Scandal Recap – Huck Comes Clean: Season 4 Episode 15 “The Testimony of Diego Muñoz”

Scandal Recap - Huck Comes Clean: Season 4 Episode 15 "The Testimony of Diego Muñoz"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday March 12, season 4 episode 15 called, “The Testimony of Diego Muñoz,” and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode, an unexpected visitor surprises David [Joshua Malina] with insider info about B613, and this news could be detrimental to both the White House and Olivia’s [Kerry Washington] firm.

On the last episode, an unfortunate event occurs in Washington, D.C., and it became the focal point of national news. Meanwhile, the White House had to figure out how to handle the vice president. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “David Rosen is caught off guard when a surprise visitor reveals insider information about B613 that could take down the White House and destroy Pope & Associates.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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The new candidate for VP is getting read. Cyrus greets Susan and Mellie encourages her. She’s been working with Abby. Cyrus runs her through her talking points and she rattles them off perfectly. Fitz introduces her on the White House lawn – Senator Susan Ross – and says she’s just what America needs. She says she has an abiding passion to solve problems and has a unique perspective as a single parent. Cyrus tells Abby that she did nice work with her. But then Susan gets panic giggles. Wow.

Olivia is sitting on her floor drinking booze and thinking about her horrible ordeal. She gets a call from Cyrus who says he knows she’s still getting back on her feet. She says she’s not coming back and says that one thing with the dad with the gun is different. He asks her to come help with Susan. Rose, Olivia’s neighbor’s BFF, is arguing with a man who wants to change the locks but Olivia speaks through the door and says it’s not true and that Lois has the apartment and opportunity to pay for five more days.

Rose asks Olivia if she’s the nice neighbor Lois always talked about. Liv opens her door – all those locks – and invites Rose in for a cup of tea. She asks Olivia if she’s all right. She says she had the flu and is still recovering. She says Lois told her to go talk to the black lady across the hall if she was ever in trouble. She says she and Lois have been friends for years and talk every day but she hasn’t heard from Lois for three weeks. Rose says the cops told her she maybe went on vacation.

But Rose then says she and Lois vacation together and says Lois’ wallet was on her kitchen counter. She says something is right and something happened to her. Olivia heads into the office and startles Huck and Quinn. She says Lois Moore is the issue. She says the kidnappers shot her neighbor and her friend Rose is looking for. She says Lois is there and they dumped her somewhere. Olivia says they put her in a body bag with Rose on top of her and took them out together in the ambulance.

She tells them to start with the ambulance. Huck tells Quinn that at least she came in and says that’s something. David just met with a guy who thinks the moon is a hologram put there to hypnotize all of them. He asks why he lets crackpots in and Holly says it’s important to keep his finger on the pulse of the people. She says his next meeting is another crackpot – a woman who says her husband worked for a super secret off books government agency called B613. David is stunned. He says to send her in.

Mrs Munoz comes in and says her husband Diego Munoz told her all about B613. David says maybe her husband made it up but she slams some files on his desk. OMG that’s Huck’s wife! The news is all over Susan Ross and her crazy laugh. Cyrus brings in Leo Bergen to try and shape Susan up and make her more presentable but Leo says they need to just find another candidate. Cyrus says they can’t and have to fix her. Abby says they can offer him a big fat fee and he agrees.

Leo goes to chat with Susan and he says he’s going to take away the obstacles in the path to greatness for her. Abby says they need to get the public to embrace her. Leo says to do everything she says and keep a straight face. She says no more laughing then asks how they get started. Leo says with more laughing then sends her for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel who says her laugh is now the top selling ring tone. He begs her to recreate the laugh. Then Leo says an interview with Alicia Thomas.

Leo says they will drill her to death so that she’s ready. He says they will teach her the language of the core. He starts with gay marriage. He coaches her to say that gay marriage is a state’s right issue. Alicia asks her favorite book and she says the Bible. Leo is all over Susan and Abby tells him that he’s frazzling her. He says he’s doing what she hired him for. They argue and both are getting hot and bothered by it.

