Nashville Recap – Everybody Has a Bad Day: Season 3 Episode 11 Winter Premiere “I’m Not That Good at Goodbye”

Nashville Recap - Everybody Has a Bad Day: Season 3 Episode 11 Winter Premiere "I’m Not That Good at Goodbye"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday February 4, season 3 episode 11 called, “I’m Not That Good at Goodbye,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Deacon [Charles Esten] receives bad news about his health. Meanwhile, Luke [Will Chase] causes a stir in the wake of Rayna’s [Connie Britton] cancellation of their wedding; Juliette [Hayden Panettiere] and Avery [Jonathan Jackson] adapt to life as newlyweds; Gunnar [Sam Palladio] seeks custody of Micah; and Sadie purchases a firearm.

On the last episode, when Luke finally returned home after wrapping up his Moon or Shine Tour just days before he and Rayna tied the knot, Rayna started to feel conflicted about leaving their kids to go out on the road again, especially after she discovered that Luke has been making parenting decisions without her. Meanwhile, Will invited Layla on tour in an effort to keep her close but when he saw her flirting with his boss at a party, he began to feel like he’s losing control of their situation. Then, Teddy used his Mayoral powers to track down a recent flame and Sadie crossed paths with an unexpected ex. Later, after getting some advice from his mom, Avery made an unexpected decision. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “now that Rayna has cancelled their wedding, Luke is not going quietly, and Rayna’s own daughters don’t take the news well, either. Juliette and Avery adjust to married life with a few bumps along the way, and Gunnar fights for custody of Micah. Sadie tries to take control of her own problems with her ex by buying a gun, and Deacon gets dire news about his medical condition.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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Rayna gets a call from Bucky and he asks how she’s doing. She says she just called off the wedding and it’s not great. He says Luke called his manager and he called him. He says judging from Jimmy’s tone, this won’t go easy. Bucky says he’ll talk to them about making a joint statement and says he hopes he can get him to take the high road. Luke gets into his truck and runs over their wedding cake that’s still on the lawn.

The doctor tells Will that Layla is lucky to be alive after the amount of pills she took. They ask if she was struggling with anything lately. He says things have been stressful but he doesn’t think she’d do this to herself. The doctor thinks she did. Teddy talks to the police chief about the party and Layla’s injury. He says Edgehill is part of the new music education party. He says he can overlook the minor charges so long as Layla doesn’t press charges.

Avery and Juliette spoon and he says it’s the best honeymoon ever. She says once the baby comes, she wants a real honeymoon. He says he’s going to his apartment to go pick up a few things. She asks him to stay in bed while she has movers pick his stuff up. She texts Emily and he gets back into bed. Gunnar plays guitar and sings with Micah (whom he now knows is his nephew, not his son). They high five when they finish the song.

Gunnar says they have to go and tells him to go get his suit on. Micah says he wishes his grandma and grandpa would just go away. He says he wants to live with him and calls him dad. Gunnar can’t tell him and just says he loves him. Jeff asks Teddy to call off the cops and says he doesn’t know what Layla will say. He’s at the hospital and Will asks where he’s been. He says he’s been dealing with the cops.

Will tells him that she OD’d on pills and he saw him give them to her. Jeff says she was hysterical and he gave them to her but she didn’t take them. He says she went upstairs to look for Will. Rayna shows up and the girls run to hug her. She asks Tandy for coffee and Rayna asks them to all sit for a talk. She tells Maddie and Daphne that she and Luke decided not to get married. The girls are in shock and Maddie asks if she’s going to marry Deacon now.

Maddie says she loves Deacon and he proposed. She stomps off. Daphne says she loves Luke and wanted Sage to be her sister. Rayna starts crying and Tandy holds her. Luke stomps into Deacon’s house looking for Rayna. Deacon smiles and says that means he doesn’t have to be civil to him for one more second. Deacon says he hasn’t seen her in weeks and this isn’t about him. Luke says it’s always about him.

Luke says he never should have gone sniffing around that bitch. Deacon snaps and goes after him. They roll on the ground and Deacon punches him in face, bloodying his lip. He tells him wheels up – jackass – before Scarlett pulls them apart. Sadie puts on a hat and sunglasses and heads out to buy a gun small enough to fit in her purse. They ask her for ID and she pulls off her glasses.

