Survivor Cambodia Recap – Jeremy Collins Wins: Season 31 Finale “Lie, Cheat and Steal – Winner Announced”

Survivor Cambodia Recap - Jeremy Collins Wins: Season 31 Finale "Lie, Cheat and Steal - Winner Announced"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor Cambodia airs with all new back to back Wednesday December 16, season 31 finale called, “Lie, Cheat and Steal,” and we have your weekly recap below!  Tonight, the final castaways are interviewed by the jury members, who then vote for the winner.

On the last episode, with the end in sight, castaways scrambled to solidify a plan for the final three. Also, a frightening incident at the immunity challenge sent shockwaves through the entire tribe, and castaways were rewarded with a spiritual recharge at the temples of Cambodia. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “six castaways compete for a spot in the top three; Spencer Bledsoe, Jeremy Collins, Latasha “Tasha” Fox, Kimmi Kappenberg, Keith Nale and Kelley Wentworth,  Additionally, a ‘Survivor” first occurs during a shocking tribal council; the three finalists battle it out for the prize of $1 million.”

Tonight’s season 31 finale looks like they are going to be great and you won’t want to miss them, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor Cambodia episodes at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 31.

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The #SurvivorFinale starts live in LA with Jeff talking about the intense and unpredictable season. Jeff says the place is packed to capacity and the fans think this is the best season yet. Jeff says tonight’s episode is historic and something we’ve never seen before.

The three hours of Survivor begins with an overview of the season including the hidden idols that were a risk to get, the tribe switches, the monsoon level rains, and the constant blindsides at Tribal Council. Left playing are Jeremy Collins, Spencer Bledsoe, Tasha Fox, Kimmi Kappenberg, Kelley Wentworth and Keith Nale.

Going into tonight’s episode, Jeremy and Kelley have individual immunity idols. We start on night 35 after Tribal. Spencer is happy Abi is gone and Keith says he wanted her next to him at the finals not Spencer.

Kimmi says she’s going to swoop in and make a big move. Kimmi talks to Kelley later about a plan to go after Jeremy and Spencer. Kelley agrees. Kimmi knows she’s at the bottom of the Tasha, Jeremy, Spencer alliance so she needs to make a new deal.

First up is an #ImmunityChallenge on day 36. Jeff takes the necklace back from Spencer. They have to untie puzzle steps, build a tall staircase, and complete a slide puzzle. The winner has a one in five shot of winning.

Jeff says there are no second chances in the challenges – no one has seen these before so there is no advantage. They draw spots and start. They start untying their stairs. They can only carry one step at a time and the pieces get harder the higher they go.

Spencer, Tasha and Jeremy take a lead. Keith, Kimmi and Kelley catch up. Keith has to go back since he’s wrong. Tasha also gets one wrong. Spencer continues to lead. Jeremy and Kelley are close behind. Jeremy is wrong and has a setback.

Spencer completes the stairs and starts the slide puzzle. Kelley gets her last step and she’s up there working. Keith is struggling but gets up there exhausted. Tasha finally gets her last step in and then Kimmi. Spencer makes progress.

Spencer and Kelley are neck and neck while Spencer studies the puzzle before he moves and Kelley rushes through it. Spencer is finished and he wins his third individual immunity. Kelley says she hopes she and Kimmi can make their plan happen or she’s screwed.

Keith says Spencer did it again. Tasha is happy and says that means Keith and Kelley don’t have it and she wants to target them. Kimmi and Keith go get water and the others roll eyes as they go – they can tell they’re scheming.

Kimmi tells Keith the others are splitting votes to target Jeremy. Spencer and Tasha talk about Kimmi jumping ship. Kimmi says they won’t expect it. Keith thinks this could be a big move. Kimmi says Kelley is on board with this.

Spencer points out that Kelley just went back to talk to Keith and Kimmi. Keith agrees to say he’s voting for Kelley and she’ll say she’s voting for Keith. Kelley hopes Tasha won’t back out. Kimmi talks to Jeremy and Tasha about voting out the Keith or Kelley.

