Married to Medicine Recap – ‘Mariah-Mania’: Season 3 Episode 15

Married to Medicine Recap - 'Mariah-Mania': Season 3 Episode 15

Tonight on Bravo, Married to Medicine returns with an all new Sunday, September 20 season 3 episode 15 called, “Mariah-Mania” and we’ve got you recap down below! On tonight’s episode, couples therapy turns into group therapy as unresolved issues arise between Mariah Huq and some of the ladies.

On the last episode, although the trip was intended to bring relaxation and reconciliation, the voyage was off to a rocky start with all the ladies reflecting about their relationships with one another. Meanwhile, Dr. Simone tried to get everyone back on track and arranges a medical mission for the less fortunate in order to regroup and focus their attention on helping others. If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Bravo synopsis “couples therapy turns into group therapy as unresolved issues arise between Mariah and some of the ladies. Back in Atlanta, Quad hosts the “Heroes in Healthcare” event bringing most of the women together, however, with tensions still running high from the Bahamas, Dr. Heavenly decides not to attend. At the event, Toya and Mariah exchange words, revealing the real reason why Mariah still holds a grudge against Toya and leading the group to question once and for all whether Mariah belongs in this circle of friends.”

Tonight is going to be another great episode of Married to Medicine and you know there will be laughter and drama. Tune in at 9pm EST when we’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime, hit up the comments and let us know how excited you are by season 3 of Married to Medicine so far.

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The Couples Swap was a good idea but part of the problem with this group is their tendency to ruin good ideas.

Toya was up for the swap and she got a few feelings off of her chest while she was talking to Simone’s husband. And if anything she finally vulnerable. A lot of the times Toya can come across as pretty hard. Especially on her husband. So seeing how much their fighting was affecting her – her husband did eventually do a double-take.

And that would have been good if the couples’ swap had continued on in this fashion. However, people’s personal feelings began to leak out and there was almost a fight between Mariah’s husband and Toya’s husband.

First it started off as Heavenly and her husband Damon giving Toya and Eugene some advice. And Damon told them a lot of times people may say or yell things when in fact feel hurt. Which was the case when he confronted Jill’s husband. But John felt like Damon shouldn’t have brought up the issue at a charity event so Damon was man enough to apologize for his timing.

If he had a problem then he should have talked to John at a more appropriate time. So the two men were then able to bury whatever issue they had. And for a while it looked like this trip was finally bringing people together.

But what broke up this happy environment was this grudge that Mariah and her husband Aydin seem to be carrying. When the couple saw Damon and John take ownership for what they did and Darren began to say that’s what they should all do, they just had to comment about all the hypocrites. And the only one that appeared to be willing to stand up to them was Toya. Toya said that there were times were Mariah never owned up to what she did meaning they were all hypocrites.

And the couple didn’t like that. So Aydin called Toya out of her name and that nearly had Eugene jumping up out of his seat.

Fortunately Simone and Cecil then stepped in and they tried to end the night on a high note but the atmosphere was ruined. And that was literally their last night in paradise. So mostly people went home with a few issues still resonating.

And yet Quad still everyone to an event for the doctors. Apparently a few of them were going to be honored for the work they did with an organization. So Quad felt people would put aside all their issues if it meant they would be attending a party for most of their spouses.

Lisa Nicole didn’t go and Heavenly chose in the end to sit this one out. Although not for the reasons Simone thinks she did.

When no one saw Heavenly or Toya at the event, Simone got snippy. She felt the two ladies didn’t arrive because Lisa Nicole wasn’t going to be there. You know their leader. And funnily enough the actual truth was that Heavenly chose not to attend because she didn’t want to get caught up in another argument with someone. Or be around people that were bound to get into an argument of their own.

A very wise decision on her part!

But Toya didn’t stay at home because of any misplaced loyalty. She did show up at the event, albeit a tad late, and then she spent most of the night trying to enjoy herself with her husband. Which is really what such a night should be all about.

Though, despite her best efforts, Mariah eventually found her and wished to continue from where they left off.

So Mariah wanted to do was rehash past transgressions. Including the incident where Toya gossiped about Mariah’s daughter and told everyone that the little girl was adopted by Aydin but didn’t know it. And if Mariah wasn’t bring up her daughter then she was mentioning her miscarriage and how know came to check on her afterwards.

And, when Toya just didn’t have it in her to keep apologizing, their yelling soon drew the other ladies into seeing what was going on.

Toya and Mariah were then separated and Mariah’s husband realized he needed to take his wife home. But that wasn’t the end of it. Not for these two at least.

There will always be something to say or shout and though Toya is now on better terms with mostly everyone else – there probably won’t be a point where she’ll go back to being friends with Mariah again!