Resurrection Recap – Rachel’s Baby at Risk: Season 2 Episode 12 “Steal Away”

Resurrection Recap - Rachel's Baby at Risk: Season 2 Episode 12 "Steal Away"

Tonight on ABC Resurrection continues with an all new Sunday January 18, season 2 episode 12 called, “Steal Away,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight a series of inexplicable events leads Bellamy to believe that Rachael and her unborn child are in danger; at the same time, Preacher James is predicting that the baby’s birth will unleash an ancient evil; and Margaret rallies the Returned at the government facility.

On the last episode, the return of Preacher James brought an ominous new energy to the town, especially for Bellamy who seemed to have a strange and unnerving connection to him. Now a detainee at the government facility, Margaret kept to herself but her reputation preceded her and the other returned definitely took notice. Then the unthinkable happened to Henry which shaked everybody’s faith to their core. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “after a series of inexplicable events, Bellamy fears for the safety of Rachael and her unborn child. Preacher James predicts that the baby’s birth will unleash an ancient evil. Margaret rallies the Returned at the government facility and forms an uneasy alliance with Preacher James, and Bellamy’s government contact (Donna Murphy) warns that something big is on the horizon.”

Tonight’s Resurrection Season 2 episode 12 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Resurrection — tonight at 9 PM EST!

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A woman walks near the cemetery near dawn. Another man follows. Henry and Jacob walk out of their house seemingly in a trance. All of the returned from all over town are in the streets walking like zombies. Maggie can’t find Marty either. All the ones in the facility are standing and staring out of the window. They waves their hands in front of them, but nothing. They are stock still and seemingly in a trance.

All the returned in town stand and stare. Fred and Maggie wonder why they are all at that spot in town staring up at a window. It’s Rachel’s window. She wakes and goes to the window. She sees everyone assembled and staring. Fred fires his gun and it breaks them all out of their reverie. Marty’s sister hugs him and asks if it’s dream. Marty asks Maggie what happened and she says they were all staring at Rachel’s window.

Preacher James comes into the diner and Jacob asks how they all got there and says he doesn’t like the way he felt. He asks if his grandma felt it. James asks where she is and Jacob says the government took her. James asks if his grandma made Barbara disappear and Jacob says yes. Henry comes over as James says he’s going to find out what’s going on. James tells Henry not to be alarmed and says he has to see Marty right now.

Maggie is checking on Rachel when there’s a knock. Marty gets it and then Fred asks him to come in and introduces him to Rachel and says she’s returned. Rachel says she was asleep and woke up with a contraction and then saw everyone outside the window. James asks if it’s happened before and if she could sense they were out there. She says no, then she doesn’t know. James says he’s sorry to barge in and ask questions. Then he asks if she returned with the child and she says yes.

She gets another contractions. James tells her to stay strong and says she’s in good hands. He leaves and Marty follows. Maggie wants to take Rachel to the clinic and she agrees. James comes downstairs and asks Marty if he saw the flower in Rachel’s room – it was the same they saw in the field. James says they are all connected and they all have a role to play. Marty says they need to figure out Rachel’s role.

James is praying hard and we see images of the flower, Rachel’s contractions and locusts everywhere. He’s sweating as he prays and says it’s going to be difficult Lord but says he won’t fail him. He prostrates himself and we see the tree the lightning burned onto his back. Lucille and Henry watch Jacob and Jenny play and she tells her husband she’s glad he has a friend. She says she can’t believe she almost lost her husband. He says she never would lose him.

James shows up and asks the kids if they have a nickel. Then he pulls one out of Jenny’s ear and they laugh. Lucille comes out and he says he just wanted to check on them. She invites him in and offers him a drink. He says he wanted to talk to Henry about what he said earlier. He asks how Henry is feeling and he says it was unsettling to find yourself someplace else this morning and he doesn’t like to be out of control.

James says he’s curious about what Jacob said about his grandmother making his aunt disappear. He asks if it’s possible and Lucille says apparently so. James asks what her reason was and Lucille says she thought she was protecting the family. James says it’s hard to turn the other cheek but says Henry shouldn’t turn his back on his mother. He offers to set up a meeting and says he knew Henry’s mother as a child.

