Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Recap Jenn Eliminated – Will’s Horrible Rampage: Season 30 Episode 10 “Bring the Popcorn”

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Recap Jenn Eliminated - Will's Horrible Rampage: Season 30 Episode 10 "Bring the Popcorn"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart airs with an all new Wednesday April 22 season 30 episode 10 called, “Bring the Popcorn,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a key advantage gives one castaway a game-changing opportunity; and one player lashes out when their integrity is questioned.

On the last episode, one castaway broke out their arts and crafts skills to create a fake idol and made a plan to prevent being eliminated. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “a key advantage gives one castaway a game-changing opportunity, and another castaway lashes out when their integrity is questioned.”

Tonight’s season 30 episode 10 looks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 30.

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#Survivor begins on day 25. Rodney tells Carolyn, Will and Tyler to blindside Mike. Tyler says it could be a good idea and says they’ll think about it later. Mike overheard them talking about ousting him. He says Rodney has flipped on the blue collars and knows they’re coming for him. At the #RewardChallenge at #TraderJeffs.

They each get $500 and Jeff tells them no sharing of items purchased. First up is a covered item and Will buys it for $100. He says it’s probably grilled ass or something and sees he bought a note. He opens and reads it and it says you’re out of the auction and sends him back to camp at once. That’s evil and all new for Survivor. Jenn asks if anyone else will get kicked out.

Jeff shows the next item and it’s chicken and waffle. Shirin buys it for $300. Mike, Dan and Carolyn admit they don’t plan on bidding on food and want to buy an advantage. Jenn, Sierra and Rodney buy food and drinks. Then Jeff gets to the advantage. But first he offers love from home. There are notes from home from their loved ones.

Shirin tells them whatever the highest bid is, Jeff let the others buy theirs for that price. She tells them not to outbid her and she bids $20. Then Carolyn tells them all to chip in for $20 so they will have $480 left to try and buy the advantage. They all go give their $20 and get their letters except for Mike who walks back with $500 in his pocket which means he will be able to outbid them all for the advantage.

Carolyn tries to give hers back and then Mike says he can’t do it and throws down his $20. He says it would go against who he is as a person. Then Jeff pulls out the advantage in the game. Dan, Carolyn and Mike all bid $480. They have to draw stones to see who gets it. Dan gets the advantage. Jeff tells him to open it in private back in camp. Dan is still upset at Mike.

Back at camp, Will is upset that he spent $100 to get kicked out of the auction. He walks back to camp and then sees there’s a clue for him. It’s a map! It tells him where to go and says to dig. He follows the map and sees it’s marked with a stake. He digs by the stake and finds a big box. Inside is a personal stash of rations – enough to last the rest of the game. It says he can keep or share.

Will takes them back to the camp with him and says he hopes it’s a nice gesture they appreciate. The other survivors come back to camp and he tells them to close their eyes and then lets them read the message. Dan tells him to keep them for himself. Mike tells Sierra why he tried to get the clue and says he heard Rodney. He decides to out the alliance.

Mike explains that he overheard them flipping Rodney and that they’re going after him. He points to Will, Carolyn, Rodney and Tyler and tells the others he overheard them talking. He repeats Dan words – flippers never win. Rodney tries to play it off and says he’s ruining their time with their love letters from home and yells that he needs to relax. Looks like he’s protesting too much.

Carolyn and Rodney try to deny it. Sierra says Mike is exhausted and is being paranoid. She says his timing is bad. They open their letters from home and Mike apologizes for ruining the moment. He says they’re all mad at him for ruining the moment. He hopes his strategy will work and says at least it’s all out in the open. Rodney says he’s going to go work on Dan’s vote.

Dan is crying as he reads his letter. Rodney tells him Mike was acting out and was trying to ruin everyone’s letter time. Rodney says he’s over the deep end and Dan agrees. Rodney says what Mike did was so disrespectful. Dan says Mike is convinced that Rodney has flipped that puts them possibly on the bottom of the food chain. Dan opens his advantage. It says he gets an extra vote one time.

Dan is thrilled and says this is like Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. Later, Mike tells Sierra it was great that Will shared their stuff and says he thinks there’s more to the story. He wonders where the box is and they wonder if he kept some of it to himself. Jenn tells Rodney they think that he only gave them stuff he didn’t like. Tyler goes to tell Will that they’re saying he’s lying and there’s more food.

Will takes Rodney to the site and shows them the container. He goes off on Shirin and asks what else could fit in there and tells her not to question his character. She says he tore into her like a crazy person and says let’s talk. Mike comes in and pulls Shirin away and says she doesn’t need to be attacked by them. Will says no one anywhere likes Shirin and says she doesn’t even have loved ones.

Shirin grew up in a home torn apart by domestic violence and says she was verbally abused. She gets angry at Will and says he always prays before meals and acts like a good Christian. Shirin tells Jenn about Will attacking on her. Jenn says she’s now ready to stick around and just f-k up the game of those jerks. Mike comforts her and says he’s going to keep working angles until he wins or goes home.

