Scandal Recap 10/8/15: Season 5 Episode 3 “Paris Is Burning”

Scandal Recap 10/8/15: Season 5 Episode 3 "Paris Is Burning"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday October 8, season 5 episode 3 called, “Paris Is Burning,” and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode, huge repercussions await Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Fitz. (Tony Goldwyn)

On the last episode, Olivia and her team left Washington, D.C., to work on a new case. Meanwhile, Abby received surprising advice from a public-relations expert; and a driven Fitz set out to uncover who’s responsible for the recent turn of events. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Huge repercussions await Olivia and Fitz. Meanwhile, Mellie calls on an old pal to secure what she wants; and Abby demonstrates that she’s suited to working at the White House.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.


#Scandal begins with Abby scuttling down the halls of the White House. She threatens people as she goes. Fitz and Mellie sit for their interview. Abby calls to Charlotte and says to call the agent in charge of the security detail today. Mellie and Fitz are putting on a good show and saying this is all rumor and speculation. Abby and the security team jog towards the Oval Office. Mellie says Olivia has been a good friend to them. Abby bursts in with a fake security alert and shuts down filming.

Abby says she lied to get them out. Mellie turns up the news and sees Olivia saying she’s the President’s mistress. Mellie is furious. Fitz smiles a little. Abby tells Noah she’s sorry about the threat. He says cut the crap and she asks for the tape of the interview. Liz tells everyone the word of the day is silence. Olivia is there and comes to the Oval. Mellie says it’s the girl who can’t shut her legs or mouth. Abby tells them that Noah is giving them an hour to do an interview or he’ll run the lying interview.

Abby says to try the truth – that their marriage fell apart after their son died and they’re getting a divorce. Fitz tells her they can’t lie and says to go to her office and he’ll call her for the interview when it’s time. Mellie is furious and stalks out. Olivia tells Fitz there are other options to consider and says he can cast her as a homewrecker. She says he can admit the affair but stay with Mellie during his second term. Fitz says they’ll tell the truth and move on together. Olivia says she’s sorry and should have warned him. He says he loved what she said.

He steps in for a kiss. Abby goes off at a hot pace to Mellie’s office. She tells Mellie the interview can work for her too. Cyrus is there and Abby asks why he’s there. He says he answered the call to serve and she curses. He’s there to serve as Mellie’s chief advisor. Cyrus says he heard the President would like Mellie to come to an interview and they want some things in return. He kicks Abby out then asks what Mellie wants. She says she wants to destroy Olivia and make them suffer and bleed.

Cyrus says that’s an important moment and says think like a champion. He says raise your sword and run into battle and tell him what the inscription on her monument will read. He asks again what she wants. She says she wants the Oval. He says yes. Liz comes to tell Fitz that Cyrus is there to negotiate on behalf of Mellie. Fitz says she’ll get nothing and like it and says Fitz can’t be involved or they won’t get the interview. He tells Liz to move or be fired. Liz says fire me and Olivia says to hear her out.

Liz says she’s protecting him then asks what he’s focused on. Olivia says anger gets him nowhere and Liz is right. He says nothing can be agreed to without his say-so. Liz leaves. The press outside says the White House has gone silent. Huck and Quinn are manning phones and hanging up on interview requests. Jake comes in and turns off the TV, unplugs the phones and shuts down the computers. He says Olivia did this and the plan already happened. He says she obliterated her life on purpose.

He says she’s following her one rule for clients – do not lie. Jake says she stood on her own and they are done. Quinn says they can do nothing. Jake says he’s going to get wasted and watch the world end. He asks if they want to join him. Cyrus tells Abby and Liz that Fitz has to support Mellie’s White House bid and will be her bitch. He says Olivia can’t move in to the White House, no public appearances as a public couple by Fitz and Olivia until Mellie is in the White House, he says the kids can’t have contact with Liv.

Abby goes to tell Fitz what Mellie wants. Olivia tells Fitz they need Mellie on their side. She says she’s negotiated plenty of divorces and what she’s asking isn’t too much. He says to let her feel like she’s won. Abby says Cyrus won’t negotiate with Liz and he asks why. Olivia says it’s a power move and then Abby gets mad at Olivia and says she lied to her. Liv says she was trying to protect her and Abby says she was trying to protect herself. She says she let her be humiliated in front of her peers and she left her to die.

Abby says if she had told her, she could have protected her. Olivia says she didn’t want to put her in that position but Abby says she didn’t think she was good enough at her job to handle it. She walks out. Huck, Quinn and Jake get drunk and then Jake takes a call from Olivia. She asks what’s going on over there and he asks the same. She says she asked first. He says they got drunk and are still drinking. She says it sounds fun and she could use a drink. She says she thinks she made a mistake telling the truth.

He asks if he can help and she says she’s good and he’s too drunk to drive anyway. Abby negotiates with Cyrus who says Olivia can’t take Grant’s name and she wants his family home. Olivia says to print up the agreement. Liz asks Abby if Olivia always had the White House as a goal. Abby says they are not gathering ammo against Olivia. Liz says they already have it. Cyrus hands the agreement to Mellie to look over. Mellie reads it and says no. She says she should have asked for more. Cyrus asks what more.

