Running Wild with Bear Grylls Recap 7/20/15: Season 2 Episode 2 “Jesse Tyler Ferguson”

Running Wild with Bear Grylls Recap 7/20/15: Season 2 Episode 2 "Jesse Tyler Ferguson"

Tonight on NBC their new show RUNNING WITH BEAR GRYLLS airs with an all new Monday July 20, season 2 episode 2 called, “Jesse Tyler Ferguson” We’ve got your recap down below. On tonight’s episode Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Bear build a snow cave in the mountains of Italy and rappel down a frozen waterfall.

On the last episode Famed adventurer, writer and television host Bear Grylls was back for a second season of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.” In the premiere episode, Bear took Oscar nominee Kate Hudson (“Glee”) on an adventure she would not soon forget. Their 48 hour journey found them in the midst of the Dolomites, one of the most treacherous mountain ranges in Italy. As they hiked toward the Austrian border on snow-covered exposed rock cliffs, they made some historical discoveries and work together to survive the elements. Kate also gave Bear a peek into her unique upbringing.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “High above the Italian Alps, Emmy-nominated actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson joins Bear Grylls for a 48 hour adventure of a lifetime. As the two negotiate the Croda Dei Toni, a snowy peak referred to as the “Mountain of Thunders,” they will make a 6,000 foot descent along steep sheer cliffs and sharp ridges, build a snow cave for shelter and eventually rappel a frozen waterfall to their extraction point. Along the way, Ferguson shares some personal insight about his sudden rise to fame with “Modern Family,” his fight for marriage equality and the challenges he faced growing up.”

Will Running with Bear Grylls be another huge hit for NBC? Well you’ll have to tune in tonight at 8PM EST and let us know what you think. We’ll be recapping all of the action right here for you. Hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts about this new show!

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#RunningWild with BearGrylls has Jesse Tyler Ferguson tonight in the Italian Alps. Jesse is ready for his 48 hours adventure and says he has no idea what to expect. He’s in a field near cows and he gives them Italian names. Jesse says his survival skills are zero. Bear shows up in a chopper and says hi. He pulls Jesse into the chopper and they sit in the open door.

Bear tells him it’s all avalanche territory and they’re going to trigger some along the route so they will face less risk. He hands Jesse a grenade type thing and says to toss it out – it blows in the snow and starts snow falling. Bear says this will make their route down safer. They land on top of a mountain and the chopper leaves them. Jesse says he’s short of breath already and it’s insane.

They are at 9,000 feet and Bear tells him to stay close. They have an 8,000 climb and then down to make camp and find food. Jess is scared since it’s an 800 foot drop on an icy path. Now they have to rapel down a cliff of about 200 feet. Jesse says he’s scared of heights, sunborn and frost bite. Bear says Jesse will go first but he doesn’t want to. Jesse says he called in sick on the rope day in gym class.

He tells him to put all his weight on the rope and steps off. He loses his footing and is scared. Bear says to be fearless but he’s cursing and scared. Jesse says he can’t believe what he did and says it was the scariest thing in his life. Bear rapels down rapidly and Jesse is amazed he did it in one leap. Bear tells Jesse he can relax some but he’s scared even though they can clip onto safety wires.

Jesse then has to climb up and is scared more. He mispronounces the name of the Italian climbing thing and calls it a Sophia Vergara. Bear asks if he was an outdoor kid and he says he was an indoor theatre kid. He says kids are terrible in middle and high school and you got shamed for not playing sports. He says he likes doing this because no one would expect it from him.

They stop for a break and Bear gives him some hot chocolate and a snack. He asks about his childhood and Jesse says he didn’t have a lot of friends and he just stayed quiet. He says kids tried to make him miserable and he appreciated the kids who just left him alone. He admits it was character building. Bear asks if it motivated him to do this thing and Jesse laughs and says he’s doing this for the money.

Jesse says he always wanted to do theater and Broadway then he got an audition for Modern Family and says he’s gotten positive feedback from parents of gay kids. He says he had to come out to his dad three times because he just didn’t believe it. He says now his dad is the most supportive and danced at his wedding. He says his dad evolved at his pace but was open to change.

They are up and moving again and Bear has Jesse lead the way. He says to watch his step so they don’t fall into Austria. Jesse says he thinks Bear is making him go first because Bear is scared. Jesse loses his footing as they approach the summit and Bear says the hardest is the closest. They are up against a sheer drop. He tells Jesse how to move at every step and says he’s a mountain man.

Jesse says he’s having a WTF moment. He says the knife ridge was the scariest thing he’s done. Bear says to lead them up the summit slope. They make the summit and raise their arms in victory. They high five and look around at the alps. Jesse says he’s always seen that moment in movies and it’s the highest he’s been in his life. They have more hot chocolate.

