State of Affairs Recap 2/9/15: Season 1 Episode 12 “Here and Now”

State of Affairs Recap 2/9/15: Season 1 Episode 12 "Here and Now"

Tonight on NBC State of Affairs airs with an all new Monday February 9, season 1 episode 12 called, “Here and Now,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode sacrifices may need to be made when Nick [Chris L. McKenna] at last has the most-wanted terrorist in his sights, and Charlie [Katherine Heigl] is at odds with President Payton on how to proceed.

On the last episode, Charlie (Katherine Heigl) and Lucas (Adam Kaufman) joined the FBI manhunt for an Ar Rissalah terrorist who escaped custody in the woods of West Virginia. Meanwhile, President Payton (Alfre Woodard) made a deal with the news media that protects CIA’s top secret Operation Bellerophon–at the cost of exposing her own secrets on national television. On the other side of the world, Nick (guest star Chris L. McKenna) and Fatah (guest star Farshad Farahat) wait in a terrorist stronghold as they anticipate the arrival of the most dangerous man on the planet, Sheikh Hakam (guest star Yousuf Azami). Also starring Sheila Vand, Cliff Chamberlain, Tommy Savas and David Harbour. Adam Arkin and Matthew Lillard guest star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “sacrifices may need to be made when Nick at last has the most-wanted terrorist in his sights, and Charlie is at odds with President Payton on how to proceed. Meanwhile, Sen. Burke releases secret intelligence that jeopardizes the entire mission, and Charlie’s past with Nick comes to the fore.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of State of Affairs first season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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In Afghanistan, in the past, we see Nick and Charlie in a jeep then hiking in a grassy area. He won’t tell her where they’re going and asks how long she’s been in country. She says eight months and he says that’s enough time to learn to hate it. They top a hill and she gasps. There’s a field of red poppies but Nick says you can’t see the war or addicts from here. She says it’s beautiful. He tells her they talked about burning the fields to cut off Sheikh Hakam’s money supply.

Nick says the game changes as you play and you need to find something you can count on. She asks if he brings all the girls there and he pulls her to him and says he never brought anyone here. He kisses her. Back in the present, Charlie washes her face and thinks about that kiss. At the CIA, Charlie heads to the ops room and codes herself in. She asks what she’s looking at and Dash points out the compound. He says there are 20-25 people.

Mo asks what they do and Charlie says they wait on the guest of honor. Banks come in and says Fatah and Hakam together and it’s a good day. He asks if POTUS knows and Charlie says yes. Banks says she needs this to stay president. His concern is Nick on the ground who is not a priority for the President. He tells Charlie to do what she can to get him home. Dash takes a call from Nick and patches it to Charlie. He tells her that Hakam is there. She asks what the window is and he says less than six hours.

Dash tells her that Jack Dawkins can be there in 20 minutes. She tells him to keep his head down so he can get a seat on the plane back home. They lose the call. Earl says Jack is on a carrier nearby and can be there in 20 minutes. There is also a typhoon brewing that can interfere with the helo. Earl suggests dropping a bomb on it all but Charlie says they need proof of death on both and not a crater.

She tells Lucas to work on a cover story to tell the Filipinos. Charlie walks out and Mo reminds her it’s okay to be upset that Nick is one of those red dots. She tells Mo to come up with another plan so that POTUS won’t call in an air strike. She says she needs to get Nick out while still getting Fatah and Hakam. Over at the Krieg Group, Kurt asks how they can get eyes on this. Emily is in the satellite when Victor comes in. He asks her to update him hourly.

Victor calls Kurt out and says he needs him on something else. Kurt wants to stay on it but Victor says he needs him outside in the world using his special access. He says they need human intel and says the satellite can only tell them so much. Kurt says he gets it and Victor says a man is only as loyal as his options. Kurt goes back into the Krieg ops room and gets his stuff together. He says he has to go see some old friends then Kurt asks what’s on the screen. She says it’s bad weather blowing in.

Senator Burke rants that all he got was boxes of redacted files and says investigating the CIA is a fraud since they are Payton’s Republican Guard. He has the photo of Charlie, Nick and Fatah and tells the person he’s talking to that he has something newsworthy. David tells Payton that the Filipinos don’t quite buy the navy exercise story but are letting it go. Payton calls Jack and tells him to keep pushing and find a way. Charlie then calls POTUS and says she’s worried about the weather.

