Selena Gomez Bloated and Puffy Weight Gain Photos On Oscar Weekend: Pregnant With Zedd’s Baby or Battling Lupus?

Selena Gomez Bloated and Puffy Weight Gain Photos On Oscar Weekend: Pregnant With Zedd’s Baby or Battling Lupus?

Is Selena Gomez pregnant with Zedd’s baby? When Selena Gomez and Zedd rumors first began floating around at the beginning of 2015, everyone noticed that Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend had put on a few pounds. We all attributed her “filling out” to the fact that she was no longer stressed over Justin and was taking care of herself again and no longer partying non-stop. But, on Oscars weekend Selena Gomez attended the Vanity Fair afterparty with Zedd, and onlookers were buzzing about how puffy and bloated her face was, further fueling rumors that she really is pregnant! We included photos below from less than one month earlier so you can really notice the shocking change.

This isn’t the first time rumors have surfaced that Selena Gomez is pregnant with Zedd’s baby, but this is the first time that they actually had some merit. Selena has always had her trademark chipmunk cheeks and baby-face, but in the photos hitting the internet of Selena and Zedd at the Vanity Fair party – she looks puffier and more bloated than she ever has before. And, according to sources at the party, Selena did not touch a drop of alcohol the entire night!

Now, weight-gain and abstaining from alcohol could also mean that Selena Gomez’s Lupus has flared back up. The pop singer’s Grandpa confirmed that Selena does indeed have Lupus last year, which is a rare disease in which your bodies’ own immune system attacks itself. And, being bloated and puffy is one of the disease’s trademark symptoms. And, that could also explain why Selena chose not to drink on Oscars weekend, alcohol would only worsen her symptoms and make her sicker. Considering the fact that Selena is the happiest and healthiest now than she has been in a long time, than Lupus is probably off the table and it is more likely that she is pregnant with her first child.

What do you think Zedlena fans? Have you seen the pictures of Selena’s puffy face on Oscars weekend? How will Justin Bieber react if she has a baby with Zedd? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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