Revenge Recap “Retaliation”- Margaux Goes After Emily’s Gang: Season 4 Episode 16

Revenge Recap "Retaliation"- Margaux Goes After Emily's Gang: Season 4 Episode 16

Tonight on ABC Revenge continues with an all new Sunday March 15, season 4 episode 16 called “Retaliation,” and we have your weekly recap below. On this evening’s episode, Natalie [Gina Torres] hosts a party to celebrate Independence Day and bask in her new wealth, and she asks David [James Tupper] to be her date for the event. Meanwhile, a vengeful Margaux [Karine Vanasse] kicks her plan into high gear.

On the last episode, Margaux used her ammo on Emily and Jack, which caused a shift in their friendship. Elsewhere, Natalie revealed the truth about her presence in the Hamptons to Victoria. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Determined to flaunt her new fortune in Victoria’s face, Natalie throws a giant Fourth of July bash and invites David to be her date. Meanwhile, Margaux steps up her plans to take down anyone who stands in her way.”

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4 and come back to CDL for more Revenge Season 4 spoilers!

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#Revenge starts with Victoria chewing Lyman out for wimping out on the will hearing. She says she lost her inheritance and respect for him. She tells him to go home and forget his career and campaign. Natalie is there and asks Victoria where her lawyer is running off to. Natalie invites her to her big fourth of July party and says it must be hard since it’s a Grayson holiday. Then Victoria says it still is since Natalie is using swindled Grayson money to throw the event. Victoria says it’s not over and Natalie tells her she should come to the party.

Emily finds her dad on the boat and asks why he’s seeing a Grayson and taking gifts. He says if it helps, she despises Victoria and is a Grayson in name only. David says no more secrets including who either of them are dating. Jack comes up from below deck and is caught off guard by Emily. She makes small talk but he just glares. She asks if David mentioned Natalie to him. He says dating is to get to know people and asks isn’t that why she’s dating Ben.

She says she doesn’t want things to be like this between them and tells him it’s good to see him back on a boat. He goes to help Jack who calls for him. Louise is getting a couples massage with Nolan and he says he booked them a couples cooking class. He says he heard Lyman was working for Victoria. She says he’s always drawn to strong women but says he has a good spirit way underneath. Louise asks why he doesn’t like Ben and he says he thought she’d head for Jack not Ben.

He says he must be broken hearted. Louise says she saw him bartending at McGinty’s and he looked happy. Nolan says he offered him a job at the club and Jack says no. Ben meets with Margaux and she shows him video she has of April. He says April has nothing to do with Emily but Margaux says Emily leaves heartbreak in her wake and asks if Ben brought what she asked for. He hands over an envelope. She says the world loves to destroy devils that pretend to be righteous angels.

She says when the story that Emily is really Amanda comes out, Emily will be crucified. She looks at the documents and tells Ben well done. At Emily’s, Nolan tells Emily that Margaux fell into their trap. They look over the video she showed Ben to figure out where it was. Ben comes in and he says feeding lies to Margaux took longer than he expected. Nolan says to build in an extra 15 minutes for betrayal. Ben says Margaux didn’t expect a thing.

Nolan sees some small vintage wine labels and locates the cafe. Emily says they only have about 12 hours before Margaux figures out the birth certificate Ben gave her is a fake. They have to protect Ben’s ex from her ex Wes Perkins the guy she hooked up with after they split. Emily wants to come with them but Ben says he can do it on his own and leaves. Nolan asks why she took no for an answer and Emily says it’s not her mission. Nolan says they don’t benefit by letting others handle things.

He tells her they are best served by knowing what Ben’s secrets are before it’s too late. Victoria goes to tell Margaux about Natalie’s party. Margaux tells her that Natalie bought a place in Malibu which means she could be rid of her enemy and ex soon. Victoria asks what Natalie wants from David if she’s leaving. Margaux says she’s taking down Emily and all her enablers. Victoria says she’s like her and is relentless when she identifies a target.

Jack goes to meet Carl in the park. Phoebe hands him over and he asks if she has holiday plans. He gets a text and says McGinty’s wants him to come in now. He says if he misses another shift, he’s fired. Phoebe says okay and Jack tells Carl he has to go but Carl cries. Phoebe takes him to the swings and Jack feels like crap leaving his crying son. Lyman comes to see Louise and she asks what he wants. He says he’s been doing some soul searching and knows he’s screwed up.