Jack says the weather is no problem but Charlie says if the helo goes down, they lose Fatah and Hakam plus a stack of SEALS. Charlie says the op is too dangerous at present. Payton tells Jack to stand down and says it’s a scrub. She’s not happy but can see the typhoon gathering momentum on her screen too. Charlie asks how long the typhoon will hold Hakam there and Dash says three hours. That means all they have is an air strike with no proof of death.

They also tell her the Ahmadi vests are still out there and if they found out they’re targeting their high priest, they may set them off. Mo takes a call saying that Payton called in an air strike. David tells Payton she has less than an hour before the Correspondent’s Dinner. She says they can’t compromise the mission or let anyone know what’s going on in that room. She says she’s waited a damn long time for this moment.

David gets a note and says he has to go put out a fire. He finds Banks in his office. He tells David the op in Filipinos is reckless, stupid and is going to get Americans killed. Banks says he knows the presidency is in trouble and says to shoot straight with him and they can be allies. He asks if they’re going to strike down his guy on the ground and David says it may happen. Banks says if this goes wrong, David is out of a job and he’s dodging subpoenas.

Banks tells him he’s young and will still be at Langley long after Payton is good. He tells him he’s not that young and tosses him from his office. Earl says the F18s are rolling out and it looks like it’s happening. Kurt texts Mo asking to see her urgently. She ignores it and keeps watching. Charlie shows up to the White House and David lets Charlie into the ops room. She asks Payton to speak privately. Payton says whatever she has to say she can say it in front of everyone.

Charlie says she can’t send in the F18s and says it’s not the right course. She says there is an operative on the ground. Payton says she’s protecting Nick Vera. Charlie says it’s her job to bring him back. Payton says one man is not worth scrubbing this mission. Charlie reminds her that Aaron was one man. Payton says it’s never about one man. She says she will not miss this chance to get Fatah. She tells Charlie she won’t stand down and asks if she’ll stand with her. Charlie says she will.

Back in Afghanistan, Charlie stands outside looking at the poppy field. Nick comes out and tells her they’re out of wine. She smiles at him. They watch a truck pull up the road with poppies in the back and an armed guard. They watch it go by. Nick jokes with some locals in Pashtun. She says they know him and he says they know he could take their livelihood and says it’s safer there than Kabul. She says they can’t stay there but he says she can run Fatah and they can stay there.

They head into Kabul to a market. Charlie sees a bombing that Hakam caused and asks Nick how they can let this go on. She says Hakam is trying to spread this all over the world. Nick tells her if she wants to blow up some bad guys, there are some down the road. She says Hakam is the mission but Nick says next week Hakam will be their ally. He asks her to just be present with him there for a day. She nods and kisses him then pulls him in for a hug but she watches the town burn on TV.

Now, Charlie sits at Payton’s side and looks at a photo of Hakam on the big screen. She steps out to call Dash and asks to be patched to Jack. She says POTUS is going through with the air strike and asks him to get Nick out. Jack says that window closed and he can’t get to him. She asks him to warn him. Jack says if he alerts Nick, she could blow the whole mission. Jack says they can only hope Nick is smart enough to get out of the way.

He says it’s Nick or the mission and tells her he’s sorry but it’s what they do. She agrees it’s what they do and ends the call. Kurt creeps into someone’s house and then picks the lock on their safe. He grabs out a folder and leaves. We see it’s Navarro’s house. Lambert meets Senator Burke at the Correspondent’s Dinner. Burke reminds Lambert he just got stood up by the President and asks what his plan is. Lambert says he put together a package that will hit between the salad and soup course.

Lambert asks where Burke came across this magic bullet that shows they had their hands on Fatah. Burke says it was in the personal effects of an old colleague. Lambert asks if it was Senator Green and he nods. Banks finds Burke in the bathroom and says he didn’t know he and Lambert were such good buddies. Burke storms out. David tells POTUS they have to leave for the dinner and the planes are just three minutes out from the target. She tells Charlie to see this through.

