O.J. Simpson Accomplice In Murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman – New Evidence Discovered After Twenty Years

O.J. Simpson Accomplice In Murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman - New Evidence Discovered After Twenty Years

The O.J. Simpson murder scandal is seemingly one that never ends, at least according to the National Enquirer. The latest cover issue of the National Enquirer claims that twenty years after O.J. Simpson allegedly murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, new evidence has come to light that suggests that O.J. had an accomplice. This might also explain why O.J.’s lawyer was able to argue his case so efficiently, thereby getting him off in the ‘trial of the century’ despite all the evidence pointing to O.J. as the murderer.

The Enquirer’s source claims that none other than O.J.’s son, Jason Simpson, was his accomplice. Apparently, Los Angeles private investigator Michael Alexander Martin has stumbled upon evidence that proves that the then 24-year-old Jason was at the scene of the crime, and Michael also claims that he has new evidence that would blow the 20-year-old case wide open. He even tells the Enquirer, “It has been a long journey in finding the courage to come forward to the world with all that I witnessed that night. I will now not stop until justice is given to Nicole and Ronald.”

And how exactly did this Michael Alexander Martin happen to stumble upon this very crucial information? According to him, he was parked in an unrelated stakeout near Nicole’s home, and he saw both O.J. Simpson and his son Jason get out of a car in an alley behind Nicole’s home, followed by O.J. putting on a pair of gloves. Ten minutes later, O.J. supposedly returned with a bundle of clothes under one shoulder, which we assume to be the bloodied clothes from the murder.

Of course, the real question is why this Michael waited for so long to come out with the truth, if he’s known about this for twenty years. This isn’t the type of information you’d keep hidden, especially not when O.J. Simpson ended up getting off on mere technicalities and a LACK of witnesses!

In addition to the cover story, the National Enquirer also has a feature on Brad Pitt walking out on Angelina Jolie, and why their marriage is ending after only 207 days. A.K.A. Welcome to Part 2,345,678 of the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie non-existent divorce saga.

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  1. dbuce617 says:

    I think OJ’s son, Jason should have been made the main suspect. OJ got a lawyer(Carl Jones) for him BEFORE getting one for himself. They never checked his alibi and Jason actually went thru the process of faking a handwritten timecard. The mechanical timeclock worked flawlessly for years and since too. Jason was arrested and on 2 year probation at the time for assault with a deadly weapon on his his boss with a knife 12/92. He had intermittent rage disorder with seizures and memory lapses which he and others described as a Jeckyl and Hyde personality. He took Depokote but quit 2 months before murders. Is on record attempting suicide three times along with going to a mental institution. He carried a bag of surgically sharp chef knives with him at all times. He attacked three of his ex-girlfriends. One girlfriend, DeeDee, slammed her into empty bathtub and then cut off her hair with a knife almost scalping her. Investigators in the civil trial asked her about Jason but her story didn’t match his story. Girlfriend Jennifer Green was on Natl. Enq. cover with statement “OJ’ s son tried to kill his own girlfriend,” which he tried to strangle her at his birthday party 4/94. Blood and skin under Nicole’s fingers didn’t match OJ’s. Fingerprints at scene didn’t match OJ. Hair in dark knit cap wasn’t OJ’s. I think OJ went there after the fact to cover up for Jason. His DNA would match OJ’s.

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