Master P’s Daughter Slams Mother, Sonya Miller, In Ugly Divorce Battle – Lil Romeo Supports Dad Too

Master P's Daughter Slams Mother, Sonya Miller, In Ugly Divorce Battle - Lil Romeo Supports Dad Too

Master P’s daughter is speaking out in defense of her dad and she says, “It’s time to stop feeling sorry for my mom.” Master P and Sonya Miller have been battling it out in court in one of the most shocking celebrities divorces in recent history.

The money fight got ugly when Sonya Miller sued her own son, Romeo Miller. Sonya accused the young rapper of letting his dad use him to hide money from his mom. Then, to make matters worse Somya worded her lawsuit to make it sound like Master P was tricking his own son.

Of course Romeo denied the allegations and we wouldn’t be surprised if he was pretty angry with his mom right now. Not only did Romeo Miller’s mom accuse him of helping his dad steal from her but she basically said he was too stupid to even know it was going on. Way to go mom!

As it turns out, Master P must not have hid his money very well because he’ll be parting with a lot of it very soon. According to TMZ, a temporary order awarded Sonya Miller spousal support and child support, adding up to $27,047 monthly. Master P also has to pay his soon-to-be ex-wife’s attorney fees, totally around $200k.

Score another win for Sonya because she was awarded the Calabasas house as well. Sonya Miller and Master P had been arguing over who got the house. Master P even tried to throw her out of it. This isn’t the final decision though, since the marital assets are still being calculated. Master P might get his house back or the estranged couple might be forced to sell it.

Just four days after the temporary settlement was awarded, Master P and Sonya Miller’s oldest daughter spoke out in a filmed statement for All Hip Hop. Master P’s daughter said on the nearly four minute clip, “This is the sad truth. My mother needs rehab not money. Wendy Williams does not know what goes on in our house but I know because I live there with her.”

It seems that another of Master P’s kids is siding with dad in the on-going feud between the Millers. It’s no surprise, last year when Sonya sued for custody, she claimed that her estranged husband had kidnapped three of them. Sonya said that Percy first took their son Hercy when he picked the then 13-year old boy up from school in February 2014.

Then one month later, she said her estranged husband did the same thing when he picked up their 9-year old son Mercy from school. Why did Sonya Miller let her estranged husband pick the kid up from school if he had already kidnapped one kid? To make matters worse, Tytyana Miller, 17 years old at the time, ran away right around the same time because she wanted to live with her dad too.

So far, none of Sonya Miller’s kids have anything nice to say about her. She may be getting paid but the family is looking pretty loyal to Master P.

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