Master P At War With Sonya Miller, Estranged Wife Claims Rap Mogul Poisoned Kids Against Her

Master P At War With Sonya Miller, Estranged Wife Claims Rap Mogul Poisoned Kids Against Her

Master P finally has taken a stand in the war with his estranged wife Sonya Miller, who claims the rap mogul has poisoned their kids and turned them all against her.

Miller is headed back to court next week in hopes of finalizing a restraining order against her soon-to-be ex-husband and has been making some pretty shocking abuse claims about the New Orleans rap mogul in order to build a case.

Master P has finally spoken up about the ugly divorce mess and how he is handling what he calls “false accusations” from Sonya. Miller and Master P are headed back to court on December 8.

Miller is working to make a temporary restraining order against Master P permanent. Sonya Miller has accused her estranged husband of using his enormous wealth to essentially buy the love of their seven children and pit them against their mother.

Rather than owning up to the fact that every single child sides with their father and most have them have spoken about Sonya and her issues publicly, she is blaming the children’s’ allegiance to their dad on some alleged scheme she thinks he cooked up to take everything away from her.

Sonya Miller has also made claims that her husband physically and mentally abused her while they were together. Miller’s restraining order filing contains her claim that P put his estranged wife in the hospital after an incident where he “punched her in the face and dragged her across the floor,” according to a TMZ report.

The No Limit Forever mogul finally spoke out about the allegations against him on Tuesday, December 1 with All Hip Hop.

“The false accusations about me, means nothing. I’m going to keep doing right by my kids and people that know me personally, know my true character, “ the rapper said of the abuse accusations waged against him.

Master P made a good point when he added, “When people claim that things happen to them a long time ago and are not able to provide evidence or police reports, they are only false accusations coming from the attorney. I’ve been a celebrity for a long time, anything that I do would be news.”

A judge ruled that P had to pay Sonya $27k a month for spousal support and child support combined as well as pay her attorney fees. Miller also scored big when the judge ruled that she has the exclusive right to live in the former couple’s Calabasas mansion. P has been trying to get Sonya out of that house since they split and it looks like she’ll get to keep it.

It’s unclear why the angry ex is pushing for a permanent restraining order. Master P has made it pretty clear that he wants nothing to do with her. As for the kids, Sonya sued Romeo and accused her son of helping his father hide money from her so naturally Romeo is upset with his mom.

Sonya was also slammed by their oldest daughter who said, “This is the sad truth. My mother needs rehab not money” in a video posted online last month. Sonya is making a lot of claims about Master P’s supposed manipulation and money games but ultimately the No Limit Forever mogul says he’ll just trust that the truth will come out in the end.