Reign Recap – Mary, Queen of One: Season 3 Episode 5 “In a Clearing”

Reign Recap - Mary, Queen of One: Season 3 Episode 5 "In a Clearing"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Friday November 13, season 3 episode 5 called “In a Clearing,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Mary (Adelaide Kane) envisions her future in France by Francis’ side as his condition improves, prompting her to contemplate signing away her claim to the throne of England.

On the last episode Mary’s mother sent her a pressing message to inform her of Scotland’s troubles, so Mary seek help from Francis. Meanwhile, Narcisse became an obstacle in Catherine’s endeavor to become the regent to Charles; and pressured mounts for Elizabeth to marry. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary envisions her future in France by Francis’ side as his condition improves, prompting her to contemplate signing away her claim to the throne of England. Meanwhile, Nostradamus returns with more news of Francis’ fate.”

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#Reign begins with Mary praying in the chapel in thanks as Francis comes in and he remarks she’s been down here a long time. She says she has much to give thanks for and he says he feels like he owes his life to Marie de Guise. She says it was just a coincidence. Francis says she needs to name someone to rule in her mother’s place and she says her brother James would be good but Francis says that may not be a good choice. She says James may not want it but she plans to write him.

Francis stares at her and says she’s beautiful. They kiss. Delphine packs to leave court but Bash says Francis pardoned her and she says those were for crimes she never committed. He asks her to stay and help find the real killer. He says people will celebrate her gifts if she helps and she says her abilities are beyond comprehension and so she must go. Bash says he’s experienced it and he says he knows the binding ritual worked. He says he has felt what she feels and she apologizes.

He says they were connected before she did the spell. Delphine agrees to stay but says she will break the spell. She says a ritual can unlink them. Mary sends a letter to James and Nicholas the ambassador approaches and offers condolences on the loss of her mother. Mary says pressure from the English helped kill her mother. Nicholas says Elizabeth did send something for her – a formal offer of peace. Mary is stunned. Nicholas says his queen recognizes the need to stop fighting.

He says both sides must withdraw from Scotland and Mary must sign away her right to the throne. Nicholas says Mary doesn’t have children and so she’s on equal footing with Elizabeth for the English crown. Nicholas says she should take the peace before Elizabeth changes her mind. Catherine has Francis’ bedchamber redone to get rid of the things that remind him of his sickness. She says they need a new room for him and Mary to make babies and says she’s also having Delphine’s chambers redone as a reward.

Catherine insists she’s glad he’s alive and that she won’t have to worry with being regent. Mary and Francis are out on a small boat and he gives her a sailing lesson. She says she’ll never get the hang of sailing and he says it requires focus and he asks about the peace accord. She says it’s an opportunity for peace for Scotland and to bring French troops home. He says think twice before giving up her birthright. She says Francis is most important to her not the English throne. He says don’t do it for her but she says it’s best for all involved.

Mary says she never wants to leave and if her brother rules well, she could stay in France indefinitely. She says they have a miraculous second chance she doesn’t want to waste. Catherine is shocked when Nostradamus shows up and he reminds her she left him about to be drawn and quartered. She says don’t hold grudges then he says he heard her battle to be regent isn’t easy but she says Francis has recovered. Nostradamus says the vision of Francis death matches what Francis told him.

Nostradamus says he has seen more. He tells her about a glade on a spring day with petals of white and blood coming from above. He says he wakes at the blood falls on the petals. She asks how many days since he had it and he says this morning. He says he’s certain it’s about Francis but he doesn’t know what should be feared. He suggests she tell Francis that he could die. Nicholas delivers the peace accord to Mary and Francis. Francis signs and then Mary stops before she does but then signs as well.

Nicholas says the conflict is done and Francis says Mary has made a sacrifice to make this peace happen. Mary says they can make a public announcement once Elizabeth signs it. Francis says she will be queen of two nations, not three. Catherine asks to speak to Francis. Delphine and Bash prepare for the ritual. She puts him in a bath and then draws on him with squid ink and says some words he doesn’t know. She ducks him under the water and holds him there. He starts to struggle. She holds on as the ink fades off him. She lets him up and she says she had to wait for the symbols to leave.

Bash asks if it worked and she asks if he can feel what she does. He says he feels nothing. She says then they are separated. Catherine tells Francis about Nostradamus vision and Francis is skeptical. She begs him to stay in the castle and surround himself with guards until they know more. He tells her he knows she means well and is devoted to him but says he will live his life. She calls him her golden child and says she can’t lose him but he says he can’t be in a cage not even one built with love. Greer and Mary talk about the peace accord.

She watches new banners go up showing Mary as queen of Scotland and France. Francis says they are leaving for Paris immediately. They go to the carriage. A girl comes up and offers flowers for her mother’s passing. Catherine watches just as some white petals fall from the bouquet as Mary gets into the carriage. She’s scared. Mary and Francis talk about their romance before they were married. She talks about when they were children and when she knew they were fated. He says he doesn’t like the word fated and she asks what’s bothering him. He says nothing.

