Ray Donovan Recap – Very Good News, Very Bad News: Season 3 Episode 10 “One Night in Yerevan”

Ray Donovan Recap - Very Good News, Very Bad News: Season 3 Episode 10 "One Night in Yerevan"

Tonight on Showtime Ann Biderman’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber returns with an all new September 6, season 3 episode 10 called, “One Night in Yerevan.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Ray comes up with a fix to help Mickey. (Jon Voight)

On the last episode, an attempt to draw Mickey out of hiding jeopardizes Bunchy’s wedding. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Showtime synopsis “an attempt to draw Mickey out of hiding jeopardizes Bunchy’s wedding.”

Tonight’s season 3 episode 10 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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#RayDonovan begins with a crowd chanting Hasmig. A woman prepares to take the stage – her name is Hasmig. She comes out and starts her Armenian song and dance show. The crowd is electrified. Lena asks Ray how he knows Hasmig and he says she had a stalker. He came to see her about Mickey’s Armenian problem. Hasmig greets Ray warmly and says she can’t help him. She says she doesn’t know the family and all Armenians aren’t criminals.

She tells him that the US doesn’t recognize mass murder of her people as genocide so she can’t help his dad. Ray says fair enough then says he’s sorry about her grandfather. He and Lena leave. Mickey is with Sheila at the docks and she tells him when Belakov’s girls will be there. She says to take his time bringing the girls to his car then says he’ll be arrested at that point. She then talks to him about Witness Protection and says he’s going to Redding and will work at the Safeway. He curses.

Sheila says he better not be dreaming about Mexico but he says he’s past that. She says Roman will be tailing him all day just to make sure. Terry plays a video game with Connor when Ray comes in for coffee. Abby cooks and Ray says good morning. He comes over and looks at the game – Assassin’s Creed. Abby tells them to turn it off and come eat. Ray offers a ride to school but Connor says his mom and Terry are taking him. Abby tells Ray he must be tired getting in past 3.

He says he and Lena were trying to help Mickey. She says that’s a new one. Ed sings as he works on the file. He has a photo of Ray on his desk as he works. Iris comes over and Ed says Varick isn’t the problem with the FInneys, Ray Donovan is. She says the NFL won’t care about that and says to find Varick Strauss within 60 minutes or she’s going to put a negative review in his file. He calls her a f-ing bitch after she walks away. Ray comes to his dad’s place where Darryl and the girls are hanging.

Ray tells them all to get out and Mickey says to do what he says. The girls leave and Darryl is furious. Ray flushes the coke down the toilet and says this is shutting down for good. Darryl says it’s his only source of income. Ray says Mickey always draws a shit hand. Darryl curses at him and Ray says they have to go. Darryl asks if he’s supposed to go to ITT Tech now. Mickey says he’s smart and can make it no matter what he decides to do. He curses as they leave.

Ray asks about Roman following him and Mickey tells him about Wit Sec in Redding. Ray takes Mickey to see Lee Drexler who says the email just came in. Drexler tells Roman it’s attorney client privilege and he can’t come inside. Drexler reads off a diagnosis of Alzheimers from Mickey’s “doctor.” Drexler says they will have him declared non compos mentis. Mickey doesn’t want them to declare him senile and Ray says to go get his head blown off wearing a wire then. Mickey says it’s okay.

Ed finds a photo of Avi crossing the border in Varick’s car and checks against the wedding photo and sees it’s not Varick. Ed looks through Ray’s file and spots Avi and knows he has something. Ed calls Rhonda and says he needs some credit card records. Ray tells Mickey he’s taking him home and says Drexler will take care of the cops and the wire. He calls and says to tell Flip Brightman he needs a favor. Mickey says no one will believe he’s senile but Ray says it’s not a stretch. Mickey says f-k you.

Mr D gives out papers and says Bridget get an A. Janet tells Bridget she got an A blowing the teacher and Bridget punches her in the face. Finney is masturbating in his bath when he’s told Paige is looking for him. Ray and Paige meet Iris and Ed is with her. Paige says Ray is their head of security. Ed acts like he’s meeting him for the first time. Paige says her father will be ready shortly. Ray says he’ll go get Finney. Ray says they need to talk before he goes out there.

He tells him Ed used to work for the FBI and says they need to talk about the Varick story. Finney asks why he’s concerned and Ray says he’s offering information. Finney says he wants the piece of evidence back from him and the location of the body. Ray says no way. Finney says to tell the NFL people he’s indisposed and he goes back to drinking. Iris asks Paige a litany of questions about drug use, abortions, etc. Ed stares and Iris interrupts his reverie.

