Major Crimes Recap 11/9/15: Season 4 Episode 12 “Blackout”

Major Crimes Recap 11/9/15: Season 4 Episode 12 "Blackout"

Tonight on TNT Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday November 9, season 4 episode 12 called “Blackout,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Jack Raydor (Tom Berenger) returns to defend a man trying to withdraw a confession in the slaying of his wife.

On the last episode four wealthy people were left for dead outside a hospital emergency room. Before long, a high-school daughter, a diabetic chauffeur, a parking-lot owner and an enigmatic woman all emerged as suspects. Meanwhile, Rusty pursued a taboo subject for a story. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis “Jack Raydor (Tom Berenger) returns to defend a man trying to withdraw a confession in the slaying of his wife. A video soon emerges that may give the defendant an alibi while stirring up the possibility of a conspiracy. Also: Rusty interviews Slider.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the fourth season.

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#MajorCrimes begins with Andrea making an opening statement about a murder. She’s prosecuting a man who killed his wife. She reads his confession about him slapping his wife and then pushing her and she fell over the railing and fell to the tile. He didn’t call 911 and then went out to a bar to drink. Andrea says that now he’s said that confession is not true and he forgot what happened that night. Jack Raydor is the defense lawyer. He says Lisa Song’s murder was a tragedy. Sharon sits watching from the gallery.

Jack says his client did not use good judgment that night but says the confession was the work of police telling him what to say. Jack says the defendant is not a superhero and says the defense will show scientific evidence that he didn’t kill his wife. He says they will ask for justice and nothing more. Andrea tells Sharon later that Jack told the judge at the last minute that he found exonerating evidence recently that wasn’t found in time for discovery.

Jack comes out and Andrea asks for the evidence. He promises to hand deliver it to Andrea tonight and smirks at them then goes. Buzz, Provenza and the others listen to the 911 call from Mr Song. He says he found her on the floor and he thinks she’s dead. Andrea says they couldn’t corroborate where he was drinking then Detective Bell had a stroke and died. Sharon asks about the crime scene and Andrea says it’s still owned by Mr Song’s parents. Provenza and Buzz agree to look into it.

Provenza says the pleasure is all his to ruin Jack Raydor’s day. They bring dummies with them and Julio throws it off the balcony. Morales is there with them too and Andy says he’s not at 100% but close. Morales says he remembers this and says Lisa was slapped then had a cracked skull and died from blunt force trauma from falling on her head. He says she was wearing a Fitit so he has heartrate info. Then he says she died while the husband was sleeping it off.

Julio throws the dummy again. Provenza says he keeps missing the mark. Provenza takes the dummy upstairs. They check photos that indicate the wife had packed a suitcase to leave her husband. Tao demonstrates what he thinks happened. They have Amy take over since she’s more of the husband’s side. She hits the mark exactly and then later Jack shows up. Sharon says it doesn’t matter what he has. He hands them a flash drive and says it speaks volumes then says it means acquittal.

He says he will leave them to come to terms with losing and goes. They play footage from a bar and we see Mr Song there with some women. It’s 7:47 pm – and indicates that he’s somewhere else right before she was attacked. Andy is at the house and Rusty tells them he has a meeting with Slider. Andy says he’s a killer and the rest is blah blah blah. Rusty says the blah blah blah interests him. Sharon asks Rusty to give Andy a ride to work while she works with Andrea.

She asks Andy to find the bar where Song was drinking and reminds Rusty not to ask questions about the murder. Sharon, Andrea and Jake are with the judge and he asks Jack why he withheld it. Sharon says they are trying to verify the time stamp. The judge asks Andrea how she goes forward and she says it’s new evidence and she’s had 16 hours. Jack says the LAPD could have found this evidence. The judge cuts him off. He says the defense is ready to move forward now.

Judge Grove says the law is not on Andrea’s side and says she gets one day to disprove it. Jack walks out smug. Sharon glares. The Judge tells Sharon and Andrea it’s a good thing if the guy is innocent. Lisa’s mother and sister rant to Sharon and Andrea about letting Lisa’s killer go. They tell her that Ken was in a bar and Lisa’s mother said he was in a bar every night. Andrea says they can’t convict an innocent man and Mrs Lowe and her daughter rant that he could get out and get access to Lisa’s daughter.

