Scorpion Recap 9/28/15: Season 2 Episode 2 “Cuba Libre”

Scorpion Recap 9/28/15: Season 2 Episode 2 "Cuba Libre"

Tonight on CBS Scorpion starring Elyes Gabel continues with an all new Monday September 28, season 2 episode 2 called, “Cuba Libre” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode the team travels to Cuba to catch a Serbian war criminal after a woman from Cabe’s (Robert Patrick) past pleads for his help.

For those of you who don’t know, a computer genius and his equally brilliant friends investigate high-tech crimes.

On the last episode, in the second season premiere, a nuclear-powered Russian satellite was knocked out of orbit and the team reunites to divert its course before it detonated over Southern California. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Paige kissed Walter, which forced them to confront their feelings for each other. Gene Simmons made a guest appearance as himself. Did you watch the last episode last season? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the CBS synopsis, “the team travels to Cuba to catch a Serbian war criminal after a woman from Cabe’s past pleads for his help; Alana De La Garza returns as the new head of Homeland Security; and Walter meets a new friend while completing court-mandated community service.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Scorpion’s first season.

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#Scorpion Walter’s lawyer tells him he’s facing several charges for the cliffside rescue and asks him to plea that he was overly emotional when he wrecked. Walter blames a coyote and the lawyer says he will be charged with recklessness. Walter says he won’t lie in court. The lawyer says to meet him night court and he’d facing life in an orange jumper. Toby is bored and runs to see what Sylvester is writing. It’s a note to Megan that Toby says is sadder than Old Yeller.

Sylvester says Walter’s legal troubles are giving him anxiety. Toby says he can manipulate his stress level to improve his love life. A woman comes into the garage and Cabe greets her. She says it’s been so long and he asks if they know each other. It’s Sonia Balasavic. She tells Cabe he saved her life and shows him a photo from two decades ago. He hugs her. He tells the others he was in Croatia helping with a genocide intervention. He talks about seeing Sonia in a refugee camp.

He found an adoptive couple to take her in. She says Cabe sent her off to a better life then shows the Silver Star that Cabe gave her. She says it was for bravery. Walter says he didn’t mention it and Cabe says men don’t talk about their medals. Sonia says she needs help and talks about top Serbian war criminals that have never been find. She says she has dedicated her life to finding them. She found General Zoric, the man who killed her family.

Cabe says he never stopped thinking about them either. She says Zoric is in Cuba but The Hague won’t issue a warrant without a DNA match. She got a uniform from Sarajevo and needs the man in Cuba’s DNA. She says Zoric has electronics information on the other war criminals. Toby says they need to create a DNA device to perform the test super fast. Cabe goes to Molina who says Homeland can’t get involved. Then she unplugs her phone and whispers she has people that can get it for the right price.

She says he has to go and get their butts out their fast. He says if Scorpion is caught on Cuban soil, they will deny knowledge and abandon them there. Cabe agrees. Molina says he’ll owe her big and she hands back the video he showed her. He asks how they can get in and out of Cuba and she says she knows a guy. It’s a guy she prosecuted for drug running that turned state’s evidence. They are in a rattle trap cargo plan and the team is finishing the DNA device. Walter says less than seven seconds.

Paige tells Walter that if he was so logical he would have taken the plea his lawyer offered and agrees he was emotional. Walter won’t hear it. Paige warns Cabe that Sonia is tense and needs to be watched so she doesn’t blow this. The pilot says it’s time for the drop and Sylvester freaks. Cabe says don’t worry and Toby says it’s like a diving board going 100 miles an hour. Sonia goes then Paige, Walter, Happy, and Sylvester hangs back. Cabe grabs Sylvester and jumps out holding him close.

They struggle out of the ocean and onto the sands of Cuba. Happy says she has sand in her pants. Walter checks out a soaking wet Paige and her wet shirt clinging to her. She asks what and he says nothing. Sonia says they have company. Two trucks pull up to the beach and Cabe says to stay cool. An officer gets out and he says they are all under arrest. Cabe says they’re just lost. Then the guy laughs and says he’s kidding and says he’s Alfonso and Molina set them up as contacts.