The woman sees her black eye and says she has just the thing for her. Bucky shows her that Luke sent over the bill for her to pay for the wedding expenses. No wedding means no People magazine to cover the expenses. Will asks Layla how she feels and she says she tried to kill herself and failed at that too. He says he understands and was at that point himself last year when he was trying to come to terms with that.

She tells him he’s playing the gay card but doesn’t have the guts to be honest. She says she saw him in bed with a woman and says it’s just her that he doesn’t want. She tells him that his secret is killing her. She tells him to go. He tries to reason with her and she says please and he goes. Micah talks to the judge about how well Micah is doing, how good his grades are and how happy he is.

The grandmother and grandfather say they don’t even know why it’s up for discussion since Gunnar isn’t the biological father. Juliette is shocked by how much stuff Avery has brought to her house. While they look over the wedding expenses, Bucky shows Rayna a video of Luke and Deacon brawling. She asks her sister to take the girls to Teddy while she goes to talk to Luke. She says she made the mess and will fix it.

Juliette tells Avery his chair doesn’t match and can’t go there. She says it’s throwing off the whole room. She’s freaking out about the furniture. Avery is trying to take this in stride. Deacon goes to Rayna’s and Tandy asks why he’s there. He says he’s not trying to cause trouble and Deacon says Luke walked into his house. She asks what he wants and he says he thinks he and Rayna need to talk. She says Rayna is gone and he needs to be before the press shows up.

Daphne rants to Maddie asking why their dad isn’t home. Maddie calls Colt and tells him to tell his dad to leave Deacon away. He says it’s all Rayna’s fault and says she looks down on everyone the same way her mom does. She tells Colt the good thing about the break up is that she’ll never have to see him again. Micah’s grandmother hears him call Gunnar dad and realizes he hasn’t told him yet that he’s not his father.

Gunnar steps out to talk to her and says he hasn’t had the chance to tell him. She says he’s no better than Jason and asks her to let him tell Micah. Jeff waits for Will and asks how she is. Will says this is his fault. He says Layla’s just a kid. Jeff says he thought he could change, but Will says he knows now that he can’t and asks Jeff for his help. Sadie sits playing her guitar and writing a song. She’s writing a song about Pete hurting her. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

Luke it outside shooting $200 bottles of champagne when Rayna shows up. He says he’s putting them on her tab. She says she knows she blindsided him but wants to try and deal with this privately. He says they can’t because their Ruke or Layna or whatever. He says she had the right to call it off and he has the right to be pissed off. He says they had their first date right there and he couldn’t believe he was the guy kissing her.

He says he was too blinded by live to listen to his brain saying she’s Deacon’s girl. He says calling it off was the right thing for her. He says before him, she was floundering, near broke and now she’s got six CMA statues and doesn’t need his seven carats. He tells her to keep the ring. She says he’ll get it back, don’t worry.

Deacon tells Scarlett that the last time he saw Rayna, she said she wanted nothing to do with him. He says he told her he loved her and she says to move on. They are at a doctor’s office. Rayna tells Tandy and Bucky she talked to Luke but only made it worse. Bucky says she needs to get out in front of it first and take control of the story. She marches out her front yard to talk to the assembled press. She says she appreciates their concern.

She says she wants to tell it to them straight. She says they called it off their wedding and says it was a mutual decision and that no one else was involved. She says she and Luke have been friends for years and came up together as artists. She says their love story may be over but she has full faith that their friendship will endure. Juliette freaks when she sees the chair in their bedroom. She goes to move it and he says he likes the chair and she can’t move it without hurting her baby.

He tells her she has a 400 square foot closet and cleared him just three shelves. He says rather than feeling like this is their house, he feels like he’s just a guest. He picks up his chair and goes. Jimmy tells Luke he needs to get his side out there as they watch the Rayna video. Luke says anything he says will seem petty and small. Luke says to call together 500 fans to come for a party at his place since he has the food and a band. Sage and Colt overhear and are disgusted.

Jimmy says the headlines will say that Rayna dumps Luke and he throws a party. Luke says it will be the bachelor party he never got to have. Jeff approaches the producer of Will and Layla’s reality show, Gina, and says the show has just been canceled. He says Layla tried to kill herself last night so the network was happy to oblige. She says her show had nothing to do with it but he says Will told him about her shooting hidden bedroom footage and blackmailing them.

