Ray Donovan Recap – 3% of Nothing: Season 3 Episode 6 “Swing Vote”

Ray Donovan Recap - 3% of Nothing: Season 3 Episode 6 "Swing Vote"

Tonight on Showtime Ann Biderman’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber returns with an all new August 16, season 3 episode 6 called, “Swing Vote.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Ray [Liev Schreiber] tries to ensure Verona’s Election Day

On the last episode, Ray was tasked with securing incriminating voicemails that brought down the governor and sink the NFL deal, but the mission drive a wedge between Finney and Paige. Meanwhile, Mickey and Daryll sold a coke-and-hooker party to a Silicon Valley start-up. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Showtime synopsis “Ray tries to ensure Verona’s Election Day victory to protect his NFL interests.”

Tonight’s season 3 episode 6 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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#RayDonovan begins with Bridget seeing her mom in her bed sleeping. She leaves quietly and sees her dad sleeping on the couch downstairs. Mrs Minassian waits on Mickey who shows up late to meet her. Her grandson takes Mickey inside after her. She introduces Mickey to George Markoff. She says he’s been a bad boy. He tells Mickey he’s late on his variable rate mortgage. They ask Mickey what you do in Boston when someone pays the bank on time but pay you late.

Her grandson beats the guy brutally while she and Mickey watch. She tells Mickey to be a good boy. Abby makes small talk with Ray about her visit back home and how the neighborhood has gentrified. She asks how much longer this will go on. She says to say it – that he’ll never forgive her so she can get on with her f-ing life. She asks if he wants a divorce. She says give her the house and the kids and he can have the Hollywood place. He doesn’t say anything.

Bunchy talks about Teresa at group and says she saw things in him he didn’t know were there. Romero watches with interest. The group leader says she knew he wasn’t ready. Bunchy ends the meeting and Romero asks if he loved her and he says yeah. He tells Bunchy to tell her and says he can drive him to Bakersfield to see her. Romero says at least then he’ll know. Mickey finds Ginger packing up and telling her daughter they have to go. She says Mrs Rosenblatt threatened her with child services.

Mickey says he can talk to her. She says if CPS comes around she has to have Audrey in school and have a real job. Mickey says to give it a day or two. Ray finds Avi waiting at the lawyer’s office and Avi says he offered Lena everything she wanted but she picked Ray. Avi says it’s good to work with people you know and that you share a past and history with. His lawyer says the contract is good and she gave him 3% of the NFL deal and wonders how he did this. He says Ezra would be thrilled.

He tells Ray where to sign the docs. Ray leaves and actually smiles for once. Finney calls and says they have to go to San Diego now to fight off some rival bids. He says Paige has a noon deadline on the deal and they want Mr Sylvester to be delayed. Ray calls Lena and says to pick up Henry Sylvester. Terry comes in and sees a guy turning down a membership from Pie. He sees a weight on his desk and knows it’s one of the Aryans. He sees the guy downstairs on his cell saying he’ll take care of it.

Terry curses. Donellen offers Paige the chance to work at the school’s voting station. On the private plane, Finney tells Ray he’s glad he destroyed the phone. He says this deal could turn into a few billion and now it’s done. Ray gets a text from Lena about Sylvester. Pie wants Terry to help in the gym and Terry says he needs a gun. He tells him about the weight plate and that it’s a threat from the Aryans. He asks Pie to get him a gun but Pie says to call Ray. Pie says he’ll help.

Ray waits in the car in San Diego. Abby takes dog for a walk then gives him a treat. Her phone rings – it’s Ray and he says he doesn’t want a divorce. He says he’s been trying to make some changes and make a better life for them. He says he sold his business and she asks why. He says he’ll tell her about it later but says to go to Barney’s and buy a nice dress because she’s meeting the governor tonight. She asks how he knows him and he says he’s making changes.

Lena meets Sylvester and says Zack Davis arranged a Towncar for him. She gets him in the car and then gets in the back. Ray is up front. She shoots him with a syringe and he gasps. Ray says – welcome to San Diego. They take the guy to a cheap hotel and lock him in a room with a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. Romero and Bunchy talk and Romero says he went back to see his mother and ran into his abuser. He says he had no collar anymore and he had a beard but he knew him.

