Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Recap – Begin with a Blindside: Season 30 Episode 1 Premiere “It’s Survivor Warfare”

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Recap - Begin with a Blindside: Season 30 Episode 1 Premiere "It's Survivor Warfare"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart airs with an all new Wednesday February 25, season 30 episode 1 90-minute premiere episode called, “It’s Survivor Warfare,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the 30th season will feature the first-time theme of “Worlds Apart,” with castaways divided into the three separate tribes.

On the last episode, in the season 29 finale, the final five competed for a spot in the last Tribal Council and the $1 million prize, on the two-hour season finale.” Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the 30th season will feature the first-time theme of “Worlds Apart,” with castaways divided into the three separate tribes, White Collar, Blue Collar and No Collar. Minutes into the game, castaways are forced to choose between honesty or deception, and one castaway becomes ill after trying to satisfy his need for protein, on the special 90-minute season premiere.”

Tonight’s season 30 premiere looks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 30.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

#Survivor is back! They have 18 contestants divided into three tribes based on occupation and lifestyle – they have white collar people including a department store buyer, a Yahoo! Executive and a former college professor who is now a media advisor. In the blue collar tribe, there is a cop, a postal worker, hairstylist, oil industry roughneck and a barrel racer. In the no collar tribe, there’s a YouTube sensation, sailing instructor, coconut vendor and a liberal law student.

The 39 days starts now. Jeff Probst welcomes everyone and talks about which division will be best suited to survive. The yellow tribe is white collar and Jeff says they tend to make the rules. The blue tribe is the blue collar group and Jeff says they often follow rules and work hands-on. The red tribe is the no collar free spirits who neither make or follow rules but tend to break them. He tells each tribe to pick one person to represent them.

In white collar, Max says putting yourself into leadership is a big mistake. Joaquin steps up. In blue collar, they put up Dan the postal worker. The no collars chat and put up Will because he said he’ll make them sandwiches. Will is the YouTube sensation who had a video of he and his wife dancing go viral. Then each is told to pick a second person to help make a decision. So steps up with Joaquin. Mike volunteers with Dan. Jen steps up with Will.

Jeff hands out tribe names and maps. He says each pair will make a decision for the tribe once they get to camp. No collar heads to their camp and Hali says she loves being one of them. She says her game plan is to let it flow. Nina is totally deaf but has cochlear implants and is a hearing advocate. Jen and Will find two options – honest and deceive. They get to decide to get an immunity clue and a small bag of beans or no clue and a big bag of beans.

Jen says they should take the big bag and let everyone know about the deceive option. Will agrees. Over at blue collar, Dan and Mike face the same decision. Dan says it’s too early to be a villain even though villains win and they take the bigger back of beans. They go back and tell the rest of the tribe about the honest and deceit options. Sierra thinks they’re lying and they brought back the smaller bag and are saying it’s bigger.

Over at white collar, they first make introductions then So and Joaquin go to consider the options. Joaquin says it’s silly to go the honest route and she says that puts them in an alliance as of right now. He calls her a cutie. So says he didn’t want to do the honest thing at all. She agrees to take the smaller bag. She says she feels like she’s making a deal with the devil but is glad to be in the alliance.

So comes up with a story to tell the rest of the tribe. She says there were three boxes – honest, deceive or neutral so they picked neutral. Carolyn says she thinks they have an immunity idol clue and are lying but says she’d do it to. Shirin says she thinks they’re lying too. She goes aside with Carolyn and chats her up. Shirin also wants to pull Max into their little alliance. She tells him she and So and Joaquin are dangerous and he agrees.

Over at blue collar, they are catching crabs and building a fire. They get their fire built within two hours. Rodney talks tattoos with Lindsey and he says his strategy is to bond with the girls and be their leaders. Mike sees a scorpion and cuts its tail off then eats it. He says it tastes like crap then he pukes. Over at no collar, they find and crack a coconut and they all take a drink.

Vince says Jen seems so real and he tells her they have a kindred spirit and says they can go to the end together. He hugs her and then she thinks he’s being a bit creepy so she decides to take a smile and nod approach. Vince decides to take charge of the shelter but Joe thinks he’s doing it the wrong way since he’s worked construction and Vince gets really upset.

On blue collar, Lindsey gets really annoyed at Dan who is being really surly when it comes to the shelter build. Kelly says Dan doesn’t have the social skills to compromise. Sierra starts to get annoyed and then Dan decides to shut up and walk away from it. He says he’s in a no-win situation since they are giving him grief. Rodney says he looks like Harry Potter’s grandfather and he needs to go. Then hairy, hairy Dan strips down to a Speedo while Mike gives him a pep talk. Ewww…

Over at no collar the next day, Joe is trying to make fire – he says he watched it on YouTube and practiced before he left home. Jenn likes him but Vince is getting annoyed. Joe goes to work and finally makes a flame. Everyone is thrilled. They all hug Joe but Captain Feather Hair (Vince) looks insanely jealous. He says he has something already going on with Jenn and doesn’t like this. He pulls her aside and asks if she feels more of a communication with Joe. She says she’s not playing a flirt game.

Jenn thinks Vince is jealous and she says she likes Joe as a human being but doesn’t prefer Joe over Vince. Jenn tells Vince it’s just the two of them. She says he’s freaking her out. He’s now decided that Jenn isn’t being honest with him. He asks for a hug then carried it on for way too long. Jenn later says it was gross because #WeSmellBad. Wow, what a nutter!