Once Kimmi walks away, Tasha and Spencer tell Jeremy that Kimmi is a rat and they think that they’re going to vote out Tasha or Jeremy. Spencer says they can’t split the vote. Kimmi tells Kelley it’s on. Jeremy says they’re being paranoid.

Jeremy is completely clueless. Jeremy then goes to talk to Kimmi and asks if she’s jumping ship. She swears she’s not. He says he believes her when she starts getting teary and talking crazy. He tells her to relax. She’s totally faking.

Jeremy was convinced and says the idols shake things up. He says he can trust Kimmi and doesn’t want to use his idol tonight and not have it for tomorrow. Jeremy tells Spencer that he doesn’t want to risk this but Spencer says they can’t split this.

He says Kelley doesn’t have an idol and Jeremy says she found one before and can have another. He says Jeremy found one before too and he doesn’t think he has one now. Spencer is wrong on both counts. Jeremy reminds Spencer that he doesn’t have skin in this game.

Spencer says they need to come out of this three strong so they can control it. He says this could be the wrong call tonight if it doesn’t go down the way they need it to. They head to #TribalCouncil and Jeff starts the discussion.

Jeff asks if it’s four against two and Kimmi says yes but says it fast. Keith says that clears it up. They are being weird. Keith says it’s lie, cheat and steal right now. Jeremy says there’s a lot of talk about idols. Spencer says the four people made a plan to split the votes.

He says Tasha, Jeremy and him aren’t good with splitting the vote anymore. He says Tasha, Jeremy and he are voting three strong against one person. Kimmi says she’s been thrown away and Kelley acts confused. Keith says there’s a showdown.

Spencer whispered to her that she’s fine. He says anyone is safe if they get on board and they can go to rocks if they have to. Jeremy says this is not needed and says the voting blocks could stop and they could make a final three path.

Kimmi says she’s not in the top three and apparently is a pawn. Jeremy says no one said that. They tell Kimmi she’s fine if she votes like she should. Jeff calls for the vote. Spencer goes first. Kimmi is freaking out when she goes to vote.

Jeff goes to count the votes then calls for any immunity idols. Kelley decides to play hers and says she doesn’t trust anyone. Jeremy tells Spencer – I told you. She plays it for herself. Jeremy stands too and also plays his.

Abi’s mouth drops open and so does Joe’s. Spencer says wow. Jeremy and Kelley share a laugh. The votes are: Wentworth, Jeremy, Wentworth, Jeremy, Wentworth, Jeremy. Fish says this is a first. Jeff says for the first time in 31 seasons, they have no votes for anyone that count at Tribal Council.

Jeff says they will revote and Spencer, Kelley and Jeremy are immune. They all will vote. Jeremy demands to know who voted for him. Spencer calls out Kimmi and says she, Keith and Kelley voted for him. Jeremy says BOOM!

Jeremy says he’s disappointed in Kimmi and she says really and acts annoyed. She votes first and then Jeremy skips off to cast his vote happily. Wentworth says crazy when she votes. Tasha does not look happy.

Jeff goes to count the votes again. He comes back and reads the votes: Tasha, Kimmi, Tasha, Kimmi, Tasha, Kimmi. It’s another tie. Holy cow! Jeff says they can revote if someone wants to change their vote. Keith says let’s do it.

They are deadlocked. Spencer, Wentworth, Jeremy and Keith get to talk and if they can get a unanimous decision, that person is out. If they can’t make an agreement for all four. Kimmi and Tasha will become safe and that would send Keith home by default.

Wow. Serious history making. Spencer tells Keith he has to vote for Kimmi if he wants to stay. Kimmi and Keith debate. Keith is ready to give up his spot and says he’s good because he knows he’ll go home. Fish says don’t do this.

