Nashville Season Recap – Shocking – Major Character Dies: Season 4 Episode 6 ‘Please Help Me I’m Fallin’

Nashville Season Recap - Shocking - Major Character Dies: Season 4 Episode 6 'Please Help Me I'm Fallin'

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday October 28, season 4 episode 6 called, “Please Help Me I’m Fallin’,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) brawls with a fan and the altercation goes viral, leading Jeff (Oliver Hudson) to do damage control while maneuvering to promote his own career.

On the last episode Maddie and Colt got a taste of freedom while joining Luke on tour. Meanwhile, Rayna’s artists kept her very busy; Deacon and Scarlett put their problems aside to go to Natchez, Miss.; and Gunnar wanted Kevin and Will to help him find a new girlfriend. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Juliette brawls with a fan and the altercation goes viral, leading Jeff to do damage control while maneuvering to promote his own career. Elsewhere, a grounded Maddie yearns to be with Colt; and Markus and Rayna considering severing ties when they clash.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville begins with Gunnar in bed with the roadie – she gets dressed to go and he asks if she wants breakfast. He offers to give her a lift but she says she’ll Uber. He asks for her number but she says she knows where he lives and leaves without giving it. Juliette sits staring at the lawyer’s business card and crying – she looks wrecked. Gabriella tells Luke they have a big day ahead. She says he has an investor lunch and then a presentation and a rooftop event tonight.

Colt is on the phone talking to Maddie who says her mom grounded her for singing with Juliette. They swap I love you’s and she says she has to go. Rayna tells Maddie she and Deacon decided she gets no phone for now. Maddie rants and Rayna says everything she does leaves a mark about who she is as an artist and a person. Maddie says no and Rayna says give her the phone now. Maddie growls at her but hands it over.

Avery gets a call from the lawyer. Will plays with Cadence and then Avery says he’s getting a divorce. Scarlett tells Deacon she doesn’t know if she’s ready to go on tour. He says he knows it’s hard. She says the sooner she gets home, the sooner she can figure it out. The diner waitress says Beverly told her about them both then says they were old friends and she’s sorry for her loss. She says The Landslide is having a memorial in her honor at The Landslide, a place where Beverly sang often.

Markus comes to Rayna’s house and says he doesn’t know what’s wrong with Avery. Markus says he’s the wrong choice. He says Avery didn’t get him. She says she has a list of producers and he asks about her. She says she doesn’t produce. He says he doesn’t want to be lectured and she sold him on country. He asks why she doesn’t produce him and says he won’t take no for an answer. She says she’ll give it a shot. He insists they start today and gets pushy.

Layla runs up and hugs Jeff. Gabriella stares at him and he sees it. She asks if he missed her. Juliette comes out with dark glasses on and a hoodie but she’s still recognized. She bumps into Jeff who asks if she’s okay. She says Avery is divorcing her and walks on. She thinks everyone is talking about her and a fan tries to take a selfie with her and Juliette attacks her, screaming and clawing. Luke and Jeff break them apart and Jeff drags her away screaming.

Kevin comes to see Will and Will says being a songwriter is great but performing is his dream. He doesn’t want to give the song to Luke. Kevin says he’s confused then says he should be on stage if that’s what he wants. He tells Will he can get him in a showcase tonight. Will says why not. Luke rants to Juliette then asks what it is – booze, drugs. Juliette tells him none of his business and leave her alone. She grabs a bottle and locks herself in the bathroom. She guzzles vodka and cries.

Jeff says the fan won’t press charges and Gabriella says others got it on cell phone so it will come out. Jeff says they can control the story in the press so Juliette isn’t at fault. Luke tells Gabriella and Jeff to do what they can. Jeff says if he pulls it off, she has to convince Luke to make him CEO. He says he could do nothing and hang out with his GF while their deal goes down in flames. Markus plays his song. Maddie and Daphne are with her.

Maddie is thrilled to see him despite her annoyance at her mom. Markus comes down and greets her and she introduces the girls to him. Maddie says it sounds like Boulevard. He says he recognizes Maddie and saw a clip of her singing in Atlanta. Markus asks if she likes it. She says it does sound like Boulevard and they talked about changing up his sound. She says let’s play around with it. She goes to the band. He’s annoyed. Will says he’s performing tonight and Avery and Gunnar are pleased.

