Once Upon a Time Recap – Sword, Sorcerer and Secrets: Season 5 Episode 4 “The Broken Kingdom”

Once Upon a Time Recap - Sword, Sorcerer and Secrets: Season 5 Episode 4 "The Broken Kingdom"

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns with an all new Sunday October 18 season 5 episode 4, called, “The Broken Kingdom” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Lancelot (Sinqua Walls) sends a warning to Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) about King Arthur’s (Liam Garrigan) true intentions.

On the last episode, Arthur joined David on a quest to obtain a magical relic Regina needed in order to contact Merlin. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret learned about Lancelot’s fate; and back in Storybrooke, Hook was wary when Emma asked him to help her remove Excalibur from the stone. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Lancelot sends a warning to Mary Margaret about King Arthur’s true intentions. Meanwhile, Hook’s love for Emma gives her hope in her battle against darkness; and in a Camelot flashback, Guinevere goes on a quest when she fears Arthur’s losing his way.”

Tonight’s season 5 episode 4 looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Once Upon A Time at 9:00 PM EST!

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#OnceUponATime begins in Camelot years ago with Arthur talking about how the village will be Camelot one day and he’ll be king. He tells a young girl, Guinevere, that a man is trapped inside it – a man called Merlin. He says Merlin told him he would pull a sword from a stone and she would be his queen. He says he will fill her room with flowers on her birthday. He sees a sword stuck in a stack of rocks and a boy named Kay knocks him down and says he thinks he’s a king but his mother ran off.

He says Camelot is broken and they have no king and never will. He says no one will kneel to the boy who cleans the stables. Kay takes the sword and walks away. Gwen tells him he’ll find the sword and follow his heart. He smiles at her. Later, we see Arthur pull the real Excalibur from the stone and then frown when he sees the end is broke off. The other knights worry what people will say when they see it’s broken. We see Arthur raising Excalibur in its sheath. He only reveals part of the handle.

Gwen smiles and cheers with the others and he runs to hug her. She says he followed his heart and calls him King Arthur. She kisses him then asks what is wrong. He says Merlin speaks in half-truths and his quest has just begun. Over the credits we see a high tower with glowing windows at the top. In Camelot years later, Arthur brooded and then David comes to talk to him. He says he is ready to show him Camelot’s greatest secret then shows him the sword and the missing end piece.

He says the dagger of the Dark One is the missing piece and David says he’s heard of it. Arthur says he knows David needs it to. He says he could reforge Excalibur with the power to destroy darkness then asks David to help him in the quest. Emma sits carving a stick into a spike and her Rumple shadow tells her to go see what the whispers are saying. They head down the halls of Camelot and she sees her dagger is in Regina’s room and that’s what’s whispering to her.

She reaches for it, but Regina has spelled it. Rumple tells her to take it and says it’s calling to her. She shoots off a bolt of power and almost hits Hook who is outside the door. She says he’s inside my head and I can’t get him out. She says he’s always here. Hook looks worried. Mary asks what’s wrong with Emma who is lying silent looking upset. David asks if it’s getting worse and Mary asks where he’s been. He says if they give Arthur the dagger, he may help Emma.

Mary says they can’t trust Arthur and says Lancelot warned her. David says he’s dead but Mary says he’s not. They agree that Henry and Hook will take Emma somewhere quiet to rest up since Regina doesn’t want her upset. She goes with them. Regina says she thinks Emma came for the dagger and they need to move it. Mary says they are not giving it to Lancelot who said Arthur can’t be trusted. Mary says Lancelot is their friend. David asks why Lancelot is back and he and Mary argue.

Mary asks for privacy and Regina poofs away in smoke. Mary says he’s star-struck at meeting Arthur and asks how him becoming a knight of the round table helps their daughter. She forbids him to tell Arthur anything until they are sure he can be trusted. In the past, Arthur does research and scribbles in a book. He hears a lock and hides the sword. Gwen comes in and says it’s only her. He says he’s glad to see her and says he’s almost done translating the scroll. He says it’s directions to the dark dagger.

There are three symbols he can’t read a star, an eye and a sun. Gwen asks him to come to the party and dance with her. Gwen says this one night, his wife needs him. Arthur says to give him five minutes then he’ll come dance until dawn. She leaves him to it. In the village, people dance and Gwen waits for Arthur but he doesn’t come. Lancelot sits beside her and says he’ll be there shortly. Gwen says sure. Lancelot wishes her happy birthday and asks her to dance with him instead. She does.