Jeff says Spencer and Jeremy want Kimmi. Kelley and Keith have to vote Kimmi or Keith goes out. Kelley asks if Keith wants to stay. She says she needs to stay and she flips her vote to Kimmi. Keith also votes for Kimmi and that sends her out.

That’s what happens when you scheme against your alliance – big moves can mean big fails. She says “I tried” as Jeff snuffs her torch. She thanks the others for a good game and goes. Fish says this was a crazy tribal. Jeff sends them back to camp.

Kimmi says – you give it your all and that’s all you have. She says she’s proud of herself and never gave up. Back at camp, the Survivors talk about how boring tribal was – they are joking. Keith says that’s one for the record books.

Keith says with the ties, votes and unanimous stuff and idols, Kimmi left but he was on the chopping block now. He says he and Kelley are on the outside looking in. They talk about how good Kelley is at finding idols. Kelley wonders what to do.

Back to live in LA, Jeff does a reenactment/recap on a board and underlines each stage of the vote. Jeff says the open discussion is about persuading the others for a unanimous vote. If you can’t agree, the consequence is that the ones on the block are then safe and you draw rocks.

The thing is, with Keith alone and not immune by the rules process, he would have drawn the only rock. He did a nice rundown of the rules and why the rocks were NOT broken out.

Because Tasha and Kimmi would have been immune because they couldn’t decide who to vote, along with Spencer because of his necklace and Kelley and Jeremy because of their idols, it defaulted to Keith since he was the sole person with no immunity options.

The Survivors now face another #ImmuntyChallenge and Jeff takes the necklace back from Spencer. They have to race through a giant obstacle course, go to six stations to collect puzzle pieces then solve a puzzle.

The winner will be in the final four – the others face elimination at Tribal. The race surface is slippery wood because of rain. Keith, Tasha, Jeremy, Spencer, are doing well. Spencer takes a tumble. Spencer is on his second bag. Tasha, Jeremy, Keith get their second bags.

Kelley is close behind. Jeremy gets his third. Keith has three. Tasha has three. Spencer gets his third. Jeremy is on his fourth. Kelley gets her third and Keith his fourth. Kelley has four. Jeremy has the fifth and one left.

Tasha lands her fourth. Keith gets his fifth. Tasha gets her fifth. Spencer falls behind. Kelley is back with her sixth while Spencer has his fourth. Kelley starts her puzzle. Jeremy starts his puzzle and Keith and Tasha are close behind.

Spencer gets his fifth and falling behind. Spencer passes Tasha and gets his last bag. He starts the puzzle then Tasha starts. They are all on the puzzles. Kelley gets her first piece. Jeff says then things progress fast. Jeremy and Keith also get their first then Kelley and Jeremy their second.

Spencer is freaking out and falling behind. Kelley is in the lead and is halfway done. Keith and Kelley are tied. Kelley moves ahead. Kelley has two pieces left. Kelley wins individual immunity. Keith is upset. Jeff gives Kelley the necklace.

Jeff says Tasha, Keith, Spencer and Jeremy face Tribal tonight and one will be the ninth jury member. Keith says he didn’t need her to win that and he feels like he’s in a coffin with three nails already in it.

Now it’s day 37 and the others tell Kelley it’s a good job. Spencer says they were trying to avoid that outcome and that makes Keith the clear target but they are worried about a hidden immunity idol. Kelley tells Keith she has a plan.

She says she does not have an idol and says they should try and make a fake one. Kelley has been collecting materials and makes one then wraps it up with a note to make it look like Keith found an idol. Keith has it in his hand and acts like he’s trying to hide it.

Jeremy watches and says he’s feeling funny about Keith and Kelley. Keith goes off and looks at the fake idol she made. Keith hopes to create doubt and scare the others into doing something stupid. Tasha wonders what they can do if someone has an idol.

Jeremy is freaking about the possibility of an idol. Tasha tells Jeremy to relax but he knows they’re coming for him or Spencer. Jeremy ties to get Keith’s attention and he doesn’t clue in for a while. He whispers Spencer to Keith.