Over at white collar their shelter looks pretty bad and Tyler says it’s the worst night of sleep he’s had in his life. They still have no fire. Joaquin jokes about hiring a blue collar to make them fire. Joaquin decides to go look for the immunity idol. Carolyn has been watching So and Joaquin because she thinks they have a clue. Carolyn goes to look for the idol in an area where she saw So searching. She spots a funny looking tree and finds the idol!

She reads it and is thrilled. Carolyn says what’s great is that everyone thinks So and Joaquin have the idol and the two of them are still searching. It’s finally time for the #ImmunityChallenge. They have to race down a ramp through an obstacle and then they have to decide how to release a ladder then have to use it to go over platforms and obstacles. Then they have to choose between three puzzles to solve.

One has just five pieces but is harder. One has 10 pieces and requires you to look at things visually. The third has 50 pieces but is very straight forward. Jeff says each averages the same amount of time but you have to know where your strengths are to choose widely. Jeff unveils the immunity idol. The reward is a massive fire making kit. They all start out and it’s on.

After they clear the obstacles, one person gets to unlock the locks. No one decides to untie knots. There are 20 keys and three will work but you have to pick the right key for the right lock. All three then give up on keys and swap people and to work on knots. So is doing it for white collar, Mike for blue collar and Joe for no collars. So is in the lead and Joe is a close second. Mike is falling behind. So gets the last night and opens it and they have their ladder.

White collar is in the lead. No collar gets their ladder and blue collar is still on the knots. White collar is in the lead but no collar is a close second. Blue collar finally gets the ladder free and take off. No collar takes the lead and then they have to decide which puzzle. White collar is close behind. No collar chooses the 10 piece. White collar takes the 50. The 10 piece puzzle is based on a tree type contraption.

Jenn tags out because the tree puzzle is too hard. Joe steps in to replace her. Blue collar is finally at the puzzle choosing stage. Blue collar can’t figure out how to use their ladder then finally choose 10. Joe is one piece away for no collar and wins the challenge. They are now playing for second. Shirin is clueless for white collar and Max steps in and on blue Mike steps in. The blue collar tribe screams encouragement to Mike. Max is making progress but he had so many to deal with.

Mike slides the last piece into the blue collar’s tree puzzle and they win it. That gives blue collar a reward as well and sends white collar to the first Tribal Council. The blue collar team gets a smaller fire kit and smaller immunity idol. It’s now day three. Carolyn says Shirin said she was great at puzzles. Carolyn says she knows it will be a girl tonight so they’re going to assume they’re weaker than the guys. So asks if Max is thinking Shirin and says she Carolyn may be better. So says Carolyn is playing it safe and not putting herself out there.

So talks to Joaquin who says he’s good to vote for Carolyn. So then goes to talk to Tyler and says Carolyn is flying under the radar. Carolyn sees that So is talking to everyone and worries they’re after her. Carolyn says she thinks they’re thinking her or Shirin and So lies and says Carolyn’s name hasn’t been brought up. Joaquin says she has his “New York word” that he’s not thinking about her name. Carolyn says So is playing all of them. Tyler tells Carolyn her name has come up but he thinks she’s strong. Carolyn thinks So put her up to be voted out.

Tyler asks what about idols and she says none of them have an idol. She tells Tyler she has it and is bringing it to Tribal. He says she may not need to play it. Carolyn wants So out. She tells Max and Shirin they should vote for So since she’s not being honest. Max says Carolyn is older and that makes her stand out on a small tribe but he says So lied to them on the first day. Max says they need to talk to Tyler. Max says So has lied but did well at the challenge. He says Carolyn is more trustworthy.

Tyler says they need hard workers that are loyal. Tyler says if it’s an integrity issue, So is the first choice. He says tonight’s #TribalCouncil will leave someone shocked. They come in and Jeff tells them to each grab a torch and get fire. He reminds them that fire represents life in the game. Jeff asks Joaquin and So about the opening decision. Joaquin repeats the three box lie. Shirin says she’s a huge fan and doesn’t believe the story. She says she thinks they’ve got a clue to the idol.

Max says he would have picked a clue also but would have done a better job of lying about it. So says it hurts her feelings and says the four of them are strong. Carolyn asks who the four are and Joaquin says it’s all but Shirin and Carolyn. She says she’s the oldest one and they think she can’t do the challenges. She says Max has been with her since day one and wonders who he’s lying to. So says they are voting Carolyn out and that was the discussion.

So says Carolyn and Shirin are the weakest. Carolyn says anyone can open a few knots. Tyler says they took over the challenge today because of So and says it kept them in the game. So says she was being a team player and says she’s strong in team challenges and showed that. She says Carolyn didn’t step up and she says she’s been working her ass of in camp and is just as athletic as So. Tyler says if they make the wrong call tonight, they’ll go weaker into the next challenge. Max says he thanks the survivor gods for giving what he was hoping for – lots of rain and drama.

Jeff calls for the vote. Joaquin votes first. We see that Carolyn voted for So and So voted for Carolyn. Jeff goes to count the votes. He comes back and calls for the hidden immunity idol. Carolyn doesn’t play her idol. The votes are: Carolyn, So, Carolyn, So, So and So. That means So is sooo out of there. The first #Blindside of the new season. Jeff snuffs out her torch and she wishes them luck and leaves. Jeff wonders if they made the right move and says at least they get flint. He sends them off.

So says this was her worst nightmare getting voted off first. She says it hurts a lot.