The music changes to a slower song and they dance together. She says Arthur is getting worse locked up in that room instead of building their kingdom. Lancelot says he’s working hard and threw her this party. A woman says there’s a gift from Arthur to Gwen and throws rose petals on them. Gwen looks sad and says she knows that Arthur didn’t plan any of this and thanks Lancelot for planning it. Arthur comes running out and says he found where the dagger is – just a day’s ride away.

He tells Lancelot to stay with Gwen and he rides off. Five years later, in Camelot, David comes to tell Arthur they need to talk. He says they have been lying to Arthur about why they’re there. He says that stops now then says his people told him not to talk to him but he has to help destroy the darkness. David says they’re going to restore Excalibur tonight. Arthur listens then agrees to help destroy the darkness in Emma. Arthur asks why Mary doesn’t trust him and David says Lancelot is back.

Back five years ago, Gwen sneaks off in the village and says she’s going to find the dagger. She says she stole the magic gauntlet and says it will tell her where the dagger is and says the gauntlet leads you to someone’s greatest weakness. Lancelot says he’s going with her on her quest. We see her wearing the gauntlet and it glows and leads her to the vault of the Dark One. She says there are the three symbols on the scroll Arthur shows her. She touches the three symbols and a dark goo leaches out of the vault.

It pours into some holes on the ground around it and then stairs appear that head down. Gwen and Lancelot head down into the vault. She follows the glowing gauntlet on her arm and leads them deeper into the vault. There’s a whoosh and then black smoke swirls and they stare at what’s coming at them. It surrounds Lancelot and Gwen cries out. She says no, you cannot have them and thrusts a torch into the smoke which retreats from around him and heads back out.

Gwen says she thought she had lost him and she kisses him. He kisses her back. She says she’s sorry for that and then says it can never happen again. Lancelot says no, never. She says they need to focus on why they are there – for Arthur. Five years later, Arthur is shocked to hear that Lancelot is back and in Camelot. He asks David to keep this secret and doesn’t want Gwen to know. But Gwen hears and demands to know where he is so she can make him pay.

David says he heard they both had something to do with that. She says the legend is not the whole story and says he got far more than a kiss from the queen. Arthur says the dagger isn’t safe with Lancelot near and David says it’s a good thing he brought it with him. He opens the case, but the dark dagger isn’t there. Arthur asks where it is. Mary is at Granny’s to meet Lancelot. She says she needs his help and says they have to hide this and shows him she has the dagger.

Henry encourages Emma to keep walking and says they’re almost there. Henry says he met a girl who told him about it. Hook teases him. Henry says Violet brought him there and says the stable belongs to her family. Violet shows up and Henry tells Hook and his mom to hide. Violet asks why he’s there. He says he came to see if she wanted to go riding. She says okay and says she wants him to meet her horse Nicodemus. They head out and he closes the door behind them.

Hook says you can hide buried treasure but can’t hide the blush of first love. She says she can’t believe he lied to his mother, especially since she’s the Dark One. Hook asks what’s up and Emma says something that looks like Rumple has been appearing to her since they got there. She says she almost crushed the red head’s heart because of him. Hook says he’s had demons in his head for years when he was a pirate. He says maybe if they get her heart racing, they can help her.

Mary asks Lancelot what happened with him and Gwen and he says it’s complicated but doesn’t matter anymore. She asks if he still loves her. He says yes and says he’ll love her forever. Five years ago, Gwen points to a door and says the dagger is behind it. Lancelot tells her to stand back but they step through together and it takes them into a garden and they see the dagger lying there. Gwen reaches for it and she and Lancelot are thrown back with magic. Rumple is there and mocks them.

He recognizes Merlin’s gauntlet and she says he has to hand over the dagger. He says she must be Guinevere but says he can’t hand it over. He says he can give her the next best thing if she trades the gauntlet. He says he can make it appear the sword has been restored. He offers a vial of sand from Avalon and says Arthur need never know and she can have her husband back from his obsessions. Rumple asks if she wants Arthur back or she prefers Lancelot.

Rumple says it doesn’t end well when a woman’s heart is trapped between duty and desire. Lancelot tells her not to listen to this demon. Gwen says she takes the deal and Rumple giggles. Rumple says love is the most dangerous weapon of all and says she should be worried about the pain of a broken heart. He hands over the vial to Gwen. Five years later, Lancelot takes Mary to the vault of the Dark One and they head inside. He takes her back to the garden and she says she was there before.

She says she saw this in a vision before and saw Emma crushing her heart. She says they have to make sure Arthur can’t get the dagger and Lancelot says there’s a nasty protection spell on it. Lancelot says to let him put it there in case there’s danger. He asks if she trusts him. Arthur is there and says not. Arthur holds a sword on them and Mary says she was right about him. He says it’s too bad David didn’t listen to her and holds the sword to her neck. He says to hand over the dagger.