He asks what she’ll give if she wants more. She tells Cyrus he’s lost it and has gone soft watching TV with his whore. She says he lost his fire. Cyrus grabs the document and says he’ll see what he can do. He walks out. Cyrus goes to talk to Fitz and tells him Mellie won’t budge. He says he’s sorry that he couldn’t come through for him or the country. He says she’s being Mellie. He says Fitz has been gracious but Mellie is not operating on the same level.

Olivia asks what she wants and Cyrus asks if he can speak frankly. He says her pride is hurt and she may never go for this. Cyrus says Mellie thought they were a team and she has no one and is lost and lonely. Cyrus says this will go away if he takes it back and put the relationship with Olivia on hold until he’s out of office. Fitz thanks him. It seems like Cyrus is playacting. He leaves the Oval. Olivia picks up her jacket and says she needs air. She finds Mellie going through her closet looking for booze.

She asks Olivia if she drank it will she was sleeping in her bed. Mellie says Olivia needs a drink for all the horrible state dinners and tedious crap and smiling she has to do. Mellie sips her moonshine and offers her some. Olivia says she doesn’t want any but Mellie says no one cares about her wants and needs anymore and he’s all that matters. She says she won’t feel like a real person anymore and says her business and her group of thugs is done. She can’t bring them there.

Mellie says as soon as Fitz takes her hand in public, it’s over. Olivia asks if she drinks to feel numb. Mellie says living there makes you feel numb – drinking makes her feel alive. She tells Olivia she hopes she knows what she’s really fighting for. Then Mellie says any hooch she finds she can consider her parting gift. Olivia is near tears. Mellie walks out.

Liz and Abby meet with Noah and tell him they’re on track. Abby argues with Fitz. Olivia asks for a minute and tells Fitz she’s calling it. She says Mellie won’t take the deal and won’t change her mind. She says they can wait 18 months and says it’s okay. Fitz says Mellie got to her. Olivia smiles and says she listened to what she had to say. Fitz says she’s giving up and she says on what and says she has worked her entire life for certain things.

She asks if he thought about what she’s giving up to be there. Fitz finds Mellie on the porch with her moonshine. She says she wanted one last look at this view. He says he’s sorry and she’s feeling abandoned because he abandoned her. He says he took her love, support, and belief he could be great. He says he used that to become President and didn’t say thank you. He says thank you and says he knows and he’s sorry.

She asks if he thinks he can say sorry for treating her like a mutt and she’ll just go sell his lie to Noah Baker. She asks when has he ever sacrificed for her. He says she’s going to be the first woman President. He says he knows him breaking up the team must feel like an awful betrayal. She says she thought they would grow old together and he says he did too. Liz briefs her staff on the interview and the message. Abby finds Olivia in another room and she says Fitz is getting ready for the interview.

Olivia tells Abby she’s sorry that she lied and says she’s not often in this situation. Olivia says it’s new for her but she should know the view from here is that Abby is very good at her job. Abby says she learned from the best. Cyrus comes in and says Mellie agreed to do the interview and he thinks Fitz made the right choice. Cyrus asks for his job back so they can finish what they started. He tells Fitz that he’s his guy and he has his back and is sorry if he thought otherwise. He asks him to bring him back.

Fitz stops signing documents then says Cyrus does not work here anymore. He goes back to signing papers. Cyrus is floored. Fitz tells him he can go. He does. Abby asks Noah to hand over the old footage but he says he doesn’t trust them. He says he’ll hand it over afterwards. Cyrus comes to see Mellie and asks if she changed her mind about the interview. He asks if she got everything she asked for and says nothing is different from when she said she wanted more. He asks if Fitz gave her more after all the years and all the laws. He tells her Fitz is the greatest politician in the world and she got played.

Cyrus says that dress will look great on camera then he walks off. Fitz asks Mellie if she’s ready and he takes her hand. They walk into the interview. She thinks about the things that Fitz just told her and about his dad raping her, her son dying, and how hurt she has been time and again. She stops and he asks if she’s okay. Mellie tells him he almost had her and she walks out. Abby and Liz go running and Noah says time is up.

Quinn and Huck are watching TV when they tell Jake the Louvre is burning and no one cares. Fitz tells Liz that Mellie is out and Abby says Mellie and Cyrus are out. They tell him that there is no interview without Mellie. Abby says to let her do her job and try and fix this. Olivia says to let her go to work. Fitz agrees and Liz and Abby step out. He says maybe Noah will listen to reason. Olivia says they’re not going to Noah. She says they’re going to the press room and Abby will throw her under the bus.

Olivia says it’s the right play and she’s handling it just like she would. Abby takes press questions. Olivia tells Fitz to sit and let it play out. He says she doesn’t get to tell him what to do. She says sit there and watch her choose him. She hands him a drink and he sits as she directed. She sits with him and he puts his arm around her. She leans on him. Abby tells the reporters she can’t speculate on tabloid gossip then says Olivia Pope has a certain reputation here in Washington and has had some high profile relationships.

She tells them they have to talk to Olivia for answers about her relationships. Cyrus and Mellie drive in their car. Rowan watches the news at the jail when he’s told he has a visitor – it’s Jake. Jake says he’s not there because of Olivia then tells him the Louvre is on fire. Rowan says Lazarus One and Jake says it looks like it. Rowan says Nero fiddled while Rome burned.