Nashville Recap – Mayor in Trouble: Season 3 Episode 15 “That’s the Way Love Goes”

Nashville Recap - Mayor in Trouble: Season 3 Episode 15 "That's the Way Love Goes"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday March 4, season 3 episode 15 called, “That’s the Way Love Goes,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the Grand Ole Opry honors Rayna [Connie Britton] on a special anniversary, so she asks Deacon [Charles Esten] and her daughters to sing with her.

On the last episode, Jeff’s career took a tumble thanks to Rayna. Meanwhile, Sadie confided in Rayna about her ex-husband; Deacon contemplated participating in a clinical trial for an alternative treatment; and Scarlett and Gunnar bond as they both focus on writing. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “the Grand Ole Opry honors Rayna on a special anniversary, so she asks Deacon and her daughters to sing with her. Meanwhile, Will’s distressed to be collaborating with a gay man on a songwriting project; and Sadie shares her private ordeal on national TV.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Sadie tells Rayna that she can’t believe she’s going to miss Rayna’s appearance at the Opry. She tells Sadie to knock them dead on Good Morning America and says they’ll sing at the Opry another time. She asks Rayna if Deacon is coming and says it would be a shame for him to miss it. Maddie asks Deacon to stay for dinner when he takes her home. She asks what’s going on with him and Rayna. She says they’re avoiding each other and Deacon says it’s complicated but Maddie says it’s simple.

Deacon says they need time and Maddie asks if he still loves her. He says til the day he dies. Will is at a photo shoot and Luke says he’s the first artist at Wheeling Dealing records. He asks Will about the demos and says he’s going to bring in Kevin Bicks to co-write with him. Luke then tells Will that Jeff is out and says he was a pariah. He asks if he thinks Kevin is a good fit and he says he does.

Gunnar, Avery and Scarlett are rehearsing some songs. Avery says it’s not working. Gunnar gets a call from Noel Loughlin and goes to take it. Avery says Juliette isn’t sleeping and is driving him crazy. Gunnar says they’re opening for Rascal Flatts. They are all thrilled. They say they need a new band name and says SAG can’t work. She says she has someone to be and says they can come up with it on their own. They agree she’s being weird but Avery is asleep on the sofa already.

Teddy gets a call from a blocked number and Daphne asks why they’re staying with their mom when it’s his week. He gets another call and Daphne snatches it but he tells her not to answer. Scarlett is out to dinner with Dr Rand and she brings up a prolactin study she read. He’s amazed. Layla is in a glittery dress and Jeff says less sparkle, more black and says she’s not Ariana Grande. He tells her to be excited and engaged but not a pain in the ass. She asks him to come along as her manager.

He says if he shows up with her, she might get kicked out the door. He tosses her a dress. Maddie and Daphne are jamming when Rayna comes in and asks if it’s the Conrad Sisters new sound. She says the Opry was a big deal and says Maddie was five and she was breast feeding Daphne back stage. She says she wants them to be there and asks them to play with her. The girls are over the moon. She says it’s a big musical family and they’re part of it. Maddie asks about Deacon.

She asks her about Deacon and asks if her mom hates him. Rayna says that is so not the problem. Rayna calls Deacon and she says she can’t have her Opory anniversary without him. He says he’s not sure he’s ready for that. She says the girls are playing and would be over the moon if he played with them. He asks if he can think about it and get back to her. She says it would be really amazing. Scarlett talked all through their date about cancer treatments.

She thanks him for tonight and then he offers her his hand to shake. Dr Rand says when she asked him out he thought it was a date and realized now that she has a lot on her mind and says they can talk about Deacon’s treatment at his office. He tells her goodnight and goes. Will laughs at Gunnar’s band name ideas – biscuits and honey. Will is freaking out over working with Kevin who is gay. Gunnar says Kevin is red hot but Will says he can’t be out with a swishy gay dude.