Five years ago, Arthur watched Lancelot and Gwen share a tender goodbye after their quest. He asks where they were and Gwen says they went to find the dagger of the Dark One. He demands that she hand it over and grabs her bag. He rifles it and she says she got this instead and says it will make the sword appear whole. He says she tried to use magic to trick him. Gwen says she wanted her husband back but now she knows she doesn’t want any of it back unless it’s real.

He demands to know where the vault is. Gwen says stop with the sword or his marriage and kingdom will be broken forever. Arthur says he can’t. Gwen says if he doesn’t, she’ll follow her heart to where it belongs. He asks if she’ll go to Lancelot but she says no, he was leaving Camelot forever. Arthur grabs the sand vial and opens it then throws it on Gwen and asks how she is now. She says she’s better then sees flowers in her hand. He asks if she remembers the first time he gave them to her.

She tells him she’s not been supportive enough and she wants to help him get the dagger back. Arthur says they need to fix the broken kingdom so she can live as she deserves. He takes the rest of the vial and flings the sand out the window. It glows across Camelot and swirls around. The castle of Camelot forms from the tiny village and he smiles evilly. Five years later, Arthur tells her he will run Lancelot through if she doesn’t hand it over. Mary begs him not to hurt Lancelot then hands the dagger over.

He backs away and says he waited a lifetime for this and says now he controls her daughter and can command her to release Merlin before he runs the wizard through then he’ll become the greatest king of all the realms. He commands the Dark One to appear. Mary says the dagger isn’t real and Lancelot says she knew he would follow. David is there – he was in on it. Arthur says he betrayed him and the trust of the Round Table. Arthur rants and says he’s trying to destroy darkness.

David says the darkness is in his daughter so he’s making the best for his family. Mary says they were fighting but put aside their differences and thought of their daughter’s well-being first. Hook has a pilfered horse and walks with Emma into the woods. He says the horse needs to trust her and says to introduce herself. She holds out her hand and the horse whinnes and shies from her. Rumple is there and says the pony is smarter than the pirate and says the horse knows she’s the Dark One.

Hook says to not listen to the evil in her head and says to trust him and get on the horse. He says it will work. He’s on the horse and she climbs up behind him and gives one last look back at Rumple. Hook starts the horse walking and Emma looks uncertain. Back at Granny’s, Mary and David look at the broken Excalibur and wonder what to do with it. David says they may be able to help Emma with it. They talk about putting someone worth in charge and Lancelot says that means Guinevere.

They wonder why Arthur is being so quiet. They hear a horse and see there are knights surrounding the place. Gwen is there and she sees Lancelot. She looks at Arthur and smiles. She unshackles him and David asks what’s going on. Gwen says she loves him and Lancelot says it’s not real and says he must have used the sands of Avalon on her. He says they can fix her but she says she’s not interested. She calls Lancelot a traitor and says to take him to the dungeon while she kisses Arthur.

David says if they try to lock them up, their secret will be out. Gwen says they don’t want to lock them up, they want to help. He tells Gwen to fix it and she blows some of the sand on them. Lancelot is tossed into a cell in the dungeon and a woman tells him that’s the cell the rats like. He says he had a disagreement with the king. It’s Merida and she says an enemy of Arthur is a friend of hers. They introduce themselves to each other.

Regina paces and Robin says he’s sure Mary and David are fine. She says she just wants to know how the test went. Mary comes in and says Lancelot was laying and they can trust Arthur. They tell her to hand the dagger over to Arthur and say making Lancelot whole is the best chance to help Emma. Hook and Emma gallop on the back of the horse and she smiles happily. He stops the horse and she hops down. She says it was amazing and thanks him. Hook asks what she sees. Flowers. He picks one for her.

Then he asks what she doesn’t see and she says Rumple is gone. He says she trusted him and now there’s no room for doubt in her head. They kiss in the field of flowers. In Storybrooke, present day, Gold tells Emma he remembers how darkness feels and says she doesn’t have to give in to it. He says she can set him free. She says he’s the only one who can get the sword but he says he can’t be the hero she needs. She says he can and is like a dull knife in a drawer that needs to be sharpened.

He asks how she’ll do it and she says she has a secret weapon. Emma walks to her car where she has Merida tied up. She pulls out her heart and Merida calls her a coward. She commands her to go pick up the bow and says she needs to make a coward like her – Emma says she needs her to make him brave.