Princess Diana’s Secret Daughter Sarah Meets With Prince Charles, Refuses To Take DNA Test – Tell-All Book

Princess Diana’s Secret Daughter Sarah Meets With Prince Charles, Refuses To Take DNA Test - Tell-All Book

The Royal family has been plagued with rumors for years now that Princess Diana has a secret daughter living in hiding in America – and according to a shocking new report from GLOBE Magazine, Prince Charles met with the woman secretly and their fiery confrontation was all caught on surveillance tape. GLOBE reported in 2014 that when Kate Middleton and Prince William traveled to New York City, Kate met with “Sarah,” Princess Diana’s secret daughter – and she informed her husband that Sarah was a dead ringer for his late mother. Prince William was so convinced that he had a sister in America, that he sent his father to meet with the woman in Kentucky.

According to the whisperings and a tell-all book, “The Disappearance of Olivia,” before Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles – Queen Elizabeth ordered a Royal physician to do an examination on Diana to ensure that she could get pregnant. The doctor also took a sample of Charles’s sperm to ensure that they would not have any problems conceiving together. Afterward Queen Elizabeth ordered the Doctor to destroy the eggs, but instead he implanted one in his wife – and that is how Sarah was allegedly born. Although she is technically Diana and Charles’ daughter, she was carried in a surrogate and raised in America.

The April 13th edition of GLOBE Magazine reveals that Prince Charles travelled to Kentucky for a super secret meeting with Sarah after Prince William hounded him about his secret daughter. The magazine explains, “The clandestine reunion was arranged under strict security during Prince Charles’s recent trip to America with his wife Camilla. But, it was caught on a surveillance camera and now the palace is trying to hide and incredible encounter and photo from the world.” GLOBE goes on to reveal that during their meeting Sarah begged Charles to take a DNA test so she could know the truth, and whether she really was his and Diana’s child. The future King refused and shouted that she was a gold-digger and stormed off. GLOBE Magazine goes on to reveal that Sarah got the last words in and “erupted in anger shouting at Charles, ‘I know you killed my mother, I know you killed Diana.’”

GLOBE’s inside source at the Palace revealed, “The truth is Charles was shaken by Sarah’s likeliness to Diana in her looks and mannerisms. Deep down he suspects that she is his child, but he will never admit it. And, there will be no DNA test.”

Have you heard the stories about Princess Diana’s secret daughter Sarah? Do you think Diana and Charles’s egg was really stolen and implanted in another woman? If she looks so much like Diana, why won’t Prince Charles just take the DNA test and find out the truth? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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