Stalker Recap 1/14/15: Season 1 Episode 12 Winter Premiere “Secrets and Lie”

Stalker Recap 1/14/15: Season 1 Episode 12 Winter Premiere "Secrets and Lie"

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Wednesday January 14, season 1 episode 12 called, “Secrets and Lies,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, a stalker victimizes the mayor. The team investigates whether an enraged constituent is the perpetrator or if a scandalous secret from the mayor’s past is coming back to haunt him.

On the last episode, a high-profile athlete’s estranged wife was terrorized as her scandalous memoir was about to be published, and the TAU must investigate a long list of potential suspects to find the real perpetrator. Also, Beth finally reveals the painful details of her past. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “after the Mayor is victimized by a stalker, the TAU must determine if he is being harassed by one of his angry constituents or if a scandalous secret from his past is coming back to haunt him.”

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A package is delivered to a government building on #Stalker. It’s taken with the mail up to Mayor Hayes’ office. The receptionist opens it and says it’s some sort of music box. She cranks it and it starts ticking. The security guy tells her to put it down then calls for the bomb squad. He asks Mary where the mayor is. It’s a jack in the box with a wicked looking evil doll head on it when it pops open. Janice comes and tells Beth they got a warrant to search Perry’s dorm room.

Beth asks her to come in and close the door. She says Perry would encrypt anything incriminating and she tells her they have 36 hours to build a case. Janice wants to ask Amanda in the DA’s office for help. Beth is worried her real identity will come out but Janice say they can trust Amanda. Ben comes to tell Amanda about the threat to the mayor. Beth and Jack head to his office. She says he gets a fair amount of threats each year and Beth says he’s a friend.

She heads in and introduces Jack to Cedric, the Mayor’s chief aid. She hugs the mayor and introduces Jack to Mayor Hayes. Cedric says it came to the mail room via courier. It’s addressed to Judas Hayes and Jack asks who might feel betrayed by him. Cedric says they’ve had about a dozen threats so far this year. The mayor says it’s just a jack in the box but Beth and Jack say it’s serious. Beth asks for all threatening correspondence.

Janice says his wife Elaine is the campaign manager and they’re very Bill and Hillary. Ben says his approval ratings hit the skids last year after budget cuts. It was mailed from a mail box place with no security camera. Ben asks about the guy who said he was a victim of police brutality and showed up to the mayor’s office. The guy’s name was Ken Buck. Jack brings him in and the guy says the mayor didn’t keep promises and should be held accountable.

Jack talks about the police brutality and Jack asks if he’s resentful. Ken says he got over it and joined a local political group to take action. He says the mayor isn’t the problem, it’s the system. Beth tells Ben she doesn’t think he’s their guy. Mayor Hayes heads out and is followed. He hears a noise as he heads to his car. He gets in and finds a horrible dummy in his car that looks like the sick clown from the jack in the box. There’s a not that says – stay away from her. He gets out of the car.

He sees someone dressed like the sick clown that grabs a pipe and comes at him. He takes off running and is at the back door of the hotel beating on the door and calling for help. He’s let in and the guy can’t get to him, but he got pretty close. Beth and Jack say the outfit is a jester whose function is to point out the folly of the king. They ask why he was at the hotel so late. Jack asks if he was meeting a man or a woman. The Mayor asks to speak to Beth alone. Jack leaves.

Hayes tells Beth that he’s planning a run for governor and says he trusts her to be discreet. She says trust is a two way street. He says he was leaving a woman’s place last night. He says she’s young – college aged and may be the girl from the note. He says they’re friends. She asks how close. He says her name is Alice Vargas but it has to be kept quiet. Jack tells Beth that the guy is lying and he’s cheating. He says they should talk to the wife and see if she has an alibi since it may be her.

Ben says the doll was a standard mannequin but the head was hand made. Janice says Alice Vargas lives in a place she can’t afford and they wonder where the money is coming from. Janice says the girl is an escort, a high end one that costs up to $3,000 a night. Janice says they need to go see her. They head to her place and Alice says she can’t talk about her clients. They tell her the Mayor sent them but she says her policy doesn’t allow her to talk about her clients.

