Person of Interest Recap – Control Is out of Control: Season 4 Episode 12 “Control-Alt-Delete”

Person of Interest Recap - Control Is out of Control: Season 4 Episode 12 "Control-Alt-Delete"

Tonight on CBS Person of Interest continues with an all new Tuesday January 13, season 4 episode 12 called, “Control-Alt-Delete.” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode, control who oversees the handling of relevant numbers for the government begins to question the methods and intentions of the Samaritan program. Meanwhile, alarming news reports of a pair of vigilantes rampaging through the Northeast begin to surface.

On the last episode, Samaritan launched a cyber-attack on the stock exchange, leaving the team with no choice but to embark on a possible suicide mission in a desperate attempt to stop a global economic catastrophe. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Control (Camryn Manheim) who oversees the handling of relevant numbers for the government, begins to question the methods and intentions of the Samaritan program. Also, alarming news reports of a pair of vigilantes rampaging through the Northeast begin to surface.”

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The news reports the mayhem at the stock exchange and accuse the good guys of stealing things. They call it a flash crash and say that Wall Street is still recovering. A girl, Julia, is playing a violent video game on her tablet and her mom, Control, tells her to stop playing it. Mom gets a text saying to come see someone. She heads to the White House as requested. Control meets Chief of Staff Mike who says he has to hang some people out to dry.

Mike asks her if she’s sure that terrorism wasn’t to blame for the market crash. She says no but he says it feels like an attack. Control gets another text calling her to the ops room. Mike goes to his office and finds a kid sitting in his office. It’s Samaritan’s little guy. He tells him crashed the stock market and then tells him what it will close at tonight. He says he wants to talk to the President and he calls for security. The kid says he’s sorry he feels that way and says his personal portfolio will drop 16% today.

Control talks to Shiffman who tells her a sleeper cell in Detroit is about to wake up and she rattles off who they are – radicalized Muslims who want to crash the power grid and plant bombs. Three are Saudis here on Visas another is an American born in Michigan. He did a year abroad and met radicals there. She says they’re funded by Dubai and is recruiting for the Khorosan Group. She shows Control the targets they’re planning to bomb – all historic landmarks.

Shiffman says one posted saying he’s going to change the world. Control looks at all this and says it’s today and she asks if they should eliminate them. Shiffman says they have a team outside the house ready to go. Control asks for the source material and someone says that Samaritan is never wrong. They show her receipts for backpacks, pressure cookers and digital watches. Control says it’s a go and Shiffman gives the termination team the go ahead.

They put on glasses that give them a close up view and pull out guns. They head to the door and shoot down one fast. They head upstairs where a couple are studying. They kick in the door and execute them too. There are three down. They found Yasin Said’s phone but he’s not in the house. They mobilize teams to find him and start poking into his laptop. It says access denied. Control says it’s not supposed to do that ever. She demands to see the hard drive.

Control tells Travers she wants to see the hard drive and he says it’s not relevant since they’ll have Yasin soon. She tells him he’s a guest there and demands to see the hard drive. He turns the tables and says she’s the guest at Samaritan’s research terminals and says no. She demands to see the drive and threatens his arrest. She says he’s putting lives at risk. He pulls out his phone. She tells him to stop it. He shuts down all the screens and terminals and says it’s been stopped.

Travers and Control meet with Senator Garrison and tell him about Yasin Said. She says Travers shut down research. Garrison asks about the terrorists in Michigan and why Travers shut it down. Travers says the data on the laptop is dangerous and says Samaritan quarantined it. He tells Control she wouldn’t understand it anyway. Greer calls in and tells Garrison that they gave him a marvelous car but says he can’t drive it himself.

Greer says Samaritan found the missing terrorist but says he won’t stay put for long. He asks Garrison if he wants research back up. Garrison tells Control they have to let it go to get the intelligence back. Garrison says to turn it back on and Travers says it was a good talk them leaves. Control calls Shiffman to tell her it will be back online soon and to send a team after Said. News shows a report about a shootout between private security operatives.