Gunnar says he’s being stupid and says he works with Blake Shelton and no one thinks he’s gay. Luke hands Colt some pizza money. He asks his dad to take him to the Opry to see Maddie perform. Luke isn’t happy but says what the hell and agrees to go. Rayna tells Maddie that she called and invited Deacon to come and says he’s thinking about it. Maddie asks Rayna if she still love loves Deacon. Rayna says she’s not sure what them being together looks like and they have to be ready.

Maddie asks when that will be and Rayna says she doesn’t know. Layla comes home upset and says they told her they want to let her reality show stuff die down while they promote Sadie’s album. Jeff asks if she stuck to the script and she says she’s not his puppet. She says she doesn’t know what he is and then he calls her Harvard and asks what her genius ideas. She tells him that he works for her now that everyone in town hates his guts. He grabs her and kisses her and asks everybody. She kisses him back.

Scarlett comes home mad slamming stuff around. He tells her that Rayna called to invite him to the Opry. He says he won’t sing with them and Scarlett says heaven forbid anyone but her should know. He asks what’s matter. She says she went on a date with his doctor and she ruined the date by talking about his cancer. He says that’s not his fault. She says it is because he’s making her keep the secret and it’s too much to handle and is making her a crazy person.

Jeff tells Layla there’s no such thing as bad publicity. He says if the world knew she could sing that way, every indie blogger would be writing about her. She asks if Bucky should move her up in the schedule. He says he’s going to put one of her songs on iTunes in 20 minutes and says you’ve got to be aggressive, babe. Bucky meets with Luke and says he’s taking Colt to the Opry and worries if Rayna might be upset. Bucky says it’s a good olive branch.

He asks Luke about putting Will with Kevin Bicks. Bucky says it’s a good match. Sadie gets a call from the GMA producer to talk about some details. She says the interview will cover her move from songwriter to award winner. She says they may dig into her back story a bit. She asks about her ex-husband. She says she knows about the lawsuit and settlement and how she feels about it. Sadie is stunned.

Scarlett brings Dr Rand some coffee. She says it’s a caffeinated apology. She says she meant it to be a date but she got nervous and then started talking about cancer. He says apology accepted and he asks her out. She says she’s in a band with her two ex-boyfriends and asks if he will come to her show as her date and says she won’t use the c word. Avery comes home and passes out but then Gunnar is at the door. Avery says he just hot Juliette to sleep and shushes him. He drags him out and slams the door on him.

Will comes to meet with Kevin and he asks Will where he’s from and what he does with his spare time. Will says he’s from Texas and has no spare time. Rayna is chatting with Vince Gill at the Opry and then Maddie sees Colt. She thanks Colt and Luke for coming and he congratulates Rayna on her big note. Luke is not happy to see Deacon there and Daphne asks for their dressing room. The girls are thrilled. Deacon shows up and says he heard they need a guitar player.

Lorrie Morgan is flirting with Teddy on camera at the Opry and goes to talk to Maddie and Daphne but Natasha intercepts him. He asks why she’s there and she says they need to talk. She says she’s been trying to call her. Layla talks to someone about her music and then she sees Bucky and makes an escape. One of the bloggers tells Bucky that her new single is great and that they were smart to sneak it out there.

Sadie calls Rayna about the GMA call about Pete. Rayna says to tell them it’s completely off limits. Sadie is worried they just want to talk about the lawsuit but Rayna says it’s not about that. She encourages her then they end the call. Avery comes in and asks Gunnar if he has a name yet. He tells Gunnar he was tired and couldn’t think. He tells Gunnar it’s not that big a deal. Gunnar rants and says this is not a hobby and says this is why he came to Nashville.
[2015-03-04, 11:31:27 PM] Rachel Rowan: He says tonight is his first time in a big arena and says it may be his only time. Avery checks the list of band names. Rayna takes the Opry stage and says she’s doing something that will be one of the proudest moments of her life. She introduces Maddie and Daphne to the Opory family. She also introduces Deacon and he comes out with the girls. Rayna steps offstage to let the girls perform with Deacon.

