Minority Report Recap – A Cinderella Murder Story: Season 1 Episode 2 “Mr. Nice Guy”

Minority Report Recap - A Cinderella Murder Story: Season 1 Episode 2 "Mr. Nice Guy"

Tonight on FOX Minority Report airs with an all new Monday September 28, season 1 episode 2 called, “Mr. Nice Guy,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Dash (Stark Sands) and Vega (Meagan Good) team to find a lovelorn killer.

On the last episode, the TV-adaptation of the 2002 sci-fi film about a cop in a futuristic hi-tech squad that, in 2065, attempted to stop horrific crimes before they happen with help from a mysterious precognitive man. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “as Dash and Vega team to find a lovelorn killer, he continues to seek help from his siblings.”

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#MinorityReport begins on the last day of precrime and Wally is watching over the three. They are ready to pull them out of the milk bath. Wally asks if there’s a plan and says he’s been taking care of them for years. He asks the agent who came to get them which one is Dash and he doesn’t know. Wally says they went in as kids and now they’re grown. He says Agatha becomes the person whose future she predicts. He says Arthur’s mind is in antenna that pulls in facts and says he’s manipulative. He says Dash sees the horror. Wally says they’re eyewitnesses to murders they can’t stop.

The guy says Wally got attached and Wally says he doesn’t think the pre-cogs will do so well out in the world and the agents says they’ll see. Dash beings to get a premonition and twitches. Now, in 2065 Washington DC, Dash stands in a busy park and the guy he was playing chess with says it’s his move. He checks all the ones he was playing against and checkmates a girl who hasn’t moved yet. He checkmates her too then says sorry then he’s hit with a premonition and he falls to the ground in pain. He sees a knife and hears a woman screaming. He heads out of the park in a hurry so fast he forgets his winnings.

We see Vega and Will talking as they work. They take out a sniper and she calls Akeela for a readout. Civilians step out and Vega tells them to hurry. Her thermal lenses spot the other perps and she rushes to take them out leaving Will behind. She gets them all. A woman jumps out a window behind her and gets the drop on her. It was a simulation played in their minds like a high level video game. Vega asks Akeela what the hell. Will says he’s been cleaning up her mess on the Rutledge case. He asks her how she did it all alone and she says she was in the right place and he says he took the credit.

He says he told the higher ups if she had informants, he would know. Vega says he knows she always works better alone. Akeela tells Vega nice shooting and she says Blake was asking about the case. She asks if he said anything and Akeela says people are talking. She says the forensics look like Rutledge was pushed. Akeela says she sided with her. Vega says she owes her and Akeela asks if there’s something she needs to tell her about killing two people. Vega says she’s fine. Akeela says she thought they’re friends.

Vega says she is and that’s why she can’t tell her. Dash is with Wally trying to capture the images from the murder he saw. Wally says he got it but Dash’s brain is taking a beating. The doorbell rings – it’s Vega. Wally says it took her long enough. Vega says the feds asked about Rutledge. She says he needs to lay low before they both get in trouble. Wally says Dash is more at risk and he says he hacked the public surveillance to make sure Dash wasn’t seen near there.

Vega says she’s glad they called and they check out the crime scene. The faces aren’t detailed. They see she kicked her killer and lost a shoe. Then he kills her with the knife. They see a symbol that looks strange. Wally says it’s 36-48 hours but that’s with three pre-cogs in a hive. They spot a Club Alpha band on her wrist and Wally says it’s a singles club nearby. Vega says they need a pre-cog who gets the names. They go see Arthur who is soaking in voices. His assistant Andromeda interrupts.

Arthur asks where Vega is and Dash says he’s on a new case. Arthur asks if he’s a cop now and says he needs costumes if he’s going to stop all the murders in the city. Then he tells Dash some people deserve to die then asks Dash how it felt to kill someone. Dash says he didn’t get a face this time. Arthur says the only power they have is what they see and says they shouldn’t throw it away on strangers but should use it. Arthur says he did that for a decade in a milk bath and they got nothing, no pension.

Arthur says he doesn’t work for free anymore. Arthur says they will come looking for them one day and they need leverage to protect themselves. He gives him a case file number and says he needs it and tells Vega to bring it to him without opening it. Arthur says this is what he wants for his help and Dash says go to hell. Arthur says he’ll be back and doesn’t need to see the future to know that. Dash tells Vega he shouldn’t have gone to Arthur.

She says she can’t get the case file with eyes on her. Vega says he can’t be in the field and he reminds her he saved her life. She says he killed someone and needs to process it. He says he is. Vega says if he needs to talk she’s there. He says he needs to do something and she says to go home. Dash says he can’t just watch people being murdered and that’s why he found her – to help him stop them. He says he’s done watching. Vega agrees and says he needs to change clothes.

They put on club wear and head to Club Alpha. The bracelets allow people to reject or accept people like Tinder. Vega goes over the rules and hands him a sick stick for emergency use only. They kiss a chem strip and that triggers a bracelet that indicates compatibility. She touches her bracelet to his and it says a 51% chance. OMG Bradford Anderson from General Hospital (Damien Spinelli) is the bartender Harlan! Love him! They look for the shoes and Vega goes to check the ladies room.

Dash looks around and a girl checks him out. She’s in the special shoes. A guy comes to whisper to her and they walk away. Dash rushes to intercept her. He says he likes her shoes. The guy tells him to get lost. Dash shocks the guy with the stick and he barfs. Dash tells her the guy was going to tie her up and killer and she calls Dash a freak and says it’s her brother. Vega tells him to look and they see the swirling tattoo they saw in the vision. The guy looks around.