Jeff says she can ruin her career or cut a deal with him to make the footage go away for good. Colt and Sage come to Teddy’s and Colt says his dad is a jerk and is throwing a party at their house. He says the good news is, they’re not going to be related. She blushes a little. Gunnar asks to talk to Micah alone. The grandparents leave. He tells Micah he has to tell him something. He says they’re not related in the way they thought they were.

He tells him that he’s his uncle but loves him and is still his family. Micah starts crying and asks if he lied to him. Gunnar says he thought he was and that’s what his mom told him and he just found out last night. Micah goes to his grandparents and says he just wants them to take him home. Gunnar begs them to bring him back. He’s distraught and in tears. Rayna calls Maddie and talks briefly. Tandy tells her that Deacon came by while she was gone.

She asks Rayna if she broke up with Luke because she was still in love with Deacon. Gunnar tells Avery what happened in court and that the judge let him decide and Micah chose his grandparents. He asks what Avery wanted to talk about. He says he was upset about a chair and it seems silly saying it out loud after that. He sees the ring on his finger. Avery says he buried the lead and tells him he got married this morning.

Pete knocks on Sadie’s door. He tells her he’s sorry and he doesn’t know what came over him. He pounds on the door and says he just wants to talk to her. He says he brought her favorite pretzels. She gets her gun. He says he really screwed up. He says he’s going to leave the pretzels and go. He says he’ll see her soon. She breaks down crying and slumps against the wall holding the gun.

Scarlett sleeps in the waiting room while Deacon gets further diagnosis. Layla wakes to find Will by her bed. He tells her everything is going to be okay. He says he’s going to give her a divorce. She says Gina won’t let them but he says Jeff got the show canceled and took care of the footage. He tells her none of this is her problem and she’s free. He tells her he really is sorry for everything.

Deacon is told that the cancerous tumors are so severe that only a liver transplant will work. Scarlett immediately volunteers but she’s the wrong blood type. The doctor says he’ll go on the transplant list but once the tumor reaches a certain size, he won’t be eligible for a transplant. The doctor says they just need to focus now on finding a donor. Hmm. Bet I know who’s going to volunteer a piece of her liver.

Gunnar packs up Micah’s stuff and hands it over then asks to talk to Linda, Micah’s grandma. He tells her that he wouldn’t want a daughter of his hanging around with him and Jason either. He asks her to let him be involved with Micah. She says she misjudged him and says he can call Micah to stay in touch. Teddy calls Jeff and says Layla took credit for all of it and even said she brought the pills from home so the investigation is over.

Gunnar brings Micah his guitar but Micah yells that he doesn’t want it. Linda advises Gunnar to give him a little bit of time. Scarlett tells Deacon it’s dinner time when Rayna shows up to talk. She leaves them alone to talk. Rayna says she’s sorry she missed him at the house earlier and says it’s been a day. She says she called of the wedding for a lot of reasons that made her feel like she wasn’t herself. She says she loves him and has loved him since she laid eyes on him and heard him play the guitar. She says she still loves him now.

She says she said yes to Luke because she didn’t want anymore of the pain. She says she needs some more time and asks him to understand. He starts to tell her he doesn’t have time but then stops and tells her to take as much time as she needs. She leaves. Teddy finds Sage and Colt hanging out with Maddie and asks what this is. She says they’re friends and he asks if this is a good day for this. She says being asked to turn feelings off and on is hard.

Scarlett tells Deacon he needs to tell Rayna that he’s sick. He says he doesn’t want her feeling sorry for him and taking care of him. He says he wants to be the one to take care of her but can’t like this. He says he may die on that transplant list but she says he’s going to get one. He tells her it’s been a long day and he just wants some sleep.

At Luke’s there’s a big party going on and an impromptu concert. He sips a beer that stings his bloody lip and says he had some unanticipated free time today so he and the boys wrote a special song for the occasion. It’s all about drinking too much and drunk dialing and saying how you’ll never find a guy like me again. Jeff goes to sit by Layla’s hospital bed while she sleeps.

Sadie takes selfies of her black eye and fills out forms for a restraining order. She prints out the forms and puts on her hat to go out. Avery comes home and finds Juliette put the chair in the nursery with a note that says she found the prefect spot for hit. Scarlett makes sure Deacon is asleep then calls her mom, Deacon’s sister. Luke sings his heart out but is still angry. Rayna lies down on her big bed alone.