Henry says she’s not that person now and says he’s finished with her. He walks out and Lucille tells James it’s still an open wound. He says it’s his fault for prying and says it’s an old habit of being a preacher. He leaves. Robin comes to talk to Margaret about what happened this morning. She says she heard from Beth they’re doing tests on them now. She says Beth said they took her blood and hooked her up to a machine that hurt.

Robin cries and says she’s afraid of needles. Margaret reassures her and says they wouldn’t hurt us. The man calls Robin’s name and Margaret asks what for. She tells Randy that it’s not her she has to worry about but all of them. She says they are human beings that have rights. She turns and asks the others if they’d like to know why we’re being taken away. She tells him to leave Robin alone and bring his superior in to explain these tests.

The other returned get agitated and also demand answers. She asks Randy if he’s clear. He walks out. They all applaud Margaret. James comes to see Marty at the police station. He says he’s been thinking a lot about this morning. He says Jacob told him that Margaret can make the returned disappear. James says they’re all connected to Rachel and would like to talk to Margaret about it. Marty says he tried but didn’t get anywhere.

He tells Marty that a small religious service at the center might help reassure those people. Marty says he’ll call his contact there. James says he’s a good man. Henry sweeps his shop out when Fred shows up. He says he came to return a tool he borrowed. Henry reminds him he’s had the drill for two years and asks if he’s checking up on him. He tells Fred he doesn’t want to talk about it. Fred says okay. Henry asks if he’s afraid of him. Fred thinks and says no.

Henry says good. Fred leaves him to his sweeping. Margaret is taken to meet Randy’s boss, Angela Forrester, who asks why she’s stirring up a revolt. Margaret says the way they are treating them is wrong and she wants to leave. Angela says the facility is on lock down and Margaret says she can’t do that. The woman says they may be a danger to themselves. Margaret says they won’t stand for it and Angela calls Randy to have her sent back with the others.

Angela calls Marty and says there was an incident at the facility. She asks why Marty didn’t tell her about the trance. She says she needs someone to calm down the returned and says Margaret is fanning the flames. She says to figure something out or they’ll have to be sedated. He says he knows someone who can help. He goes to find the preacher and says the returned at the facility are distressed and need his help.

James say they never should have been locked up to start with but says that’s an argument for another day. James was weeding poisonous berries. He asks Marty to pick him up in an hour. James thanks the Lord for giving him guidance and he takes the bag of weeds and berries he cleared with him. James and Marty arrive at the facility and he introduces James to Angela and Randy. She asks if he can comfort their guests and he says – God willing.

She asks if he was searched and he says he has crackers and communion wine and says those are his only weapons. Angela takes Marty aside while Randy takes James. Marty says they were all asleep and came to in front of a bar in town. Angela says maybe it was mass hypnosis and asks who’s controlling it. She asks if Marty has any ideas and he plays dumb. She says she’s made progress with her calculations. Margaret walks over to James in the common room.

He calls her little Margaret Anderson. He says the eyes never grow old. She tells him Fred is convinced he’s responsible for bringing Henry back but she’s skeptical. She says she remembers his miracles as cheap stage tricks and he says he’s heard she has some tricks of her own. He says Jacob told him about Aunt Barbara. She goes to walk away and he says to show him how she did it and he’ll help her. He asks if she wants out and says he can make it happen. She looks at the communion chalice and asks why she would do his bidding. He says if she doesn’t help him, her entire legacy will die.

Angela tells Marty that she’s trying to predict how many more will return. She says they have a picture of who they are, when they died and the circumstances of their death. He asks what’s the point and she says this phenomena has occurred before – decades ago – but only in Arcadia. James talks to the returned about the purpose of communion and how Jesus started it all. He talks about it being the blood and flesh of Christ.

James says they should come one by one and receive the gift of communion. They hesitate then Margaret stands and comes down. Everyone else follows. Angela tells Marty the government has known about these ghost stories for a while. She says before it was just a handful a century and says mass returns are rare. She says Native American tribes in the area had stories about mass returns. He asks why it’s happening.

