Survivor Cambodia Recap – Andrew Savage Eliminated: Season 31 Episode 8 “You Call, We’ll Haul”

Survivor Cambodia Recap - Andrew Savage Eliminated: Season 31 Episode 8 "You Call, We'll Haul"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor Cambodia airs with an all new Wednesday November 11, season 31 episode 8 called, “You Call, We Haul,” and we have your weekly recap below! Tonight, another castaway is voted out of the game.

On the last episode, the 13 remaining castaways came together for the largest merge ever. Later, history repeats itself for two feuding players; and the first individual immunity challenge was a classic game of balance. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “An intense water challenge leaves castaways thirsty for a much-needed reward. Also, immunity hangs in the balance as castaways attempt to steady themselves, and a shocking tribal council takes an unexpected turn.”

Tonight’s season 31 episode 8 looks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor Cambodia episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 31.

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#Survivor begins the morning of day 20 at Orkun with everyone lying around. Andrew tells Jeremy it was a brilliant plan at Tribal last night. He’s trying to keep the alliance strong and focusing on taking out Ciera and Kelley Wentworth. Andrew thinks the others are planning a big move so he can try and mess up their plan. Fish and Ciera talk and she says she expected to get some votes. She hopes Fish wants to make a big move and wants to convince him to do it now.

Ciera tells her she would move against Joe if he lost immunity. Fish sees the wisdom of this and says they just need six. He’s ready to go for someone who is a threat to win the game. The Survivors show up for a #RewardChallenge. They will play in teams of six, paddle a boat, load a crate into it then stack them according to color. The prize is Survivor Café where they get coffee and pastries. Jeff says they did a paddling challenge in Season One and Wigglesworth played it but lost to Gervase.

They split into teams and the boats are neck and neck. Keith uses his paddle to push the other team back out of the way. Keith loads up the first for his team while Abi works for the other team. Keith jumps in for the second while Keith loads the second. Spencer replaces Abi to try for the second. He gets it. Keith goes for the third and Joe helps pull it in. They are in the lead by one crate. Spencer is back in for the other team for the third. Joe hops in for the last crate for the other team.

They load it while Spencer’s team drifts away. Joe and the others push their boat to the beach and widen the lead. Ciera, Kimmi and Kelly with the guys tote crates up there. Purple finally gets their last one. Keith and crew are already stacking while the other crew hits the beach. Jeremy shoulders a crate for the purple team and brings it up while the others share the load. Spencer is working the puzzle smartly and both teams are scrambling.

Fish is working the puzzle for the other team. Keith, Kimmi, Ciera, Kelly, Kelley and Joe win the reward. Wigglesworth is thrilled that she’s made up for losing to Gervase back in the day. They head out to Survivor Café while the rest of the tribe heads back with nothing to show for their efforts. Jeremy, Andrew, Tasha, Fish, Spencer and Abi are leaving empty handed. The others head to the café and dig into the bagels, pastries, cookies and coffee. Kimmi is thrilled to be on a food reward.

Ciera talks about her comments at Tribal and is fishing for alliances. She tells them Jeremy, Tasha, Fish and Savage are solid and wants to make a move. Joe says he knows the Bayons will come after him at some point and they talk about how Fish knows the math. Joe says he has to make a move at the right time with the right people. Keith goes to look at the little #Totos motorcycle. He cranks it and zooms off down the beach. They all load up for a ride with Keith driving.

Keith says he ought to get a Cambodian drivers license and says he liked chauffeuring them around. Back at camp, it’s pretty grim. Abi calls Fish a Debbie Downer when he mopes over this. He says it’s a loss of a chance to bond plus energy for the game. He talks about losing in his season by not bonding at rewards. Fish talks to Jeremy and they discuss that Ciera and Abi aren’t real threats. He mentions taking out Joe if he doesn’t win immunity. Jeremy thinks Joe is a shield to him but thinks it may be time for him to go.

Fish then goes to Spencer and says Joe is a visible threat and they need to blindside him early. Spencer says he’s willing to play ball. He knows Joe is a good bet to win individual immunity. Fish then goes to Tasha and says he’s thinking they go after Joe for a blindside if he loses. Andrew overhears this and says the scheming and deceit is despicable. He wants to protect Joe and shut down Fish. Next day, Joe comes over to Andrew who tells him that Fish is targeting him.

He says Fish is making a huge move and thinks he has the numbers. Joe thinks that’s no surprise since he’s a threat. He knew it was coming but not so soon. Andrew tells him that he will not write down his name. Joe trusts him but knows that won’t matter if Fish has the numbers and he doesn’t win immunity. They head to the #ImmunityChallenge.

Joe hands back the necklace and then Jeff says to win, they have to balance a ball on a disk attached by a rope and have to move farther down the rope as time passes. It’s a lot like last week’s challenge with the balance. Keith and Jeremy did this before in their season. Jeremy was first out that time and Keith won it. Jeremy thanks Jeff for reminding him. They draw for spots and start it up. Ciera and Kelley and Kelly are all out of it rapidly. Jeremy can’t manage it and he’s out too.

