Shameless Recap 3/1/15: Season 5 Episode 7 “Tell Me You F**king Need Me”

Shameless Recap 3/1/15: Season 5 Episode 7 "Tell Me You F**king Need Me"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all new Sunday March 1, season 5 episode 7 called “Tell Me You F**king Need Me” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Ian gets upset when he learns he is under a mandatory 72-hour hold at the psych ward; Frank [William H. Macy] returns home from the hospital and refuses to apologize to Samm.

On the last episode Newlywed Fiona struggled to remain faithful when Jimmy returned and relentlessly pursued her; Ian stole Mickey and Svetlana’s baby; Sammi took over the Gallagher house and enforced strict curfews; Debbie started high school; Veronica grapples with her decision to separate from Kev. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “Ian gets upset when he learns he is under a mandatory 72-hour hold at the psych ward; Frank returns home from the hospital and refuses to apologize to Sammi; Jimmy and Gus have a face-to-face meeting about their futures with Fiona; Lip discovers he never filled out his financial aid forms and now owes thousands in tuition; Debbie tries to get out of the “friend zone” with Derek.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 5 episode 7 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless and enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

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#Shameless starts now. Gus finds Fiona on the fire escape and asks what she’s doing. He asks if she’s worried about Ian and says he’ll be out in a few days. He kisses her and she says she has to tell him something. She says she slept with her ex. He asks recently since they’ve been married and she says it was yesterday. He’s upset and says they had sex yesterday too. She just looks ashamed. He goes back inside. She stays out in the cold drinking her coffee.

On the psych ward, the orderly wakes the guys and hands out meds. Ian asks where he is and they tell him it’s Cook County psych ward. They tell him it’s the sedation and tell him it will wear off. He asks for his real clothes and the orderly says they’re in storage and he’s there for 72 hours. A guy pounds on Lip’s door because he’s locked out. He goes to the door and Lip asks why the guy is naked and locked out again. He says it’s the third time in a day. He tells the guy to tie a key to his dick.

Lip goes back to his room and can’t find his class schedule. Carl gets dressed and keeps changing outfits. He says third time’s the charm for 6th grade. He finds Chuckie taking a massive crap and tells him to shut the door then sprays the place down with Lysol. Sammi is making breakfast when Debbie calls to see when she can visit Ian. She says she has to be 16 to get in. Sammi says he’ll be fine. Carl says Chuckie is making hot sloppy upstairs.

Sammi says he’s nervous about school. She tells Debbie less lip liner and Carl says he’s trying to get out of the friend zone with Derek. Sammi asks Carl for a favor and asks if he’ll protect him. Carl asks for condoms and nun chucks. She agrees. Frank shows up and says he was in the hospital and says he was sabotaged but is an adult and doesn’t need anyone or anything again. Sammi says to get out of her house. She snatches the juice away and he says he’s going to nap on the couch.

Debbie says he’ll out-Frank her every time. Veronica moves to the milking factory over the Alibi and says they need space. Kevin says he wants his family back but she says he became a family with the girls and doesn’t think about him. He asks her to think about the girls. She says she needs space and he says she moved in with the milk maids. She says she needs space and Kevin says the girls can’t take care of themselves.

He blows up and leaves after breaking a box of her stuff. Fiona is wearing one of Gus’s shirt. He cooks her some food and says he cooks when he’s nervous. She says she’s not very hungry then tells him sorry. He says he thought they’d at least make it a year before this. He says if they were dating he would just walk away. He asks why she did it and she says it just happened – she says they were unfinished. Gus asks if they still are.

He takes the tray of food away when she doesn’t answer. Gus says he wants to meet Jimmy-Steve and she asks why. He says he wants to talk and sort things out so his brain isn’t just filling in blanks. She agrees. At the psych ward, Ian says he needs to get home and isn’t supposed to be there. Ian goes fro the door. The guard stands up and tells him to get back in line. He asks if he wants to be sedated. He says he needs to see Fiona and Mickey and Yevi.

Ian comes at him and he pushes him against the wall. He tells him to go get back in line and eat French Toast. Lip finds a huge line at the Registrar. He asks if they’re all in line because their schedules got f-d. They all nod yes. Mickey asks Svetlana what she’s doing. She says she’s packing Ian’s stuff and says he can’t stay there anymore. Mickey says the baby is back and it’s fine. She says Ian can’t live there. Mickey says he has a disease and she can’t kick him out.

Mickey says it’s his house and if she doesn’t like Ian, she can walk her fat ass out and leave. Carol is playing with the three babies when Kevin comes back and says Veronica is moved into her dump. She asks if they’re broken up but Kevin says he doesn’t think so then asks what she thinks. Kevin says he doesn’t know and Carol says she should have f-d some sense back into her. Kevin says the issue is that she’s not into their kids. She says seeing someone be a good parent does make you want to get busy.

