Mr. Robot Recap – An Explosive Plan: Season 1 Episode 2

Mr. Robot Recap - An Explosive Plan: Season 1 Episode 2

Mr. Robot returns to the USA network tonight with an all new Wednesday July 1, season 1 episode 2 called, “ones-and-zer0es.mpeg,” and we have your weekly recap below. On this evening’s episode, Elliot [Rami Malek] is torn between accepting a job offer from an evil corporation and joining the society hacker group.

On the last episode, anti-social cybersecurity tech elliot (Rami Malek) met mr. robot leader of hacker group fsociety. evil corp – biggest co. in the world – was hacked. Was robot behind it? brb. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “Elliot (Rami Malek) torn between job offer from evil corp and joining fsociety. @ same time elliot needs to make decision that could harm ppl around him.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Mr. Robot” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for another episode of Mr. Robot tonight.



#MrRobot starts with Elliot staring down Tyrell at the conference room table. The team assembles and Tyrell says power belongs to the people who take it regardless of qualifications. He tells Elliot he’s sorry to bring him in on something that’s illegal and says he’s surrounded by annoying lawyers. Tyrell offers him a position at E Corp to head their cyber security. He says they have a noncompete with Allsafe but says if Elliot comes of his own accord, he’ll be a multi-millionaire within five years.

Elliot says can I think about it. Tyrell smiles and asks the lawyers to leave the room. He tells Elliot he’s been named interim CEO and when it’s official he’ll be the youngest CEO and says he should thank the hackers. He calls it serendipitous then laughs strangely. Elliot stares silently. Tyrell stands and walks over to him – he says they’re going to revamp their network and security protocols and take it all internal. He says they’ll be done with Allsafe and says that will send them out of business.

He tells Elliot he belongs there with him and says he wanted him to know all the facts to make an informed decision. Elliot says he’s happy where he is. Tyrell walks away from him. Elliot watches him and Tyrell says – he had to ask. He watches the street below. Elliot grabs his backpack and walks out. The suits that nabbed him drop him back off and give him a card with a number to reach Tyrell in case he needs to talk. The guy says to call him Mr X then laughs and says it’s from the JFK movie.

He then says his name is Sutherland and says – we’re always close by. Elliot gets out. Shayla is waiting outside his place and asks if his radiator is working since hers isn’t. He asks for a reup of the morphine and she says she doesn’t have the other drug to balance him and reminds him he told her not to sell to him unless she has both. He stares and she caves in and says he has to promise not to do too much til she gets the other from Fernando.

Elliot snorts morphine then hacks Tyrell and says it’s surprisingly easy. He looks at his emails and says his life looks happy and perfect and wonders if the guy knows he was going to hack him and if he let him. Elliot panics and says he has to wipe everything. He starts nuking memory cards and destroying his hard drives. Once done, he looks at a photo of he and his mom – a Polaroid. He snorts more morphine and says he’s taking more than he should then says it’s an off week.

He takes his pilfered dog out for a walk. The dog doesn’t want to poop. He talks to it and tells him he’s got to do it. He shows up to work and sees news of Colby’s arrest and wonders when Mr Robot will contact him again. Gideon tells Elliot he’s giving him a raise and says it won’t be much but is the best he can do now then tells him he saved the company. He asks why he didn’t tell him about the dat file before the meeting and says it’s curious. Elliot says it could have been a junk file.

Gideon says he’s usually more certain than that. Gideon says he needs him to stay on it and says the fsociety hackers may do more. Elliot asks what he’s talking about then says the place hit the motherlode of data and is threatening to dump it all unless the FBI releases Colby. Gideon plays him a video that’s Mr Robot’s voice slightly distorted saying they are malicious, hostile and relentless and won’t stop until the evil is sliced off. He says the last hack was their last warning.

He says to release their leader Terry Colby then release the people of the world from their prison of debt. He says E Corp must dissolve and donate their assets to charities around the world. He says the people have no freedom of choice as long as they exist and talks about economic slavery. Elliot asks him to play it again. A guy is street marketing the release of his CD. Ollie congratulates Elliot on his success and invites him to come with he and Angela.