Bear says one of Jesse’s goals is to show that he’s tougher than people think he is. Bear says he has total respect for what he’s done. Bear says it’s all down hill from here then they will look for a place to make camp. They find a frozen mountain goat buried in the snow and Bear says it’s dinner. Jesse asks if he’s kidding. Bear says this is great and Jesse asks if it’s a dog and says he saw a flyer for a lost dog.

Bear asks him to get out his machete and pick a leg to cut off. Jesse says Bear makes all things seem possible. Jesse jokes that he’s a vegetarian as he hacks off a hairy leg. Bear has him sniff the marrow. He sticks the leg into Jesse’s pack. Jesse says if he was alone he would have been dead like the goat with legs up. Jesse says the wet goat hair keeps tickling his face.

Bear looks for deep snow to make a snow cave. He says they need to be on the lee slope. They get out shovels and start digging. Bear says he’ll dig and Jesse can move the spoil. Jesse isn’t sure how sleeping in a snow hole will be warm enough.

Bears says snow caves are a great place to shelter and he calls Jesse into their palace. He made a sleeping platform and Jesse says it’s bigger than his first New York apartment. He says they will stay warmer and Bear says snow is a king insulator. Jesse says it’s at a comfortable one degree. Bear says they will also make a platform for a candle and will leave it burning.

He says it will give them light and a little warmth and let them know they have oxygen. They light the candle and Jesse says it’s romantic and he takes him to the nicest places. Bear says they can’t have fire up there so they’re boiling up the goat meat. They try out their snow bunks and Bear says he misses home at this time. They talk marriage and Jesse says they’ve been married two years and together for four more.

Bear says it’s legal everywhere now and Jesse says it’s getting there (this was before the Supreme Court ruling). Jesse says you don’t aspire to domestic partnership but to be married and says having those rights means a lot. He says their day to day didn’t change but when he went to the dentist and could check the married box it meant a lot.

He asks about parenthood and Jesse says he and Justin want kids and he’s a little baby crazy. He says they won’t have an accidental pregnancy and says he can’t wait for that great adventure. Bear says he’ll be a great dad because he has a sweet heart. Bear says he loves the bonds you create with people on adventures like this. Bear tries the goat meat and hands some to Jesse.

He tries it and says it’s not terrible but you can really taste the ingredients. He says it’s beautifully done. Jesse says if Bear opened a restaurant he wouldn’t go and says it’s still in his teeth. He tells Bear to tuck him in and tell him a story then talks about getting hungry and eating the other guy in the snow cave. Jesse says a prayer and thanks God for his new friend Bear who has kept him safe,

Bear joins in the prayer and Jesse says he forgot to mention his husband and now he feels bad. They wake and Jesse says it was the greatest night of his life – he admits it wasn’t as bad as he thought. He says he forced himself to go to sleep. Bear has goat parts boiling for breakfast. He tells Jesse it will put hairs on his chest. Jesse says he thought he was done with the goat then he gets a goat fat latte.

He says his mouth is coated in goat Crisco. Bear says in the military, they used to do their number twos before they left and then would collapse the cave. Jesse moves from the door and goes to sit away. Bear tells him to stop talking so he can poop. He tells Bear to toss his stuff out and says he doesn’t need to go. Jesse says Bear has no boundaries and Bear says he loves pooping in the snow cave.

They head down the mountain and it’s getting steeper as they traverse. They stop and put on crampons. Bear says one of the biggest killers in the mountains is get home-itis and says you get complacent because you want to be home. He asks if he’s worn crampons and Jesse says he’s had cramps. They also rope up and put on their protective gear. Bear tells him to go first and that he’ll secure him.

Jesse struggles with the crampons and gets really winded and then they have to rapel down a frozen waterfall side by side. The waterfall is melty and the path is slippery. Jesse says it’s like they’re going down a snow cone. Jesse says it’s the most terrifying and difficult thing he’s ever done. He’s happy to see the bottom but then loses his footing and keeps falling backwards.

They make it down and Jesse says it was insane and not his most graceful. He looks up and says he can’t believe they came down that. Bear says it was great and they couldn’t see. Jesse says he would have said no if he had known they were going to do that. He says it’s the most adrenaline in his life and says Bear is insane. Bear says Jesse is fierce and says he’s so impressed with him right now.

They have just 15 minutes to get to the pick up point. Jesse says they can stay another night and build a snow cave then says let’s go, just kidding. They set up the flare and Jesse says he’s learned a lot and has surprised himself. He says he thinks he knows how much farther he can push himself. He says it’s amazing. They duck down as the chopper approaches.

Bear says Jesse has faced and overcome many battles and says he’s so proud of how he did. They get into the chopper and close the door. Jesse says it’s a great metaphor for life. He says people underestimate him so this is major validation. He says he never could have done this without Bear.