Married to Medicine Recap 6/14/15: Season 3 Episode 2 “Putt Up or Shut Up”

Married to Medicine Recap 6/14/15: Season 3 Episode 2 "Putt Up or Shut Up"

Tonight on Bravo, Married to Medicine returns with an all new Sunday, June 14 season 3 episode 2 called, “Putt Up or Shut Up.” We’ve got you recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Dr. Simone and Toya are at odds but unlike their wives, husbands Cecil and Eugene are determined to save their friendship by forcing an olive branch into Simone and Toya’s strained relationship.

On the last episode, the first ladies of medicine were back and busier than ever. Simone and Toya’s friendship was on the fence, but when Toya decided to throw a Halloween party to show off her new house, her husband Eugene insisted she invite Simone to bury the hatchet. Quad was full speed ahead with her puppy couture line but when Quad learns Lisa Nicole ran a background check on her for “business” reasons, the two have a fall out. Meanwhile, Dr. Jackie’s latest endeavor was to test out a lifestyle fitness program on the girls and hopefully everyone is willing to jump on board. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the Bravo synopsis “Dr. Simone and Toya are at odds but unlike their wives, husbands Cecil and Eugene are determined to save their friendship by forcing an olive branch into Simone and Toya’s strained relationship. Still reeling over Lisa’s surprise background check, Quad flips the script and hires a private investigator to dig up dirt on Lisa Nicole and her husband Darren. Later, Jackie and her trainer Al ambush the girls with a surprise invite to join her latest fitness venture.”

Tonight is going to be another great episode of Married to Medicine and you know there will be laughter, drama, and, of course, “shade.” Tune in at 9pm EST when we’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime, hit up the comments and let us know how excited you are by season 3 of Married to Medicine so far.


#Married2Med begins at Quad’s house with her playing with her dog Khloe. Jackie is at the gym working out with her trainer. Simone is seeing a patient. Toya is planning dinner with the boys. Heavenly is making breakfast for the kids and talks about being on a diet. Damon Jr and Zachary eat as she talks about opening her new practice and how Damon wants her to stay home but she’s ambitious. She’s a certified relationship expert now. She says she’s doing her and is having a good time.

Simone sees another patient Shenita who got married recently and is trying to get pregnant. She says she’s trying different positions including the plow. Simone says patients try crazy sh-t. She says they even tried to get pregnant with a turkey baster. Simone tells her not to get discouraged and says only 20% of couples conceive each menstrual cycle but says they can do some ovulation prediction and semen analysis to try and figure out why they’re not getting pregnant.

Quad is cooking dinner when Gregory comes home. He’s happy because she’s making dinner and says the house is clean. He wants her to get pregnant but she says she has goals to achieve first. He wants a child now but since he can’t get pregnant, he has to wait. Gregory asks Quad what’s up and asks what’s going on with her and Lisa. Quad says she’s loyal to a fault and loves hard but only sees black and white. She says everything should be positive and background investigations are not that.

Quad says Lisa boasted about it with arrogance at the party and wasn’t remorseful at all. She said if Lisa came to her and apologized, it would have been different. She says she doesn’t like that Lisa insinuated that there was something there in her background. Quad says she doesn’t want people lurking in the corners of her life. She says other people have things in their past too. Quad says she’s in control of her destiny and Lisa has no power over her. Gregory says she can let it go.

Gregory doesn’t want things to get messy and says he’ll pray for her. At Jackie’s office, she’s seeing patients and doing work. She says she doesn’t get a lot of sleep and says her brain is always working. She sees Aimee, a patient, to talk about weight loss. Aimee says she’s lost 20 pounds. Jackie says the leading cause of death is heart disease and she wants to help people get healthy. Jackie talks to her about her Fit Is the New It plan and says Aimee is a great test subject to participate.

Jackie tells her she’s so proud of her and they high five. Toya and Eugene go out for lunch and she says the house is still a wreck and she needs help cleaning up. Eugene says the party went well and Toya says she’s glad she stuck to the budget. He says budget is not a dirty word. Toya brings up working for Nomad MD. It’s a business where the practice treats private customers. She says Nomad isn’t doing well and they need her expertise. Eugene thinks it will take up too much time.

She says she can be supportive and help turn his business around while bringing in income to the house. Then Eugene brings up Simone and says he talked to Cecil about their argument. He says they think it can be resolved. Cecil and Simone have lunch and she tells him about an emergency c-section she did today that was three months early. Cecil says he saw things getting stirred up at the party and Simone admits she snapped on Toya in her beautiful home.

Cecil says he’s in the middle of this sh-t and so is Eugene since they are friends. Cecil says Simone is tough but they can get through this. He says he and Eugene want to get them together and will go out as couples and just see. Simone says Toya has come at her, called her a bad mother in front of her child and wants to fight with her. Cecil says women just handle stuff differently. Eugene tells Toya that the husbands aren’t mad and can help them have some conflict resolution.

Eugene says Cecil is on the list of people he really likes but can’t hang out with him because of all this tension. Toya says she tries to move forward with Simone but it never works out. She says she’s walked away at times and Simone is still yelling. She thinks Simone is envious of what she has. Toya says she talks about her behind her back. Simone says she can’t move forward with someone who talks crazy like that. Cecil says they let stuff linger too long.