Keith says you, me, Kelley. Tasha was sleeping. Keith says maybe Jeremy may bring him in. Keith tells Kelley about the exchange. She says keep the idol with him. He says he can pull it out and say they need to make other plans since he has an idol.

They head to Tribal and then the jury members come in – Kass, Savage, Wiggles, Ciera, Fish, Joe, Abi and Kimmi. Kelley says she knew without immunity she would go home tonight. Spencer says it’s fairly cut and dried but nothing is sure.

Jeremy says there is idol talk. Spencer says that would change the game. Kelley says her vote doesn’t matter and Tasha calls her the idol whisperer. Jeff asks Keith what he did – he says there are tricks to be played. Tasha says that sounds like a threat.

Jeff calls for the vote – then he comes back and calls for idols. There are none. The votes are: Spencer, Keith, Spencer, Keith, Keith. That sends Keith out of here and leaves oh-so-smart Spencer with more game to play.

On day 38, the remaining four Survivors face the #Finalmmunity. Jeff takes the necklace back from Kelley. Jeff says they have to tie one hand behind their back, drop a ball to a chute and you must catch it. Later they add more balls one at a time.

If one of your balls drops, you are out. The winner is guaranteed a shot at the $1 million in the final Tribal. They begin. Jeff says the key is the gate that sends balls different ways. Now the second ball has to start up.

Jeff says it’s about spacing. Now they add a third ball. All are still in it. The now have to add a fourth ball. Spencer almost drops one and saves it. Kelley lost a ball and she’s out of it. She’s frustrated as she walks away. Jeff says that could cost her a million.

Tasha loses one and she’s out. Now it’s Spencer and Jeremy. Now they have to add a fifth ball. Spencer saves one and it’s getting crazy. Spencer drops one and Jeremy wins his first individual immunity which gives him a spot in the finals.

He breaks down crying and Jeff says that’s the most emotion he’s shown. Jeremy says he feels so much right now and says he’s been through this already and has thought about it. He says it’s all about his family.

Kelley is also crying because she’s so upset. She says those three are tight so she knew she had to win today. She says – that’s it. Tasha goes to hug Jeremy. Jeff puts the necklace on Jeremy and says he went as far as he get and will go to final tribal council.

Jeff says he’ll see them all tonight. Jeremy says it’s for his wife and kids and the son who’s not even there yet. He asks who he wants to go to the end with because he doesn’t want second or third place. Will he go after Spencer?

Back at camp, it’s day 38 and they congratulate Jeremy on his win. Jeremy says he’s sorry for getting emotional. Jeremy says even though he has an alliance, all bets are off. He’s got to figure out who he can beat sitting next to him.

Tasha says she and Spencer are at Jeremy’s mercy if he tells Kelley he’ll vote with her. She hopes she can survive to make it to final three. Kelley goes for water and the other three high five. Jeremy tells them he’s locked in even though he’s not certain.

Spencer says this is a test of relationships whether he will make it through. Spencer asks Kelley who she’s voting against and says he won’t hold anything against her. Kelley says the three of them are close and Spencer says that doesn’t matter.

Spencer says he’s voting for her because she’s kick his ass. Kelley decides to go tell Jeremy that Spencer is a bigger threat than her. She tells Jeremy that people really respect him. Then she says Spencer speaks really well and has played both sides a lot.

Jeremy is still undecided. He wonders who gives him best odds to win. She says Spencer told her he had best odds to win. He asks her if she would do fire. She says of course she would. He thinks about forcing them to a fire tie.

Jeremy says Spencer is a smart player and says Kelley is an underdog so she’s dangerous too. He says he will make his decision at Tribal. He still has not decided and says it’s a huge million dollar decision. They take their seats at Tribal.

The jury comes in – Kass, Savage, Wigglesworth, Ciera, Fishbach, Joe, Abi, Kimmi and Keith. Jeff asks about the final challenge. Jeremy says there’s all this pent up emotion and knowing he made it to 39, he couldn’t control what he felt.

