Scandal Recap – Just Sign on the Dotted Line: Season 5 Episode 6 “Get Out of Jail, Free”

Scandal Recap - Just Sign on the Dotted Line: Season 5 Episode 6 "Get Out of Jail, Free"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday October 29, season 5 episode 6 called, “Get Out of Jail, Free,” and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode, an outrageous plan is presented to Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia, (Kerry Washington) but it could solve their problems.

On the last episode, Olivia needed backup to handle the latest crisis, but the person she turned to is an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Mellie and Cyrus tried to manipulate things from the sidelines; and Jack was haunted by someone from his past. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “an outrageous plan is presented to Fitz and Olivia, but it could solve their problems. Meanwhile, Mellie’s put on the hot seat when she’s asked about her strained marriage; Olivia’s team continue to defend her; and Susan Ross seeks advice from David.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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#Scandal begins with Sally’s news report. She says it’s impeachment week and they have a treat in store. She says 18 Senators will sit in judgment and Mellie is first on the stand. Senator Moskowitz swears her in. Mellie was rehearsed by the committee chairs. Moskowitz asks if Mellie first heard of the affair when Olivia announced it. She says she had no idea at all. Olivia calls Abby who’s with Fitz. She tells Abby that they are about to ambush Mellie. Cyrus says Jeannine Locke.

That’s the woman Fitz claimed to have an affair with. Olivia says this is bad. The lawyer asks for a recess and they say no. Mellie has to read the statement from Locke. It says the First Lady approached her and said she would pay me $2 million to say she slept with Fitz. Moskowitz says she knew and lied and helps Olivia and her husband cover up the affair because it was so dangerous. Mellie says she doesn’t recall. Sally says she sees them all wrapped up in sin together.

Sally is overjoyed at the airing of the dirt. News reports indicate that Mellie knew about the affair and helped cover it up. Patty Snell, Fitz’s lawyer, says he cannot testify. He says no cooperation with the investigation. She says they have to make it look like a witch hunt. Fitz says that won’t get Olivia out of testifying. Cyrus tells Olivia that she and Fitz have to get married. Rowan gets a visit from Elise who says they need his escape plan reviewed.

A guard tells him to get into the laundry hamper then chokes him with a night stick. Rowan fights him out. Sally says it’s judgment day and Fitz will be impeached. Rowan says the laundry truck left two hours ago. He chokes the guy down. Cyrus tells Olivia she can claim spousal privilege but Olivia says he’s not divorced. Cyrus says they signed papers and Olivia says this makes the Oval Office a drive thru chapel. Cyrus reminds her that he married a whore.

Olivia says Jeannine Locke won’t take them down. Cyrus starts rattling off a list of things that will take them down. Fitz says they can find another way. Jake goes to the prison and the nurse says they usually call an emergency contact but Rowan has none. She says he and Elise are the only ones on the list. Jake goes home and puts a gun on Elise and asks why she visited Rowan in prison. She says she was hired by the people running Lazarus One and she’s there to kill Rowan.

We see Elise telling the guard not to kill Rowan quickly. He asks who she’s working for and she says she doesn’t know but the world will be better without Rowan. Sally says Olivia’s band of criminals are on the stand today to talk about their involvement with the Locke mess. Moskowitz asks who came up the plan to frame Jeannine. Abby says she doesn’t know. The others repeat that too. Olivia coaches them and says they will try to get them to perjure themselves. Quinn says they have a video.

Olivia says the question is did you leak the video – none of them did it personally. Quinn, Abby and Huck sit shoulder to shoulder. They ask who leaked the video of Locke. Abby says it was Harrison and Marcus says that’s great since he’s dead. The committee is stunned. Gibson doesn’t like this answer. Abby says they’re all going to hell. Marcus says it wasn’t pretty but got the job done. Marcus asks Olivia if she’s decided what to say. A nurse calls for Olivia and hands the phone to Rowan.

He tells her he needs her help and his life is in danger. She hangs up on him. Marcus asks who it was and she says no one. Susan comes to see David Rosen and she asks if it’s a bad time then says something came up. He tells her to come on in. She laughs hysterically then says she wants to know if she can resign. He’s stunned. Abby stands and Olivia asks her to sit. She tells Abby if she marries Fitz she won’t have to testify. Abby says that’s good. Olivia says if she goes to the committee she will lie.