Ollie says he has a Groupon and then Elliot agrees to shut him up. He sees men in suits and then says he has to go and walks away. The rapper tries to talk to Ollie who says he’ll take the CD if he’ll leave them alone. The guy tells him to check out track two. Elliot says he needs to call in sick, lie low and cut off ties with fsociety. He goes home and sees someone is in his shower. It’s Darlene. He asks why she’s in the shower. She says she was waiting on him.

She says she needs to borrow her clothes since her dress has cum stains on it then says she’s kidding. She says the dog crapped on the bed and says he needs to walk it. Elliot asks Shayla to take Flipper for a while. He and Darlene leave and get on the subway. He asks why she knows where he lives and she says she doesn’t live anywhere now because the douche she was living with proposed to her and she had to leave. Elliot is panicking and thinks that he needs to confess to Gideon.

They get off the subway then she tells grabs him back on at the last minute and he sees men in black suits looking into the car. He wonders if she sees them too. Elliot worries he will be killed or end up in jail. Darlene asks if she can crash with him a couple of nights. He says no and she asks how he lives that way with the dog. She takes him to Coney Island and says to come inside because they have big things in store.

They go into fsociety and everyone applauds him. Mr Robot is playing duck hunter. A bunch of others greet him and Darlene says they need to hear the plan on Steel Mountain. Mr Robot says the lines may not be clean on the Colby project. He pushes back and they agree to check the lines again. Darlene groans in frustration. Elliot asks what’s her deal and Mr Robot says she’s a complicated woman and Elliot asks why she knows where he lives.

Mr Robot says he needs to focus on the next phase of the plan then says they’re going to blow up the natural gas plant Comet near Steel Mountain. It’s the data storage site for most major corporations including Evil Corp. Elliot says Tyrell knows Colby isn’t the hacker. Mr Robot says Evil Corp will be focused on the data dumps so they won’t see the attack coming. He says asking to have Colby released was Trenton’s idea – she’s the Muslim chick in the veil.

Mr Robot says they will make Steel Mountain go kablooey along with Evil Corp’s soul. Elliot asks about people living nearby and workers. Mr Robot says they’ll set off alarms to warn them. He says it’s war and people will die. He says once they blow up the pipeline, Darlene’s worm will kick into high gear. Mr Robot says the Dark Army is working for them too. Mr Robot says an explosion is the only way to destroy data off the grid. Elliot says he’s not killing anyone.

Mr Robot asks if he’s a one or a zero, a yes or no, will he act or not. Elliot says he’s being staring at a computer screen too long and says life isn’t that binary but Mr Robot says every choice in life is a zero or one. He tells Elliot if he walks out the door, he’s no longer a part of this and is a zero. He says he can stay and change the world and become a one. He asks again if you’re a one or zero. Elliot says there’s an innocent man in jail.

Mr Robot says it’s not about Colby but how about those bastards who slowly killed his father. He says he was a zero like Elliot is being now. Elliot walks out and Darlene asks if he’s disappearing again. He says he’s not killing anyone. She says they can do it with or without him. He walks off and wonders if he should turn them in. Darlene told him he’s involved either way and that worries him. Elliot goes home and knocks on Shayla’s door. The jerky guy is there and he says – she in the tub.

Elliot knocks again and the guy gets loud and says she’ll be out in a minute. Elliot says they need to check and make sure she’s all right. The guy says not to be rude and sit and chill. He sits. The guy offers him some smoke and Elliot says no. He says Elliot is the only guy he knows takes withdrawal meds with his drugs. He introduces himself as Fernando. Elliot already hacked him and knows all about the idiot drug dealer. He says if the cops had a clue, they would arrest him.

Elliot says the only reason he hasn’t turned him in is because he’s his only supplier. Fernando says he just came by to make a drop for him and asks his name. He says Elliot then Fernando asks what his name means. Fernando is a pig who sits cupping his junk and wearing just underwear. He tells Elliot he tried to kill himself a couple of times and was real depressed but didn’t get that right either. He smokes some crack (or something) and says he learned hate is his power and says he hates himself.

Fernando gets close to Elliot and says it’s good he’s not scared of him and says that means he didn’t waste time getting to know him. Fernando says Elliot’s the reason he met Shayla since he had the drugs he wanted and is the only supplier in the city. He says Shayla is his and is the love of his life. He tells Elliot that he needs to respect that boundary. Elliot just looks at him and Fernando says a dude earlier today gave him that look and he should be scared.