Sylvester says there’s more than sand in his pants now. Alfonso says they’ll bump Zoric with a cane and it will get a drop of blood then they’ll get the warrant from The Hague ASAP. Cabe tells Sonia to hang tight and be ready to call The Hague. They see Zoric and wonder that he doesn’t have guards. The Cuban follows him and then a truck explodes. Paige asks what happened. Cabe says Zoric must have known they were being followed – their contacts are all dead and Zoric disappeared.

They talk about Zoric putting the bomb on the vehicle. Cabe says they’re on their own and if they miss their flight, they’re screwed. Sonia says they need a new plan and says they can’t leave until they get his DNA. Happy goes to steal them a car and Sonia rants that she gets so close to him and he always evades her. They are frustrated with the slow internet speed. Sylvester flips through the guide book and Toby says he’ll be among expats in a nice place. They narrow it to three neighborhoods, one most likely.

They talk about Miramar and Walter says he’ll cut and dye his hair and shave the beard. They decide they should check a salon and Sylvester tells them a likely one in Miramar. Cabe says he can arrest Zoric with the e-warrant if they can get his blood. They all lurk around Miramar. Cabe spots him outside the salon. They duck down in the van so he can’t see them. Zoric hands the barber a lot of money and he starts to work on him.

First he shaves his beard and Happy collects water from the drain. They test it for blood but no luck yet. Happy has Paige get the van to backfire. The barber doesn’t flinch and Toby says the barber is deaf. Walter says they have to go in themselves. Sylvester says Zoric is not deaf and Toby says the earth is round and thanks for being obvious. Cabe and Walter sneak in the back door of the barber shop. A floorboard creaks and Happy says walk on darker boards with more water damage.

They move the barber away – Zoric has a towel over his eyes. Then the outside team notices Sonia isn’t with them. She’s in the barbershop and grabs the straight razor. She shaves his neck and Cabe shakes his head no. She gets a minute amount of blood on a towel and Walter tests it – it’s positive. Toby thinks she’s going to cut his throat. Walter stops him and Zoric says he’s slow and knows something is wrong. He takes a shot at them and he and Cabe grapple.

Walter kicks the gun out of his hand and tells him he’s under arrest. They shut down the barbershop and Cabe says if he tells them where the register is, he can cut them a deal. Sonia says she can get the information they need and Zoric says the ledger is buried in Bosnia under the bodies of her people. Walter tells Sonia her inability to control her emotions almost got them killed. He tells her to pull it together. Happy is with Sylvester at Zoric’s place. Paige goes to talk to Sonia.

Sonia says her pain and anger is all she has and Paige agrees that Walter doesn’t understand emotions like that but says it’s just as bad with unchecked emotions. Walter is outside fighting bees and picking flowers. Cabe gives Zoric some water that Walter crushed nightshade blossoms into. Toby says it should make him more susceptible and more willing to talk. Zoric tells Toby he’ll tell him nothing. Toby says he already told him something. He says he triggered on bank and not safe.

Toby calls Happy and says to look for bank records. They are outside Banco de Cuba and Happy says that’s what they found was an invoice for a safety deposit box. Cabe says he’ll take Zoric in with a gun on him. Walter says Cabe’s anger is clouding his judgment. Molina calls and Happy says Zovic is out cold. Toby asks if he had meds in his apartment. There was blood pressure meds and Toby says that combined knocked him out like a sedative. Cabe says Molina warned them an APB is out on them. Cabe says they need to get the ledger and go.

Happy comes back and tells them where the vault is. Cabe says not to get caught since the cops are already looking for them. They head to the back of the building. They grab rope and some tools. Paige digs out a rusted can and now they just need Sylvester. They tell him to get up the pole. Toby says get going. Sylvester asks why he’s so anxious to communicate with Megan. Sylvester is mad but his anger carried him to the top. Sylvester is taking out the alarms and cameras. Paige says he’s a math genius.