Lionel is on the news but says they have some leads they’re following up on. Control is in the park and sits on a bench. Samaritan lost her somehow. She calls Agent Grice and ID’s herself. She says she knows he let Agent Shaw live. She says she’s letting him live for now. She says not to kill Said without getting the hard drive and tells him he’s to report only to her. Grice tells Brooks they have to do this one off the grid.

Brooks is on a roof and says it’s strange to research someone before putting a bullet in his head. She tells him where Said is and says he’s off the grid. She watches him from the roof. She fires a couple of times to keep Said moving where they want. He runs into a building and Grice is on him. He corners the guy and says he doesn’t want to hurt him – just wants to see his laptop. Said says okay and asks him not to shoot him. He tosses down his bag and then jumps out a window.

Brooks says the target is down but she has eyes on him. Control gets the call from Grice. He says he’s accessing the laptop. Brooks says the target is alive and on the move. He landed in debris. Grice tells her the computer is some sort of incendiary device and is melting. He tries to put it out. He tells Brooks to stand down and says they need to find out what was on the laptop. Samaritan finds Control and Grice says they have to reacquire him.

Samaritan texts Control to stop it now. Control talks to Grice and he says it was some sort of self-destruct. She says they have to find Said and Brooks says they found a freight train schedule in his bag and the next train leaves in three hours. She says to follow him and he says he got reassigned. She asks by whom. Travers is in terminal and Control comes in and asks why he’s interfering. She asks why he’s spying on her and he calls her paranoid.

Control tells Shiffman to call in her personal security detail. Mike comes in to ask about the terrorists and says the White House needs to know about this. She says no one will ever hear about it. She asks if he knows how many problems she’s solved for him – almost 900. She says they were identified by research and handled by her – she says she’s killed 853 threats to national security. Mike tells her to keep up the good work and leaves.

Control brings in her security and asks where her regular guys are. They tell her that they were t-boned by a semi driven by two masked people – the same that were wreaking havoc in New York. She tells them they’re going out into the field. In Detroit, at the train yard, Control watches it with her men waiting on Said. He steps out of the shadows and runs to hop the train. Control tells them to go. They follow in the SUV. She tells them to call the station master and stop the train.

She also tells the men it’s capture, not kill but then a bunch of other vehicles are there, heavily armed. They fire near her SUV and it goes rolling. She crawls out of the wreckage as the two masked miscreants show up. It’s Reese and Root. Root says she hopes her legs aren’t broken since they’re saving them for a special occasion. Reese asks where Shaw is.

Control wakes tied to a chair. Root stares at her and says – memories. Reese comes in and sits down in front of her. He asks again where Shaw is and she asks why, did something happen to her. Reese says the ISA is working with Shaw and Samaritan has Shaw. Control says it has nothing to do with her. Reese says they tracked down agents at the stock exchange and says their vehicles had been spending a lot of time outside her house.

He says to start talking or he’ll let Root go to work on her. She says good cop, bad cop and he says there are no bad cops. She tells him he let a terrorist get away and Reese says it’s on her, not him. Root stares and he asks again about Shaw. Control says again that she doesn’t know. He walks out and Root says she’s almost glad she said that. Root calls her old friend and Control says not to get carried away. She asks her to repeat it since she’s deaf in this ear.

Control says she can return the favor but it won’t get her any closer to Shaw. Root says she’s not the monster she used to be and has changed but then pulls out a taser and says – mostly changed. She tells Control that Shaw is a sociopath technically incapable of caring for others but did care and did save her life. Root says she’s going to save Shaw’s and tells Control even if she doesn’t care about her own life, she might care about her daughter Julia. She shocks Control.

