Scorpion Recap 10/19/15: Season 2 Episode 5 “Super Fun Guys”

Scorpion Recap 10/19/15: Season 2 Episode 5 "Super Fun Guys"

Tonight on CBS Scorpion starring Elyes Gabel continues with an all new Monday October 12, season 2 episode 5 called, “Super Fun Guys” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode The team goes undercover on the set of a superhero movie in Kazakhstan.

For those of you who don’t know, a computer genius and his equally brilliant friends investigate high-tech crimes.

On the last episode, Walter, Cabe and Happy became trapped in a top-secret submarine with a limited oxygen supply and the potential to self-destruct after an explosion propelled it to the bottom of the ocean. Did you watch the last episode last season? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the CBS synopsis, “The team goes undercover on the set of a superhero movie in Kazakhstan to dismantle a nuclear missile being sold by terrorists.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Scorpion’s first season.

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#TeamScorpion starts with Sylvester visiting Megan at the hospital. He’s reading a comic book to her. He notices her hand twitching and says she seems tired and promises to visit in a few days. She says she has a procedure scheduled and says she’s doing deep brain stimulation. She says it might give her better quality of life in her last few months. He doesn’t want to hear about her dying. She says if they’re off at all, she will lose her vision or speech. She asks him to be there when she comes out.

Sylvester says he’ll be there. She says it will take a few days to know if it works and asks him not to tell Walter. Cabe is working with Toby on his boxing and says he’s boxing like a girl. Toby says he’s ready for a smoker and a basement fight when he knocks some concrete off a wall. Happy says it’s water damaged and throws a wall into it. Toby asks why they’re working in a dingy garage that’s falling apart at the seams. Ray is there and says he can fix it up since they’re letting him live there.

Happy tells Walter they want out of here and Happy says to hit up his billionaire pal for help. Walter offers to let them invest in the company for stock. None of them have any. Then Katherine shows up with a job for them in Kazakhstan. She says a 70s era nuke is for sale. She says the sale is going down in a warehouse area on a base. Toby says their fee is $5 billion. Katherine says if they can find the sale location, they can send in a SEAL team. Happy says those buildings are lead lined.

Walter guesses the make of the rocket and says it releases an electrical hum in a certain range. Happy says they can narrow it down to two or three. Walter says there should be WiFi for security. They brain storm on how to narrow it down. Paige asks how they can get the tech into Kazakhstan. Katherine says they will go in as a film crew working behind the scenes on a film. She hands out dossiers with their new identities.

Sylvester is thrilled that they’re going to be on the set of Super Fun Guy, a movie from the comic book he was reading. Katherine begs Paige to go to keep them in line. Toby gives Happy a toy motorcycle to park outside her doll house. Sylvester reminds him her dad said to give her space. He says to let it lie but Toby insists he and Happy are just friends. Sylvester gets a call from Megan who says the procedure has been moved up to tomorrow night.

Walter sets up a sort of x-ray vision and they test it on Ray’s trailer and find him dancing around. Walter calls to him and asks if he’s okay. He comes out sweaty from dancing and they tell him never mind. Sylvester tells Walter he can’t go for a personal reason he can’t go into and says he will provide remote software support. He wishes them a good flight and walks away. Walter ponders this. They head to Kazakhstan without Sylvester and check into a shady place.

Walter says they won’t be there for long and Toby jokes about Legionnaire’s disease. Cabe says he’ll go with in case there are guards and Toby asks what good he is without his gun. He hits Toby with a Vulcan nerve pinch. Paige is acting as the on-set narrator of the behind the scenes film while Walter acts as camera man and Happy as boom girl. Those props hide their real equipment. They scan buildings and Toby and Cabe monitor from the van. A guy walks over and asks if they are with the film crew.

He says he’s a location scout and says they need to find something more exotic. He says he’ll see them around the set. Cabe chastises Toby for only being concerned with Happy. Walter finds the missile in a certain Warehouse and they also see guards. Cabe says they’re ready to call it in to the SEALs. Back at the hotel, Toby says that’s easy and Paige says too bad they can’t stay and get a souvenir from the set for Sylvester. Walter says he doesn’t get the superhero thing.