Spencer says the feeling when the ball hits the floor is disheartening. He says he hopes he can still stay in the game. Wentworth says these three have been close and she’s felt on the outside but says you have to think about final three at this point.

Jeremy says he has to think about himself and his future and do what’s best for him. Kelley says she’s voting for Spencer because he’s a big threat and probably has his speech planned out. Spencer says this is the pot calling the kettle black.

He says Kelley has played the best game to get jury votes. He says he would vote for her and would spend all his energy making sure she won if he’s on the jury. Jeremy says they have good arguments and just has to go with his gut.

Spencer tells Jeremy that Kelley has a 100% shot to win and she says of course he’s saying that based on this. Jeremy says there are people there he can beat. Jeff asks if he knows this could be a million dollar mistake.

Spencer makes one last shot and says Kelley deserves to win more and he will make sure it happens. Spencer votes for Kelley and says he’s so nervous he can’t see straight. We don’t see Tasha’s vote. Kelley votes Spencer.

Jeff goes to count. He comes back and reads them. Spencer, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley. Jeremy stuck with his alliance. Kelley Wentworth brings up her torch and she wishes them luck after Jeff snuffs it out. Jeff says he’ll see them at Tribal tomorrow.

Tasha, Spencer and Jeremy get tree mail that tells them to follow a trail. There is a scale and mirror for them to see what they look like. Tasha has won no challenges, found no idols, and just made alliances to get to this point.

After checking themselves out, they pick up their Day 39 breakfast. Spencer is already thinking about his statement to the jury. They toast with champagne and congratulate each other. They cook breakfast as Spencer thinks about tonight being the most important night of his life.

Jeremy says this is all about Val and their kids and him taking care of them. He says he wants to show the jury that he’s been in control of his game with two immunity idols and one immunity win. The three head into the #FinalTribal.

Jeff greets them then in comes the jury – Kass, Savage, Wigglesworth, Ciera, Fishbach, Joe, Abi, Kimmi, Keith and Wentworth. Jeff says they need to tell their jury why their gameplay was the best. They tell the jury it’s their turn.

Savage goes first and congratulates them. He says his vote is open right now and most of the jury members too. He says offer heartfelt answers. He calls Spencer arrogant in his talk last night about saying he would vote against Jeremy.

Spencer says arrogance is a mask for insecurity and says he may have got carried away last night. He says he doesn’t regret the move but how he presented it. Savage asks Jeremy about the Kimmi elimination and says he skipped to the vote and attacked her.

Savage then calls him arrogant. Jeremy says he wasn’t arrogant, he was upset. He says Tasha and Spencer told him that she had flipped and he didn’t believe her then was mad that she did flip on him. Fishbach is next.

He tells Jeremy he’s played with integrity. He asks Tasha about her doing Jeremy’s dirty work. Tasha says she’s a strong woman and no one dictates anything to her. She says she played her game and says she dug in her heels when she had to.

Fish says he was surprised that Spencer went with voting blocks and betrayed people. Spencer says he had to do more block jumping than other people had to do at the expense of certain relationships. Ciera says flippers rarely make it to the end.

She says this season was different and voting blocks required flipping and says the jury all feels betrayed. She asks why flipping should be rewarded. Jeremy says this is the best season of Survivor and the players are higher caliber.

He reminds Ciera that she was always wanting to make a big play. Tasha says the tribe swaps made it harder because she had to make deals each time and she had to flip. Spencer says there were so many different kinds of relationships and things were fluid.

He says blindsiding had to happen to get to the top. Keith congratulates them and says being humble is a big thing. He tells Jeremy to tell him why Spencer is a winner. Jeremy says Spencer was almost out and made some good moves.

He says Spencer is intelligent. Spencer says Jeremy was in a big power position coming into the merge. Abi is next and has notes in her hand. She asks which is the subtle move that got them to the end? Tasha says reconnecting with Spencer.

