Reign Recap – Mary and Conde Heat Things Up: Season 2 Episode 16 “Tasting Revenge”

Reign Recap - Mary and Conde Heat Things Up: Season 2 Episode 16 "Tasting Revenge"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Thursday March 12, season 2 episode 16 called “Tasting Revenge,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Bash’s marriage deteriorates further after he uncovers Kenna’s conniving actions. Meanwhile, Leith finds out about Greer’s shady new career; and Antoine threatens to tell Francis about Mary and Condé’s deepening bond, leading to a brazen move by Francis.

On the last episode, Mary’s mother returned to warn her about threats to her throne, so Mary made a daring move. Meanwhile, a stumbling block with Mary pushed Francis closer to Lola; and Kenna received an intriguing offer from Antoine. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “when King Antoine (guest star Ben Aldridge) threatens to tell Francis (Toby Regbo) of Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Condé’s (Sean Teale) evolving relationship, Francis makes a shocking move. Bash (Torrance Coombs) and Kenna’s (Caitlin Stasey) marriage is beyond repair after he learns of her scheming, while Leith (Jonathan Keltz) discovers Greer’s (Celina Sinden) unsavory new career path. Megan Follows, Craig Parker, Rose Williams and Anna Popplewell also star. Lee Rose directed the episode with the teleplay by P.K. Simonds and the story by Drew Lindo.”

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#Reign starts with carriages pulling into the courtyard. Kenna planned a banquet for Catherine and both Mary and Lola are impressed with her efforts. It’s for the dauphin vintage tasting. Kenna says Mary was the one that gave her the opportunity. Catherine says the lords have all brought their daughters to the castle to offer them up for Francis to choose a mistress. Mary says word of their estrangement has spread. Lola tells Catherine it seems like a simple trade. Give one daughter to the king to create opportunities for other daughters.

Catherine says if Mary and Francis truly are finished there’s an opportunity there for some lucky girl. Louis walks up on Mary and asks about their plans for Scotland. They make plans to meet in secret in an hour. Antoine comes and tells Louis that Elizabeth’s representatives are in the village ready to meet with Louis who says his head is going to end up on a platter. Louis says Francis barely missed out on the fact that Antoine poisoned Henry and tried to poison Catherine.

Francis is subjected to a constant string of daughters. Narcisse submits a niece for consideration. Francis asks if he’s really offering his own niece as his mistress. Francis asks him to make it known that he’s not seeking a mistress. Catherine gives Narcisse a little nod. Antoine is watching Kenna organize and he tells her he can’t leave without her answer. She says no and says she doesn’t trust or believe him. He says he can’t leave her. She reminds him she’s married.

He says if that’s her only objection she should come talk to him and he promises it will be just talk. Francis apologizes to Mary about all the women that have been brought there. She says time won’t change what’s between them. She says she just wants to put the horrors of her past behind her and needs to breathe again and be happy. He says if she has an affair with Conde, it puts her life at risk. She asks if he thinks he’ll win her back and he says he does.

Francis says Queen’s infidelity is considered an act of treason and says she and Conde could both lose their heads. Mary says she can’t do this anymore. He says he can’t let her make a decision that will cost her head and says he’s done talking about this. He walks off. Bash finds Kenna storing things in a chest and asks if those are the things Antoine gave her. She says she already sent those off. He asks to talk but she says she has a banquet to manage.

Mary meets Louis and she says she hired an agent to find out which harbors are safe to land. He says he also is working with a trade delegation to cover their passage. She asks if he’s made up his mind to come with her and he says there’s no place he’d rather be. He goes to kiss her but she says it’s not yet safe for that but says she thinks the time is close. Antoine finds Kenna and pulls her in a room for a chat. She says he’s a king and could have anyone so why her.

Antoine says she lacks shame and is bold and that’s why most men can’t love her. He says he’s not jealous and has no use for shame. She says those are lovely words but don’t change the fact they are both married. He says her husband will grant her an annulment and he has a dying wife who wants him to remarry and find a mother for their children. She asks if she would be a good mother to them and says parenthood does interest her. He says his last marriage was about duty and politics.