Kimmi hold hers but Abi loses her and is out. They are down to seven within minutes then Fish drops and the field is cut in half. Andrew drops his and Kimmi is struggling. Now it’s five. Keith, Joe, Spencer, Tasha and Kimmi are still in it. They have several minutes left in this round. The round ends and they move to the second position. Now it’s harder. They have 10 minutes before it will get worse again. Kimmi is in trouble and finally loses it. Now it’s four.

Tasha loses hers. It’s Joe, Keith and Spencer. 10 more minutes elapses and they move into the longest position. The ropes are fully extended. Keith starts to wobble and recovers. Joe’s wobbles and he recovers but then Spencer is out of it. Now it’s Keith vs Joe. Jeff says after 10 minutes, they will add a second ball. They hit the mark and now Keith and Joe have two balls and now there is no time limit, it’s to the death. This is the stage where Keith won it last time.

Joe’s balls are moving and so do Keith’s. Then a breeze starts up. There’s more wind now. Joe corrects. Keith is solid. Joe’s balls move again and he recovers again. Then it starts again and Keith peeks over at him. Now both of Joe’s are moving and Keith drops it so Joe wins his second immunity challenge which puts Fish’s plan to rest. Joe gets his necklace and the rest are all at risk for being the second jury member. Jeff says he’ll see them tonight at #TribalCouncil. Joe wants to get Fish out.

Back at camp, the others congratulate Joe and he tells Keith that he did great. Fish is frustrated that his plans have been thwarted to take Joe out and says Joe is his white whale and he’s Ahab who keeps evading him. Andrew says he thinks Fish needs to go and Joe agrees. They start figuring numbers to vote him out. Joe knows he needs to get Fish out to stop the threats to him. He plans to use the three girls at the bottom to do it. He goes to talk to Kelly and Kelley about voting out Fish.

Kelly is thrilled since it’s not her. Kelly then goes to Ciera and says Fishbach blindside. Ciera says she’s okay as long as it’s not the two of them. Andrew talks to Tasha and Wigglesworth then Jeremy comes over. They say they’re going for Fish and says Fish did it to himself for targeting Joe. Jeremy doesn’t like this because he’s been building trust with Fish. Andrew trash talks Fish about over-strategizing. Jeremy says he doesn’t want to let the other girls keep going.

Spencer says they can’t take out Fish if they don’t go along with it. Andrew caves and says he’ll do what the group wants. He says Jeremy has valid points about the two bottom girls being dangerous. Tasha comes to Joe who says they’re not ready to take out Fish right now. Joe says that makes him nervous. Joe says Fish has more connections than he realized. Joe then tells Kelley, Kelly and Ciera that the Fish thing is dead. Kelley is upset and the girls all talk about voting for one person just in case.

Ciera is annoyed that none of them are ready to make a move and hopes for a miracle. They head to #TribalCouncil. The first member of the jury comes in – Kaos Kass who flips off some of the Survivors still in the game. Ciera says there are still people not playing and fighting for their spot in the top. Kelley says four people are running the game. Jeff says why aren’t the other eight fighting back and Kelley says the others won’t make a move.

Ciera says Jeremy, Andrew, Tasha and either Fish or Joe are the four. Kass nods agreement. Jeremy says she came up with five names so they don’t even know who’s running the show. Jeff says what matters is what people think. Joe says immunity is all you can count on. Andrew says there are several that talk and respect each other. Ciera says in an alliance, people are at the top and the bottom of it. Ciera says everyone is not equal in an alliance.

She says she’s frustrated with people at the bottom of the alliance that are happy to be there. Jeff says it may be true and Spencer agrees and says maybe they’re waiting people to flip or there’s an idol in play. Jeff asks if no one is looking for them. Spencer says he thinks they’ve been found and waiting to be played. Andrew says Ciera is saying this because she’s at the bottom and Abi and Ciera toll their eyes again. Fish says this season is playing differently than any other season and no one is at the bottom.

Ciera says again that in an alliance, some people are at the bottom. Kelley says she, Ciera and Abi are at the bottom and they are an easy vote. She says someone came to her suggesting a big move and that’s part of the alliance. She says others are trying to make big moves. Jeff asks why not out them and she says she may be there tomorrow and still has to work with them. Joe says it’s like playing chess when you don’t know which pieces are which. Jeff calls for the vote.

Wigglesworth votes first. We see none of the votes but hear Spencer’s comments that he would have tried what she tried if he had been in her spot. Jeff goes to tally the votes then comes back and calls for immunity idols. Kelley Wentworth pulls hers out and says she’s not ready to go home. Everyone is stunned – no one knew. Ciera says this is her favorite moment. Kass smiles. Ciera high fives her and Kass says “yes.”

Jeff reads the votes: Wentworth, Wentworth, Wentworth, Wentworth, Wentworth, Wentworth, Wentworth, Wentworth, Wentworth, Andrew, Andrew. Holy crap the bottom three girls blindsided the guy who thought he was top dog. Kass is thrilled. Jeremy is not. Andrew is stunned. After Jeff snuffs his torch, Abi says – you made it to the jury and Savage flips her off. Jeff says they made a big move. Andrew says no one but Wentworth saw it coming and says he proved he can hang and played the game.