Natasha tells Teddy she’s being watched and says there’s a van outside her house that is law enforcement. He says he will look into it and to stick to the story but she says it’s been there for days and says he’s screwed too if she’s right. Kevin and Will are arguing over the song writing. Will is being closed off and stubborn. Will says they’re not clicking and Kevin asks if that’s because guys like him used to beat up guys like him in high school.

Will says he’s way off base and says he didn’t finish his school because his dad kicked him out. Kevin says they can build a song around that. Vince comes out and says he invited Rayna to join the Opry. Offstage, Rayna and Deacon hold hands and she asks him to come sing with her.

Sadie eats dinner and watches TV and sees a story about a woman murdered by her husband and there being a history of family violence. Will and Kevin work on a song and Will says it’s good. Kevin tells him he thinks it’s great. Will says he has to go see a friend’s performance at the Bridgestone. He thanks Kevin for hanging in there. Avery and Gunnar are spit balling on band names. They agree to say a random word and put those together. They get whiskey frogs and road cheese.

Scarlett brings Kyle in with her and introduces him. He says – so you’re the exes and they decide that’s the band name. Rayna thanks Vince and then talks. Luke watches from off stage. She asks everyone to give Deacon a hand and says he’s been with her from the beginning in one way or another. Deacon comes out on stage and the crowd goes wild. She hugs him. Luke watches with disgust.

Bucky confronts Layla about putting the song on iTunes. She says his plan sucks and says she’s an indie artist and can’t be promoted the same way. Bucky says he doesn’t like that she did it without consulting him but says it worked out well and was good thinking. He says they need to talk about what to do next. Deacon and Rayna sing a duet together. Maddie is thrilled that her parents are together on stage. She smiles at Colt.

Luke is getting very upset and Colt notices. He goes over to his dad. He tells his dad he’s sorry and says this must suck. Luke says – as a matter of fact, it does. He puts his arm around Colt’s shoulder. Rayna and Deacon’s duet is all about doomed love and has everyone tearing up. They finish and the crowd goes wild. He pulls her into a hug and then walks off stage to leave her in the spot light alone. Maddie and Daphne run up and tell him it was awesome. He says he has to go and rushes out.

Scarlett, Gunnar and Avery as the Triple Exes. Scarlett says as long as it’s not two guys and their crazy ex-girlfriend, she’s happy. Kyle watches nearby and Scarlett smiles at him. They do a great number. Rayna looks around for Deacon and Maddie says he ran out. Maddie goes to pack. Layla calls Jeff and he says they need to maximize the label’s resources. He wants to meet her but she says he was right and they shouldn’t be seen together yet. She tells him to stay away.

Bucky tells Luke that he’s sorry he didn’t warn him about Deacon and says he didn’t know. Bucky wishes him luck with the label. Colt tells his dad he’s sorry about making him come tonight but Luke says spending time with him was nice. Colt tells his dad he wants to come home from boarding school. Luke asks this is about him or Maddie and Colt says he wants to see them both. Luke agrees.

Kyle asks Scarlett if she always wanted to be a singer and she says she was a poet. She explains the Avery and Gunner dynamic and he says this was the most fun he had in months. Will shows up and Gunnar asks about Kevin. They find out that Rascal Flatts wants them to go on tour with them. They agree and then Scarlett tells Kyle he’s not getting off easy and she won’t be gone that long. He kisses her and Gunnar takes notice.

Robin Roberts talks to Sadie and asks about the lawsuit against her ex. Sadie says her ex doesn’t deserve that money and shouldn’t be rewarded for what he did. She says she was the victim of domestic violence for years and stayed silent about it for years. Pete watches in shock. She says she won’t let him get away with it any longer even though she was trapped.

Rayna shows up to Deacon’s lake house and says she called him 50 times. She says him leaving like that hurts as bad as the first time he did it. She asks him not to leave her anymore. He says he’s sick and then tells her he has cancer. He says she was right that his drinking was going to kill him. She slaps him hard then starts crying and holds him.