Selena Gomez Breaks Zedd’s Heart: Joins Justin Bieber for Dinner Date – Zedd Just a Pawn in Selena’s Plan to get Justin Back?

Selena Gomez Breaks Zedd's Heart: Joins Justin Bieber for Dinner Date - Zedd Just a Pawn in Selena’s Plan to get Justin Back?

Did Selena Gomez use Zedd to get Justin Bieber to ask her on a date? CDL has kept you informed on all the latest news on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and their dinner date, sharing all the details of their very calculated plans in causing one another pain, trying to incite feelings of jealousy, and trying to one-up the other all with the goal of ending up back together. The two have no problem using others in their game either. It seems DJ/Producer Zedd has learned this the hard way as he is the latest casualty in the sickening never-ending triangle of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and the revolving spot for a third party. Poor Zedd has Selena break his heart shamelessly to get Justin’s interest sparked up again.

From the moment Selena Gomez was spotted cozying up to Zedd in public, Justin Bieber was incensed—but not because he couldn’t stand the thought of another man with his former love. Justin has become so insecure on the inside, and arrogant on the outside, that he could not tolerate people thinking that Zedd won Selena over him. So in a completely manipulative, mean-spirited move, Justin found a way to get Selena to join him for a dinner date at Mastro’s Steakhouse on January 15 on the premise that he wanted to clear the air of recent rumors, and just wanted to see her and tell her how happy he is for her. The real reason, as loyal CDLers know, was that Justin is trying to sneak his way back into Selena’s life just to put Zedd in his place as the second choice. Justin wants the world to believe that Selena pines for him now and always will and it seems that her plan to get him jealous worked. Justin cannot stand her looking happy in public with another man that is clearly superior to him.

Selena knew that Justin would go crazy after seeing her with their one-time mutual friend DJ/Producer Zedd. While she was warming up to the idea of finally moving on, and as she knew that Zedd would be a perfect choice for her next romance, deep down she’s always known that she has a weakness for Justin. For every photo from her trip to Dubai that she prominently posted on her Instagram account, she had hoped Justin would see her happy and carefree—to appear as though she was completely over him. That wasn’t enough for Justin, however.  She came back from her trip and decided to give a relationship with Zedd a try, believing she and Justin were through for good because of his recent romance with model Hailey Baldwin. But the moment she began getting close to Zedd, Justin promptly dumped Hailey Baldwin, and plotted the meeting with Selena. The moment Selena accepted the dinner invitation, she thought she finally had the upper hand and would make Justin squirm a bit. But, once the two were together, she fell right back into old habits and all her insecurities came back. She was questioning his relationship with Hailey, and asking about his Calvin Klein shoot.

The moment Selena and Justin are together, Selena feels insecure and that she has to work hard to keep him despite the despicable way he treats her.  Zedd finally gave her a shot at a normal, adult relationship. Selena, unfortunately, may be too blind or too immature to see the potential of moving on with Zedd. Her plan almost from the start was to end up with Justin. Her joining him for dinner confirms that! She is still obsessed with Justin and the only thing that may help is a lot of time apart. Too bad Justin and Selena never stay away from one another long enough to make a split stand.

Zedd reportedly seemed upset over the news after his shock wore off. Selena assured him she was over Justin, constantly making comments about Justin and how bad he treated her. She would constantly tell Zedd things about her past relationship to gain sympathy. It always worked and he’d always comfort her and tell her that Justin didn’t deserve her. Surely Zedd doesn’t deserve THIS!

CDLers…tell us, Zeddlena or Jelena?


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