Reign Recap 3/19/15: Season 2 Episode 17 “Tempting Fate”


Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Thursday March 19, season 2 episode 17 called “Tempting Fate,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Francis becomes seriously ill after he collapses. Meanwhile, Bash’s life is in danger; Catherine suspects that Mary [Adelaide Kane] is being unfaithful to Francis; [Toby Regbo] and Leith [Jonathan Keltz] is tasked with being Claude’s personal guard.

On the last episode, when King Antoine (guest star Ben Aldridge) threatened to tell Francis (Toby Regbo) of Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Condé’s (Sean Teale) evolving relationship, Francis made a shocking move. Bash (Torrance Coombs) and Kenna’s (Caitlin Stasey) marriage was beyond repair after he learned of her scheming, while Leith (Jonathan Keltz) discovers Greer’s (Celina Sinden) unsavory new career path. Megan Follows, Craig Parker, Rose Williams and Anna Popplewell also star. Lee Rose directed the episode with the teleplay by P.K. Simonds and the story by Drew Lindo. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “When Catherine (Megan Follows) becomes suspicious that Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Condé (Sean Teale) are having an affair, Mary risks Catherine discovering just how deep her betrayal goes. Francis (Toby Regbo) becomes gravely ill after he collapses and Bash’s (Torrance Coombs) life is in jeopardy when he leaves to work as the King’s Deputy. Meanwhile, things become complicated for Leith (Jonathan Keltz) when he is forced to be Claude’s (Rose Williams) personal guard after professing his love for Greer (Celina Sinden). Craig Parker, Caitlin Stasey and Anna Popplewell also star. Sudz Sutherland directed the episode written by Lisa Randolph.”

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#Reign begins in Le Havre France and a man named Collins talking to another about a card game. Collins draws a knife and attacks the man rather than answer questions. The guy beats him down and then kills him. He finds a letter on him from Mary. She’s in chapel lighting candles for her sins. She goes into a confessional area and meets Louis. She says it’s harder to get away to be alone. He says he’s had to lie too. They kiss. Kenna tells Bash to be careful but he says worry is a wife’s duty. She says she will always worry for him.

He says he will have his things moved to the Commander’s quarters. She offers to set up his chambers. He asks her not to annul their union for another. She says she’s only been lied to and betrayed by men. He says eventually a man will come along who has enough power to satisfy her and keep her safe. He says let his name protect her until that time. She says he’s the man who’s treated her best and been kind to her and he says they both know he’s not the man for her. He walks out. Mary tells Louis she can’t keep living a lie like this and says Francis must be consumed by thoughts of them.

She says she wants to leave for Scotland soon and he says her agent Ridley should be back soon and then they can go. He tells her to promise him that they will get on that boat. She says for him and her country. Catherine finds Mary later and says she looks flushed. She asks if she’s feverish. Catherine tells her lady to find out how many times this week Mary has taken morning prayers in the chapel. Francis and Mary meet with an advisor who says they need to divert more forces to deal with the protestors. Catherine says they’ll consider. Mary says he has a hospitality matter and goes.

Catherine asks Francis why he’s so distracted. She asks where his head is and says she knows what went wrong in his marriage. She says Louis should not linger without reason. He says he’s a cousin and she says Louis has feelings for Mary. She says if they are caught, Mary will weaken them in the eyes of the world and nobles will call for his head. Francis says Mary is loyal to him and says to mention it no more to him or anyone. Louis meets with Burgess who speaks of Elizabeth’s marriage interests in him. He says Elizabeth wants to meet him and they need to depart in two days.

Burgess says her advisors have convinced her to consider making a match without delay. Burgess asks if he’s stalling and Louis says he needs time to settle terms. He says to be the consort of England, she needs to lay eyes on him. Louis offers his portrait but Burgess says sail with him or give up hope of being King of England. Mary finds him later and says Ridley was killed and the letters with her seal were taken. She says she needs him to find McNabb and find out what happened. She says if it was a spy for France, and he interrupts and says they would both lose their heads.