She says to use his skills and he says each layer indicates new technology and says it’s like rings on a tree. He cuts the wire. Walter says the only way to know if he’s right is to try. They start it and Happy says no alarm. Walter tells Sylvester to get down and keep an eye out. Sonia is back watching Zoric and Cabe asks her to come up with him. Sonia asks why he cares if she kills him. Cabe says he doesn’t want to see her in handcuffs. He asks her to come up there and chill. She does.

Cabe says they killed a lot of people but not the good in her. Happy updates them. They made an impromptu charge and then lower Happy down with the rope. She kicks the panel out. And she’s in the vault. She tells them to lower her down and says she’s not a piñata. She looks around and opens the vault. She says there’s a high tech thermal lock inside and need Zoric’s thumbprint. Cabe says they have 40 minutes. Sylvester says the manager is on the way to the vault.

He says him cutting the security will keep him out but then the guy goes to get keys and Sylvester says two minutes til she’s caught. Happy says to pull her up and Cabe says they need the ledger. Paige asks how they get his thumbprint. Toby says he has an idea and says he’ll save her. He runs to the van and they use the sticker on the car and take his fingerprint then transfer it to a sausage. Sylvester says the cops have them on TV.

Paige says the cops will be coming. Sylvester says the bank manager is headed for the vault with the keys. Walter drops it down to Happy and she catches the sausage they put his thumb print on and the keys go into the lock. Happy gets a good scan, grabs what’s inside and they pull her up. The customer sees Happy and she tosses the sausage to them. The manager calls for the cops and Walter says they have to go and hear sirens. Cabe gets Sylvester as he screams that he hates it there.

They are on the way to the plane and ask Sylvester for a guide book short cut. He provides it. They see the plane but then Zoric wakes and jumps out the back. Walter says they have to get on the plane. Sonia and Cabe take off to get Zoric. Sonia tackles the man and puts a boot on his neck. She says she can kill him now. Then she stops and says she’s better than him and has more humanity. Cabe says he’s proud of her. He says they have to hustle. They back the van up to grab them then speed for the plane.

The props are whirring as they run for it. They get on board and close the cargo bay. Cops speed up to them but they are taking off. The cops fire at it but the plane is off and away. The news shows the arrest of Zoric and says he’ll stand trial. They hear news that Molina authorized the mission that was a success. Sylvester says Toby was getting him to admit he’s fallen for Megan. He says he loves her and Toby is a good doctor. He says he’s a pet project to him not because of Happy but because Toby is lonely.

Sylvester goes to see Megan and Toby says knock her dead. Toby goes to Happy who is packing to leave. He’s annoyed she called him pal. Sonia thanks Cabe for saving her again and offers back his medal then says she’ll miss him. He kisses her on the forehead and tells her to take care. Walter asks to talk to Paige and says high emotions almost blew the case. He asks if it’s logic or emotions and says she feels both. Paige says it can’t be solved with either.

She talks about how she and Ralph got evicted and people stole their stuff. She says she couldn’t cry in front of Ralph and found the diner and convinced the owner to give her an advance. She says that night after Ralph was asleep she cried her eyes out because that was the right time for emotion. He still doesn’t get it. Paige says there’s no formula. She says he took the job because of Sonia’s emotions and says he needs to admit it to move forward.

She leaves to pick up Ralph for breakfast and he says it’s evening. She says it’s illogical. Walter walks out and Toby is annoyed that Sylvester was right about him being lonely. Cabe comes back in and Toby asks him to go to dinner. Walter takes the plea deal and takes community service. They heckle Walter who is picking up trash at the roadside. A guy working with him on the work crew introduces himself as Ray. Holy cow it’s Kevin Weisman! He played Marshall Flinkman on Alias!! He’s going to be on the four more episodes of #Scorpion this season. Super cool!