She says Spencer and her relationship was the strongest. Spencer says his subtle move was shifting distrust onto Joe. Jeremy says his subtle move was hunting for idols and that made him able to play for Fish and save himself.

Kimmi tells Spencer he was a bully at last night’s Tribal. Then she tells Jeremy they had an alliance then Spencer comes in and replaces her in the pecking order and him and Tasha let it happen. Kimmi says they let Spencer ruin their tight family.

Kimmi is upset then Joe says Tasha was not aware of what was happening sometimes. Kimmi says she deals with alpha males then says Jeremy and Spencer were conflicted about voting Joe out and were worried about an all-girl deal.

She says she picked and chose her battles and that was the game within the game. Wigglesworth is next and she talks about losing by one vote and one simple question. She asks them to pick a number between one and 10.

Jeremy says 2, Tasha says 3 and Spencer 4. She thanks them. Kass asks Spencer about her flipping at the merge in Cagayan. She asks Spencer how he can ask for your vote. He says he’s changed and is not the same guy who said she had a zero percent chance of winning.

She says change is important and says she tried to change too. She says maybe they can have a beer. Kelley Wentworth is last and she says she’s still raw from this. She says she came in wanting to play as an individual.

She asks for their second chance story. Tasha says it’s about relationships and loyalty and trust. Spencer says he’s been teetering between who he was and who he’s trying to be. He says he had no people skills the first time he played and he tried to play with relationships.

He says he couldn’t have played like this before. Jeremy says everyone knows that he’s here for Val and his kids. He says everything he’s doing is for them. He says before he left, Val told him she was pregnant and says he’s missed so much of it. He cries.

He says Val came to visit and told him she’s fine, the baby is fine and it’s a boy. He says he couldn’t tell them about his son because he didn’t want to mess up his game. He says he doesn’t care about himself and it’s just his family.

Jeff sends the jury to vote on night 39. They all go and cast their votes. Joe says it’s a hard decision for him. Jeff goes to get the votes. Jeff thanks them all for a great season and sharing their second chance adventures. Now we switch to live in LA.

The #SurvivorFinale picks up in LA for the reading of the votes. Jeff comes in with the votes. Jess says they all played hard and Jeremy, Tasha and Spencer are here for the chance at the million. He reads the votes: Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy.

All the votes shown went for Jeremy. Looks like the baby story won it for him. Jeremy Collins is the #SoleSurvivor and wins the million dollars. His wife Val is there and she looks like she’s about to pop.

Val, Jeremy’s wife is holding the check. Jeff starts the reunion show portion and says all votes went to him. Jeff asks why he didn’t tell anyone she was pregnant and he says he didn’t want to make himself more of a target.

Jeremy says they talked about if there was anything with the pregnancy or kids, he would leave and come home. Jeff says a big twist and why they played so hard was because the fans voted them in. All the Survivors agree that’s true.

Ciera says in a normal season, it’s family only but this time, fans wanted to see them again. Jeff then talks about hiding the idols in plain sight. Jeremy says you’re so pumped up and then you find out it’s an idol clue then you have to worry about grabbing it.

Wentworth says the one under the shelter was really stressful. She says an idol puts a target on your back but she needed it so bad. We see her grabbing the one at the challenge while the others were looking away. She says it was so much stress.

Jeff says Kelley Wentworth was very impressive this season. Jeff says Kelley lost 31 pounds which is 23% of her body weight. He talks about playing her idol and nulled out nine votes against her to send Savage out of the game.

She says she heard them saying it was her or Ciera. She says her social game helped her be alert to knowing she needed to play it. Savage says they didn’t split the vote and were trying to blindside Kelley Wentworth.

He says no one thought they had an idol because they thought they would have seen it or heard it. He says no one thought they had it. Then Fishbach says there’s little information and that gets lost when you’re watching on TV.

