Nashville Season Recap 11/11/15: Season 4 Episode 7 “Can’t Get Used to Losing You”

Nashville Season Recap 11/11/15: Season 4 Episode 7 "Can't Get Used to Losing You"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday November 11, season 4 episode 7 called, “Can’t Get Used to Losing You,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Rayna (Connie Britton) clashes with Deacon (Charles Esten) over his new business venture with an old pal from AA.

On the last episode, Juliette brawled with a fan and the altercation went viral, leading Jeff to do damage control while maneuvering to promote his own career. Elsewhere, a grounded Maddie yearned to be with Colt; and Markus and Rayna considered severing ties when they clashed. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Rayna clashes with Deacon over his new business venture with an old pal from AA. Meanwhile, recent events jeopardize Luke’s personal integrity and his relationship with his son.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville begins with Juliette lying in bed drugged or drunk while someone knocks on the door calling her name. She sees crushed drug residue and booze on her table. She tells the cop to talk to her manager if she has questions but they tell her that Jeff dies last night. Layla is also being questioned and the cop asks her if Jeff ever did anything like this before. They think he was suicidal.

The cop says he was fired and in a lot of debt. Layla says life was good and they were making plans for the future. Luke is in bed with Gabriella and she says not to make too big a deal of this. She says it was just good sex. He says she can have her job back in an hour but there’s a knock at the door. She says she needs to do a press release announcing Jeff as CEO then tells Luke the cops are at the door.

Deacon takes Rayna and shows her the bar he just bought part of and says it’s going to be called The Beverly. Scarlett goes and gets her hair cut. The cops ask Juliette about Jeff and she says he was his usual jackass self. She says he told her to stay in her room and she did. The cop tells Juliette sorry for her loss. Kate, Jeff’s sister, shows up and dismisses Layla out of hand. Layla offers to help her.

Kate says her brother never mentioned her then says the funeral will be family only then tells her to vacate the room. Luke comes in and chews Cole out for drinking. He says he saw Jeff fall off the roof. He tells him Jeff pulled Juliette back from falling and that sent him over the edge. He says he went to find his dad but he wasn’t there. Scarlett goes to see Caleb with her new very short hair.

He says she’s even more beautiful and then she says she’s going on tour. Caleb says let’s go celebrate and asks her to go to lunch but she says she has rehearsal all day and says dinner instead. He agrees. Deacon shows Rayna his plans for the bar and then Frankie comes in and Rayna is surprised he’s going into business with his sponsor and Deacon says he’s getting a new sponsor.

Rayna gets a call from Layla who is bawling. She tells her Jeff is dead. Rayna asks how and what happened. Deacon hears Rayna’s shock and comes over. Layla says she wants to come home and Rayna says she’ll get her on Luke’s plane. Rayna tells Deacon that Jeff is dead. Avery is surprised to see Will there and says he thought he was working with Kevin today. Avery says he’s looking for an apartment.

Will asks if it’s all over and acts angry. Then Will gets a text about Jeff and tells Avery. He says Layla texted him just that and Will calls her. He asks if he’ll call Juliette but Avery says no. Luke, Cole and Gabriella watch the news. Luke says he needs to call the detective but Gabriella says they need to call Juliette first and get their story straight. Gabriella says they need to try and see if they need Cole.

Gabriella says investors are already threatening to pull out and she says bad press could kill them. Gabriella says they need to keep Cole quiet and he agrees to protect his son. Then they see Juliette fighting her way through a crowed of press. They ask her how she feels and she says her manager just committed suicide and asks how they think she feels.

Juliette goes to her private plane and starts drinking. Luke comes on board and she says they’re on the wrong plane. Luke says they’re all upset but they need to stop spouting theories. She says she’s repeating what the cops told her. She lies and says she was in her room even though they tell her a witness saw her on the roof. She says that witness is lying. Luke says she can skip a show but she says no.

Gunnar and Scarlett’s tour manager complains about not having a sound guy and says last minute stuff is stressful. Gunnar says he knows someone and suggests Erin. They are stunned by her haircut and the manager says all the merch has her looking different. Colt calls a friend and says to please tell Maddie to call him since she doesn’t have her phone. Luke tells Colt he also can’t tell Maddie about Jeff.

