Ray Donovan Recap – Terry’s Last Stand: Season 3 Episode 3 – ‘Come and Knock on Our Door’

Ray Donovan Recap - Terry's Last Stand: Season 3 Episode 3 - 'Come and Knock on Our Door'

Tonight on Showtime Ann Biderman’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber returns with an all new Sunday July 26, season 3 episode 3 called, “Come and Knock on Our Door.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Ray and Mickey get desperate to help Terry.

On the last episode, Paige Finney called Ray to protect a quarterback; Lena considered quitting. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Showtime synopsis “Ray and Mickey make a desperate attempt to get Terry released from prison.”

Tonight’s season 3 episode 3 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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#RayDonovan starts with Bridget asleep in her bed. Ray stands looking at her. He’s all beaten up and looks rough. She wakes and sees him and asks what happened. He says he’s sorry he missed dinner. She says mom gave his food to the dog. He laughs and Bridget says Abby thinks she’s still punishing her for the cop. Ray says he’s not and Bridget asks why he didn’t come then. Ray is staring at something over her shoulder – a woman who’s not there, his sister Bridget.

The dog wakes Abby barking as Ray leaves and drives away. Ray goes to his place and soaks his face in an ice bath while he boozes. He sits to watch Three’s Company and then sees his dead sister sitting nearby. He raises his glass to her. Lena is packing her office the next day and throwing stuff in the trash as she goes. Ray sits in his office watching more 70s TV. Lena comes in and asks what happened. He says he lost a fight. She asks why he didn’t take the job offer.

Ray says he’s done being told what to do. Lena lays her keys on the table and says the coffee maker is busted so she got him a new one. She walks out. Mickey tells the hookers he has some business improvement ideas. They are ready to walk out but Ginger asks the other girls to give him a listen. He says he has a vision for how they can get rich together. He says the coke is for them to sell and they’ll split the profits. He introduces Daryl and says he’ll be his driver and bodyguard.

Mickey says he’ll place their ads and their online stuff. He says to let them try it for one day and see what they think. Ginger says it’s just one day. Ray listens to a campaign ad about Governor Verona. Bunchy shows up and Ray clicks the TV off. Bunchy says he needs $20k from his settlement fund and says he’s investing in a business. He shows Ray a poster for the luchadoras. He says they’re training at the gym and he wants to put on a few shows.

Ray takes a call from the prison guard who says Terry killed an Aryan and he put him in isolation. Ray says he’s on the way. Bunchy pushes and Ray says it’s a bad deal. Ray comes outside and finds Finney’s guy there who says they want the other side of the kidnapper story locked down. Ray says he’s not interested and Mr Goldberg, the family attorney says it’s better that Finney is his friend. Ray asks if that’s a threat then says he’s not for sale.

Darryl works the computer and Mickey comes and says things are looking up. Darryl says they spent this all and the hookers will probably just get high all day. He says all hookers know is coke makes them feel great. Darryl says the Armenians are going to take his Cadillac. He’s angry but Mickey is joking. Ginger brings Audrey to stay with Mickey while a regular stops by. Audrey pouts into a chair and Mickey asks what’s wrong.

He takes a call from the jail. Abby sits down for breakfast with the kids. She asks Conor what’s going on. Bridget says Ray showed up last night. She says he had been in a fight then apologized and left. Abby says Ray is figuring things out. Bridget asks her to sign a D test and says her teacher told her she needs a tutor. Abby is upset they’re paying for spendy private school when her grades are poor. Bridget says they only put her there because of what happened with Marvin.

Conor takes some money from her purse and the kids leave. Abby focuses her attention and affection on her new dog. Ray goes to the jail and spots Audrey in the car and knows his dad is there too. Mickey is told no appointments today and they threaten to arrest him if he doesn’t leave. Ray shows up and sees Mickey. He asks why he’s there. He says Maddy Flynn called and said he can help. Ray sees Mickey has some coke and says he’s crazy to try and bribe them with coke.

Mickey says they’re going to kill Terry and Mickey says he’s been in jail and knows what’s going on. Ray says to stay out of it but Mickey says he’ll need him on this. Ray curses him and walks away. Ray is buzzed inside without a pause. Mickey is annoyed. He goes back to the car while making a call. Audrey says you can’t just leave a kid in the back of the car. Mickey asks Abby to meet him at the fight club ASAP. She sighs.

Ray talks to the guard who says the Aryans have the warden and a lot of guards in their pocket. He says this is huge. He tells Ray he has to make it fast and he’s f-d if he gets caught with Ray there. He lets Ray into Terry’s isolation cell and closes the door behind him. Terry looks bad but asks what happened to Ray’s face – Ray returns the question and they both laugh a little. Terry sits up and Ray sits beside him. He asks if Terry is all right. He says he didn’t mean to kill him.