He says Louise is the only one she feels connected to anymore. He says he just wants her support. He says he never pretended to like her because he always did. She reluctantly invites him in. Natalie rants at the staff about her event and Natalie sees Victoria there who tells Natalie she’s there to make amends and says they can be civil. Natalie says she was enjoying a drink with David. Victoria says she heard she was headed West but Natalie says she may settle there with David.

She tells Victoria where to find the hiring office and goes. Ben finds Emily waiting for him in the road. She says she wants to go with him. She says what Margaux has set in motion is not to be taken lightly and says she’s better at this twisted chess game than he is. She insists on coming and gets in the car.

They roll out. Margaux’s weasel guy has the story ready to run when she gets a message that the birth certificate is fake. She asks him what it is about Emily that makes people act against their own best interests. She tells her spy to get in touch with Wes and let him know where April is. She says she doesn’t make empty threats.

On the drive, Emily asks Ben what broke up his marriage. He says one morning, she was just packing to leave and said they didn’t make a good team and that he wasn’t surprising enough for her. He says the next guy she met was a bad news but was surprising. Ben says he hated her for what she did but he still cared about her. She says she and Aiden fought as much as they made up and when she lost him, it felt like she lost everything. Ben asks how you come back from that and she says she’s not sure you do.

Ben takes her hand. Natalie is leaving David’s after a dinner he made her. He apologizes for his meat loaf. He tells her the big party is not his thing but she insists he has to come and says it’s what Teddy wanted for him. She says please and says the best part of picking up a girl for a party is you get to be the one to bring her home. She leaves out one door and Victoria is knocking at the other. She tells him that Natalie is using her. He says he knows she wants Edward’s money.

Victoria says Natalie is their common enemy and can’t be trusted. Victoria says he’s the last person she wants to help. David says Natalie looked after a dying man. David says she’s trying to convince the world that Natalie is a monster the same way she did with him. She says she’s not jealous and tells him that his ego is as warped as his judgment. She says Natalie is moving to California and just bought an estate on the Pacific. He asks Victoria how many houses she owned before karma caught up with her.

Victoria says she was just trying to warn him and she leaves. Ben and Emily lurk outside the bar. Ben sees April pull up for work. He leaves a sleeping Emily in the car and follows her inside. Jack takes Carl to see Nolan and Louise plays with him and says she could eat him up. She hands Nolan his wedding ring and says he must have forgot to put it back on, gently nagging. Nolan asks why he won’t take the job from him but Jack says he doesn’t want a hand out.

Nolan asks him to consider it and says he’d do the same for him. Louise says they can turn some of the empty space there into a daycare center to sweeten the deal. Nolan says he can bring Carl to work and work what schedule he wants. Jack caves and says he’ll start tonight. April is shocked to see Ben at the cafe. She slaps his face just as Emily walks in. So Ben does have another secret. Emily asks what he left out and April says if he had told her everything Emily wouldn’t be there with her.

Emily says Ben told her she was hiding from an ex-con named Wes Perkins. April says wow. Then she asks who else knows. She says it’s Kim now and says she has to ditch her life thanks to Ben. She says after she took up with Wes, she went to Ben to talk about him. Ben says she told him how Wes fenced stolen goods in a warehouse and Ben called in a raid. She says Wes knew she talked and then she had to run. She says she never asked Ben for help. Emily says Wes knows where she is and they need to go.

April says she’s not going anywhere. Louise comes in wearing a dress and asks what he thinks – he says absolutely not. But he’s talking about Lyman staying with them. She says if Lyman wants to reconcile, she wants it too. She says she already said yes and Nolan says all he’s tried to do to protect her. He reminds her they are in a marriage and a partnership. She says they both bring in their baggage and quirks and they each respect them. She says she brings her family.

She says he keeps losing his wedding ring and she doesn’t ask why but just brings it back to him. Nolan says Lyman can stay on her yacht and says her brother’s presence makes him sick. Natalie is getting dressed while David wakes. She says she tripped on her stiletto and fell into her makeup table. She asks him for some aspirin and says to check her purse. She asks if he found anything. He tosses the bottle to her. But he also saw a man’s watch. He looks suspiciously at her.