She tells her that Julia is a sweet girl that deserves a better mother. She asks Control how old she was when her mom died and she says nine. Root talks about her anger and stress and asks if that’s when the high blood pressure started. She says she suffered by growing up motherless. She says at least Julia has a mother and says at least a mother that kills for a living is better than no mother at all. Root says hypertension is the leading cause of those who die in police custody.

She puts the taser over her heart and says to tell her where Shaw is or Julia will grow up like her. Control tells her to go to tell and then Harold steps in and tells her to stop it. She stomps out. Harold sits in front of her and asks her to pardon their aggression. He says they’re trying to save the life of a friend. He says Sam risked everything at the stock exchange to save them and the world from disaster. He says they all spend their days saving lives of people they don’t know.

He says each loss is unbearable. She asks if he thinks Shaw is dead and he just doesn’t have the guts to tell them. Reese tells Harold he can’t know that since the security footage is unreadable. Control asks what that has to do with Shaw. Harold says – oh, you don’t know. Then he tells her that Samaritan crashed the stock exchange and that’s when Sam was shot. Control asks what his angle is and why he’s lying.

He asks why she doesn’t know about a shoot out under the beating heart of the American economy. He tells her she’s in the dark and is being kept there for a reason. He asks how long before her employers turn on her. She mocks him for lying. He says she’s a foolish woman and tells her she doesn’t understand that she’s not in control of anything. He tells her she’s just the janitor. The door opens and she says here come a few now.

Harold tells her she can’t think they weren’t expecting them. It’s Grice. Reese punches him in the face and says – surprise. Root walks up and Reese says they need to have a talk. Root goes to take on some others that come in. Grice sees blood on Reese’ shirt and says he doesn’t look so good. Harold tells Control that Samaritan employs a private army to do its bidding and says there’s at least one spy in her organization holding a private encrypted phone.

He walks out and leaves her tied up to the chair. The firefight rages on. Grice has Reese on the floor but he hits him with a pipe. Lionel takes out the guy outside in the van and then Harold hops in the van too. They listen to the coms. Reese and Grice are warring and Root is firing lots of shots. She says she’s okay for now. Harold says there are six ISA operatives but sees seven signals. He says he’s uploading a worm to the spy phone.

He says the worm will look for the info on Sam that they need. Lionel is utterly lost. Root slaps a new magazine in her gun and asks Harold how much longer. Reese is about to take out Grice but then he tells him Sam was a good agent. Harold tells Reese and Root to pull back. Lionel asks if it worked. Root helps Reese out and Lionel says they have something but he’s not sure yet what it is. They roll out as they hear police sirens in the distance.

Said gets food our of his car and goes into a cabin. Control is there with a gun and he asks how she found him. She says a cell tower was doing a lot of action with burners. He asks why she killed his friends and she says they’re terrorists. He says he’s not and rattles off his life story. Said says two months ago he won a competition and the next day he got a text offering he and his friends jobs. He says he thought it was the next Google.

He says it was a bio-informatics company and they created code. He says they finished the last piece and then 10 hours later his friends were dead. He says maybe they picked them because that’s what they’d expect. He asks her to consider that she’s been lied to. She shoots him anyway then says – no. At the White House, Mike finds the kid in his office again. He tells Mike to look at his computer. He says the stock market and his portfolio closed where they said.

The kid asks to see the president and says they’ll be in touch. Control comes in and tells Mike it’s now 854 and he can sleep tight. Next day, she drops Julia off at school. She goes to the ops center and watches as they blow up a mountain in another country. She looks at Travers and then back at the screen. In New York, Reese sleeps and Root drives. Harold says he sent new GPS coordinates. He says he traced a refrigerated truck that left the scene and says it could be in upstate New York.

Root tells Harold he knows she’s alive and he says nothing would please him more. Shaw’s dog sits by him and he tells the creature that he misses her too. Control heads to the stock exchange and looks around. The guy tells her it’s usually quiet there and she asks if the area has been cleaned recently. He tells her he’s not a janitor. Control looks around and runs her finger down a wall. It comes off with fresh white paint on her finger.