Mary has the carriage stop and says she wants to show him a lake in the forest and invites him to come skinny dip. He tells the guards to wait there. They make it to the shore and strip out of their clothes. Later, they lie by the banks of the lake kissing and then move to making love. Bash brings Delphine to the scene of the last attack. She gets a chill and says she feels anger and fear then points out a building nearby. She tells Bash to be careful. He says it’s empty. They go inside. She says there is evil there and murderous desire. He sees marks on the floor but no door that made them.

He flips up a shelf and finds a secret door. They go inside and he smells vinegar then finds a human heart in a glass jar. There are three hearts in three jars and more empty ones waiting for hearts. Delphine says it will happen again and that someone will die. They hear footsteps but then the killer senses them and runs. He says the man got away. She wonders if the killer was tracking them. Bash spots blood drops and wonders if the man had a heart to add to the collection. Bash and Delphine are back at the castle and he tells her he found that someone else was killed.

He asks if she sensed the victim’s pan but she says it’s the killers. Then her eyes roll back in her head and she collapses. He catches her. Mary dresses while Francis finally wakes. She says she’s going back to get their lunch and tells him to rest there. She says she’ll be right back while she goes to the carriage. He dozes. Delphine comes to and says he took another life and says they angered him and he was enraged and ripped a heart from the victim’s chest. He asks if the unbinding ritual affect her and if she’s getting stronger signals.

Bash doesn’t want her to suffer and she insists she wants to help and be there with him. He touches her face and kisses her. Francis lies napping then wakes again. He looks around but doesn’t see Mary. She’s got the food basket and he’s getting dressed. Two men grab her and haul her into the woods to kill her. Francis goes looking for Mary and spots a tree like Catherine described to him. He starts to freak then hears Mary. He finds the men who have him and starts to fight them while Mary screams for the guards. Francis’ arm is cut then his sword is knocked away. A man leaps on him.

The man beats Francis head into the ground and she screams no. He fights back harder when he sees a man has a knife at her throat. He kills two and the third runs. Mary says let him go. He drops his sword and keels over. She runs to him. The guards come up and Mary tells the guy to get more help. Mary says they will ride back for the castle. She says he’ll be fine then he says he won’t be and says they were meant to be happy but he has another fate predicted long ago. He says there is no magic but that we make. He says no more when she mentions Delphine. He tells her to please make sure John is cared for.

He tells her to stay in France until his mother is regent and the future king is safe. She begs him not to leave her and he makes her promise she’ll stay. She promises and he says he sees such beauty and thinks about them as children and their love story, their wedding, their kisses. He says she has brought him beauty. He says she must wed again and must love again but she says she can’t and says she will never love anyone the way she loves him. He says he prays she will and then he’s gone. She wails as he expires. She says his name and kisses him then sobs. There are white petals all around.

Bash goes to Catherine with the sad news of her son’s death. Mary is still with Francis in the woods when Bash, Catherine and Nostradamus show up. Catherine goes over to them and Nostradamus looks sadly at the tree. Catherine touches Mary’s shoulder and says Francis is gone and tells Mary to let go and hold on to her instead. They come to take the king’s body while Mary wails and Catherine holds her. Nostradamus has his blood on his hands and examines it. He looks at the tree. Mary cries and calls his name. At the castle, Mary comes to ask Nicholas if Elizabeth is behind the assassination.

He says Elizabeth had no motive and she says maybe it’s revenge. Nicholas says she gave her what she wanted and Elizabeth is not behind this. Mary rants and asks if she’s trying to destroy her life. He tells her not to do anything rash and Mary says she will take what is hers. She tears up the peace accord and throws it in the fire. She says England has taken enough from her. She tears down the new banners in the throne room and screams in rage. Mary is dressed in black along with her ladies and Bash as they pay respect to Francis’ coffin. Bash sets the crown upon it and Francis’ sword as well.

Mary tells Bash this is not how they were supposed to go to Paris and says they were supposed to dance under the stars. Lola tells Narcisse she can’t believe he’s gone and he says Francis will live on through his son. Narcisse tells her the assassin has been captured and it was a Scottish Protestant. He says when Marie de Guise died they started plotting her assassination. She says Nicholas was telling the truth. She tells him if there is no more information to be gotten from him they can hang him.

Nicholas says Mary is alone and vulnerable and Elizabeth may move to target her now. Catherine tells Nostradamus she wants her back at court and says she needs him. He says he has one last prophecy for him and he says she will only rule France with Mary, Queen of Scots help. Nostradamus wishes her well and goes. Mary kisses the coffin of her husband and the guard says the queen rides in the first carriage as custom. She says she is no longer queen of France. She walks behind the coffin as it rolls away on its cart. Two weeks later, Mary comes to see Catherine.

Mary hands her back her crown and says it no longer belongs to her. Mary says Catherine was right to hate her and says she caused his death and would give anything to have him back. Catherine says she doesn’t blame her and says Francis lived his life as he wanted. She says she remembers Mary and Francis as children then touches her and says her love gave Francis a lot of joy and she must remember that. Mary tells her she doesn’t know how to move on and Catherine tells her she’s strong and will move ahead. We later see Mary out on the boat trying to sail without Francis telling her what to do. She gets it righted and the sail snaps crisply. She looks ahead at her path and has a peaceful look on her face.