He says he followed him home in his car and blocked him in his driveway. He says he stabbed him in each eye, blinding him. Bunchy says he won’t tell anyone but doesn’t say anything more. Romero is working Bunchy for a confession. Ray shows up to the meeting – Zack Davis was expecting Sylvester and Paige says he’s obviously not serious and says he’s 10 months behind her. She says time is up, sign or don’t sign. Paige says she was approved. Zack says he’ll sign now with a break free.

Finney says no. Zack and his lawyer step out. Finney tells Paige that they can’t gamble like that. She says Verona is a lock. She asks how long til Sylvester is there and Ray says a few hours. She says it’s the last thing she’ll ever ask him for – she says that’s her word in front of witnesses. Finney says to make the deal. Finney agrees then walks away. Paige gives Ray a long look. Mickey curses Mrs Rosenblatt to Darryl and says Ginger is taking off because of her.

He says they’ll lose the girls and then Mrs Minassian’s grandkids will break their hands. He says they need to get Audrey in school and Ginger a cover job. Darryl says to put her on the books at the Fight Club and Mickey says good thinking. Pagie and Zack sign the deal. He congratulates Paige on scaring away the competition. Finney remarks that Ray is actually smiling. Finney tells them not to forget to vote and leaves them.

Romero drives Bunchy to the gym in Bakersfield and they hear Latino music. Bunchy gets out and crosses the street. He sees the sign for the Lucha Noche event. He sees Teresa in the ring. He goes inside. She asks what the f-k he’s doing there and he says he was in the neighborhood then asks if he’s a stalker. He says he wants to take care of her and says he has enough money and a job and asks her to come back to LA. She says she goes where her people go and he says he could be her people.

She says she can’t quit her job for someone she’s known a week. He drops to one knee and proposes. He says they understand each other and she knows it. She says he’s sweet and f-d up. She tells him to get up and calls him an a-hole and says he shouldn’t have done this. He says it tore him apart when she left and he wants her with him. He says she doesn’t belong in Bakersfield. He says she should be in LA with him. She tells him to get the f-k out of there. He says he’s going to wait for her at the Denny’s.

He says to come down there once she changes her mind. She’s got tears in her eyes. Paige and Ray go for a drink. She says money is a kind of poetry and asks if he knows Wallace Stevens. She says he was VP of Hartford Insurance and a revered poet. He says it doesn’t rhyme. She asks if he’s coming tonight and bringing his wife. He says yeah and she says she can’t wait to meet the woman behind the man. She asks if he has somewhere to be and she says he’s going to be late.

Terry hides in his office with a baseball bat. Pie comes back with a gun. He says he’s got nine bullets. Terry loads it shakily. He tells Pie to clear out the club and for him to leave too. Pie tells everyone the club is closed and shoos them all out. Abby shows up to the school and Bridget asks why she’s there. She says she came to pick her up. Bridget says everything is fine now and she was just freaked out when she called. Abby says Ray is taking her to meet the governor at a party.

Bridget tells her to wake her up when she gets home. Bridget realizes her friend is stoned and they tell Mr D they’re taking a break. Paige is with Ray at the site of the future football stadium and she’s so excited. He asks what was in the envelope she gave him and she says a love letter from her husband to her father – a break up letter. She says the deal was the letter for the team. Ray says that can’t be easy and Paige says it’s her life. She goes to kiss him but he steps away and says his wife is back.

Romero and Bunchy sit at the Denny’s talking. Romero says he’ll never have a woman like Bunchy and says his abuser destroyed him and ruined his life so he ruined his and says he’s in hell now. Bunchy tells him he shot his accuser. He says he partly killed him and says Ray was there too and they killed him together. Bunchy says he doesn’t regret it for a second. Romero sighs and thanks him for telling him that. What is Romero up to? Is he working for the cops? The church?

Terry lurks with the gun in the darkened gym. He hears a noise. He has the gun in his shaking hands. Ray and Abby get ready for the night out. She asks again about the party and his new boss and the governor. He says he met Bridget at school the other day about the college stuff and says it’s like he doesn’t know Bridget anymore. He says he’s been wiping blood off the floor for too long and is tired of fixing things for people who don’t deserve it. She asks if that’s why he sold.