Gunnar says he found an earring and it must be Erin’s. He thinks she left it instead of her number. He says it’s a game and Will says it’s a one night stand. Avery says don’t go chasing a girl that doesn’t want him. They see a new story about Juliette attacking the fan and Jeff dragging her away. Avery says he should call her and Will says don’t get sucked into the crazy. Gunnar says Juliette is officially no longer his problem. Jeff throws Juliette into her hotel room and says she can’t leave.

She says she needs him more than Layla. He says she was a one time band in a broom closet and she tries to kiss him and says he wants her, everyone does. He says no wonder Avery left you – what a waste. He leaves her. Scarlett and Deacon are almost finished with the packing and he suggests going to the memorial for her mom. She says it’s just a sad lounge where none of her mom’s dreams came true. He says he’s going. She says she won’t. Rayna gets the musicians set and asks Markus to give it a try.

Markus tells the band to stop and Rayna asks what’s up. He says he’s not feeling it. She says sing one through and says it’s different but he doesn’t need to be afraid. He says he’s not and she says she means don’t resist it just because it’s new. He says she’s dictating not collaborating. He says maybe she shouldn’t produce him. She says she’s doing what he asked and he says she doesn’t get him and says maybe this whole thing is a mistake.

Jeff comes to see Layla and hugs her. He says he can’t stay because he has to deal with this Juliette thing. She sees scratches then asks if he slept with her. He grabs her and says listen. He says if he can clean up the Juliette mess, he’ll be CEO of the label and won’t have to deal with Juliette again. She says he won’t be her manager. He says he won’t but that will make things less complicated when she moves in with him. She kisses him then says go do it. She’s thrilled

Gunnar calls Erin who asks how he got the number. He explains how he stalked around to get it. She’s creeped out. She asks what he wants and he says she left an earring. She says she wasn’t wearing earrings. He asks if she wants to come hear Will sing and she says okay. She says text and she’ll meet him there and hangs up. Will is thrilled. Deacon shows up to The Landslide and looks at a poster of Beverly. They ask if he has family in town and he says not anymore.

He stares at the poster. Rayna comes to talk to Markus who is playing pinball and drinking beer. She says she brought him there because she wants to connect his storytelling to the audience. He says she needed him because her label was going under. She says she needed him too. She says the word is out on him – difficult, arrogant and abrasive. He says they can cut ties. She says they can do something special and she wishes he would trust her. He says he doesn’t hear what she hears.

Rayna tells him to come on. She asks Maddie and Daphne to sing Boulevard like they sang it at the talent show. Daphne is nervous and Rayna asks what’s wrong. Daphne says she doesn’t want to and runs off. Rayna goes after her. Scarlett looks in a desk of her moms and pulls out a crumpled paper. She finds a demo cassette tape and a stack of rejection letters from record labels. She looks at her mom’s head shot and starts to cry again.

Daphne tells Rayna she doesn’t want to sing and Rayna says it’s okay then asks why she doesn’t want to have anything to do with music. Daphne says after they sang at the talent show she heard girls saying she should be ashamed to be on stage because of what their dad did. Rayna says people will always be negative but you can’t let it take away from her love of music and how much she loves to sing. Daphne smiles. Will takes the stage at the showcase.

Kevin smiles as he watches him sing. The ladies love him. A gay guy comes up to the front and that makes Will uncomfortable. Kevin doesn’t like seeing Will back away from his gay fan. Avery hears more news and the fan issues an apology saying she’s been stalking Juliette and invading her privacy. She says she provoked her verbally and physically. Avery sees Jeff in the background. Avery calls Jeff and asks what’s wrong with Juliette. He asks if she’s having a breakdown.

Avery says she’s sick and needs help. Jeff says she’s in her room and is fine. We see Juliette dumping out prescription pill bottles and taking them with booze then snorting powder from capsules. Scarlett drives the U-Haul to the bar for the memorial. Deacon is happy to see her there. She says the van is packed and ready to go. He says they call came for Beverly. He drags her over. Gunnar looks around for Erin and Kevin looks for Will. Kevin asks why would she be here and Gunnar is annoyed.