Luke goes to sit by Layla who looks like a shell of herself. He says he was thinking about doing a tribute to Jeff at his next show. Layla says it makes no sense and says they were happy and asks how this could happen. She cries and Luke holds her as she sobs. Colt looks uncomfortable about this. Rayna tells Bucky she’s really worried about Layla and he says they should fast track Marcus’ album while she recovers.

Rayna asks Bucky about Frankie Gray and he says they guy was talented but a heavy drinker then got sober and bought a bar. She tells him Deacon bought into the bar. We see Frankie performing at his bar. The place is only about half full. Deacon watches him sing. The scant crowd applauds then Deacon tells him it was a great set. He says they’re going to pack this place soon enough.

Deacon says they need to set up a happy hour with music and offers to play tomorrow. Frankie asks him about not running all this by Layla first. Gunnar comes home and finds Erin on his doorstep. She thought he was making up the job just to lure her over. He says she has to meet Scarlett and get her approval. She says just let me know when then asks if he wants her to go. He doesn’t.

Scarlett meets Caleb and apologizes for being late to dinner. He toasts her success on tour. She gets a text about the sound person. Her phone chimes again and she apologizes. Caleb asks what it’s going to be like to get her attention on the road. She says Noel just texted her that she has to do a lot of paperwork right now. Caleb says they’ll just take dinner to go.

Will takes Layla home and finds packed boxes. She says he just invited her to move in. Layla says Jeff was not suicidal and would not have left her. She cries and asks if Kevin would mind if he stays with her tonight and Will says it’s fine. Juliette tells her driver she just wants to stay at a hotel. He asks if she and Jeff were close and offers condolences. She says they weren’t then thinks about Jeff ranting at her recently.

Rayna wakes to Deacon at her bedside. He tells her he’s sorry he bought a bar without telling her. She says she wants to make sure he’s okay and he says this is helping his grief. He says Beverly was a star at this little place in Natchez and she says she gets that. Juliette is in a hotel and staring out the window. Her driver brings her prescription and she thanks him. He asks if she wants to go see Avery.

She says no and we see the bag of drugs. Avery is at a tour of an apartment and the realtor says the playground is local then says the baby looks just like her mama then says she’s a huge fan of Juliette’s. She asks if Juliette is meeting him and he says she’s unavailable. The realtor gushes more over Juliette so he ends the viewing.

Layla wakes and sees that Will tried to help her by unpacking all her stuff. He asks how she is and she says lost. Rayna shows up then and goes to Layla and takes her in her arms. Will says he has to go and Layla hugs him then says tell Kevin thanks too. He says he will and goes. Rayna says it’s awful and she’s sorry. Layla says she knows she hated Jeff but Rayna says she’s there for her.

Layla says his family won’t let her in his house, won’t let him come to the funeral or tell her where he’s being buried. Erin meets with Scarlett and Gunnar to talk about the tour then Erin says not to worry about her and Gunnar then says they’re super chill. That shocks both Gunnar and Scarlett. Gunnar says it’s casual. Scarlett says she wants to make sure this tour is taken seriously. She’s acting jealous.

Luke tells Colt to come with him but Colt says he lied to Layla and won’t watch him lie to his fans. Colt says he’s taking Juliette’s word over his. Luke says him being drunk does not give him much faith. Luke yells at him and says go get in the car.

Deacon packs up a guitar when Rayna shows up to the studio. Rayna tells him she can’t come to the bar tonight then says she doesn’t want to go into the bar. She says he’s an alcoholic and he says his sister died giving him her liver and he won’t touch a drop. He tells her to have faith and says he’s honoring Beverly. He is upset and says he has to go right now and walks out.

Layla comes to see Juliette and says she’s there for Jeff’s tribute. Juliette complains she has to get a new manager then says she’s sorry and forgot they had a little something going on. She asks Juliette to reach out to his family to see if she can come to his funeral. Layla says they won’t acknowledge her. Juliette says she won’t do that and says to pretend the two of them never happened and move on.

Juliette insists it’s great advice as Layla stomps out hurt. Caleb shows up to see Scarlett with flowers then says he’s sorry about hassling her about the tour. He says he looked at their schedules and they can be apart no longer than 10 days at a time. Gunnar comes home ranting to Will about how Scarlett was hassling him about Erin working the tour. Will says why would he bring his GF on the road.