Then the location scout knocks and says the local cops are after him because he didn’t have a permit. Cabe says to let him in and they do. He comes in and says the cops will take your gold fillings. He grabs Paige and puts a gun to her head and says he noticed the mic wasn’t plugged in. He thinks they’re spies. He says his father worked for Soviet radio and he knows sound equipment. Walter offers to let him inspect his camera to see there was just a defect.

Walter aims the light in his eye and Cabe tackles him. They tie him up. Cabe asks him how many men are guarding the missile. Then they ask if he told anyone about them and he says Super Fun Guy. Cabe worries the SEALs could be walking into a trap. Cabe gets a call and tells Katherine to sit by the phone. Cabe says the SEALs were grounded because they heard the Russian guy talking about them. Cabe says the arms dealers have secured the borders and secured the borders so they are stuck there too.

Walter says they always get stuck like this and Toby asks where is Super Fun Guy when you need him. Paige asks if they can sneak across the border. Sylvester suggests hiding in the forest a week or two ago. Ray asks Sylvester where he can find a plunger. Cabe says they have to take care of the missile too. Walter asks the goal and Cabe says the nuke. The obstacle is the guards. Happy suggests going under it and spots what she thinks it a metal hatch.

She says there may be tunnels and Sylvester confirms there are steam tunnels. He says if they make it to building 28, they can get to the nuke building. Walter wonders how they disable it. Happy says rewiring doesn’t work. Walter says they can use nitric acid to neutralize the plutonium. Sylvester says they can get it from the munitions factory since it’s used for gunpowder. He says there’s one 12 miles away. He says he needs the specs for the factory. Megan calls and Sylvester hangs up on Walter.

Megan tells him she’s scared and Sylvester promises to be there when she wakes up. She tells him she really loves him and he says he loves her too. Ray says he’s sorry his friend is sick and Sylvester says they need to put a bell on him. Ray says he knows he feels powerless. He tells him that feeling won’t last forever. Sylvester goes back to work as Cabe and the team lurk outside the munitions factory. Walter says the domes above are filled with sands for fires.

Walter says he can set off the fire alarm and it would send the sand and one of them into the factory. Cabe says the workers will work out and Paige says whoever is in there can run out with them. Walter says they need someone who can pick a lock and run out fast. They look at Happy. She heads for the building. Walter hacks the fire alarm. Happy scales the ladder up the side of the building. She’s up top and into the sand tower. She says it’s Sandy. Walter tells her to take a breath.

He says she’ll be buried alive for 20 seconds. She holds her breath and the alarms go off. She’s dumped into the factory but her leg is stuck and she’s hanging upside down. Toby runs to help her. She says she’s getting dizzy. Toby falls down beside her then asks if she’s just hanging around. He tries to get her down but can’t reach. She takes off her pants and falls out of them. He’s happy to see her in her panties and reminds himself they are just friends. Cabe says fire fighters will be there soon.

They scramble and get the chemicals they need. They walk out dressed as workers and hop into the van. Paige says she can’t believe it worked and Happy says she’s glad she brought extra clothes. The film crew is all over the place between them and the building they need to get into. Sylvester is thrilled to see they are on the set of the Super Fun Guy movie.

Walter says he can’t believe they’ve been bested by a film crew. They talk about the set guards then Sylvester says they can dress as Super Fun Guy imposters for a specific battle scene. Toby plays producer and then Sylvester tells him what to look for. He snatches the costumes and heads back to the gang. The Soviet spy checks them out dressed in their superhero gear. Toby says they should let them have the nuke. Cabe is in a little shorts outfit and says it’s just wrong.

Paige and Happy are in sexy spandex and Walter says Homeland has to double their fee since he’s got to wear a rubber chicken. The Soviet guy says he can’t believe they caught him. Happy grabs up some duct tape and Walter snags some tongs. They head into the warehouse that connects and they calculate it will take seven minutes. Toby tries to go first so he can see up Happy’s skirt. Sylvester says the guards are playing cards. They come up near the truck and Sylvester warns them about a guard.