She is there and says thanks and says she’s taking off for another bar for girl’s night out. He says it was nice seeing her and she kisses him on the cheek then goes. Markus says he heard the song and thinks he gets it now. Maddie sang it for him. Daphne is a bit hurt. Markus does Rayna’s arrangement. Rayna nods happily. Gabriella tells Luke they got investments and his lifestyle brand is fully funded. He hugs her and she says he wowed everyone. She says Jeff took care of the Juliette thing.

He says he should hug Jeff too and she says he should give him the CEO job. Avery shows up to see Glenn and asks if he called Juliette. Avery says he’s practically her father. Glenn says it’s breaking his heart and says they can’t help her because she doesn’t care about herself. He tells Avery the best thing he can do is to cut himself off emotionally. Markus asks how it was and Rayna says it was amazing. He says she has to produce and tells Maddie she really unlocked it. Daphne wants to go home.

The Landslide owner tells Deacon that Beverly was always his best performer. The hairdresser Carol says Beverly always came in and bragged on her. She says Beverly played a clip of her online singing with Gunnar all the time. Carol asks if Scarlett would sing for them all. Luke has Colt at the rooftop event but Colt is annoyed. He steals a bottle of booze. Luke tells Jeff he knows he wants the CEO job but he hasn’t always trusted him. He tells Jeff he more than proved his commitment and says he got it.

He tells Jeff have fun because tomorrow they work. He and Layla hug and she says they better call the moves. He says he already did. Kevin finds Will drinking outside and says those girls pushed the gay guy up front like he was the only one he can sing to. He asks if he has to play gay pride parades and that’s it. Will says his dream is dead. Kevin asks what he wants him to say. Will says nothing and that’s what he should have done. He says none of this would happen if he didn’t tell the truth at the press event.

Kevin tells him they’re done and walks off saying he can’t keep doing this with him. Scarlett takes the stage and tells them she’s Beverly’s daughter. She says she’d like to sing one of her mama’s songs and says this is the one she closed all her shows with. Deacon starts crying as she sings. He pictures Beverly there singing. Erin knocks on Gunnar’s door and says she told him she knew where he lived. He says he’s confused about her blowing him off then showing up.

She says he seems to have it right and he asks what this is. She says fun. At home, Rayna asks Maddie if she sees the different between her singing for Markus vs singing with Juliette. Maddie sasses her. Rayna says Daphne is having a tough time and asks her to be more considerate. Maddie asks why she should care what Rayna wants when she doesn’t care what she wants. Scarlett tells Deacon she thought her mom resented her for having her career but it turns out she was proud of her.

Deacon says she still is and says Beverly was smiling down on her. Scarlett says she’s going to do the tour with Gunnar for her mom then thanks Deacon for making her stay. He says he knows how much Beverly meant to that place and how much it must have meant to her. Colt lurches around drunkenly. Luke asks if he’s all right. He says he’s tired and going to bed. Layla tells Jeff it’s been an amazing night. He says he needs to stay a bit longer to work the executives.

She says wake her up if she falls asleep waiting and Layla leaves Jeff to work. Juliette cries and rocks and is in full breakdown mode. She’s sobbing. She picks up her phone and types a text that says I’m Sorry and sends it to Avery. She drops her phone. Avery tucks Cadence into bed then sees the text. He deletes her contact from his phone. She takes her bottle and staggers to the door of her hotel room. She opens it and goes out.

Deacon calls his sponsor and tells him he’s all right then says he was thinking about how to help him keep the bar afloat. He says he wants to buy in. He asks if he can make a request but they rename it The Beverly. Jeff, Luke and Gabriella talk about ending the night. Jeff sees Juliette staggering by with the bottle. She limps along. Luke and Gabriella leave. At her door, Luke asks if Gabriella will invite him in. He says she’s fired so he’s not a client anymore. He says he’ll hire her back in the morning.
[10/28/15, 11:10:33 PM] Rachel Rowan: She lets him in. Colt hears his phone buzzing and takes the call from Maddie. She says she took Daphne’s phone then asks if he’s okay. He asks if he can call her back and she ends the call. He goes to the balcony and of his room and sees Juliette standing on the ledge. She stares at a billboard of herself across the way. She pours out the vodka and listens to the voices in her head – the self-destructive dialog she has going on and then Jeff is there calling her name.

She looks at him and looks back. He says don’t do this – please. She drops the bottle and leans out. He runs for her and yanks her back and then he falls instead. Colt sees it all go down. Juliette tumbles to the roof and Jeff tumbles over the ledge.