Nurse Jackie Recap – Death, Pills and Romance: Season 7 Episode 7 “Are You With Me, Doctor Wu?”

Nurse Jackie Recap - Death, Pills and Romance: Season 7 Episode 7 "Are You With Me, Doctor Wu?"

Tonight on Showtime the twisted and darkly funny Nurse Jackie is back with an all new Sunday May 24 season 7 episode 7 called, “Are You With Me, Doctor Wu?.” On tonight’s episode Jackie [Edie Falco] becomes determined to stop dealing and makes one last purge of her stash with Eddie, but the deal goes awry just as their relationship reaches a new level.

On last week’s episode Jackie, Dr. Prince and Akalitus were forced to run the ER without nurses when Zoey lead a walkout to protest the hospital closing. Meanwhile, Jackie battled her cravings when she treated a heroin addict. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the Showtime synopsis “Jackie becomes determined to stop dealing and makes one last purge of her stash with Eddie, but the deal goes awry just as their relationship reaches a new level. Meanwhile, Zoey blames herself for a patient’s death and Carrie steps forward as an unlikely ally; and Dr. Prince and Akalitus bond over lunch when she reveals something from her past.”

Tonight’s premiere episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie tonight. While you wait for our recap hit the comments and enjoy the sneak peek of tonight’s season finale below.

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#NurseJackie begins with Kevin and Jackie at the school with Grace. The counselor says Grace should have the choice of colleges. Jackie asks about financial aid and the counselor asks about campus tours. Jackie says they haven’t done that yet but Kevin says they have. They step outside and Grace asks them not to argue. Kevin says Jackie was in jail the week they did campus tours. Jackie is angry and Grace agrees that Jackie is being left out even though she’s working hard to change.

She says her mom is mopping floors and staying away from drugs and says her dad needs to give her a chance. Kevin says they need to go back in. The counselor says he heard nothing and tells Grace she needs to write one hell of an essay. Bernie and Carrie treat two combating Lady Liberty human models who assaulted each other. Bernie tells Thor and Zoey he’s happy the nurses are back and says he liked them sticking it to the Norwegians.

Gloria comes looking for Jackie who says she was with Grace’s college advisor. Gloria calls Zoey over and says the diversion program does not include flex time. Bernie steps over and says Jackie kicked ass during the walkout and wants to write it up for her file. Gloria says she can’t touch patients and says it never happened. Bernie pulls Gloria aside to talk. He tells Jackie to come along.

Bernie takes them into his office and they both sit. Bernie says he wants to do some couples counseling. Gloria asks if he’s qualified and he says he spent years in counseling and has good relationships with most of his ex-wives. Still he insists on mediating. Bernie says Jackie is a great nurse but has to admit she has baggage. Gloria says drug addiction. Bernie says Gloria is rigid and isn’t the warm woman he sang karaoke with at Christmas.

Gloria says Jackie is an addict she once thought was a friend. Bernie says his best friend from med school was a dealer and was just busted for running a pill mill. Gloria says it’s hard for those they trust to betray them and walks out. Jackie calls Eddie to ask what a pill mill is and he explains it’s a front. She says they should find one and dump their whole stash so they can stop selling. She says she doesn’t want to mess things up with Grace. Eddie says he’ll pick her up in an hour.

Zoey goes to check on the male Lady Liberty who is now without his paint and feeling better. Jackie comes back into the ER and Zoey asks if she can do some patient intake today. Jackie says she needs to leave early. She says Kevin is stuck at the bar and Fiona has a rhythm gymnastics thing. Jackie sasses her then leaves after complaining that Gloria has been on her ass. She hops on Eddie’s motorcycle and they leave.

Thor goes to Zoey and says the union’s legal counsel called. The Norwegians got an injunction against any further walkouts. The alarm goes off on the Liberty guy and Zoey calls for Carrie. He’s crashing and in shock. They work on him and wonder what they missed. They lose the guy and Zoey wonders what she missed. Carrie says the CT showed kidney trauma – he must have hit his back on something when he fell. Zoey says he was bleeding out internally and she missed it.

Thor says he’ll take care of it and she walks out back to kick the dumpster. Carrie follows her and Zoey says she should have rolled him over. Carrie says she wouldn’t have seen it because of the paint. Carrie says they all make mistakes. Zoey says she’s the head nurse and Jackie would never have let it happen. Carrie reminds her Jackie wasn’t there then asks Zoey to hang out after work. She says they could go out today after work and says they’re friends. Zoey says they kind of are but says she has a paper due.