Provenza says they have searched the cloud. Tao says this footage has a digital signature. He says so far it seems authentic. Buzz says they have clues to focus the search. He says there is karaoke. Andy asks him to run it forward. He points out a Storms vs Reina viewing party which required a license fee. Then Sharon spots little notepads for team trivia. Julio checks out sites that licensed the fight and he thinks it’s Buttersweets Tavern. The bartender says he can’t remember that night clearly.

He says the girls are regulars from UCLA but doesn’t know their names. He says the big glass is there for the Butterbomb for your birthday when you can drink all night for free. He says one of the girls would have had a birthday. The bartender offers to pull credit card receipts from that night. Tao suggests that Ken had someone kill her while he was at the bar. Provenza tells Sharon that Andy had to go to the doctor and says it’s not serious.

Tao found Ainsley Reed, the only girl with the birthday that night that matches the photo. They bring Ainsley in who says Ken was making out with a woman who get upset then he was hitting on her friend Allison. She says the woman was brunette. Andrea asks when she sent the video in and she says back in February when the flyer came around. Tao takes her formal statement. Andrea wonders if Jack hid the video to hide the affair. Then they decide Jack must be planning a civil suit.

Sharon says he’s going to sue the LAPD for wrongful imprisonment. Rusty goes to see Slider in jail who asks now what. Rusty asks to record him and he says sure. He says audio only and says he doesn’t want people seeing him like that. Rusty changes to voice and he tells him Alice’s name is Mariana. Slider says no. Rusty says he wants to talk about him then asks if his lawyer gave him the info. Slider laughs and says no info. Slider tells Rusty he screwed him last time they talked.

Rusty says he knows he’s the only visitor he’s had. He says his biological mother was in county and knew that she would do anything for a visit. Slider says he didn’t kill Alice and Rusty says he can’t talk about that. Andrea tells the Chief that Jack withheld evidence for almost a year. Jack says the flyers went out and they were asked to type in the subject line Ken Song. He says the girl typed in video of my birthday. He says it went to his investigator’s junk mail.

Jack says he asked the investigator to pull together the emails before trial. He admits he sat on it for two weeks then thanks them for finding a witness. The chief chews him out for hiding evidence to bolster a civil suit. Andrea says the witness remembers Ken with a woman. He says he will have it ruled inadmissible. Andrea says he turned down a manslaughter deal because he knew about the video and Sharon chews him out for keeping an innocent man locked up to profit from a civil suit.

Jack calls Sharon a nag then says like it or not, they failed to do their job and that’s why they are there now. He walks out still smug. Andrea says the worst part is that his explanation works legally and the evidence is still admissible. Sharon asks who killed Lisa if Ken didn’t. Amy comes and finds that Mary Lowe, Lisa’s sister was at the bar according to the witness and was the one that was kissing Ken. Sharon wonders if Mary killed her sister since she loved her husband. Sharon says bring her in.

Andy tells Sharon that some lining got snapped in coagulation. Sharon asks if he has a blood clot and he says it’s small and if the meds don’t help, they will do surgery. It’s in his neck and Sharon starts to freak out. He says he reported it to Provenza then her. He says he needs clearance before he returns to work. He says he needs monitored and Provenza’s GF Patrice will hang with him while Rusty and Sharon are out if he can still stay there. Sharon says he can stay then says she’ll keep it quiet as he asked.

She comes over and he says no hugs, reaching above his head, crossing his legs, bending over or driving. He says he needs a ride home. Andrea and Julio talk to Mary about having drinks with Ken. She insists she was just trying to calm him down because he was scared Lisa would leave him and take the baby. She says Ken called her to meet him. She says Lisa could be mean to Ken and Julio accuses her of sleeping with Ken. Andrea says she’s leaving since Mary is now a suspect.

Provenza says it’s a love triangle and he heads inside. He sits and asks if she remembers making out with Ken at the bar. She says they weren’t. Provenza says they have a witness and they ask when the affair started. They tell her she’s the one who had time to go kill her sister then Provenza asks if they planned the murder together. They work her hard then Mary cracks but then stops and says she needs a lawyer. Sharon says she probably does. Andrea says time is tight on this.