He says Gunnar doesn’t do casual and is having a tantrum. Will says he needs to chill and says it’s not like his wife just dumped him, his BF jumped off a roof or the guy you blew up your life for just dumped you. That shuts Gunnar up who realizes Kevin and Will are done and he feels bad. Frankie and Deacon talk about the packed house. Deacon says Rayna isn’t coming but insists he’s still in.

The crowd greets Deacon who takes the stage and introduces Frankie and tells them the new name of the bar. Juliette gets ready for her set and pours a drink. Luke comes in and hands her a speech for her tribute that Gabriella wrote for her. He tells her to cover up her cleavage for the tribute. Colt bursts in and says he saw her on the roof with Jeff and calls her a liar. Juliette gets a flash of memory.

She sees herself on the ledge staring down at traffic. She starts hyperventilating. Avery comes down and tells Will he’s sorry to hear about Kevin and asks why he didn’t tell him. Will says if he didn’t say it out loud, maybe it wouldn’t be true. Avery says he wishes things worked like that. Will asks him how he’s handling things so well. Avery says he doesn’t have a lot of time to be sad and is postponing being upset.

Will says he thought he and Juliette were a great couple and Avery says he thought that about Kevin. Avery says he thought they would be together the rest of their lives. Will says he has the ring on his finger for appearances then gets teary but Cadence starts crying. Will says he’s got her and tells him to take his time. He walks off and Avery starts bawling.

Luke yanks Colt out of the room and yells at him. He tells Andre to take Colt home and not let him out of his sight and says no phone or computer. Luke walks out to start the tribute. Will plays his guitar and makes up a song for Cadence. Avery comes in and sings with him. They sing together. Cadence just watches them with big eyes. The baby nods off. Avery sits and says he’s sorry about losing it before.

Will says it sucks when things end then says it’s hard when you still love that person. Avery says they’ll get through this. Will invites him to stay and says the house will be too quiet if they go. He says Avery needs help with Cadence and he could use a friend. Avery agrees. Bucky goes over some work notes with Rayna who is distracted. She says she’s upset about Deacon and this bar.

She says the idea of Deacon in a bar is a nightmare. Bucky says she and Deacon can deal with this. Erin meets with Gunnar at a bar and she asks if he’s upset that she told Scarlett about them. Gunnar says he’s not good about dating people he works with and she says she won’t let it get messy. Luke and Juliette are on stage and Luke talks about how you become family to people on the road.

He says they lost a member of the family. Juliette says tonight they remember Jeff then says he’ll be missed and she walks off stage. Layla is mad at her but Juliette tells her that Jeff did it for the money and didn’t give a crap about her. The crowd starts chanting her name and she tells Layla she has a show. Juliette goes toward the stage then gets a flashback to Jeff stopping her from jumping then falling.

Juliette backs away from the stage in horror and runs backstage. They tell Luke she’s locked herself in a dressing room. Layla tells him she can do an acoustic set and says that was not a tribute and there’s something she needs to say. Luke takes the stage and hushes the crowd. He says Juliette is very emotional tonight so another artist is coming. He says some may already know her.

Layla comes out and Luke kisses her cheek. Layla says Jeff was her manager too and was also her heart, compass and her love. She says she was his. Then she plays a beautiful song for him. Caleb and Scarlett are at dinner and her phone buzzes. He tells her to get it – it’s Gunnar. He says he can make it work with Erin on the road. Erin lies naked with him in bed while he makes the call.

Avery and Will sit by a fire drinking Gunnar’s beer. Juliette comes crying to Luke and says she needs help. They others step out. Juliette tells him she was so wasted she didn’t remember being there. She says she tried to kill herself and Jeff dies saving her. Layla finishes her sweet song. Deacon and Frankie sit at a table and Frankie says he doesn’t see anyone he knows. Rayna comes in.

Deacon goes over to her. He hugs her and she says this scares her but nothing will keep her away from him. She says if this is what he wants, she’s there to support him. They embrace. Luke comes home and apologizes to Colt. He says Juliette told him the truth but says it’s better if this stays private. Colt asks if this is about his brand.

Juliette goes to check into rehab. Gabriella takes her there. She asks Juliette if she’s ready. Juliette says no but then walks inside anyway.