Beth threatens her with a solicitation charge but says they are just focused on the Mayor’s safety. She says there was a guy – Drew Summers – a client that was very controlling and wanted to marry her. She says he screamed at her and told her she’d regret it. She says she hasn’t seen him but blocked his number and forgot about him. Janice comes to see Beth and says they cracked the encryption on Perry’s hard drive.

It’s a folder of innocuous enough art work. It’s all of a cat and mouse in the same creepy poses of his other photos. Beth tells her she can call Amanda and bring her up to speed. They bring in Drew and he says he knows nothing about dolls. He says he and Alice had something special and then she broke it off with no explanation. Jack says he was stalking her. They tell him they know he was at her place last night but the doorman wouldn’t let him in.

Jack says a man was attacked in the alley behind her apartment – one of her customers. He says he was there but didn’t do anything. He says he just wanted to talk to Alice. He says the doorman threatened to call the cops so he left, went to his car, sobered up and drove him. Drew says he just wanted to remind her how much they mean to each other. Jack says he has to leave her alone. Drew says he’s happy to give her some space but won’t give up hope.

Beth says he didn’t react to the jack in the box. They wonder if he’s done this since he’s delusional. Beth says to put a unit on him to watch him day and night. Alice comes home and calls out to the doorman. He doesn’t answer. She hears a door creak up in the hall and then goes to her door. She goes inside to find her lights flickering off and on and her place ransacked. She grabs her phone and calls 911. She gives her address as she walks through. She hears a noise and says they’re still there.

The 911 operator tells her to get out that the cops are on their way. The jester is there, knocks her down then runs out. The TAU crew are there and Beth says this is an act of rage. It’s not Drew since he didn’t leave his house. Drew calls them upstairs to her bedroom. In red letters, it says – Leave him alone. They wonder if the mayor’s wife hired someone since the attacker was male. He wants to talk to the wife. Beth agrees but says they have to tread lightly.

Janice has Perry in interrogation and asks him how he likes his jail cell. She says he’s looking at four years in state prison for felony assault. She says she’s there to help him. She says they know about the drawings of him killing and strangling Beth and that he’s been stalking her for a while. She says Tracy is ready to testify that he started a relationship with her to get to Beth. He says she can’t convince anyone since he’s a good boy.

Amanda comes in and says she has a one time offer for him. She says he pleads guilty to stalking and will get probation. He says he knows it means he’ll have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. He says they don’t have anything. Janice says two cops saw him try to kill her but he says she provoked him. He says he wants his dad and his lawyer and doesn’t cave in. Beth and Jack go to see wife Elaine. They ask her about Alice Vargas and she says she doesn’t know her/

Jack says the stalking is personal and resentful. She asks if Jack is implying that her husband is having an affair. Elaine says they’ve been fighting these rumors for years and says emphatically that her husband is not a cheater. Jack says Elaine lied about knowing Alice. Beth asks why she wouldn’t just pay Alice to go away. Jack says he wants Ben to look for a connection between the women. Ben brings Alice into TAU and he asks if she knows Elaine.

Alice says she doesn’t think so. She says she and the Mayor only met a few times and never had sex. She says they just talked. She says a lot of rich men just like to talk about their day with a pretty girl. She says mostly they just talked about her and he wanted her to go back to college. She says he kissed her on the cheek once and that’s it. Ben says Alice’s mom was an aide of Hayes back in the day. Ben thinks that the Mayor is her dad. He started seeing her only after her mom died.

Amanda comes to see Beth and tells her that Perry made bail and they’re processing him right now. She says Perry’s dad is a good friend of the judge and said he’d put him in a treatment center. Amanda says he’s going to leverage a plea bargain and the best hope is misdemeanor probation. Jack comes in and tells Beth they need her. Amanda says she’s sorry and Beth thanks her. They show Beth the info about Alice likely being the mayor’s kid.

Janice talks about the scare tactics and Ben says the stalker must be close to the mayor. They go back to talk to the mayor but Cedric tries to block them and says Elaine called to say they accused him of having an affair. Beth asks Hayes for five minutes and Cedric steps out. Beth asks if Alice is his daughter and he admits it. He says her mother Sandra used to work for him and says he had an affair with him right after he got married. He says the scandal would have ruined his career.

