Sister Wives Recap – “First a Verdict, Then a Lawyer” – Season 5 Episode 16

Sister Wives Recap - "First a Verdict, Then a Lawyer" - Season 5 Episode 16

TLC’s reality show Sister Wives returns tonight with an all new Sunday February 15, season 5 episode 16 called “First a Verdict, Then a Lawyer,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the Browns have agreed to do something they have never done before — allow total strangers to move into their houses!

On the last episode, the Browns had agreed to do something they have never done before — allow total strangers to move into their houses! Two anthropology students lived with the Browns for several days to get an unfiltered look at their polygamist lifestyle. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per TLC’s synopsis, “the Browns begin to worry about whether the anthropology students will see them as a healthy family or completely dysfunctional. And on top this stress, Meri makes a momentous decision that will change the Brown family forever.”

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Sister Wives is all new tonight and unfortunately the anthropologist students are still there. The last we saw of all of them, Kody was dealing with some in-fighting. Luckily it was just the kids being their rambunctious selves and not the adults getting upset, but his son Gabriel ended up showing him some odd behavior.

Gabriel and his brother had been caught fighting earlier when they had all gone out to the movies and so when they got home Kody immediately asked them who started it. Their punishment was still going to be the same so it didn’t really matter about who started it. But what did become a rather large issue is that Gabriel had lied to his parents when he was giving them an account about what happened. He claimed he didn’t hit his brother and the one thing Kody would have never suspected is that the cameraman would be the one to actual help clear things up.

Gabriel had hit his brother first and even when he was caught in that lie – he still didn’t have anything to say for himself. So, in turn, he made Kody think about his own actions. He started wondering if his son feared him so much that Gabriel saw lying as easier than telling his father the truth.

Yet, Kody himself was blowing things out of proportion. In fact it wasn’t long before Gabriel was back to his old self and asking his father if he could stop being grounded.

So a big fuss was made out of nothing and thankfully the students weren’t party to what was going on. But that didn’t stop the students other things the adults felt weary about. Like Solomon’s surgery.

The little boy of course needed support from both his parents but that situation highlighted some of Kody’s behavior. At least in regards to the students. Richard and Antoinette noticed that Kody spends more time with the younger kids than he does with the teenagers or the middle school kids. So Antoinette asked Roby about it.

And Robyn was a bit put off. She didn’t want Antoinette to think Kody was showing favoritism and simply explained that Solomon’s surgery was the reason why it might appear was spending a lot more time with him. But overall she said Kody spends as much time with the kids and they allow. If they want to come to him for a hug or a kiss then they can. If not then its ok.

What’s important is that the kids know they can always turn to their father if and/or when they need him. And later Antoinette and Richard saw for themselves when they finally got the chance to meet Mariah. The only child so far that has shown an interest in plural marriage.

When they were interviewing Mariah, she was telling them about her career choices and she mentioned she wanted to be a Physician Assistant. And, well, that means she could end up making more than her potential husband. So she was asked about that and Mariah simply said if her husband had a problem with it then he wasn’t the right one for her. And her parents agreed.

Kody wants all his children to take as much time in the courting stage to figure out if they’re marrying someone they’ve gotten to know or just what they thought was the person. And though most wives agreed with Kody on this – Christine felt like she had been slighted. Apparently, her courtship with Kody was very short and she thought Kody was saying that he regretted that as he was explaining how he would have liked a longer courtship with everyone.

So that caused a minor issue.

Though the real issue, that’s been hidden for a very long time that is, is the lack of relationship between Meri and Janelle. And both women didn’t hold back during their interviews with the students. Which was surprising.

The adults have been very open with Antoinette and Richard. They’ve discussed everything under the sun including wrong assumptions about the possibilities of one of the kids being gay. But this strife between Janelle and Meri was something else.

As a first wife, it was hard for Meri to adjust to Janelle being in the picture. So there were fights and a lot of things thrown back and forth. Until eventually they got to this point in their life where they respect each other but didn’t really have a relationship. So the ladies talked about that. And it seems Meri did try build a bridge several times yet was turned down by Janelle.

And now its Janelle wants to offer her hand in friendship. Only this time she doesn’t know how to do that seeing as she had originally turned Meri down.

Janelle, by the way, discussed all of this with Antoinette right before she and Richard left. And Antoinette told her if not now then when. Later, Antoinette and Richard talked about their experience with their professor and they had nothing but nice things to say. They called the entire thing a pleasant surprise and Antoinette joked about becoming a sister wife herself.

So, regardless of certain issues, the anthropologist students found the Brown family as a whole as a working infrastructure. Then again, though, they did leave the family before they could find out about Meri’s bombshell. Meri it seems wants a divorce!