Terry says it doesn’t matter anymore. He says his leg is shaking so he’s three years from the wheelchair. He says he doesn’t sleep anymore and his vision is screwed. He says if they kill him, they’re doing him a favor and says he has nothing to come back to anyway. Terry says his body is shutting down. The door opens and the guy tells Ray that time is up. Ray touches Terry’s arm and says Kevin will keep him in isolation. Terry tells Ray he loves him but doesn’t want his f-ing help.

Mickey is making a call to information with no luck and hangs up. Audrey finds it on the computer with ease. He was looking for a Judge’s information. Abby shows up and asks what’s going on. He pulls her out of the office and says Terry ran into trouble at the prison and says he needs some time. She asks if Ray knows and he asks her to look after the kid for a couple of hours while he goes to help it. He takes off despite her anger.

Ray goes to see Judge Weddick and tells him the Aryans are targeting Terry for his Parkinson’s and asks about compassionate release. The judge says the prison system is corrupted by private corporations. He says they gave control to the men they incarcerate. Ray says he doesn’t belong there and the judge reminds him he murdered a fellow inmate and Ray says it was self-defense. Ray says he won’t make it to court because the Aryans will kil him first. The judge says he can’t help him.

Ray offers him $50k now and $50k when he lets him go. The judge says this doesn’t show a lot of imagination. Ray says to please take the f-ing money. The judge pulls out a gun and says to leave now. He says to take the money and go. Ray takes the money bag and walks out. Back at the office, he sees Audrey is in Lena’s empty space and Abby in his. She asks Ray what’s going on and says Mickey dropped the kid off and said Terry was in trouble.

He tells her what happened and Abby asks what she can do and where’s Lena. He says she took another job and Abby says she’s worried about him and wants to help. Ray asks if she’s going to talk the Aryans out of killing him. Ray says he doesn’t have time for this and walks out. Audrey comes in and says her mom told her acting needy makes men run fast. Darryl tries to balance the girls and asks Ginger to watch the website while he drives. Bunchy comes in looking for Mickey.

He says he left and asks Bunchy if he has a camera. Darryl introduces him to Michelle and says to take pictures of her for the website. She pops her top off and Bunchy starts taking photos. She tells him not her face. She poses while he snaps shots. Agent Barnes is at a school to talk about a career in law enforcement and he’s introduced with a note about how he took down Sully Sullivan. A kid yells out that he capped his ass. Barnes takes the stage with an anecdote then sees Ray at the back of the auditorium.

Outside, he asks Ray if he’s learned anything. Ray asks if he can get his brother out of jail. Barnes says to f-k himself. Ray plays a recording about Sully and Barnes says they’re even but Ray says he’ll lose his f-ing job. Barnes asks why he would open that box and Ray says he’s his brother. Barnes asks what judge and he says Weddick. He says Weddick is up for re-election and to go after him for campaign fraud. Barnes says if he does it, he wants the tape. Ray promises he’ll never see him again.

Bunchy is having trouble with the website and then Ginger shows up asking for Darryl. She says she needs breast milk. He asks where he’d get it and she says this guy pays a lot and she needs it in an hour. Mickey goes to see his dirty parole officer Ronald who is in-processing a new guy. Mickey tells the guy to get out. He tells him that Terry killed an Aryan and he needs help. Ronald says he knows the judges but has no pull. Mickey threatens to expose Ronald if he doesn’t help.

Mickey says he will give himself up and won’t turn Ronald in but he needs to get to the judge. Bunchy calls Ginger from the grocery store to buy formula and Ginger says it won’t work. She says to figure it out now and also needs adult diapers. Bunchy looks at a mom nearby with two babies and huge boobs. Audrey takes Abby to Mickey’s new place. They come in and find Bunchy there. Abby looks at the computer he’s on and the mom who’s pumping breast milk. She asks what the f-k is going on.

Ginger comes in and Abby tells Bunchy he should be ashamed of himself. He says it’s just part time. A doc is brought in to sew up Terry and say she can’t fix his nose in there. Terry says Kevin didn’t have to bring him. An Aryan stabs the doctor when he comes out of the cell and two guards have to wrestle the guy to the ground. Barnes and Ray are in the doctor when Kevin says they shivved the doctor and the warden is sending Terry back to gen pop.

Ray pops a rapid u-turn and tells Barnes to call the judge now. But Mickey is already at the judge’s house and finds him gardening. Weddick asks who he is and he introduces himself. Weddick says he can’t be bought. Mickey confesses to the robbery and Weddick says it doesn’t work like that. Mickey says he needs to call and get his son out. The judge threatens him with shears and Mickey takes them from him and the judge grabs for his heart pills but Mickey slaps them out of his hands.