Nolan rants to Jack about Louise calling him thoughtless and controlling. Jack asks if it’s still a fake marriage. Nolan says it’s tricky. Jack asks if he’s attracted to her and Nolan says with the wedding ring on, no one is attracted to him. He says every relationship he has is twisted. He encourages Nolan to talk to Louise. David and Natalie have tons of photos snapped as they enter her party. David excuses himself to go get them drinks.

The reporter asks Natalie how it is to date David. She says he’s going through a lot and somehow implies that he’s unstable. Victoria tells Natalie that’s quite a portrait she’s painting. Natalie says she’ll be fine and Victoria says she’s sure of it. Louise tells Lyman that Nolan said no and she talks about when they were kids she looked up to him and followed him everywhere. He says he has to respect her husband’s wishes and says not to let her old family sink her new one.

Louise says she wishes Nolan could see this side of him. Wes pulls up to the diner where April works. He walks in and says it’s been a long time. She turns. It’s Emily. He asks who the hell she is and she says – the last person you want to play with. He comes for her and Ben takes him down. He cuffs him and says – maybe second to last. Jack says he’s clocking out to take Carl to the park. Nolan says they have cause to celebrate. He says Emily called and she and Ben put one of Margaux’s schemes down.

Jack isn’t happy she took Ben along but Nolan says it was more revenge than romance. Jack says he hopes that Margaux realizes she needs to stop this but Nolan says it’s hard to put the lid back on the red sharpie. Margaux finds Lyman at the party. He hands her the key to Nolan’s house. She congratulates him on earning Louise’s trust and says he’ll get the rest of his fee when he finds Nolan’s secrets that are hidden somewhere in that house.

The local cops load Wes into the car. April tells the local cop how Wes attacked her and that she was lucky that Ben was there to help out. The cop says with Wes’ two strikes this should put him away for good. Emily comes out and April thanks them both for coming to warn her and protect her. She says she’s stubborn and Emily says she is too. April says Ben has a type and she hugs her ex warmly. Natalie pulls David into a private room and she rips the sleeve of her gown.

He asks what she’s doing and she starts yelling and calls him a monster. She says she already told a reporter that he’s a deeply disturbed man. He says he also saw Conrad’s watch and asks if she’s going to destroy that too. She says Conrad promised her everything. He says she’s deluded and ambitious and when she couldn’t get Conrad’s money, she went after his dad and starved him until he changed the will from Victoria to her.

She says ruining David was among Conrad’s greatest accomplishments and says she’s finishing him work. Victoria is there and says she can tell Conrad when she sees him in hell. Victoria plays the recording she made and tells Natalie to sign everything over to her or face court and accusations of elder neglect. Louise finds Lyman snooping on Nolan’s computer and she sees that he stole files. She snatches the jump drive out and tells him to get out of her house.

He says her husband has a hidden computer and she asks how much Margaux is paying him. She says she’s not a fool and threatens to throw the flash drive. They struggle and he grabs the flash drive but that makes him lose his grip. He falls onto the rocks below. Victoria watches the fireworks and David comes up and says technically it’s her party now. He asks what she’ll do with her money and she says she’ll rebuild Daniel’s good name. He thanks her for making sure his wasn’t ruined again.

Victoria says there was a silver lining to not killing her after all. Jack drives home with Carl when he gets pulled over. It’s one of his former work colleagues. He asks Schaefer what he wants and says they got a drunk driving tip. Jack says he hasn’t been drinking but the guy won’t let up. Margaux’s spy says Wes was arrested earlier but it can’t be traced back to her. He says he also took care of Jack. Margaux says she’s expecting the contents of Nolan’s hard drive shortly.

She says that should be enough to ruin them all. Louise waits for Nolan to come home. She says she left early. She says she did something bad. Nolan says no and says he did. He says he knows their marriage is untraditional but so are they. He says they have a lot to figure out. He says Lyman is welcome to stay. Louise tears up and says she’s glad he said that because he’s in the guest room and had a few too many and passed out. He says it’s been a long day and says they can talk in the morning.

Nolan tells her they’re the wonder twins and they bump fists. Ben asks Emily what she’d do next of she’s Margaux. She says she would look for vulnerabilities like she did with Ben and his first love. He says a person’s first love is your weak spot and Ben asks who it is. They drive by Jack talking to the police officer. They say Jack blew a .14 and they take his son. Emily pulls over and sees this go down. Ben is there too. They’re horrified.