Revenge Recap – Nolan Loses Emily and Louise: Season 4 Episode 19 “Exposure”

Revenge Recap - Nolan Loses Emily and Louise: Season 4 Episode 19 "Exposure"

Tonight on ABC Revenge continues with an all new Sunday April 12, season 4 episode 19 called “Exposure,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On this evening’s episode Emily [Emily VanCamp] plans to reclaim her life as Amanda Clarke and her outlook is bright, but that changes when Victoria [Madeleine Stowe] unearths shocking secrets from her past.

On the last episode, a grief-stricken Emily tried to repair her collateral damage while Victoria pursued a fresh lead with renewed vigor. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Emily faces a promising future as Amanda Clarke until Victoria uncovers devastating new secrets from her past.”

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4 and come back to CDL for more Revenge Season 4 spoilers!

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#Revenge starts at the press conference with Emily’s announcement that she’s really Amanda Clarke and that she took the name Emily Thorne to clear her dad’s name. Louise cries to Victoria about Nolan not trusting her with Emily’s real identity and she tells the crying woman that they are both liars. Louise digs up the flash drive and hands it to Victoria and says she wants all the truth. Emily’s announcement make the news and she’s relieved that Victoria and Margaux have not commented yet.

Nolan says Twitter is abuzz wondering what to call her. Emily gets a text saying David cut a deal with the government to protect her from fraud prosecution. Nolan talks about their take down of Tom Kingsley forcing hm to retire. We see Nolan and Emily talking about how she got revenge on him. She says she wanted to destroy Kingsley’s life. Nolan says Kingsley was when they became a team. He says they have to stop Kingsley from coming after them and says he’s trying to form a coalition.

The doorbell rings – it’s Ben. Victoria hassles her computer guy about hurrying up with the decryption of the flash drive. He says it will take a couple of hours to run. Louise comes in and tells Victoria it went okay with her attorney. She says Nolan isn’t the devil but Victoria reminds her what she found out. She says they’re calling Emily the modern day Count of Monte Cristo. Jack lets Ben in the house and then he asks if it’s okay for him to leave. She says sure.

Ben tells her everyone is hassling him about being a crappy detective for not knowing who she was. Emily says she’s sorry but Ben says it’s too late and he storms out. Louise listens to Victoria explaining all about Emily’s plan to destroy her and torment her whole family. We see flashback to Emily hitting her with a shovel then committing her to the mental hospital. Louise says she had no idea what Emily put her through and she asks if she’s sure Nolan was involved.

Victoria says she needs to take the scales from her eyes. The computer beeps when the decryption is done and they look at all the files. Victoria says it’s proof that Nolan helped Emily send Pascal to his grave. Louise says Nolan is a bastard and Victoria advises her to move forward with a civil divorce while she ends Emily’s reign as a folk hero. Louise goes to see Nolan who is clearing off his revenge files from his laptop. He asks why she didn’t come home last night.

Louise says she stayed in the city to have the divorce papers drawn up. She says there’s no surprises there like she got when she saw the news about Emily’s announcement. He admits he knew she was Amanda but didn’t know she was going to announce it. He says he’s sorry he kept it from her. She says she knows no one will be as close to him as Amanda. He says that has nothing to do with him but she says he has secret laptops, secret bonfire parties and all sorts of other secrets.

Nolan asks if they can just talk but she says it’s on her for being blind when he rescued her. She says he was never her wonder twin and tells him goodbye then leaves. Nolan goes to his laptop and runs a report looking for unauthorized access. Kingsley talks to Harmon and says they need to take Emily down but she’s there and he’s shocked. She says he knowingly prosecuted an innocent man but he says his hands are clean. He says she made a big mistake going public.

He says he knows how she took his life apart and she asks if he started with wife-beating Judge Barnes to form a group to combat her. She says Bill Harmon was next then Lydia Davis. We see flashback to her dealing with Lydia Davis who showed her that she knows she’s Amanda. We see her offering a $10 million reward for Lydia. Kingsley says she ruined lives and took their future. David is there and tells Kingsley says he stole 20 years of his life and ruined his daughter’s life.

David tells Kingsley if any of them make a move against Amanda, he will end them. He says he has no idea what he’s capable of. Emily tells him to get on the phone and spread the word to stay away from David and Amanda Clarke. His phone rings – they see it’s Victoria. He says he won’t answer and Emily says she’ll handle Victoria. Margaux thinks about Daniel telling her he loves her and her telling him she needed him the night he died.

Victoria is there and says she thought she would be working on dealing with Amanda. She says Connie Bales wants an exclusive interview. Margaux says she’s working on clearing Daniel’s name while others can focus on Amanda rumors. Victoria says she’s building a case against Amanda and has evidence of her crimes and the body count she’s left behind her. Margaux says Amanda is not a killer but Victoria disagrees.

We see him shooting her in her wedding dress and Daniel being shot. Victoria starts listing off Amanda’s crimes including impersonating a Homeland Security officer. We see Conrad and then Pascal being hacked to death. Margaux tells her to let it go but Victoria says she made her lose her child. Margaux says she lied because she couldn’t tell Victoria it was her fault. She says it’s her fault for being consumed with this endless feud. Victoria says Amanda is chaos theory.

Margaux says it won’t undo anything but Victoria says it will undo Emily. Margaux says she won’t get in her way but also won’t help. David and Amanda wonder why Victoria was calling Tom. She’s tracking Victoria and says she just left Margaux’s. Nolan busts in panicking and says Victoria may have a lot. He says Louise was angry and he knew and says he saw files were copied. He says Louise and Victoria have been together. He says he’s so sorry and tells her that Victoria has six folders.