Weddick collapses. Mickey sits near the guy who’s on the floor when Ray and Barnes show up. Ray starts doing CPR on the guy. Mickey says he just fell down. Barnes goes to call 911 but Ray tells him to stop. He does. Ray says don’t die and keeps on with CPR. He tells him to breathe and keeps checking. He curses. The guy is dead. Ray looks at his dad with disgust and says everything he touches turns to shit. Ray tells Mickey he just killed another one of his kids.

Barnes asks Ray if they’re even as Ray walks out. Mickey tells Ray he’ll trade his life for Terry’s and they can still fix it. Ray keeps walking. He gets in his car and drives away. Mickey starts crying. Abby gets home and finds the kids hanging but no one speaks to her. She goes to put her dog and asks Conor to take the dog out while she makes dinner. He opens the back door and the dog runs out. She panics as the dog takes off at a run. Abby runs outside chasing him.

Ray sits drinking in his car. He sees his dead sister in the rear view mirror. He rubs his eyes and looks up at a campaign sign for Tom Verona. He cranks his car and pulls out. Terry is being walked down the hall of the prison. Everyone looks at him with interest. He’s taken to back to his regular cell. His crazy roommate asks to be let out. He says please don’t leave me with him – he’s scared of Terry. Ray waits to see Finney. Varick shows him inside.

Finney asks if the tipsy Ray wants coffee and tells him to sit. Finney tells him to take a breath. Ray staggers to a chair and flops down. Finney asks Ray to tell him about it. Ray tells him about Terry and what happened and why his life is at risk. Finney says it’s terrible and Ray says he needs him out tonight. He asks if Finney can help him. Darryl comes back and finds Bunchy still there. He flops down and asks Bunchy how it went.

He says fine and asks how it was for Darryl who jokes that he was born to pimp. Mickey comes in and Darryl asks how it went with Terry. Mickey asks why Bunchy is there and Darryl says he needed help. Abby walks around calling for the dog – she just calls it dog, has no idea its name. She comes back in upset and defeated. She starts crying then sobbing loud. Then she tells herself to f-ing stop it. She sits down and calms herself.

In the car, Finney asks Ray how many siblings he has. He says three brothers and a sister who died. Finney says he’s a social child and didn’t have to compete for his parent’s attention then asks Ray if he’s a middle child and says his brothers must be helpless compared to him. They stop at a hotel downtown and Finney says Governor Verona won’t be happy since they’re on the cusp of an election. They’re shown inside and to the governor. Finney knows him well and introduces Ray to him.

Finney asks how the polls are looking and Verona says they’re getting there. They sit to talk in private. Verona asks Finney what he can do for him. Finney says Ray has a problem only Verona can fix. He says Ray’s brother has Parkinson’s and he’s working on a compassionate release but then things turned bad. Verona asks what if he gets out and f-ks up again but Finney says he won’t and they deal with it. Verona says he can do it in a few weeks after the re-election but Finney says tonight.

Finney tells the Governor this is taking far longer than he thought it would. Verona caves and says he’ll do it tonight as asked. Ray and Finney leave. Ray tries to thank him but Finney says – anything for a friend. He tells Ray it was a pleasure to see him and goes back inside his office. Goldberg hands Ray some papers to sign and says the salary is set for one year with an option to extend at their discretion. Ray signs and says – whatever Mr Finney wants.

They tell him to show up for work in the morning and leave him to show himself out. They leave him with a posh pen that he signed with. Paige is there and says she thought Ray was done with the Finneys. She’s drinking and gives him a look then walks off. Abby comes into Bridget’s room and tells her she’s in charge and hands her some money. Abby says she needs to go away for a couple of days. Bridget asks where she’s going and she says someplace she can think.

Bridget asks if she’s serious and Abby says she is. She tells her to look after Conor then takes her suitcase and leaves. Bridget calls after her but she doesn’t stop. Bunchy and Darryl sit talking while Mickey broods on the balcony. He comes back in and Bunchy asks what’s wrong. There’s a knock and Ginger and the girls come in. They tell him they had a good day and the dope was easy to move. They drop off a pile of money to them. Mickey gets a call and Ray says he got him out then hangs up.

Mickey says thank God. Bunchy asks what that was and Mickey says Terry’s coming home. The girls ask who he is and they tell them it’s their brother. Mickey says they have to have a welcome home party. Ray waits for Terry outside the jail bottle in hand. He smiles when he sees him. Terry comes over and they hug tight. Ray says he thought he lost him then calls him an obstinate prick. Terry says he can’t keep carrying them. Ray asks what the f-k he’s talking about.

Terry says he told him not to do this and Ray calls him an ungrateful bastard. Terry says he told him to leave him but Ray says he f-ing loves him and can’t let anything happen to him. Terry takes the bottle and pops the cork. He asks how much he’s worth on the street. Terry asks what it cost to get him out. Ray says nothing – not a f-ing thing. Terry goes to the car shuffling along. Ray smiles through his tears. He drinks some more and goes to get in the car with his brother smiling wider now.