Simone tells Cecil if it doesn’t work and it blows up, he needs to let it go. He says he will agree to that. Simone says Cecil is a dreamer like MLK and wants to keep hope alive. Cecil tells her that’s Jesse Jackson. Eugene tells Toya they can try and figure out the root of the problem and try to resolve it. At Heavenly’s, she takes Alaura to the dentist office for a cleaning. She says her baby is growing up so fast and says she’s her favorite nine year old. Alaura asks if she’s her favorite.

Heavenly says she loves all her babies. Alaura is fussing and scared at the dentist and asks her mom not to hurt her. She cries and carries on and then does the cleaning. Alaura asks if she has to pay her. Quad meets Walter at a diner. He’s a private investigator and tells her the kind of background checks they run. Quad tells him that a friend of hers ran a background check on her. Quad wants a civil and criminal check including lawsuits and liens. Walter asks for the name and address.

Quad hands him a packet of information including photos. He says Lisa is beautiful and Quad says looks can be deceiving and says it’s only fair that she return the favor. He asks him to run one on her husband too. Walter says he’ll do a nationwide search of everywhere they lived. Quad says she wants to know if her mother’s elbows are ashy. Quad says Lisa is acting Pine Sol queen and she wants to know if she’s hiding any dirt.

Jackie and Al, her trainer, are handing out invitations to greatness. They pull up at Simone’s with an air horn and pounding on her door. Simone throws her breakfast bar out in the street then gives her an invitation to join Fit Is the New It. Jackie says she can’t imagine life without her. Simone says she loves her but isn’t participating in anything. She says she’ll think on it then Jackie says next time someone swings at her, she’ll be ready. Simone says she’ll have to make an appearance.

Simone tells Jackie to never come back but she’s joking. Al says this is a fat ambush. They next go to Eugene and Toya’s honking the horn. They give them both an invitation. Eugene asks Jackie’s weight loss qualifications and says she’s been skinny her whole life. He says being born skinny don’t count and doesn’t qualify you. Gregory agrees and Toya says she’ll come just to show Jackie up. Jackie tells her to be on her best behavior. Eugene says he’s always been heavy but Toya says his whole family is heavy.

Toya tells her to get out of her driveway and stop honking the horn. Heavenly lets Alaura play at cleaning her teeth. She asks if Alaura wants to be a dentist and she says no. At Lisa’s house, Darren comes to check on her. She says she’s paying bills and he says it’s not against the law to run a background check. Lisa says the only thing she’ll find is a tax lien. Darren says when you make a lot of money, you owe taxes. He says he’s $100k behind on taxes but is paying it off.

Lisa says when he went 1099, he should have kept up with his taxes. She says his problems are her problems now and says they wouldn’t have anything to say about her except for that. He says he’s done talking about the tax lien and says you learn from your mistakes. Then Lisa brings up cheating and says it opened a wound again and she thought she was over it. Darren says that was months ago and she says that’s another lesson that needs to be learned.

He says she’s talking about the tax lien then she starts grabbing things from the air. She brings up Keisha and he says he already apologized about that comment and says it’s been eight years and they did counseling. He says he doesn’t want to move backwards. Lisa says she’s just trying to have a conversation and he walks out. Jackie says she invited her friends that need her urgent attention but she didn’t get Lisa since she’s always traveling but says she’ll get her later.

Jackie goes to Quad’s house and drags her out of the house late. Quad and Gregory come out and Jackie says no background check required. Then she goes to Heavenly’s house with the air horn and she says she knows she didn’t bring a scale and trainer to her house. Heavenly says to hell with them. Jackie says she just wants her to live a long life. Heavenly says she means well and Al asks her to do 50 jumping jacks. She does it.

Cecil and Simone are at the driving range and she says she’s going to meet with Toya with an open mind to try and squash this. Toya and Eugene show up and Toya says she wants this to be real and doesn’t want to do any fake hugs or anything. Eugene says they are already coming out jabbing. They sit down and Eugene says they should start out with positive things the two women liked about each other. Toya says she can’t start but Eugene says Toya first.

Toya says she likes that Simone was seemingly fun and could take a joke and laugh. Simone says “seemingly” adds a negative tone. Toya asks if she’s correcting her English. Eugene says Simone is right and says Toya is blocking from the start. Cecil rewords it and says what seemingly makes that comment sound like. Simone says she’s a fun faker. Cecil asks the ladies to look at things that might seem like a foul. Simone says when she called her dumb, that was foul.

Simone says she thought she had apologized for that. Toya says she knows what set Simone off about the comment that she wasn’t a good mother. Simone says it was her saying it in front of her son. Simone sees that as a personal attack on her character. They quickly devolve into yelling and Simone says Toya doesn’t even know she’s wrong, wrong, wrong. Eugene tells Toya she needs to stop being passive aggressive. Simone has had enough and Toya just says, by bitch.

Simone tells Cecil she is at her boiling point and says she doesn’t have to give it a chance and screams at him that it’s not about him. Simone just wants to leave but Cecil says she only gave it a second. She says let’s go. Eugene tells Toya maybe they’ll come back. Simone says Toya doesn’t even make sense and she cannot deal with a woman like that.