Ray says he’s working on getting a small piece of an NFL team and says if he can pull it off, it can change everything. She’s stunned. Ray says he’s glad she’s coming tonight. Bridget and her buddy get high and she says she thinks she’s hot for Mr D. Bridget says they shouldn’t give them boys as teachers. Bunchy asks Romero if the police ever talked to him and he says no eye witness. Bunchy says the same. Teresa shows up and Bunchy goes over to her. She says she has conditions.

Teresa says no lying, no cheating, no hitting. She says his name is Brendan not Bunchy, that’s a puppy’s name. She says they’re not getting married yet. He agrees to all of it. Abby tells Ray that there’s stuff going on with her family back home. She wants to buy the bar from them. Ray says okay they can help them out. He says he’ll talk to Harriet about it. Abby is thrilled. Ray takes Abby over to meet Verona who asks about his brother. He introduces her and then Finney comes over.

They shake hands too. He says the beast brings his beauty. Finney calls Casey over to meet her too. She says she saw him on the news and Casey says Ray saved his life. Ray steps away to get a drink. Abby asks if he’s really a billionaire and he says as of tonight. Varick is at the bar and tells Ray that his wife wanted a NFL team for a long time. Paige introduces herself to Abby and Ray comes to intervene. They head to the bar together. Ray asks Casey how he’s doing. Casey says the ship is going down.

Helen Miller from fish and game hangs on Ray drunkenly then staggers off. Paige says she’s going to fix the bird situation at the field. Ray asks what she gets and Paige says state EPA then a job at Finney in two years. Ray gets a call from Terry who says the Aryans found him. He says they sent someone to the gym. Ray says he’s on the way and Terry tells him to be careful. Ray tells her that he has to go check on Terry and Abby says she’s good to stay there.

Paige helps clean up after the polls close and she asks Mr D how he got into math. He says he liked the elegance of it. He asks if she’s all right. She excuses herself and walks away. Abby goes to find the restroom. Abby runs into Paige and says she met her husband and asks if they have kids. She says no then tells Abby she’s lucky and that Ray is devoted to her. Ray goes upstairs into the darkened gym calling for Terry. He asks if he sees them and if he looked in the shadows.

Ray says no one is there and says it’s the Aryans. Ray say she doesn’t see anyone. Mickey comes up the stairs and Terry almost shoots him. Ray talks Terry down and says it’s just Mick. He tells him to hand over the gun. Mickey creeps up the stairs cautiously. Ray tells him it’s the Parkinsons. Mick asks what the f-k is going on and why he shot at him. Terry says he should have left him in prison. Mickey says it would have made Ray happy if he had shot him and Terry says it’s too bad he’s got the shakes.

Ray goes to call Abby but Mickey says he’ll stay with Terry tonight. Ray says he’ll be back in the morning. Terry wants to know why Mickey is there and he says he needs a favor – needs him to put a friend of his on the books. It’s election night and it looks like Verona has lost it to Townsend. Finney looks for Ray and asks Abby to call Ray and get him back there right now. Abby calls Ray and she says Finney is pissed and the governor lost. Ray is no longer smiling.

Mr D checks on Bridget in the bathroom and says Townsend won. He asks if she’s okay. He comes inside and finds her sitting on the floor. He asks if she’s stoned and she says no. He says he’s been there too – just last Saturday. She shows him a picture of Marvin, her dead BF. He says he looks like a nice kid and she says he was. Mr D sits down beside her and shows her a photo of Sarah, his dead wife. They swap phones to look at photos of their dead loved ones.

Finney rants about no governor, no stadium and not football then asks where Ray has been. He says now Ray has nothing or 3% of f-ing nothing. He says he’s disappointed in Ray and asks if he thought he wouldn’t find out. Finney asks what he gave Paige for that 3% then asks Paige. He asks if Paige gave him the same thing she gave the governor. Ray tells him he gave her Verona’s phone. Finney rants then tells Ray he can go. Verona gives his concession speech.

Ray and Abby leave. Teresa and Bunchy come back to the gym and he grabs up the mail. He throws it on the counter and walks off. He drops a weight on top of it to hold it down – there was never an Aryan. Abby asks Ray what he’s doing with those people.