Andy asks Rusty how his Slider meeting went. He says it wasn’t good and says he told him the attorney didn’t give him the questions and he was a victim of the system. Andy says poor guy and Rusty says he has a big school schedule and doesn’t know if he should mess with him. Andy says the system might have been working to him. Andy recommends him writing down the questions and showing them to Slider on the cards.

Mary’s lawyer says that her relationship with Ken lasted less then a year and she ended it. The guy says it was not love since Ken was clearly flirting with other women. Julio asks where she went after she left the bar. She says she went to tell her sister about the affair so she would know and would leave him. She says she was there about 7:30 and says she walked to the door but then chickened out on telling her sister and never rang the bell.

Mary says she just couldn’t tell her. She says she heard the baby screaming. Provenza wonders. Sharon has an idea. The Chief says court starts in 15 minutes. Sharon says Mary was not at the crime but the baby was and says that explains the heel mark on Lisa’s blouse. Sharon tells Amy to come with her. The Chief asks if the baby did it and Provenza says at least that would be new. In court, Sharon and Amy are there and Andrea says they have not proved the murder charges.

Andrea asks him to be released through the LAPD. Jack rants and Judge Grove says to stop it or he’ll investigate him over the video and why it was suppressed. Ken asks what video and Jack says he’ll explains it later. He tells him to go do his paperwork. Sharon stops Mrs Lowe and says she needs her help. The woman rants and Sharon says they are close to an arrest and have just a few questions. Amy reads her the Miranda rights and she asks isn’t that what they say to criminals.

Sharon says it’s just a formality. Amy says the video proved Ken didn’t kill Lisa then says Mary was at the bar with Ken and says they were having an affair. They can tell from her face that she knew. She says she knew about it and says Ken did many horrible things to her family. Sharon says she told the officers that Lisa dropped Mia off at 6:30 pm. They tell her Mary heard the baby at 7:30 pm. They show her the bar receipt and say that Mary knew what time she left.

They tell her that Ken and Mary both told them that Mrs Lower was supposed to pick up the baby. She says she got there and found out that Ken had hit Lisa and their baby. She says she wanted to get them away from Ken. Amy says Lisa still wouldn’t leave him right. She says she told her daughter to pack but she was obsessed with Ken and wanted to stay. She says there was a big red mark on the baby’s face. Sharon asks if she packed the bag and grabbed the bag.

They tell her they can tell she kicked her daughter out of the way and says her fall was an accident. Sharon says the fall was an accident or was it deliberate. Mrs Lowe says she would never hurt her daughter on purpose and says she loved her. She says this was all Ken’s fault. Mrs Lowe cries and says of course it was an accident. Sharon says she can see that but then she went downstairs, saw her bleeding and left her there to die.

Amy says that part feels deliberate. She asks why she didn’t help her daughter for the three hours it took her to die. Mrs Lowe tells them they don’t know how Ken ruined her family. She says she needed him out of their lives. Sharon says her hate of Ken was stronger than her love for her daughter. She says Lisa had to leave Ken one way or another. Mrs Lowe says she was the only one that could save the baby. She’s adamant and angry. They nailed her.

Rusty shows Slider the questions and he says he never saw the before. Rusty asks him to answer the third one and he refuses. He asks him to read it. Slider rubs his eyes and twitches. Rusty asks if it doesn’t make sense. He asks Slider if he doesn’t know how to read it. Jack rants about them slowing the release of Ken. Ken comes out with Sharon. Ken fires Jack and says he let him rot in jail and let him think he killed Lisa. Jack says he ran out the clock. Ken says he knows what he was up to.

Ken tells Jack he’ll be suing him too. Sharon tells Jack maybe when he learns to do his job better, these things may stop happening to him. Jack says he gloated too early then says oh well, have your little laugh. Then he says quelle dommage about Andy then says his daughter Emily told him that Andy is critically ill and hopes he recovers. He deliberately did in front of the whole team who then goes into a panic and asks what’s wrong with Andy. The chief asks where’s Andy anyway. They all exchange looks.