Charlie asks to see the infrared then sees there are people fleeing. She says they’re going to the tunnels. She says there is nothing to target and says they will look like they bombed an ally. She says they’re gone. Burke approaches Payton at the dinner and she asks if he’s enjoying himself. He says there’s been a disturbing revelation about the CIA. She says this is not the time or the place but he says it can’t wait. He asks if she knows about Charlie’s relationship with Omar Fatah. She asks what he means.

She asks if it was in the files and he says it’s in the press. Mo calls Charlie and tells her to check a news site. She sees the photo of she, Nick and Fatah. Mo asks what they do and she says they have to kill Hakam. They are in the tunnels and Hakam asks Fatah about his injury. He says he’s okay. Hakam says everything they started is coming to an end. Nick creeps along behind them. Fatah leaves the sat phone for Nick and follows Hakam. Nick grabs it up.

Kurt looks at the Top Secret file he stole and then sees he’s being followed by an SUV. He floors it and tries to evade the vehicle. He cuts off the SUV then takes a turn down a back street but the SUV is there and blocks him in. It’s Syd and he tells Kurt – sorry pal – and pulls a gun on him. Lucas says they are going to lose the biggest target in CIA history. Mo checks but there’s no chatter. Charlie calls in and Mo says they’re looking for radio chatter.

Nick calls on the radio and they patch Charlie in. He says he’s in the tunnels and says he’s following them. He says they can lock onto his signal. He tells Charlie to track his signal and let him paint the targets. He tells her to use him as the target. Payton comes back and David says Nick followed Hakam and is sending a signal. Nick tells Charlie it’s okay. POTUS is asked for authorization. Payton says it’s granted. They signal the F18s. They free the weapons.

Charlie thinks about Nick touching her hair before he was kidnapped from her car. She’s near tears. The F18s say they are commencing the attack. Back in Afghanistan, Nick wakes to see Charlie is gone and that she left a note for him. She writes that he can’t be surprised since he knows who she is and what she’s capable of and not. She wrote that she wanted to let the mission go and makes this work. She says she just can’t because she can’t give up. She told him she’s sorry, she loved him and always will.

Nick steps out of the tunnels holding the radio high so they can see where he stands near Fatah, Hakam and all the other terrorists. Nick looks up and sees the missiles coming at them. In the ops room, everyone claps as the targets are hit. Charlie tells POTUS she was right when she said this would make killers out of both of them. After the storm clears, Jack and his crew go to check the bomb site. Banks tells Payton that this was a colossal screw up and asks how the news got the photo.

He says he saw Lambert with Burke and need to get this under control. Payton says they can tell the truth – that Fatah was their asset and he helped the CIA find and destroy Sheikh Hakam. She says it’s the greatest op in CIA history and that Nick and Charlie are heroes. She asks Charlie what she thinks. Charlie leaves the room without speaking to POTUS. Charlie goes to see Syd who has Kurt at gun point. Kurt is shocked to see Charlie.

She asks to speak to Kurt alone and hands her the gun. Syd tells her to call if she needs him to dump him somewhere. Kurt asks why she had him kidnapped. She says she knows Krieg was shadowing Bellerophon thanks to him. She says Krieg warned Hakam they were coming and asks how they pulled it off. Kurt says it wasn’t him. She says it’s because of him that Nick is dead. She calls him a traitor but then Kurt says he’s undercover at the Krieg Group for the CIA.

He says Navarro sent him there and she says the only man that can verify it is in a coma. He says he went to Navarro’s house to get the proof. He tells Charlie he’s been trying to call her all day to warn her but no one would give him access. He says he got the proof to try and get her to listen to him. He says he thought TKG was shadowing Bellerophon to kill Hakam and Fatah and take the win from the CIA to discredit them. He says TKG was protecting Fatah.

He says TKG has been tracking Hakam for a decade. He says all they know about Hakam came from Fatah. Kurt says what if Hakam doesn’t exist. Charlie says Hakam isn’t the real threat, he’s a legend that Fatah made up and Fatah is the real prophet. She sighs and says Fatah is the real leader of AR. She says he’s been playing them this whole time. That means he must have gotten away or else he never would have given Nick the radio.