Ray watches and chimes in as well. Toby drops a screw into the acid and then Walter drops in the uranium. Happy ties the door shut and Cabe asks can’t they put both in but Walter says they can set off a nuclear blast. Toby gets the giggles then Walter realizes the screw that fell in has made nitrous. His laughter alerts the guards. They come in and find the door is locked. Paige says they’re coming. Walter starts the second piece of uranium. The guards open fire.

Happy climbs into the truck and cranks it. Paige asks what happens with the bullets and Walter says if one hits the uranium they have a nuclear reaction. Happy hotwires the truck and busts them out of the warehouse with the superheroes riding on top. Cabe makes an urgent call to Katherine. Walter works on the other uranium core but the Russians are chasing after them and firing. Cabe tells her they have a nuke. Katherine says they can’t send a chopper. She says it could be a humanitarian issue.

Cabe tells Sylvester to get to NATO right now and show him this image. Sylvester isn’t used to driving and is scared. They shoot out one of the truck’s tires. Ray pulls up on Happy’s motorcycle and tells Sylvester to be a superhero. He drives a screaming Sylvester down the street. Walter throws the acid on the Russian car and says he can’t render the other core useless. Walter starts to arm the nuke. Sylvester heads to the wrong NATO – he’s at the National Association of Theater Owners.

Ray says that’s his bad and they head out to the other one. Walter is ready to set off the nuke into an abandoned mine that has a 13 mile deep shaft. Cabe says if the choppers don’t come, they will be arrested as terrorists. Happy says they could all die as well. Walter agrees there is uncertainty but says he’s sure about his abilities. The Russians are on the horizon and Walter tells Happy to raise the flatbed. She goes. He tells them to get down as he launches the rocket.

It goes down the mine but the Russian is there and says they just cost him $20 million and they’ll die. Toby says he doesn’t want to die in this outfit. The nuke detonates and takes them off guard. Toby punches the guy and Happy is impressed. Walter hears a chopper. Paige says Sylvester did it and the chopper picks them up. Toby says they must look awesome right now. Megan wakes and sees Sylvester there. He says he promised to be there. Ray is with him and she notices the motorcycle helmets.

He asks if she knows there are two NATOs. Cabe asks Toby how his hand is and he says sore. Cabe says he was impressed with his right. Cabe says he’ll take him to the gym to start sparring and thanks Toby for saving his ass. Toby asks if they’re becoming friends and Cabe says he ruined it. Sylvester and Ray show up on Happy’s bike and she chews them out. Sylvester says Ray had to get him to NATO. Happy asks why they’re gone so long and Ray says they went bowling.

Then Ray says he fixed the garage and he also has on a Team Scorpion shirt. Happy says he’s not part of the team. He reminds her he lives there. She says the shirt is spelled wrong – Scorpeon – and Ray says it must need two p’s. Walter asks Sylvester if there’s something he wants to talk to him about. Sylvester says yes but he can’t. Then Walter hands over the costume he kept from the set. Sylvester is thrilled. Happy asks Toby if he wants to help with the dolls but he says he has plans with Cabe.

She seems shocked and Sylvester asks why he turned her down. Toby says he can’t just be friends with her. He says he’s an addict – first to gambling and now with her. He says he has to break the addiction by going cold turkey and says he’s done with her. He walks out. Paige tells Walter that was nice what he did for Sylvester with the costume gesture. He asks if him being more human makes her human. She says keep it up Clark. She explains Clark Kent since he’s out of costume.

Walter says he doesn’t understand why people get worked up over things that aren’t real. Paige says they are kind of superheroes since they do amazing things. Paige says she’s just Lois Lane. Walter says Sylvester told him that Lois was important then says she looked nice in her costume. Paige thanks him and says he looked nice too. She says she has to go get Ralph. Walter asks Sylvester how it went with Clark and Lois and he says saving the world gets in the way of life.

He says with great responsibility comes great loneliness. Walter thanks him for the summary. He sits back down alone to tinker with his rocket and a pipe bursts overhead. He says seriously and Ray calls out that he can fix it.