He leaves and Elliot goes for the bathroom to check on Shayla. The door is locked and he picks it then goes inside. She’s in the tub with her eyes closed and he tells her to wake up. She does and asks what happened. He asks if she’s okay and asks why Fernando was there. She asks why she’s in the tub. She says they smoked a little when he brought Elliot’s pills. He asks if she remembers having sex with Fernando. She doesn’t. He wants her to report it and he says she can’t go back to him.

Darlene says he gives her a good deal on the split and she makes money. He thinks the invisible hand pushes us past the point of pain. She tells Elliot there’s nothing that can be done and says she has no choice. She asks if he’ll sleep at her place tonight. He thinks maybe Mr Robot is right and says if he gets rid of Fernando, that means he loses the morphine and the pain comes back. He wonders how he could get the suboxone and says he has to quit or let Fernando go on raping her.

He says like Shayla, Fernando has left him no choice and he can’t be allowed to exist anymore. Elliot waits to see Krista the therapist. She asks how he’s feeling and he says not good. She asks what. He says everything and she asks for specifics. He asks how we know if we’re in control and aren’t just making the best of what comes at us. He says it’s like her two paintings in the lobby, Coke or Pepsi, McDonalds or Burger King.

He thinks about Fernando and his idiot social media postings and then he sends an anonymous tip to the NYPD about Fernando with tons of evidence. Elliot sees Fernando and his homies in cuffs and walks off pleased. Elliot thinks that our choices were prepaid for us a long time ago. Krista says she’s sorry he feels that way. He says he thought he was doing good as part of a project and thought he’d be special. She asks what now. Elliot says it turned out to be a mistake like everything else.

He says what’s the point. Krista says he’s mentioned not feeling in control before and says they spoke about his father then and how his father chose to do nothing when battling his cancer. She says he didn’t seek proper care and didn’t fight against the company that made him sick. She says maybe his father felt the way Elliot does know. He says it’s different but she says the power he has is he’s found options and doesn’t just take what life gives him.

Krista says she can’t help him if he keeps her in the dark. He says shut up a couple of times. She says he has bags under his eyes and is yelling and jittery. She asks what’s going on and asks if he’s slipping into old patterns and behaviors. His radiator is making noise and he goes to look at it. He gets a call from Angela. He doesn’t answer. She tells Ollie he’s still not answering and he says they need to ask him tomorrow.

Ollie is trying to load the rapper’s disk and says it keep freezing up. He gets an email with a boob shot from the chick he’s cheating with asking him to come over. Angela says she thinks something is wrong with Elliot and says maybe she should go check on him. Ollie emails back that he’ll call her then tells Angela his buddy from Arizona is in town and says he’s going for a drink with him. She’s clueless and says okay. The “rapper” who gave Ollie the CD is watching Angela on the computer’s webcam. He sends a message in Chinese that says “we’re in.”

Elliot heads to Coney Island and finds Mr Robot at the waterfront. He tries to talk but he shushes Elliot and says to sit. He does. He says he knows how to take out the backups without blowing the pipeline. Mr Robot says if he walked away, he’s not part of it. Elliot says he has a real plan. Mr Robot says if he wants in, there’s a debt to pay. Elliot says he thought he didn’t believe in debt but Mr Robot says he believes in erasing them. He asks about Elliot’s father and how he died.

Elliot says not to pull David Koresh shit on his head. He asks if they can talk about his plan if he tells him and gets a nod. Elliot says they were very close and his dad was his BFF. He says his dad was Evil Corp’s best engineer then got fired out of the blue and then told him he had leukemia and insisted he not tell his mom. He says his dad got sicker and sicker so he told his mom. He says his dad got pissed and yelled and he tried to hug him and say sorry but he shoved him so hard he fell out a window.

He says he broke his arm and his dad wouldn’t look at him or talk to him again, not even on the night he died. He asks Mr Robot if they’re good and he pats Elliot on the shoulder and says he knows what it’s like to lose a parent. He says it’s heart breaking. He asks if Elliot ever thought his dad was right and he asks about what. Mr Robot says maybe Elliot deserved to be hurt for violating his trust. Elliot says he was just eight. Mr Robot shoves him off the fence at the pier and he goes down about 25 feet into a bunch of debris and garbage.

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