She says it’s like scientists knowing that an earthquake will happen on a fault line but not knowing what will trigger it or when. Angela says a new returned is often the trigger. He thinks about Rachel, the baby and the flower. An alarm sounds and Randy says they have to come see this. They hurry out. They find all of the returned slumped in their chairs. Angela gasps. James is among the dead.

This is much like a cult all drinking the suicide Kool-aid. They check them and confirm they’re all dead. Randy picks up the communion chalice and Marty says poison. Angela rails at Marty for bringing James there but he says he had nothing to do with this. She asks why he would do this. Fred gets a call from Marty and he tells them James poisoned all the returned. He says he basically broke them out.
He tells him to go get Rachel from Maggie’s clinic because James will be coming for her.

He says James was asking about how Margaret disappeared Barbara and he may have her do the same to Rachel. He tells Fred that his mom is with them. Maggie gets her ready and Rachel says she can’t go far. Maggie says she’s going to and will deliver the baby. Rachel asks what’s going on and Fred says she may be in danger from a couple of the returned. Fred promises to take care of her.

They grab her suitcase and walk her out of the clinic. She asks where Marty is and Fred says he’s on her way out. They bring Rachel to Henry’s house because she started having contractions. Henry asks if James would really harm her and Fred says Marty thinks so. Fred says Rachel has already been through enough. Fred tells them they all got out – including mom. Henry says she won’t dare come there.
In the woods, the returned come back and James is among them.

James tells Margaret now she needs to tell him how to make a returned go away. She asks why and he says Rachel’s baby is a dark soul – the antichrist. He says that child has gestated in death and says it’s the beast. He tells them all that they will be forced to do the bidding of the beast. Margaret refuses to help him and strides away. He tells the others it’s okay and says she’ll be back. Angela is at her computer crunching numbers and very stressed out.

She runs some calculations and then sees a map that predicts where returned will come to – it spreads out from Arcadia like a rash and then grows like a virus. She says there will be millions. Fred goes to answer the door at Henry’s – it’s Marty. He says they’re out looking for the preacher. Jenny hugs her brother. He heads upstairs and asks how things are going. He tells Rachel she’s going to be okay. He says no one knows she’s there but she says they all found her this morning.

Marty says he won’t let anything happen to her. Jacob and Jenny are playing when he walks into the yard. He gets a headache of sorts and then Margaret calls out to him. He runs to see her in the trees and he asks if she’s coming in. She asks why there is a police car there and he says Rachel is inside. He says it’s the baby and he can feel it. He says the baby is hurting him. Lucille calls him and he says he has to go. Margaret tries to stop him but he runs away.

Rachel’s contractions are getting stronger. Maggie says everything is progressing as it should. Rachel says this will never end and Maggie thinks she’s talking about the labor. Rachel says someone has been after her since she returned and she hasn’t done anything to anyone. She says she wishes Tom was here and asks what kind of world it is that her son will grow up not knowing his father. Maggie says it’s the world they live in.

Marty comes to the church and confronts James for lying to him and using him. James says he’ll understand the reason for it in the end. Marty wants to take him away but the returned block him. Marty asks if he’s going to kill again. James says he set them free and they all murmur agreement. Lucille asks if she should help and Maggie says it won’t help. She also says she’s nervous because she’s never delivered a baby.

Lucille says she’s been on the other end of it and can help. Marty asks if they really know what James wants and says he wants to control them. James says the unborn child controlled all of them and asks if it’s a good thing or an evil thing. Murmurs say – evil. James says he won’t let him or anyone stop him and says he has to prevent the end of the world. Margaret comes in and says she knows where the mother is. James takes Marty’s phone.

They send a text to Fred saying the Marty is at the church and there’s no sign of the preacher. Henry and Fred are on the porch on lookout. Henry says he never understood why their dad wanted to sit out there each night and have a whiskey but he gets it now. Fred says it’s peace and quiet. They go in for a coffee. Fred looks around one last time and they head in. Margaret is lurking outside looking cagey.