Next morning, Wally fixes coffee for Vega who wakes up exhausted. She asks why Dash isn’t tired and he says he slept for a decade. They tell her they did research and the killer is Tyson Cole and the tattoo is African tribal. He’s an author who’s a pick up scientist with a degree from Harvard who writes about seduction. The guy who plays Tyson is Ron Melendez who is also from GH – he played Dr Andy Archer. Dash goes to see Agatha who talks about her precious horses.

She asks if he’s done with small talk then says she knows he killed a man. Dash says the man was bad and was going to kill her partner. Agatha says Vega is using him and could exploit his gifts for other things. He touches her and says he misses home and misses her. He says he needs to be here now. They are talking via hologram device. She ends their contact as Vega calls him. They head back to the club and lurk outside – he’s still reading the killer’s pick up book.

Vega tells him it was rough on her too the first time she killed someone and he says Agatha thinks she’s using him and says Arthur thinks something like that. They spot Tyson and see his manager Marcel. He’s with the girl but he doesn’t go with him. They follow Tyson to his house. It’s gated. They watch him on thermal scan and she says he’s alone – no victim there. Dash says maybe he’s waiting on a booty call. She says they have to watch and wait.

Dash says killing Rutledge didn’t feel like anything. He says he’s seen 700 murders and has seen poison, shootings, choked, burned. He says he thought being there would be the worst feeling in the world but says the numbness is scarier. Vega says she’s been there and says she thinks if she can stop the next one, the numbness will go away. He asks if it will and she says they’ll wait and find out. Tyson is speaking at a seminar and he talks about human survival, sex and conquest.

He says that’s still all that matters. Vega and Dash are there and Dash asks if that’s true. Then Tyson says they want meaning and want to be safe. Tyson says he sees himself when he looks into a woman’s eyes. Vega rolls her eyes at his shtick. Tyson says that makes him fall in love with himself. Vega tries to intercept Tyson who thinks she’s trying to lure him into bed to videotape him and sell it. Dash says rule 8 – walk away when you sense desperation. Vega says she can’t wait to bust the guy.

She says she’s ready to do Arthur the favor he wants. Will calls to Vega and says he noticed she hasn’t been around a lot. He asks if she’s heard of Hawk-Eye a predictive policing program. He says they’re getting the pilot and he wants her with him on this. She says she’ll come see him tomorrow in his office. She goes to Akeela and asks for a favor. She asks her to pull an old case. The case is 35 years old. Akeela says – let me guess, don’t ask. She agrees to help Vega anyway.

Vega goes to see Arthur and asks why he asked her to pull a file he knows by heart – it’s his mom’s death but they managed to save the twins she was carrying. Vega asks if this was a test. Arthur says he’s looked out for Dash since the day they were cut out of their mother’s womb. She asks if he’s threatening her and she says to give up the victim’s name. Arthur says they’re going to do great things together. He writes down the name and hands it to her.

Dash and Vega head to the club again. They find the girl named Blanca Garcia and Dash says they need to warn her. Vega says if they scare her off, what happens next? She says Tyson will walk and they need to catch him red handed. Dash asks what if she can’t stop it and the girl does. She says she’ll stop it and he says he didn’t know she could see the future too. Will shows up and asks why she pulled such an old case. She says a cop friend from out of town is the victim’s uncle.

She says she’s there to meet a guy and Will says to stop treating him like an enemy. Vega agrees to sit and have a drink with him. Harlan, the bartender, talks to Blanca and Dash interrupts and acts really awkward and she asks if he’s negging her. He asks her to dance. Will tells Vega he knows she deserves his job as much or more than he does but says he can teach her to play the game. She watches Dash talking to Blanca. Harlan asks if Blanca is leaving. Dash says he definitely wants her to leave.

He’s happy she’s leaving though she hurt his feelings. Vega sees Tyson walking out too and tells Will she has to go. Vega tells Dash that Tyson just left too. We see Tyson brush into her when she goes to get a cab and he suggests they share. Vega tells Dash nice job and says they have a head start. She tells Dash to stay in the car when they pull up at his house. He says she got out of the cab halfway. They go back to Wally’s and Vega says Tyson must not be the killer. They watch the scene again.

Vega points out the ring and the reflection in the blood. It’s chopsticks – the bartender at the club uses them to mix drinks. They decide Blanca went back to the club. Sure enough she did and Harlan says he was just locking up. She says she forgot her purse and Harlan says he found it. He hands it to her and asks isn’t her name Blanca. He looks really creepy. We see Harlan tied her up. He says she could have smiled back and it didn’t have to be this way. He says he’s right for her.

Then he says she goes home with guys like Tyson. She says she didn’t and says she likes nice guys like him. She asks isn’t his name Harold and he gets mad and says it’s Harlan then slams her down. She kicks him and her shoe comes off. He calls her a bitch and pulls a knife. He tells her not to try talking to him now. Vega and Dash break in the side door and Blanca hears and screams. Harlan slams her head down to knock her out. Vega tells Dash to wait and goes to Blanca.

Blanca warns that he’s still here. Vega turns on her night vision and goes after him. Harlan is upstairs. Vega goes up but finds only Dash. They are hiding around the bar and then Harlan runs by. Vega gives chase. He turns on the lights to blind her night vision and then shoots at her. Dash drags her to safety. Dash uses his powers and tells her to stand and fire over her shoulder in four seconds. She does. She says she missed but Dash says he didn’t. They find Harlan in a pile of busted glass.

Vega says next time maybe he shouldn’t stay in the car. Vega rolls him over and arrests him. Dash is back in the park and the chess girl asks if he wants to play. He sits and she smiles flirtily. We see Vega looking into a new milk bath. There’s a female voice that says – let’s put them in. Agatha sees this and wakes startled.