He says he wants this marriage to be about more. He kisses her but she says she can’t and has to go. She walks out. Greer coaches the whore Gigi about how to dress and comport herself. Leith shows up asking for Greer. She closes the door and is horrified. She says it’s a bad time and says her attending ladies were just trying on dresses. She shushes Gigi and tells Leith she’ll meet him downstairs. She promises to tell them about it later.

Leith says he just heard the news about what happened to her. There’s a bar fight starting but she tells him it’s normal. She asks what news and he says Castleroy is in prison convicted of treason. He says his friends got his death sentence commuted but he’s stuck in jail for life. Greer says there goes any chance they had of a future and Leith tells her he’s sorry. He asks how she’s faring and she says she’s doing all right. She says it’s been an adjustment but is finding her way. He asks how.

She won’t answer and thanks him for coming with the news and wishes him luck. She heads back upstairs. Antoine catches Louis and says he needs to go meet with the Queen’s envoy but Louis says not tonight. Louis says his principality has responsibilities he needs to take care of. Amelie approaches Francis and flirts. He tells her he’s not going to be there Mary walks up and he tries to get her to help him cover but she won’t. She says she’s spending the night at the Abby of St Serafina and tells the girl Francis is completely free.

She meets Louis and they head off to meet her agent Ridley who tells her he’ll need a week or two at the most to find out what she needs. He leaves and Mary says she’s thrilled that it’s moving forward. She tells Louis no one knows they’re there and they’re alone. She says she feels safe with him and kisses him. He kisses back and gives up on trying to stop himself.

Lola is with Catherine at the tasting where Francis is toasted. Catherine tells Lola why won’t she move on Francis. Lola reminds her that she despises her but Catherine says Lola has already given her son a baby and she’s sure he can make her happy. Bash catches Kenna and asks her to dance. He tells her he’s sorry and says he must have done something wrong if she thinks their marriage is that far gone. He says he works too much and is grumpy and distracted. He offers to take her to Paris for a trip.

He says he wants to be the husband she wants. Kenna says she doesn’t know what to sat. Lola chats with Francis who tells her that Mary is out at the Abbey. He says Mary can’t even stand to be in the same castle. Francis is pulled away to receive a private message from Amelie but it was just her excuse to get Francis alone and kiss her. Francis asks if someone has encouraged her. She says Narcisse did encourage her but the choice is hers. He asks if that’s what Narcisse told her to stay.

He tells her that if he was her, he’d leave since he offers her nothing. She says he’s not her then kisses him and says he wouldn’t be taking anything from him. She says she’s not a virgin and has learned to live with wanting things she can’t have and she knows he’s married. He caves and kisses her back and pulls off her top. Louis and Mary are in bed and she tells him she’s all right when he stops. He kisses her and says it’s enough for now. She agrees

Francis is done with the girl and Amelie says he’s very talented. She says he was so lost in it. She asks if that was what he wanted – to lose himself. He tells her she’s lovely but says he has to go. He asks if she’ll be all right and she smiles at him. Mary throws a snow ball at Louis and he throws one back. She kisses him then they see someone in the woods. She panics and says – we’ve been seen.

Mary says that woman saw them and could tell anyone. Louis says he’ll take care of it and tells her to go back to the castle. He rides up on the woman and finds that she’s with Antoine who says he had him followed for skipping out on the meeting with the envoy. Antoine tells Louis to end his affair with Mary or he’ll tell Francis. Antoine reminds him that Mary’s head is at risk too and tells him to end it within two hours or he’ll tell Francis.

Greer tells Gigi about Leith but says she still can’t be with him because she’s married. Leith is there at the market and walks offer. She asks why he’s there and he says he came to offer friendship, rent money or anything else she needs. Greer says she was overcome by pride. Sharlene is being hassled by a man and Greer throws an apple at his head then says Gigi is her neighbor and friend. He says he knows Gigi is one of her whores and Greer says he’d better stop or she’ll tell everyone why he’s called old shrivel.

Gigi is relieved but Leith is freaked out to hear the Greer is a madam and he walks off. Louis finds Mary in the stables and says the woman works for Antoine. He says his brother doesn’t know about Scotland but their affair and has threatened to tell Francis. She asks why he would do that and he says he doesn’t know. Mary says they can’t be together now because she can’t risk his life. He says he would give anything to be with her in Scotland. She walks away teary and sad.