Ed asks her about Varick and says they need to interview him. He asks about him being out of the country in South America. Paige says the divorce was going to leave him flat broke so he drained their bank account and ran to Belize. Ed says theft explains why he’s out of contact. Ray comes in and shakes his head to let Paige know her dad isn’t coming. Paige asks if they can interview her dad later. Ray escorts Ed and Iris out later. Ed says that’s a freak show.
He asks Ray if he heard his wife left him for a landscaper then says that bitch Iris bosses him around nine hours a day. Ray asks what he wants. Iris honks at Ed to come on. Ed says to enjoy his day and leaves without answering. Finney watches from the window. Lena makes a call to Flip’s people to try and get permission for Hasmig to sing her genocide song. Lena calls Ray and says Flip hung up on her. Ray says to tell Flip to come see him before he comes for him.

Ray asks Avi to break into somewhere and slave a computer. Darryl comes and tells Michelle they need to leave together. He says the universe whispered to him and kisses her. He tells her to get into the car – Mickey’s car. He says he just inherited it and shows her the keys. He says they can go wherever she wants. The principal tells Abby that Janet’s nose is fractured and says Janet could file assault charges. Mr D says her parents are willing to let the school handle this matter.

The principal sends Abby back to class and says they’ll let them know what the disciplinary committee decides. Abby comes home with groceries and Terry asks what’s the matter. She says nothing and he puts up the groceries for her then makes her a sandwich. She says she can’t eat and is busy rifling Bridget’s room. He sets the tray down and asks what they’re looking for. Abby says she doesn’t know. At Dybek, Avi and another guy come in and log into the computer system.

Avi sits at the computer and types away. He snags a pic of the IP info then unbuttons his fly and does something. Avi took a dick pic. Ray, Drexler and Mickey come to see Sheila. Ray says Mickey is done working for her and Drexler hands her the court non compos mentis declaration. Drexler says Ray is his court-appointed attorney and Sheila asks who paid off the judge. Sheila says she’ll lock Mickey up and Drexler says he’ll sue her for elder abuse.

Ray tells Sheila what she has will have to be enough and says Mickey wore the wire and got her evidence. Mickey asks to take Sheila out to dinner later. Sheila says he better not cross on a red light or she’ll be on him like a fly on shit. Lena reads to Avi about the Armenian genocide. Ray shows up and Avis says he took a dick pic on Ed’s computer and it could come in handy since he’s a known pervert. Ray says okay then Lena looks at the pic and says it’s not how she imagined it. She says it’s shapely.

Flip is in Ray’s office and complaining. He tells Flip to bump Nick Jonas and put on Hasmig to sing in Armenian about her grandfather. Flip says no. Ray says yes. Flip says he’s just a guest host and the network will kick him back to weather. Flip says no. Ray tosses a folder in front of him. Flip looks at it and sees the glory hole photos. Flip says he can’t do that and says that’s the old him. Ray says that was six weeks ago. He tells him to bump Jonas until tomorrow.

Abby sits smoking at the table with Terry when Bridget comes home. Terry goes to his room. Bridget says she got one week suspension. Abby says to sit down. She stubs put her smoke then slams the bottle of pills down and asks where she got them. Bridget says she stole them from Mr D. Abby says that’s a lie. She asks if the teacher did something to her and says they’re going back and says he shouldn’t be working with kids. Bridget says she’s almost 18 and loves him.

Bridget says she’s calling the cops then asks why she thinks her dad will do. Bridget says not to tell him because she knows what Ray will do. Abby says to go to her room. Terry overhears all of this. Finney’s private investigator reports to Finney on what Ray did to Ed and shows him the tabloid headlines then the sex tape as well. Finney smiles and says to get Ed back to the house. Ed shows up to a storage place and says he’s Avi. The guy says he needs ID to get a new key.

Ed offers him a stack of cash. That gets him a key to Ari’s storage unit. Ed goes up and opens the door. He clicks the light on and sees all sorts of stuff including a file box. He snaps photos of the file box. Ray gets a call from Lena and then the Armenian’s grandson shows up. Mickey says he needs to talk to his grandma. He says to come inside. They go into the club. Mrs Minassian says Ivan is waiting on him at the docks. Mickey introduces Ray to her. She says she hasn’t seen this son before.

Mickey asks if she’ll listen to Ray for a moment. Ray sits and she waves Mickey away. Ray says his father is a dipshit and always has been. He says he can’t do anything about that but he can pay her back for any inconvenience he caused. She says Mickey belongs to her. Ray says his father is old and she says she doesn’t care. A guy hits Mickey who begs them not to shoot Ray. Another has a gun on Ray and he sits down. She asks Mickey if he wants out and says there is no out.

She says this is disappointing and they beat on Ray. Just as things turn bad, Hasmig shows up. Mrs Minassian goes over to her and calls her darling. She says her friend Ray asked her to come. She says Ray is a friend to all Armenians. Mrs Minassian says yes then tells Ray she’ll deal with him only. She tells Davros to get his camera so they can take photos with Hasmig. Ray takes a bleeding Mickey to the car. Davros follows them out but Ray stares him down.