Carol says she’ll talk to Veronica after work. She takes Dominic and leaves. Derek and Debbie listen to music in his car at school. She waits for him to open her door but he doesn’t and he heads off with his boys. He at least introduces them to Debbie but then gives her a guy-like punch on the arm. Sammi is vacuuming while Frank sleeps. She says they can start over if they both apologize. She tells him she’s sorry she withheld his meds and says she’s the only one who cares about him.

She tells him it’s his turn to apologize. She sticks the vacuum to his head, turns it on and walks away. Chuckie freaks when Carl starts to leave him. He tells Chuckie to go push a big kid. He does and the kid knocks him down. Then Carl says if he picks on him again, he’ll bit his nuts off. He tells them to spread the word. Carl tells Chuckie he’s his slave now and Chuckie says cool. Carl heads to class. Lip finally gets to the Registrar who says that his tuition wasn’t paid so his schedule has been suspended.

Lip says he has a grant and the guy says he has to go to Financial Aid. It’s all the way across campus. Sammi runs outside and asks if they can do her a favor when they pass by. She flashes her tits and they come back. Fiona comes in to the Alibi to see Veronica and says she slept with Jimmy. Tommy tells Fiona that Veronica is living upstairs and she tells him to shut it. Svetlana comes down and then they see Steve there.

He tells Veronica she looks good and asks about Ian then hugs Fiona. She says her husband wants to meet him. He asks why and he says he wants to see if they still have chemistry. She asks him to meet them later and Steve agrees. She thanks him. He tells her he’s leaving for Dubai tonight and wants her to come with him. He says it’s the biggest job he’s ever had and will set them up for life. She reminds him she’s married and he asks why she slept with him. She says she has to go meet Ian.

Frank wakes to the sound of car horns honking. Sammi had the trash guys move him sofa and all into the street. He wakes and sees Sammi looking out the window. She flips him off and he flips back. Lip finds a huge line at the Financial Aid office and is frustrated. Chuckie delivers a Coke to his uncle Carl in class. Kevin is freaking when Amy won’t stop crying. He burns himself with milk that’s too hot then goes to see who’s at the door.

It’s Svetlana and she says she’ll feed the girls. She grabs one of the babies and says she had to leave Mickey’s house because Ian stole her baby. She says she will sleep there on the sofa and help out with the babies. He agrees to let her stay until Veronica comes back. Debbie follows the girl she punched into the bathroom and blocks the door. She says she needs advice and says to touch him a lot on the leg near his dick. She begs for Debbie to let her go and she does. The girl runs out.

Lip finally makes it to an office after a two hour wait. Lip says he heard his financial aid was messed up. The guy says he has a $12k balance. Lip says he has a grant and says he did all the forms. The guy says he has to do the forms once a year and asks if someone would have signed for the registered mail. The guy says the money won’t be processed in time for this semester. The guy says he can give him a 10 day grace period before they cancel his classes.
[2015-03-02, 12:21:40 AM] Rachel Rowan: Frank is lurking outside the middle school and asks Chuckie for his phone then gives Chuckie some cotton candy. Frank poses for a pic with Carl and Chuckie. He says to send it to Sammi then takes the Slushee and cotton candy and asks them to say they’re having the best day ever. Mickey waits for Fiona to see Ian. She says Lip said he’ll be late. The woman checks them in and says to keep the conversations light and upbeat. She lets them in and tells them where to go.

Lip is invited to sign up for a Visa card and says no thinks then says maybe. He says he’ll get instant approval with a college ID and he offers him a $1k limit. Lip signs the form then goes to every credit card vendor on campus and takes cash advances one after the other. He takes all the cash. Mickey and Fiona wait uncomfortably. Mickey calls a guy a nut job and asks him to push the f- back. Ian finally comes out and Fiona goes to hug him. She calls him sweet face.

Ian asks if he can go home and she says in a couple of days. Mickey hugs him too. Ian seems detached and strange. They take him over and sit him down. Fiona asks how he’s doing. He can barely understand her and is distracted by the ping pong game behind her. He keeps looking past them at things. She tells Ian she got married. All he can hear is the TV and checkers game. He asks how Yevi is and Mickey says he’s fine. Ian walks away and says he’s tired.

Mickey is upset and says he’s going to leave. Kevin is sleeping and wakes to a mouth on him. He calls out V’s name but it’s Svetlana. She says she told him she would take care of wifely duties but he says it’s not right. He says he and Veronica are just on a pause. She keeps working him with her hand. She asks if it feels good and he says it feels amazing but then he says to stop but then he gives up and just looks at a photo of V. He says he has to stop but she doesn’t and then he’s done.