David goes to Olivia’s office. He says he was sitting there in his office when a woman came in and said she had B613 files. David says those are the files that he color coded himself and says she told him that her husband gave them to her. David says it’s Diego Munoz and Jake says whoever Diego is will be a dead man soon. They wonder what Diego Munoz does since he has clearance. Huck speaks up and says that was his name. They ask why he gave her the files and he says he had his reasons.

David says a journalist or someone from Justice will dig into this. Huck says he’ll take care of it. Quinn walks in on them and Huck says Jake and David were just leaving. Quinn says she found the ambulance. He asks isn’t she going to ask about what that was but she says he’ll tell her when she’s ready. It’s night and Leo is still drilling Susan. Leo screams at her and she slams her face onto the desk. Then she says she quits. She says this is all theater and not what she really wants to do.

She tells Abby to tell the President to find someone else and she storms out frustrated. Quinn and Huck find the ambulance and break into it. There’s no body bag there and Quinn says the probably disappeared Lois then talk about all the ways they could have disposed of the body. She asks him to get something to eat but he says he has something to do. He starts to get defensive but she accepts it readily and tells him to go do this thing.

Huck goes to talk to his wife Kim and says she can’t just go talking to anyone about B613. She asks how he found out and she says David Rosen is on their side and is just as concerned as her. Huck tells her she needs to drop this because she’s not safe and needs to think about Javi. She says David will protect him because he should testify in exchange for full immunity. Kim tells Huck she’s on his side and believes him now and asks isn’t that what he wanted.

She says B613 did terrible things to him and their family and hundreds of other families. Huck says he can’t do it. Kim says she’s moving forward with or without him. Huck goes to tell Jake and David about this. Jake tells Huck needs to testify and says he’s just a soldier with PTSD who lied to try and get his wife back. Huck says Kim won’t ever talk to him again but Jake says at least she’ll be alive. Abby and Leo are getting ready for bed and he’s annoyed since he already put his mouth guard in.

Abby says he was out of line with Susan but Leo says she needs to toughen up. She says he was a bully but he says Joseph Stalin is a bully that American presidents have to deal with. He says maybe she’s not the right person for the job and she says maybe he’s not then tells him he’s fired. He puts on his pants to leave. He says he would have won Susan Ross and could have gotten over the finish line but the fact that Abby can’t trust that is too much.

Olivia is in her office reliving her nightmare when Rose comes in and says Lois got a new hip last year and says it was titanium with a serial number on it and says maybe they can use it to track her down. Rose says she knows Lois is gone but needs to know what happened. Olivia says Rose is her power of attorney and they had an entire life together. Olivia asks if they were just friends and Rose says maybe it was just a bit more than that. Olivia asks why they didn’t live together.

Rose says she and Lois met when they were 16 and says it was hard enough being black back then much less black and gay. She says Lois got married and had a life then when her husband died, Lois wrote her and she was on a plane an hour later. She says they never lived together then jokes that Lois kept the thermostat too high. Olivia says she will try her best to get Lois back to her but doesn’t want her to be left waiting. Rose says she already waited 40 years for her so it’s not problem.

Olivia is walking around her house in her PJs with a gun and a toothbrush. She looks at the wine stain on her sofa. Later she’s at her desk when Abby shows up with lunch for her. She tells her Susan Ross quit and she fired Leo which means that they likely broke up. Abby says Susan Ross’ career is over if she doesn’t show up for the Senate hearing today.

Abby says Susan is a good person and is weird in a good way plus she’s white hat. She begs Olivia to do it for her and Susan and she won’t have to go to the White House. Abby says something terrible happened to her and says she needs something good to offset the bad guys winning. They have three hours til the hearing. Olivia says yep. They bring Susan Ross in and Olivia says she should only bow out because she thinks she’s the wrong person not because of fear.

Olivia tells her it’s okay to be scared and says fear can hold you back. She tells her to think before she turns her back on the job that only 47 other people have ever held. We see Susan at the Senate hearings. Olivia tells her to be honest and show her integrity. She says the country needs her. Susan says they can’t know because you can’t practice being President. She says she would rely on brilliant advisors then make a smart thoughtful decision.