He says he didn’t know she was pregnant until Sandra reached out to him right before she died. He says she was out of touch with Alice and asked him to keep an eye on her. He says he pretended to be a client to get close to her. He says he never told Alice because he worried she’d think he treated her mom badly. He says Elaine knew and warned him not to interact with her. Beth asks how upset Elaine was when she found out about Alice.

They go to talk to Elaine with Hayes with them. He tells her they know about Alice. Beth asks why she lies and Elaine says she was protecting her husband. Jack asks if she hired someone to stalk and scare her husband. Elaine says she did it. She says she never hurt anyone but was just trying to stop him from ruining his career and family. She asks now what. Beth asks why she would roll over and confess. Beth says it seems too easy.

They ask if they told their son Craig about the affair. Hayes says he doesn’t know but Elaine pulls a face and she says they keep their dirty laundry in house. She says she turned to their son because he’s always there for her. She says she recognized the mask immediately as Craig’s work. She says he always felt slighted by his father. They ask where Craig is. He’s with Alice – he set up an appointment through the escort agency. She asks for the money first and tells him to put it on a table.

She says they’ll have fun and he offers her a beer. She asks for a water. She looks around his place at all the art work. She asks what he does and he says claymation. He says he doesn’t work – he’s still a student at film school. He says he took a year off. She says he’s very talented and a little disturbed. She asks if it’s just the two of them there. He says there’s something they need to talk about and says it’s his dad. She says she’s great with daddy issues.

He says he’s been angry with his dad because he ignored him. He says his dad doesn’t even know he draws. He says he’s been really angry. She says we all want their approval. He says he’s done trying to hurt his dad and wants the anger gone. He says he thought they could talk the way his dad talks to her. She asks who his dad is and he tells her that he’s her dad too and says it’s Mayor Hayes. She sees the jester head and freaks. He tells her he’s sorry and didn’t mean to hurt her.

She knocks him down and runs. She tries to call the elevator and then Drew is there. He grabs her and her brother comes to help her but Drew throws him back and then drags her off screaming. Craig comes to and sees Drew holding the mask. Drew tells Alice he’s going to take care of Craig then says they can be together. He pulls the tape off her mouth and she asks Drew not to do this. He tells her he loves her and asks why she’s ignoring him and told the cops about him.

She says she thought it was him. He says he would never wear a mask and scare her like a kid would do. Craig sneaks up and hits him over the head and tells her to run. Drew starts beating on him and she runs down the stairs. The guys swap blows and then she falls down a few stairs, gets back up and starts running again. Drew is on the stairs and tells her not to run from him. She does and makes it outside. He catches up to her and she screams for help.

Craig comes to again as Beth and Jack pull up at Craig’s place. Craig comes out and says the crazy guy Drew is chasing her and says he thinks they’re headed for the bridge. Beth calls for back up and they run after Alice and Drew. He has her at the bridge and dangles her over the side. She begs him not to drop her. She tells him she loves him and cries. He tells her she’s a liar and she screams. Jack grabs her arm and knocks Drew down. Beth has a gun on him. Cop cars pull up and surround them.

Alice comes to thank her brother who’s getting treated by the EMTs. The mayor pulls up with his wife. Elaine hugs her son. Drew watches from the back of a police car and then he’s driven away. Janice comes to talk to Beth and says Perry is missing. He didn’t show up at the hospital, cleared out his dorm room and withdrew from the university. Beth asks if his family is involved but Janice says his dad was the one that reported it. Janice says they have a BOLO out and will find him.

Jack sees Amanda on her way out. He says they had one mayor, two stalkers and she says she didn’t vote for the guy. He asks about Ethan and she says he enjoyed spending time with him. He says he did too and asks to do it again. She says he can see him this weekend and he says he’ll be there. Jack sees Beth at her desk crying. He asks her what’s going on. Perry is at a mental institution visiting Ray. Perry says they have a mutual friend – Michelle. Ray says she’s his girl. He smiles. Jack tells Beth to tell him and says he wants to help. She says okay.