Narcisse wakes to Claude in his bed touching him. He isn’t happy to see her and says if her mother knew she was in his bed would be doubly unhappy. He says she well knows that. He gets out of bed and she pouts. He asks if this technique usually works for her – pursuing a man who has declined. She says she usually gets what she wants but he says not to day. Greer and Leith are at her room and they kiss after a morning of shopping. He says he’s amazed at her resiliency then takes her to bed.

Sharlene comes in and says she has no place to ply her trade. She says Gigi has her room and Greer says just a moment. Leith complains and asks if she’s tired of this. Greer says this is her life now and she’s saving money for a townhouse. He says he’d like to marry her but she says she is married. He says Protestants believe in divorce. He says an annulment would work and says they have powerful friends but she begs him to let it go. She says she’s picking up the pieces of her life after all that was taken.

She says she’s always loved him but all she can offer him is her. He says that’s enough and says he’s sorry. McNabb tells Louis that Ridley was playing cards and the next morning was dead and the letters were gone. He says he says a royal operative is easily discerned. Louis asks to find out which spies they are. Francis asks Bash why he’s headed North and he says neglected work. Francis says today may not be a day for a long journey and Bash says losing a wife can be hard as Francis likely knows.

Francis says Mary has given Conde a wide berth and plays dumb. Bash says he’ll be back soon and goes. Francis tells Mary that his mother knows and asks could she not exercise discretion. He says he’s lying to his mother and brother while she takes comfort with another. She says this is not what she wanted but he says she wanted her happiness and he doesn’t know how long he can maintain this charade. He says he can’t control his mother. Louis says they need to leave today.

Mary says she’s scared and says their plans are crumbling. He says if Francis gets the letters, it will be too late. She says if the spy who got the letters was English, they could be sailing into a trap. Louis says he has a high ranking English contact who may have information about the letters. He says it’s Burgess who was sent to negotiate a marriage alliance between he and Elizabeth. Mary is stunned. He says he stopped encouraging the alliance and she asks when he changed his mind.

She calls him a liar and says she opened her heart to a liar. She says he doubted her and that they would get to Scotland. She says she was prepared to give him everything. He says he will find a way to get her home and prove himself to her. She asks why she would take him with her now. She stomps away. Bash meet with the deputy who welcomes him inside. Bash says he’s heard about him bending the law to line his own pockets. The deputy says he’s had no complaints.

A bruised woman comes out and the deputy says she earns every marks. Bash sends her to the castle to work safely and says someone will ride with her and protect her. Bash rants at the man and says he is no king and cannot behave as one. He strips him of his title. Lola finds Mary outside and says she can tell her anything. Mary says she feels trapped and alone. Lola says her husband would do anything to make her happy. Mary asks if he told her about Louis. Lola says Francis trusted her because he knows she always supports Mary. Lola says she is no one to judge.

Mary tells her that Louis has been secretly entertaining a marriage proposal from Elizabeth while she was making plans to sail home to Scotland with him. Lola says if Louis turns Elizabeth down, he’ll become the enemy of the Queen and will put his life at risk. Mary tells Lola she’s afraid. Lola tells her she left her life behind to come there with Mary and says Mary was fearless standing up to the rulers of France to fight for them and for Scotland. Lola says she has been fighting for her throne for so long.

Mary says it may not be her throne for long and says she’s not that girl anymore. Lola says she’s wiser and stronger now and no one can take that from her. She calls her queen and says she should take her throne and take Conde too if he can help her. Narcisse visits Catherine and says Claude snuck into his chamber again since she knows the two of them enjoy company but Catherine calls him a necessary evil. She says his bedroom activities are of no concern to her. He says he shall do as he pleases then.

He says he can be her colleague as she says. He flirts shamelessly then leaves.

Mary tells Louis they must leave for Scotland unannounced and says she wants him to get the information from Burgess. He says he loves her and wants to prove his loyalty. She asks where she can find the envoy. Bash is in the woods and is run through by the jerk he just fired. He says his brother the king can’t protect him now.

Catherine calls for Leith and says she wants him to be Claude’s personal bodyguard. He says she would find him boorish. She tells him to keep her occupied all the time. She says it is his responsibility to be a safe receptacle and says she can’t end up in his bed or the bed of a noble or servant. Claude comes in then and rants and asks when will she stop trying to control her. Claude is pleased to see Leith and Catherine leaves. Claude says – so you’re my new keeper.