Olivia watches news coverage about how well Susan did but the news says she likely won’t have the votes to be confirmed. Abby calls her and Olivia says the Senate has an issue with Fitz not Susan. Abby asks her to please help. Cyrus tells Fitz that Olivia thinks that the problem is Fitz and the Senate. Olivia stands in the corner of the room acting like he’s not there. Fitz says the president doesn’t beg and Olivia says it wasn’t the war it was the way he went about it.

She says he said that he would never got to war in West Angola then did it three days later then pulled out abruptly. Olivia tells Fitz he made a mockery of democracy. He walks over to Olivia and says she knows why he did it. She tells him to go to the Hill and beg them to forgive him or he’ll lose the Democrats and Susan Ross. Olivia walks out of the Oval as her phone chimes. She takes the call from Quinn who says they found Lois’ body and says it was dumped in a state park.

Quinn says the ID on her hip replacement did it and says she and Quinn are going to claim her body now. Liv says she’ll call Rose. Huck has dinner with Kim and Javi then Javi asks if he can go to Jay’s house. He takes off. Kim says this was nice and tells Huck she’s proud of him for agreeing to testify. He says he’s doing what’s right. She says maybe he can by after the deposition and says Javi makes spaghetti for them.

Huck asks Quinn if she ever sees Charlie. He tells her to tell Charlie to destroy whatever B613 files are left. Quinn says she has been patient and has waited but now he has to tell her what’s going on. He tells her that Kim gave his B613 files to David and wants her to testify. He says he chose Liv and it won’t blow back on any of them. David brings Huck in for a deposition. He asks about B613 and his first assignment there. Huck says he can’t recall. Kim encourages him.

David asks him to tell him about any of the B613 assignments. He then asks where B613 is located. Huck says he doesn’t remember and doesn’t know who was in charge. Kim tells him to answer. She says the files are real then asks Huck to tell him about the hole. Huck is stressing because he knows he’s killing his relationship with Kim by testifying. Huck finally says there is a hole and he was put in it. David asks him to describe it and he says he can’t.

David says he’s done then Huck says it was too dark to see. He says it was small and always dark. He gives off the dimensions of the hole. He says he measured the walls every day. He says he pretended every day to take walks and says your imagination is the only thing that keeps you alive. He says he likes the snow and says it’s important to have a routine. He talks about his imaginary days in the hole and says he tried not to dream while he slept.

Then he starts crying and says every day he wrote a letter to his wife then put it on the bookshelf he wrote. David sits back down and wipes his eyes. David says okay and Kim gives Huck an encouraging nod to get him to go on. Fitz heads to the White House to grovel then sure enough Susan gets her confirmation approved as VP. Mellie is thrilled. Abby finds Leo in her apartment and she says she was right to fire him and if he can’t handle dating a big dog she can handle being dumped.

He grans her and kisses her then tells her to do it again but says to first put on her high heel boots. She says he’s disgusting and he says he knows. Susan Ross is sworn in as Vice President with her daughter at her side then Fitz gives her a big hug. Huck takes Kim home and looks around nervously. She kisses him and then she goes inside. Rose asks Olivia what happened to Lois and where they found her. She says she was on a bench in Georgetown near the waterfront. She says the ME says it was an aneurysm.

Olivia says it’s one of the best ways to go because there’s not even one moment of pain. She says it’s just like she fell asleep on a warm beautiful day listening to the sound of the river. Rose says it was still too soon. Rose cries and says now she’s all alone. She says things won’t ever be the same. Olivia thinks about being on the beach with Jake, kissing Jake, kissing Fitz, dancing around her apartment and then the utter emptiness now.

Later, Olivia goes home and stares at the wine on her couch. She puts the cushion in a trash bag in the hall and sits down with a huge bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine. David shows Jake the testimony that Huck gave. David says he should shut it down since it can hurt all of them but says he won’t shut it down. He says they took over the B613 files to try and take out the bad guys. He says he’s going to pursue it but will try to protect them and Olivia. Jake reminds him they are the bad guys but David says – not any more.