Amanda rants and asks if he wants to get caught and why would he hold onto things. He says he wanted to hang on to things they accomplished. They see that Victoria is heading to the press and Amanda says she’ll take care of it. She’s furious at Nolan and says he’s done enough and could ruin them all.

Victoria meets with Ms Bales about her interview. Victoria says there are measures they need to take before the interview because of legal ramifications. Amanda is there and offers Ms Bales a live, exclusive interview with no questions off limits on the condition that she never lets Victoria on her show. Nolan sits at home boozing and depressed. Jack shows up and finds him mooning. He says David told him what happened and tells him not to beat himself up.

Jack says Amanda’s interview is about to start but Nolan says he’s seen enough of her today. Nolan says he kept the files so it’s his fault. He says he has a blind spot and Jack admits he does too when it comes to Amanda. Nolan says she thought he was part of something bigger than himself and should have erased as he went. He says he’s just a hacker that ran the program called Emily Thorne and now he’s absolute. Jack says he and Emily are the dynamic duo.

Nolan thinks back to picking her up from prison and then her picking him up from prison then her calling him a partner and real friend. He thinks all about their shared fond moments. Jack takes the bottle and says Amanda wouldn’t let Nolan go and Jack says she was just scared. He says things are changing now. He pats Nolan on the leg and says they need to go watch the interview. Ms Bales introduces Amanda and says Victoria didn’t seem thrilled to see Amanda there.

Ms Bales says it was pure animosity between them. Amanda says they have had a disturbing relationship dating back to her childhood. She talks about Conrad having her dad convicted while Victoria set her sights on her and had her locked up, brainwashed and tortured. We see Amanda begging not to be left with Dr Banks. Ms Bales asks what made her see the light and she says letters from her dad. She opens the revenge box and shows the letters to the reporter.

We see her getting the box from Nolan after she left jail. She says he saved her so she saved him. She says she did it the only way she knew how and that’s why she became Emily. Ms Bales asks about the costs of her lies. Amanda says the cost was high and says people like the real Emily Thorne were lost saving her family. We see her hugging Emily in juvie and then talking later then her dying from the explosion in Amanda’s arms.

Amanda says her half-sister Charlotte was driven into a spiral by all of this and we see Charlotte boozing and doing drugs and being tormented by Conrad then trying to kill herself. She says Aiden Mathis really understood what she was doing. We see him telling her she’s not alone in this and them making plans for their future. Amanda says she was going to spend the rest of her life with him. She says he was taken from her forever. We see him sitting on her sofa dead.

Ms Bales asks if she ever harmed anyone physically to protect her identity and Amanda says yes. She says she would never cross the line to murder and Ms Bales asks if she knows someone who would then asks if it’s Victoria. We see Victoria killing Mathis and she tells Ms Bales that it’s on Victoria to take responsibility for her own actions but says Victoria was born with a dark sole. She says Victoria was convicted of killing a man at 15 and has grown more toxic since.

Amanda says she knew what Victoria was capable of and says Victoria has always gone after her friends and loves ones and prays that it’s over but knows it’s not. Amanda says to the camera to Victoria that it’s in her hands to end this. Nolan and Jack watch the interview then go sit outside to talk. Nolan says she’s back to being Amanda now and Jack says he’s right. He goes to leave and Nolan asks if he’s going to her but he says he’s meeting someone for drinks.

Nolan asks why he’s not going to see Amanda and tells Jack that this is his moment and she’s back to being the girl he named his boat after, the girl he met on the beach. We see her being drug away from Jack and her puppy as a child then her with Jack when the dog finally died of old age and them kissing. Nolan says they belong together and says Amanda knows it deep down. Jack asks if she does. We see him talking to her about sailing on open water.

We see her telling him she’s not the girl for him and telling him she’s sorry. Jack thanks Nolan for the pep talk then tells him goodnight and goes. Victoria sits looking at a photo album when Margaux shows up at her place. She says she turned her phones off because they wouldn’t stop ringing. Margaux says Amanda was cruel to go on TV and lie about her like that. She says she knows she never killed a man when she was young.

She says Daniel told her what her mother did to her and we see Victoria’s mom making her take the gun. Then we see her mom telling her she should have had an abortion. Then we see Conrad telling Charlotte that David was her real father and Charlotte stomping away in tears. Then we see her telling Emily that she knows she’s not in love with Daniel. Emily says she knows it must be hard to be in David Clarke’s old house thinking about memories of live and betrayal.

Margaux tells her to take her evidence to the authorities. Victoria says she tried to make things right and bring Conrad to justice. She says Amanda has won the court of public opinion and says she dug a grave for her tonight. Margaux offers to help her and Victoria says she can’t resurrect someone who’s dead to the world. David things about young Amanda and them carving the double infinity into the porch banister. He touches the carving as Amanda shows up. He tells her he’s proud of her.

He says now the world got to know her like he does. He says he hasn’t seen the box since he made it for her and opens it. He looks at his journals and reads from one. She sits down beside her father on the porch swing. He says it all started so wonderfully on the beach with Sammy and Jack at the beach. We see him give her Sammy her puppy and playing on the beach with Jack and her dad. We see her and Jack having a kid wedding on the beach.

Amanda says she’s spent her whole life chasing happiness and it was all taken in an instant. She says after what she did tonight, it’s all going to change again. David says she let the whole world in and she says Emily Thorne would never have done that. She says Emily was prepared for anything. Amanda says she has no idea what’s coming next. He puts his arm around her and thinks back to him holding her as a child. On an exotic beach, someone circles Amanda’s face on the front page of a newspaper in red sharpie.