks where everyone is going and she tells him that her mother is there to take care of it.

Don and Pete drive to the golf course and Don is nervous about his driving since Pete just learned. He’s upset that Don didn’t bring his clubs. He says he didn’t know Don’s divorce was still in the works. He asks about how he handled client dinners without a wife and Don says that’s why golf outings are better. Don tells him to watch the road. Megan’s mother stripped Don’s apartment bare and has to play the movers more. Marie then calls Don’s office and Meredith says she can only take a message.

Marie then calls Sterling who takes her call eagerly. She says she needs him desperately. She asks him to come with $200 to Don’s apartment. He says he’ll send someone over and she says to bring cash then slams the phone down. The movers sit resolute waiting on more money. Pima finds Stan in the dark room. She looks at the photos of Elaine and says she’s not worthy of him and she can see it in her eyes. Pima says drawing is a much more rare talent . She steps closer to Stan and says she expected more.

She kisses him. Stan pulls her close and starts to kiss her. They feverishly undress each other. Sterling comes in and asks where everything is. Sterling hands over the cash and the movers leave. He asks if Don agreed to this and she calls him a true gentleman. He asks to buy her a drink and she says she hates what Don did to her daughter. She tries to kiss him and he pulls back then he kisses her. She pulls off his jacket and he asks if he wants to defile the place after she cleaned it out.

She asks him to take advantage of her so he does. Harry meets Megan for lunch and she says he had such good advice for Miranda and Jill so she’s happy to buy him lunch. They pour wine and toast. He asks what’s up and Megan says she hasn’t booked anything in months and he asks about pilot season. She says she turned down some smaller parts and says he thinks Alan doesn’t know how to handle her. He says she needs a good agent with a real track record.

Harry says she’s every man’s fantasy and should be the most famous person in the world right now. He says he can’t believe Don threw her away. He says Don isn’t loyal but he is and says Don could have helped her but didn’t. He says he is. He says he’d like to get to work on this immediately. He touches her hand and says he has a room upstairs that has a phone and can make some calls. She tells him she’s not interested and he says she’s a big girl and is in this quandary because of how she’s reacting to this.

She stands to go, gulps her wine and stalks out. Sterling buttons his coat then Megan shows up and asks where the f-k everything is then sees her mom straightening her clothes. Marie asks why she’s there and says she was supposed to go to the hotel. She says she took what Megan deserved. Megan says Marie is married and Sterling says it wasn’t his idea. Marie says she does not get to judge her. Megan slams out the front door as Marie slams into the bedroom. Sterling stares at them both.

Don gets back to the office and Meredith hauls out his golf clubs. Harry asks Don if he’s heard from Megan and says he should warn him that she’s not stable and was talking crazy at lunch. Don asks what she’ll say and Harry says she really wants a job. Don asks what happened then says it’s not his business. Harry says she was dumb for quitting her soap then walks out. Peggy calls Pima in to see the selects and asks her to close the door. She hands her a loop to check them out.

She says Stan doesn’t like the one she does and says Stan knows nothing about women. Peggy says her opinion is all that matters since it’s her account. She asks which one she likes and she chooses one. Pima asks if Peggy has ever been married and says she hasn’t either. She says it would have made her miss some adventures then asks Peggy if she can take her picture. Peggy says she’s not sure about that. Pima touches her face then hands. Peggy is uncomfortable and flushed.

Don goes to meet Megan at the lawyer’s office. He asks how she is and where the lawyer is. He offers her a cigarette but she says she wants nothing of his. She says she wasn’t going to tell him he ruined her life. Megan asks why she ever believed anything she said and says she’s being punished for being young. She says he’s just a liar – an aging, sloppy, selfish liar. He says she’s right and he pulls out his checkbook. He says he wants her to have the life she deserves. He gives her a check and she scoffs.

She says a million dollars then says it’s not funny. She says that’s not real since nothing about him is. He tells her to take it and says it is. She takes the check and looks at it. She tucks it into her pocket and sets her engagement ring on the table. He tells her he’s sorry and she says to send her the papers then walks out. Ed asks Peggy if he should let his hair grow out. Stan comes in and says Pima is amazing and they should use her again. She tells him Pima is into women but then he makes it clear he shagged her. Peggy is shocked then Stan asks if it bothers her. She says it may bother Elaine.

She says Pima is a hustler and Stan says she’s jealous. She says Pima tried the same thing on her but she didn’t let it get as far. Stan says he doesn’t believe her and walks out. Megan gets back to her hotel room and finds her sister fretting. She says their mother took off and Megan says she doesn’t care. She asks if she ordered room service and her sister says their mother left to be with some man and is leaving their father. Megan says she doesn’t care.

Megan says she doesn’t want to hear about it and her sister blames her for poisoning their mom. Megan says their mother is a ghoul that feeds on pain. Stan sketches that night when Elaine comes in from work tired. She asks if he printed anything and he says they’re drying. She asks what Pima said and Stan says she loved them. She cuddles him and he puts his arm around her. Don shows up to Diana’s place and kisses her. She asks if he wants a drink and he says yes.

He says he got her something and she says to open it. He does and we see it’s a New York guide book so she can start her tour. She points around her meager place and says she doesn’t want anything. He says he had a bad day and asks her not to be in a mood. He says he feels grief too and she knows that. She says she’s been trying to talk herself out of what she needs to say to him. Don says he took care of everything today and says he’s been separated a long time.

He says she’s not the firs thing to come along and he’s ready. She says he’s fooling himself. He says he knows she thinks she deserves this dump because he’s done this. Diana says she had two daughters and left after one died. She says her oldest is with her ex back in Wisconsin. She asks doesn’t he want to ask why and he says no. She says she told him about her heart and says she doesn’t want to feel anything else. She says she forgot about her when she was with him and doesn’t want that to happen.

Don sets the book down on her bed and leaves. He goes back to his place and flicks the light on. He sees his apartment is bare. He just looks around confused.