Lola sees Francis and tells him he looks ghastly. She says she saw him leave with Narcisse’s niece and begs him not to give up on Mary. She says all Mary needs is time. Francis tells her that Mary told him flat out she wants to be with Louis not him. He says it hurt him to deny Mary the one thing that she thought could make her happy. Lola says Mary is desperate to get past her pain and heel and says Francis should protect Mary.

Lola says it depends on how much he loves Mary and wants her to be healed. Antoine’s wife shows up at the castle. She’s hugely pregnant. Kenna sees this and storms out. Antoine follows her. He says his wife is pregnant but very ill. He says he invited her to meet Kenna. She says he’s lying and says she’s the one that invited Jean to see for herself. She says he never intended to marry her – he just wanted to punish Bash, ruin her and humiliate her husband.

Antoine says she doesn’t know who these people are. He tells her he will love her and make her happy. She says she is happy and loves her husband. He says if his wife had arrived gravely ill, she would have gone with him. He tells her that her marriage is over and she doesn’t know it yet. Mary tells Francis they need to talk. He asks if she’s there about Louis. He tells her that she’s free to do as she pleases. She asks what’s changed. Francis says he can’t bear to see her in pain.

He says if she desires him and it will help her pain, he won’t keep her from it. He tells her it’s not the wisest course but says she may remain at court with Louis with his protection and tells her not to be seen with him. He says he’ll protect her as best he can but if there is proof or a child, he may not be able to. Mary says she’s sorry they came to his. Francis says it’s as she suggested, that one of them at least should be happy. He walks out.

Greer coaches the girls on some finer points then Leith walks up on her. She says the tables have turned and now he’s ashamed to be seen with her. She admits it’s true and says she is a madam. She says her husband is in prison, she has nothing to make her way. She says she can’t give it up, not even for her approval. She says it’s a hard enough life without seeing his disappointment. She walks away and goes to her room upstairs to cry. Leith goes to leave then he turns and goes chasing after her.

He says he doesn’t care what she does or what people say. He tells her he wants her then kisses her. She undresses him and he undresses her. She tells him not to stop. Jean is loaded back in her carriage and Antoine says he’s leaving too. He asks Louis if he cut things off with Mary. Louis says he doesn’t think that he’ll risk his life. Louis says he loves her. Antoine says Mary and Francis had a great love and if she can walk away from her husband like that, she’s a fickle and foolish woman.

Louis punches him and Antoine says when this is done, Louis will end up on the run. He says he will lose his head because Francis will find a way to kill him for this and then Mary will inch her way back to her husband. He advises Louis to meet with Elizabeth’s envoy. He says he has to go because he left a parting gift for Kenna and Bash and says he’s likely to be less popular. Bash has the letter than Kenna wrote to Antoine’s wife inviting her to the tasting. He demands she tells him what this is.

Kenna tells Antoine offered to marry her and make her a queen. She says he was lying but she was ready to say yes because she wants a different life and things he can’t give her. Bash drops the letter and says there is no reason for him to be there. He walks out on her. Francis goes to the nursery to see his son. Lola is there. Francis says his forehead is so smooth and free of worry. Francis tells Lola he took her advice and let Mary go. He says he hated it but feels better now yet awful at the same time.

Lola tells Francis that he’s kind and selfless. Francis says now that Mary is free to move on, he’s free to do the same and says the only time he feels safe in this castle and at peace is when he’s with her. Lola says no. She says they both still love Mary. She says when Mary finds the strength to love again he may find he’s not free to love someone else.

Louis knocks at Mary’s door and she says Francis had a change of heart and says they can be together as long as they are discreet. He asks what if Francis changes his mind again. She says Francis gave it much painful thought. Louis says no man would give another man his wife and says they are better off in Scotland. He asks if she’s changed her mind. She says she wants him in Scotland by her side and says she loves him. He asks how she feels about Francis.

Louis says Francis is doing this to win her back. Mary says her plans with Louis haven’t changed and says they need to trust each other. She asks if they trust each other and he says he trusts her. He holds her close but looks unsure. Louis goes to meet with Elizabeth’s envoy on the sly and sends his compliments to Elizabeth. He’s playing both sides of the fence to protect his interests.