Svetlana says it’s like a rent check then says she’ll go mop now. Veronica is on Facebook and then is looking at a guy named Eddie Murphy online. Tommy says he’s only 20 pounds away from looking like that. Carol shows up and asks Veronica what she’s thinking. She orders some wine and tells V she needs to go home now. Carol says the babies need her but V says Kevin has it covered. V says Kevin loves the babies more and says he hasn’t f-d her in a year. Tommy says that explains it.

Carol asks V how many ghetto baby daddies stick around and tells her not to blow out. Derek drives Debbie home and she touches his thigh. He says he’ll see her tomorrow. She gets out and then asks him what the hell is going on. She says she wants him as her BF and says she’d be a great GF. She says if he can’t see that – screw him. He grabs her and kisses her and says he likes her too. She says she’ll see him tomorrow then kisses him and runs inside.

Ian is getting an evaluation. He says he’s better and not so foggy then asks to leave. He says his family thinks he has what his mother does – bipolar. She asks if he’s bipolar and then asks how he knows his mother was. He says his mom tried to kill herself then went on a shopping spree then left him on the street corner while she bought drugs. The doc asks if he’s done anything like that. She says the police report said he stole his lover’s baby. He says the police tried to steal them.

She says he ran into a grocery store and a witness said he left him in a car for 20 minutes. The doctor says he shows signs of bipolar disorder. She says with proper medication it can be managed but he needs to participate in treatment. She says they can talk again tomorrow. Chuckie tells Sammi how much of a good day he had and says he’s Uncle Carl’s new slave. Carl tells Chuckie to bring him his food. Sammi says she got him his condoms and nun chucks and Carl says he has one on right now.

Frank comes in with balloons for each of the kids and Sammi tells him to get out. Carl tells Chuckie to cut up his food and feed him. Lip comes in ranting about the registered letter. Frank kicks Chuckie off the sofa. Lip finds the envelope and says he didn’t get his grant because of them. Frank says you have to be an adult and then Sammi pulls a gun on her father. She tells him to get out or she’ll shoot him. Frank says to go ahead and says she doesn’t have the guts. He laughs at her and says he’s not a real Gallagher.

She shoots and it hits his arm. She says she wants him to tell her that she needs them. He says even she isn’t that crazy. She pours salt on the wound and then he says he needs her. She says she knew he did then says she’s here for him. She says she’s taking him to the hospital and tells Chuckie not to worry. Lip and Debbie are in utter shock. Fiona meets Gus at the pie shop and he asks about Ian. She says it was hard on his BF and he remember shis name is Mickey. They kiss and then she sees that Steve is inside.

They go in and Gus says they just nee dot have a chat. Steve hugs her warmly and then Gus punches Steve in the face hard. Steve says – nice to meet you. Gus walks out and says he didn’t plan to punch him but then he saw the smug look on the guy’s face. He says he has to go ice his hand because he has a gig tomorrow. He tells Fiona she deserves better than Steve but says she’s probably biased. She looks back in at Steve.

Veronica goes upstairs to her place over the bar and turns on a lamp. She drinks a beer and checks her phone. She sees the guy sent her a naked selfie back. Mickey comes home and looks around but no one is around. There’s no one in the house. He falls down drunk and then pulls Ian’s Army jacket over his face. Steve comes outside to sit by Fiona and says her husband seems nice until he punched him. Fiona tells Steve she does love him and he says he loves her too.

She says it would be easy to go back to their live together but it’s not who they are anymore. She says it’s not who she is anymore. She says she used to like the danger and not knowing who he was and him being a bad boy. Steve says he’s not going to Dubai. He says he canceled it and will give up everything for her. She asks why. He says they’re right together and she says he told her it was the biggest job ever. He says he wants a life with her and she just needs to say she wants the same thing.

Fiona says part of her does want that but she needs something else now. He asks if it’s Gus and she says she doesn’t know but she knows it’s not him. She tells him he has to let her go and let her let him go. She says she needs him to do that. She’s crying. Steve goes to kiss her but she turns her face away. He looks at her then walks away. He tells her to take care of herself and she says the same. He gets on his motorcycle and drives away.

Lip goes to rent a mailbox so this never happens to him again. Ian paces in his room and touches the wall. The other lunatics watch him. Fiona walks by and Steve’s partner in crime pulls up. Fiona says she just missed Steve but she says she was looking for Fiona to tell her she’s sorry she spied on her for Steve. She tells Fiona that the client canceled the Dubai trip. She says Jack is a good thief but a shitty liar. Fiona wonders at this third name for Jimmy/Steve/Jack. The woman says she hopes she sees Fiona again.

Frank tells Sammi none of his other kids have shot him and she says none of them love him like she does. She says she loves him and he doesn’t answer so she pinches him hard and he says he loves her too.