Married to Medicine Recap 9/13/15: Season 3 Episode 14 “Baha-Mania”

Married to Medicine Recap 9/13/15: Season 3 Episode 14 "Baha-Mania"Tonight on Bravo, Married to Medicine returns with an all new Sunday, September 6  season 3 episode 14 called, “Baha-Mania” We’ve got you recap down below! On tonight’s episode, although the trip was intended to bring relaxation and reconciliation, the voyage is off to a rocky start with all the ladies reflecting about their relationships with one another.

On the last episode, with the upcoming trip to the Bahamas on the horizon, the ladies had a number of things to settle at home before departing for an island in the sun. The trip started out on a festive note as the couples were met at the hotel by a band but by dinner, Mariah just couldn’t let go of the past, and Jill and Dr. Heavenly went head to head for round two of their disagreement. If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Bravo synopsis “although the trip was intended to bring relaxation and reconciliation, the voyage is off to a rocky start with all the ladies reflecting about their relationships with one another. Meanwhile, Dr. Simone tries to get everyone back on track and arranges a medical mission for the less fortunate in order to regroup and focus their attention on helping others.”

Tonight is going to be another great episode of Married to Medicine and you know there will be laughter, drama, and, of course, “shade.” Tune in at 9pm EST when we’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime, hit up the comments and let us know how excited you are by season 3 of Married to Medicine so far.

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Married to Medicine Recap 9/13/15: Season 3 Episode 14 “Baha-Mania”

Their first night in the Bahamas was a bust. Apparently the women couldn’t even keep it together for a simple dinner.

Yet, at the start of tonight’s episode of “Married to Medicine”, everyone had pretty much swore that they were tired of this same old crap. The constant fighting and the part where they have to physically separate some of the women were not cute. Particularly as they were all adults and should have developmentally move pass such behavior.

And, more than anything else, everyone wanted to move on just so they could salvage their vacation. So naturally one would just assume, after they all claimed to have felt this way, that these ladies would then learn to put the past behind them. Seeing as that was the only way for all of them to stop fighting about things that may have happened months or years ago.

However, Mariah didn’t wish to do that. She was still angry about the way she was treated after her miscarriage and she felt like some of the other ladies wouldn’t necessarily meet her half-way even if she wanted them to. Thus she still had a grudge.

And though it would have been fortunate to have Mariah as the sole “villain”, she wasn’t the only one creating problems in the Bahamas. For there was also Jill and her ongoing fight with both Heavenly and Lisa Nicole. Over stupid things, mind you, that often would spill over onto their husbands.

Now Lisa Nicole wanted to forget everything in the morning after. Yet Heavenly kept going on with her same old rhetoric – Jill was dumb and thus was no worthy of respect. And as it turns out that proved to be a trigger for Jill who felt her New Jersey upbringing meant she could keeping fighting as well.

But the husbands shocked everyone. They had finally had enough of these side issues and weren’t afraid to openly discuss it amongst themselves. And it seems they wanted to go through with the rest of their vacation in peace.

So for a large part of their second day on the trip, we honestly saw a husband reel back in his wife.

And, later, that new outlook became mandatory when everyone was pulled into doing charity.

Simone and Mariah had arranged for the doctors to see young children and adults seeking some form of healthcare. And surprisingly that put a lot of the fights into perspective. There they were fighting about who said what meanwhile there are groups of people going without basic essentials.

So maybe it was that experience that had mellowed them out to the point they listen to Simone when she came up with a fun game.

Simone wanted to help everyone look at their marital problems with fresh eyes. Thus she created Partner Repair. In which everyone swapped marital partners and were given a chance to discuss whatever had been bothering them.

And the game did help. Heavenly was able to open up and put some of her issues with her husband to rest. But Lisa Nicole had actually started to cry when it was her turn to express her problems with Darren.

Lisa Nicole has a husband that cheated on her. Yet she’s never gotten to the part where she learned to trust him again. So there’s been a lot of questioning his movements and/or his decisions. And that hasn’t done their marriage any good.

But those are problems that she’s brining to the table. What about what Darren has done and continues to do?