Carrie offers to help her with the paper and says she’s a doctor bursting with knowledge. Zoey gives the dumpster one last kick and follows Carrie back inside. Bernie goes to bug Gloria some more. He asks what she’s doing then says her life is boring. He asks her to go to lunch right now. He won’t take no for an answer. Eddie tells Jackie the one last score thing doesn’t ever go right in the movies. Gloria talks about her husband seducing and abandoning her then she asks how many times he was married.

He says his last wife found him too easy going and called him a cold-hearted bastard when he thought he was being nice. Gloria says her ex looked life a fire hydrant. They are out for a fancy lunch and Bernie is impressed that Gloria can bone her own branzino. They applaud her for doing it perfectly. Bernie says that was damned fine boning. Eddie and Jackie are at the alleged pill mill to see the doctor. Jackie says it’s more public than she anticipated.

They hear some druggies talking about the pills they’re going to score. Jackie is worried about being spotted but Eddie tells her to chill. He gives her his hat to make her feel better. Eddie filled out the forms using his information. The nurse says the visit is $140 cash. He hands it over. The nurse asks if he’ll buy here and he says he heard they don’t only dispense they also, you know, then he pauses and asks if she wants to buy a bunch of pills. The nurse walks out.

Jackie says she has to go but Eddie says to give it a second. The doctor comes in – Dr Wu – he asks if Eddie solicited to sell narcotics. Wu says he runs a legitimate practice. He says to get out before he calls the cops. They go. Then Wu says wait and says he has security cameras in the intake room. He says it’s an abundance of caution. Jackie goes to the waiting room. He says he has Oxy, Vicodin and Ilyria. Dr Wu takes him to talk in back.

In the park, Zoey sits on a rock when Carrie finds her. She asks if Zoey got mugged and she asks why. Carrie has a folder for her and says it’s her finished paper. Carrie says she bought it from a term paper factory. Zoey says she can’t use it. Carrie says she used her contact and also bought some shrooms. Carrie says she is going to prescribe her the paper and some shrooms to cal the fuck down. Zoey asks which end she lights and Carrie says you just eat it.

Jackie notices someone groaning in the waiting room and goes to check on her. Eddie comes out and says he’s going to get the bag. Jackie tells him to be quick. Jackie sits near the woman worried. Gloria is boning fish for someone else while Bernie pours them more wine and says he called them both in as off-duty. He says it’s good for her to lighten up and asks about her Cold War against Jackie. Gloria says she’s been through this before.

He asks who and she says it was her son. She says it started in his teens and she went through hell while he got cleaned then relapsed. She says the last time she saw him he said he was clean then stole her car. She says she bought into that same pattern with Jackie and now she’s done with lost causes. Bernie says that’s a painful thing to deal with but says he doesn’t believe there’s such a thing as a lost cause. Gloria asks hasn’t he seen anything hopeless in his long medical practice years. He says no.

He calls for a to go box and the check. Carrie and Zoey are lying on a blanket in the park singing and stoned. Zoey starts spouting gibberish and Carrie giggles helplessly. Carrie says she should write that down. Eddie comes back inside and tells Jackie a couple more minutes. Jackie checks on the woman and asks her name. She says it’s Katy. Jackie then tells the nurse that she’s got signs of Oxy OD. She thinks someone should take a look. The nurse turns her back on her.

Jackie says she’s a nurse but the woman won’t hear her. Jackie comes back and says there’s an Oxy OD in the back. Wu says he has a nurse and he says he’ll see what he can do. Jackie says to call for an ER. He says he can’t and Jackie says she’ll call 911. Wu relents and says to call a private ambulance. Wu tells Eddie that his “wife” is crazy. They rush out.

Zoey says she wishes she could be more self-assured like Carrie. She says Jackie was her rock and now she doesn’t have her. Thor shows up and Carrie screams and says it’s Sasquatch. Carrie thanks him for not being Sasquatch. He says Gloria didn’t come back from lunch and says they need to swim back to work or swim home as they start going nuts.

Jackie tells Eddie she couldn’t live with herself but he says it was $22k. He says her lawyer is taken care of. He asks if she heard that Wu called her his wife. He says he wants to marry her for real. She puts his hat back on him and says he’s always there for her when no one else is. He says not to mess with him and she says she’s serious. She offers to get on one knee and propose. He says if she’s asking, his answer is yes and she says – let’s get married. He says okay and kisses her. He says he has to sit. He asks if she’s serious and she says yes. They sit by the water hand in hand laughing.