Davros sees another car following them and takes note. Is it a cop? Abby goes to Mr D’s house and curses him out and throws the bottle of pills at him. She tells him he’s going to quit his job and move. He says there has been a misunderstanding. He tells Abby that his wife died and Bridget found out and started showing up for extra help. He says it became clear she was obsessed with him. Abby asks how she got the pills. He says he doesn’t know. He says he has chronic pain from the car accident.

He says a bottle went missing from his desk and he thought he misplaced it. Abby says for his sake and Bridget’s, she’s going to believe him but if she finds out he’s lying, she will kill him personally. He says okay. Mr D shuts the door and she goes. Ray takes Mickey home and gets him ice for his nose and injured knee. Ray asks Mickey why he just can’t play bingo like a normal old man. Mickey says he knows he was a bad father to all of them.

Ray says they need to talk and Mickey says he’s grateful to Ray for saving his neck. Ray tells Mickey he has to leave LA and says he’s tired of worrying about the family because of him and says he has to go. Mickey says it’s his family too and Ray says he has a funny way of showing it. Mickey says he won’t go. Ray tells him he has power of attorney over him now and says he can do what he says or he’ll put him in a home and pump him full of Thorazine.

Ray says he almost took a bullet for him and went up against the Armenian mob for him. Ray tells Mickey he’s sorry, but he has to go. Mickey says if that’s what he wants, he’ll do it. Ray says good. Ray takes off and leaves Mickey alone. Ray gets a call from Paige who says Finney is meeting with the investigators now. Ray pops a sharp left to race to their house. Finney talks to Iris and Ed. They ask him if he’s made any racist comments then Iris tells Finney they need to know about his sexual history.

Finney says he won’t talk about sex in mixed company. He insists Iris step out. Ed notices the fireplace set is missing a piece. Ed asks Finny about sexual harassment suits or trips to Bangkok. He asks if he ever f-d the help. Finney asks Ed if he’s enjoying himself and Ed asks why Ray has 3% of the team. Finney says that was Paige and Ed asks if it has to do with Varick. He shows him a photo of Avi at the border and asks if that’s his son-in-law and why he was using Varick’s passport.

Finney says he doesn’t know the man and says if he has more questions, he can talk to his lawyer. Ed says if he’s into something with Ray, he’s on his side and leaves his card. Finney lets him know that he knows who Ed is and mentions the sex tape and the sex-related suicide. Ray shows up and Ed asks if there’s been a security breach. He says Finney has passed the vet and says he thinks they’re getting the NFL team and Ray will be along for the ride.
Ray stares at Finney then follows Ed out. Ed is chatting up Paige and mentions Varick again. He leaves. Ray gets a call later from Terry who asks if he’ll be home for dinner. He tells him Abby isn’t feeling well. She’s smoking in the bathroom when Ray comes home. He says he wasn’t lying about working last night. Abby says okay. He says he was with Lena trying to help Mickey. She says she believes him. She puts out her smoke and asks about them going back to Boston to be around normal people.

Ray says it’s good for them in LA and she asks what’s good. Connor calls and says some woman is there – it’s Paige handing out NFL gear. She tosses Abby a shirt and says Dybek recommended them and the announcement will be made on Monday. She says not to wear the shirt in public until Monday. Paige asks Ray to walk her out and he asks why she’s there. She says she wanted to give him the news in person. She asks if he feels any differently now that he got everything he wanted.

Ray says no. Paige says that’s too bad. She leaves. He goes back inside and Abby asks what that was and says to have some sensitivity. She says don’t bring her here and he says she just showed up on her own. She says she’s not listening to this shit and walk away. Terry sits down on the couch and Connor stares at his dad. Ray tells Connor to bring his coat and come with him. Terry looks upset as they leave. Abby sits stewing when Terry comes and brings her a drink.

She thanks him and he tells her to give him the teacher’s name and address and he’ll deal with it. She says no and she already talked to him. She says it’s done. Terry is surprised. She says she took care of it herself and takes his hand and says he’s a good man. She looks up at him as he touches her hair. He says good night and walks out. She whispers good night. Ed sits alone in the dark office working. He looks at the photos he took of Avi’s storage unit.

He spots a fireplace poker in a plastic bag. He looks at it closer and notices a stain on it. Ed says – hello – and grabs his jacket. Ray takes Connor to the site of the future stadium. He says it will be right there by the ocean. Connor says it’s bad ass. Flip introduces Hasmig to sing her genocide remembrance song. Ivan is arrested at the docks and the girls he was selling are liberated. Davros is among them. Davros spits at Roman and says he’s seen him and calls him a f-ing piece of shit.

Mickey packs up boxes to move away. He sits down tired and in pain. Finney sits by the fire drinking. There’s a knock at his door. Ed holds out the fireplace poker in the bag. Finney is shocked. Connor asks if they can get a box at the stadium and Ray says sure.