Abby says she can’t do that. She can’t perjure herself. Olivia says she has to perjure himself so he won’t be impeached. She says she needs a way out. Abby says just marry him but Olivia says she’s not ready for that. Abby says she could go to jail if she takes the stand. Olivia says marrying Fitz is a kind of jail too. Quinn and Huck wonder how they can tempt the Senators with something else. Quinn gets a call from Rowan. She goes to see him and says she won’t lift a finger to help him. She told Huck it was Charlie.

Olivia finds candles lit and rose petals that lead out to the porch. Soft music plays and she steps outside. Fitz is in a tux and there are flowers all over. He says this is his do over and says he knows the Oval was not the place to discuss marriage like a transaction. He says he wants another shot and says they deserve that. He pulls out a ring and kneels. She tells him to get up and then starts crying. She walks away and he says he thought it was what she wanted. He asks what she wants and she says not this.

She says she doesn’t want a fake storybook romance. Fitz says he should be in the sit room talking about the war on terror but he’s asking Charlotte to scour the presidential library to get a ring that belonged to Betsy Ross. He says he didn’t want to do this and says no man ever wants to. She asks why he did and he says he loves her and she is what he wants. He says she doesn’t feel the same obviously. He says some fantasy, right. She says they’re not ready. He says she’s not ready.

He says he’s not sure she ever will be. She says that’s not fair and he says answer the question – what is it she wants. She stares and says nothing. He says that’s what he thought. Jake gets a call from Liv who says she’s at home and asks if she can be a married person. She says she may have to get married. He says he has to go and she says she needs to know what to do. He says he’s hanging up then he does. There’s a knock and she opens up. Quinn says she heard Liv is first up to testify in the morning.

She asks Liv if she’s going to get married. She says she doesn’t know. Quinn asks if she wants to get married. Olivia says if she doesn’t have a solution she wants to be alone. She says she might. Olivia has to go see Rowan and asks why he’s in the infirmary. He says his heart is erratic. She checks the monitor and says it’s fine. He says he’s been faking arrhythmias so he’s not killed in his cell. He says whoever is behind this will keep trying and will kill him. He says she has to get him out.

She stares and says goodbye. He says he’s offering something of value in return. He says he can make the impeachment go away. He says the B613 files are in his head and he knows all about the committee. He says he can get her out of his mess if she gets him out of prison. She leaves. Olivia sits in her car thinking. She thinks about Mellie saying she could sign Fitz’s name as good as he can and saying she’s been doing it since he was governor.

Olivia meets with Mellie and says she has a way out. Mellie says she’s already out and is probably out of the Senate, out of her marriage and career. Olivia says it can get worse if she testifies. She tells Mellie she’s not threatening her and says she’s telling the truth. She says all they have is Jeannine Locke. She says she knows it was bad but Mellie can survive it. She says if she doesn’t testify, this is over and Locke is gone. She says she will have to tell the truth and they will all go down if she testifies.

Olivia says if she can secure a prisoner release, he will make all this go away with no violence and Mellie will be back in her life. She says this is the way out. Mellie sighs and asks who he is. Olivia says it doesn’t matter but Mellie asks again. Olivia hands her the file. Mellie says she knows Damascus Bainbridge then asks how he got to him. She says that’s not his name. Olivia says his name is Eli Pope and he’s her father. Mellie is stunned. She takes the file again and looks at it.

Mellie says she doesn’t understand then says he came to her as a donor who wanted information on the jurors he then has killed. Mellie asks who is he and what does he do. She says her father ran a secret intelligence agency within the US. She says it’s not a normal agency. She asks if Fitz ever mentioned that man came to her. She asks why Olivia thinks that Fitz threw her out. She says she didn’t know. Mellie hands back the file and says her father is a murderer who slaughtered innocents.

Mellie says she wants her to do this so she and Fitz can live happily together. She says the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Mellie says her father has probably always mowed people down to clear a path for Olivia then asks who else has he hurt then asks if Olivia even knows. Mellie rants on then scoffs. Olivia says her father killed Mellie’s son. Mellie starts hyperventilating. She leans against the wall. Olivia walks away. Morning comes and Fitz lies in bed awake back to back with Olivia.