Bash comes to as he’s being dragged through the snow. He screams. Leith comes to talk to Francis about an annulment for Greer so they can marry. Francis says she’s labeled treasonous and he says he’s choosing a hard road by standing at her side. Leith says he loves her and she’ll never see her husband again. He says that’s the future he seeks. Francis says annulment is no easy task and says Vatican favors come at a price. He says let her go. Leith hangs his head. Burgess checks out a local prostitute but is arrested at Mary’s request. She has him in the dungeon.

She asks why he avoided her court and asks why he was scurrying in her country and says he was seen with known Protestant sympathizers. She says Victor Coran is a known upriser and says Elizabeth must be funding an uprising in her country. She tell shim he has until in the morning to confess or she will send his head to Elizabeth in that basket and points to it. Louis lurks out of sight and asks if Burgess believed it. Mary says he should since she was serious and will protect her crown at all costs.

Louis comes to the dungeon later acting like he’s sneaking in. Burgess calls for water and the guard tells him to shut up because he’ll be dead soon enough. Then the guard seems to be killed. Louis unlocks him and says they have to go now. He tells a panicky Burgess that he’s safe now. He says he’s sending him to Scotland and he can make his way home from there. Burgess asks if they can bank in Aberdeen. He says much of Scotland is loyal to Mary but that one port is loyal to England.

A Catholic Cardinal is selling indulgences when Leith shows up and says he’s there to seek an annulment. The man says it’s an affront to God. Leith says he can prove his loyalty and can pay any tithe. He says he’s a captain in the palace guard, a man on the rise and the king’s man. The Cardinal asks to hear more about his time with the king. Narcisse meets with Renaude – the guy who killed Mary’s agent Ridley. He’s his former Army commander.

He says Collins was cheated and let it happen. He says the man was eager to avoid attention then pulled a knife on him. He says his real name was Ridley and he was important to the Queen. He hands over the letters. They are unopened. He takes the letters to Catherine who is shocked to hear that Mary was going to leave Scotland and run off with Conde. Narcisse says he’s arranged the letters to be returned to Mary with the seals intact. Catherine says she’s come to care for Mary and says she’s grown.

She says her bravery has led to foolish choices and says Francis must stop her from destroying herself. Bash was rescued by Sister Delphine. He asks where her habit is. She says she’s not really a nun. She says she laid hands on him and death is coming but there will be a cost. He begs her to save him and says he wants to live. She says that’s what they all choose every time. She lays hands on him again while he screams in agony as she heals him.

Louis and Mary are called to meet a trusted guard who says the letters were unopened when they were found on the body of a murdered highway man. Mary says they are safe to go. Louis says the only matter now is whether she wants him to come. Catherine comes to Francis and says there’s something he must know about Mary and Louis. Mary tells Louis that he can’t go on playing both sides and says he must make a choice now. Catherine says they can lose Scotland and any claim to England.

Catherine says this is treason. Mary tells Louis that Elizabeth can offer him security. Louis says he sees their future in Scotland. He says his heart tells him she’s his choice if she’ll still have him. Catherine tells Francis he has to listen to her. He collapses and Catherine screams for help. Mary tells Louis she thought she needed him to heal. Mary says you must first trust yourself before you can trust yourself. She says she still has her own strength. She says she can give him her full strong heart.

Louis kisses her. Catherine calls Narcisse and says Francis is dying. He says the physician says it’s just an ear infection. Catherine says it’s Nostradamus’ vision. She freaks and says she can’t be regent and her other sons are too young. Narcisse tells her she’s not alone and touches her face. He kisses her and she lets him. Louis takes Mary to bed but says they should stop now. She says she doesn’t want to but he says he can wait until she’s ready. She says she is ready and has the courage to give herself to him.

She says he is her choice and this is their moment. He makes love to her while her husband lies dying. Francis is propped up on pillows and tucked into bed. Blood runs out his ear. OMG. Is he the cost that will be paid to save Bash’s life?