It’s time for the #ImmunityChallenge and Jeff welcomes them. Will says it didn’t go well and says it hurt that he didn’t get a letter from home. He asks if can have the letters from home if he sits out the immunity challenge. Jeff says if everyone agrees with that, he’ll agree to it. Jeff asks if anyone objects and Shirin raises her hand. Will says – shocking. She says that’s the way the game works.

Will says it’s fine, wipes away his tears and says – let’s do it. Jeff says you use metal tongs to hold a ball while you go over teeter totters and place the ball on a stand. You have to place six balls at increasingly higher levels. They start. The tongs are heavy and the balls are hard to balance. Will is the first to grab one but drops it. Jeff says there’s a huge learning curve. Tyler is first to land one.

Mike lands one as well. Dan makes it right to the end then drops. Mike lands his second and takes the lead. Rodney lands one. Dan gets one and then Sierra. Mike lands his third. Tyler lands his second and Carolyn gets her first. Dan gets a second. Mike lands his fourth and runs back. Tyler lands his third. Everyone else is falling behind. Mike sets his fifth in place and runs back while Tyler lands his fourth.

Tyler drops his fifth and Mike carefully places his sixth ball and wins it. Jeff declares Mike the winner of individual immunity. Rodney does not look happy. They head back from the challenge and the strategy talk starts. Mike does a happy dance for winning immunity and he’s happy and says it came at a great time since he knows he was on the chopping block.

Will and Rodney talk about voting out Shirin but Will wants to keep her around and make her miserable. He says they should focus on Jenn since she’s better at challenge. They talk to Dan and Tyler about splitting the vote three three. Mike talks to Shirin and asks if she’d rather vote against Tyler or Carolyn. Those three talk about that the others will likely split the vote three three.

Mike says if they get Dan, they can go after Carolyn. Jenn says Dan is dumb as a box of rocks and she can’t believe her fate is in his hands. Mike goes to talk to Dan and he says everyone is looking at the end game. Carolyn tells Rodney the others think they have Dan. She says he’d be stupid to flip. Mike says he had to align themselves with them and says he and Sierra are the ones he gave his word to.

Mike says he’s been blue since day one. Tyler says the more dangerous it is the more time Dan spends with the blue collars. Carolyn is freaking out plus she has an idol and says she may have to use it. Mike asks Dan who he trusts more – Rodney who is everyone’s best friend. Then he says Will attacked Shirin and called him a bitch. He says they’re using Dan and says Mike and Dan built this camp.

He says they sweated and bled together. He asks Dan who he really trusts. Mike isn’t sure if Dan will come around. He asks if Dan will vote Carolyn. Dan wonders if Mike is right or if he’s lost his mind. He says he’s a swing vote tonight which is his worst nightmare. Tyler then goes to tell Dan that they’re questioning him. Dan snaps and says how he votes his not their choice or the other groups.

He says it’s his choice and no one gets to push him. He realizes he’s making a million dollar mistake or decision. It’s time for #TribalCouncil. The jury members – Hali and Joe – come in and take their seats. Will says there was an incident when Shirin was saying he had all this food and didn’t share it. Shirin says that’s false. Will rants about not getting his love letters. He blames her for questioning.

Will says he exploded. Shirin says he personally attacked her and says she has no family, is a loser, that she has no soul. Will says that’s all true. Shirin cries and says it went way beyond the game. Shirin says the reason she has no family and says he’s just like her biological father and Will says she’s playing the victim. Shirin says she was the victim of domestic violence and he attacked her while the others watched.

Jeff asks Sierra where they are with individual points of view. Sierra says they are worlds apart and says they are nine individuals fighting for themselves. Dan says it’s very tough and says you can’t park your emotions. He says you get to know them and bond with them. Mike says they decided he’s a threat and there’s a four core alliance – Rodney, Carolyn, Will and Tyler.

He tells Sierra and Dan they’re going home fifth and sixth. Rodney freaks out and says Mike went off in a manic state and that’s why he’s on the chopping block. Jeff says wow. Shirin says she thinks they plan is to split the votes between she and Jenn since Mike has immunity. Carolyn says when you have six strong you vote who you want. Dan says he listens to the pitches and says you have to weigh your options.

Dan says it’s important from here how you play since you’re putting people on the jury. Jeff calls for the vote. Carolyn votes for Jenn. Then so Rodney votes for Shirin. No other votes are shown. Jeff goes to tally the votes. He comes back and calls for hidden immunity idols. Carolyn doesn’t play hers. The votes are: Jenn, Shirin, Jenn, Shirin, Jenn, Carolyn, Shirin, Jenn and that sends Jenn to the jury.

Jenn smiles and doesn’t seem upset at all. Jeff says the bad news is there are eight people here that will stop at nothing to win. He sends them back to camp. Man – this is crap. All of the scumbags in this game are part of the majority so that means one of these jerks is going to win. Jenn says Will is a bad person and says Sierra sucks and says she hates Rodney, Carolyn and Dan and can’t wait to watch them tear each other apart.