She rolls over and says – let me see the ring. He gets it out of the drawer and pops the box open. She asks who it belonged to and he says Betsy Ross. Olivia sits up and slides it on her finger. She then takes off another ring she had on and put it back in the box. She tells Fitz okay. He repeats okay. She says no wedding dress, flowers or vows and she’s keeping her name. He says good because he’s only marrying her for her money. She laughs. They cuddle up in bed and he holds her tight.

Liv calls Jake and says she’s going to do it. He says good for you. She says she didn’t want him to hear on TV. He says whatever. She says she needs him and he says don’t need him or ask him for anything then says that’s his job. He congratulates her then hangs up. Elise is packed to leave but Jake says he’s coming then asks what’s the plan. She says Union Station 3 pm tomorrow. Fitz meets with Mellie to sign the papers. He asks if Teddy can split his time with them. She says no way. He says Karen they can split.

Mellie agrees. Fitz asks if she’s going to go back on any of this since there are no lawyers there. She says they are both lawyers. She says she wants to visit Jerry’s grave on Saturday without him being there. He agrees. She says she wants control of Jerry’s foundation. She says she needs to have something to do with her time when she’s not Senator. He says sign the damned papers. She does. Fitz sighs and he asks if there’s something else she wants. He asks what is it.

Mellie says there’s nothing. She leaves. He says there’s nothing left for her to take. She asks what he said and he says goodbye. She demands him to repeat it and he does. She slams the door then asks what she’s taken from him. He says everything. She asks how he convinces himself that he’s blameless in every situation. She asks if he has cognitive issues. She says she wants to hear how he thinks this is her fault. She mocks him then says have another sip. He says the damage she caused is irreparable.

He says this fabricated marriage he’s about to enter with the only woman he ever loved is on her. She says he kicked her out of her home then he says she killed those jurors and has blood on her hands. She says it was always to protect him. Mellie says he’s the common denominator and the root cause. She says the jurors and Jerry’s death are all on him. She says she would never have married him and forced herself to have both him and his disgusting father lying on top of her.

She says she wouldn’t have propped up his mediocrity for the past 20 years and her life would have meant something if it wasn’t for him. She walks away and says goodbye. He calls out to her but she’s gone. Sally talks about how there’s just four more hours until Olivia testifies and she can’t wait. She asks Susan Ross if she’s ready to take her place as the second female president of the US then says she’s the first. David tells Susan she can resign then asks why would she do it.

She struggles for an answer then asks if he has a wine cooler. He says he has sisters so he certainly has and sends his assistant for wine coolers. She says the president’s behavior is disgusting as they drink. David says he thinks she’s scared of being President if Fitz is ousted. David says there are so many people involved in the president’s affairs. He says she’s wrong – he’s the only man in this country you can prosecute for sleeping around is the president.

Susan says she would make a terrible president. He says the worst people are the ones who think they’d be great presidents. David says she would not be any worse than what they have now. He says she wouldn’t snag everyone she knows on her zipper. Cyrus has the papers ready to get them married. The Secret Service tells Olivia they will assign her a code name then asks if she has a Chief of Staff. He says they are like the cones that are around the necks of a dog.

He says they are annoying but she’ll get used to it. The Secret Service man smiles at her and gives her a list of items. He tells her she has to give up her cellphone and she’ll get a new secure advice. Mellie calls Olivia just before they get married. Jake is at Union Station looking for Elise. He touches her – she keels over dead. The hearing is called to order. They call Olivia to the stand. She’s not there. She is in the tunnels under the Senate.

Abby comes to hand Fitz the engagement ring. The Senators call for Olivia. The committee members are handed envelopes with photos of their personal dirt. They all open them. Olivia meets Mellie and she says she had a realization about Olivia. She says all these years she spent hating Olivia and thinking she took Fitz. She says she’s not her enemy, she’s her freedom. She says Olivia is her white knight and her push to greatness and Savior. Mellie says she was blind but now she sees.

She tells Olivia she’s going to make her the President and smiles wickedly at Olivia. Moskowitz calls for a recess. The news reports that Gibson and Moskowitz have ended the impeachment hearings. Rowan walks up beside Mellie – Tom Larsen is with him. Rowan says Mellie even threw in an old friend just for him then says hello to his daughter. Mellie says Olivia will do what she wants since she did what Olivia wanted.