He says he thought Joe had an idol or could have had 15. Fish says Joe was his white whale and says America is fixated on Joe because he’s the golden boy. Jeff asks if that was his mistake and Fish says yes. Jeff Garner says this is a tough group and they’re all good.

He says the alliances don’t work because they’re all playing hard. He says you had to do voting blocks to buy one more day. Jeff says she used the fact that the idols were all different to make one. Keith says it was a cheesy way to go out and didn’t want to risk it.

Jeff says he gets asked a lot of questions about how Keith juggles, balances and falls. Keith says he can’t run fast or jump high but he has ball savviness. Keith says Survivor is not fun but says it’s an adventure. Keith says he thought letting Kimmi stay in was the right thing to do.

Kimmi says she wanted to be there but decided to own her game and try something and the consequences were hers. She tried to take out Jeremy which was smart and it didn’t work out. Jeff then talks about delicious Joe is that he has his own cake pop with a man bun.

Jeff asks Spencer about their history and says he thought he was arrogant and saw people like chess pieces. He says he was vulnerable and tried to grow. Spencer says it’s a mixed bag watching it back and says the vulnerability was the best part of it.

He says the bad was second guessing and regretting. He says kicked himself for a lot of decisions. Spencer says he stopped watching. He says he didn’t want to watch thinking about how he should have voted and says he wanted to focus on his job and life.

He says he needed to take a step back and not obsess. Spencer says he grew and built relationships that he couldn’t have made in Cagayan and expressed himself in ways he couldn’t before. Jeff says they invested in all the players this season.

Then he says a player connects with everyone every so often. We see a look back at Joe. They call him Survivor MacGyver. We see all his individual immunities then him getting blindsided. The crowd loves him.

Jeff says he was immune 28 days, six tribe challenges, four individual immunities (one shy of the record) and was the first who had his vote stolen in Tribal history. He says Woo is also adored by the kids. Joe says it’s overwhelming and surreal.

He says he grew up watching the show as a kid and watch Boston Rob and Ozzy and wanted to be them. Jeff says kids now want to be him and Joe says they can do that and just need to set goals. Jeff says he wanted to get his dad to the loved one and this time he made it.

Jeff says his dad told him he loved him and Joe says his dad was always tough love and says he respects the hell out of him but over time, they had to develop their relationship. Joe says this they are still growing and their family has grown so close.

He says it was an amazing thing and we see his dad in the crowd. Jeff says when Joe got voted out it was huge. The Survivors raise their hands if they got hate mail for voting Joe out. Abi says some people loved that she voted him out.

Abi says she’s her own worst enemy. Jeff says there’s a cool online series called Ponderosa about life after you’re voted out. Ponderosa is where they live after they get voted out. He says it’s on

We see a flashback of all the pouring rain this season. Jeff asks Tasha about her near-drowning. She says your body gives out like it did with Joe. Then Jeff asks Joe about when he fell and says he thought he fell, not passed out.

Joe says you put so much into the game and your body just starts to break down and you can’t do anything about it. He says he saw black and his hands and feet went numb. He says he remembers them talking before he passed out then Dr Joe.

He says it was like he was underwater and you hear voices but can’t make it out. Jeff says Keith was close behind and he went to his knees after that. Jeff says the doctors said they pushed the body further than it wants to go.

Then we see Jeff coming to tell Terry Dietz about his family situation. He says his son was fine when he left home. Terry says his son Danny has a genetic heart condition and was on the transplant list. He says he had an electrical pump put into his heart.

Terry says they were bridging him to transplant. He says the doctor called with the perfect heart for him. He says he beat the bell curve and they’re so lucky. Jeff goes to talk to Danny and Trish, Terry’s son and wife.

Danny says his dad slept in his hospital room for three months. Trish says it was tough because they didn’t know what was wrong with Danny and he had to stop all his sports. All the transplant doctors and nurses are there too.

Now it’s a look at Season 32 of the show. Jeff says another season begins as the last ends. This is a new group of castaways. We see some of the contestants and some scenes. The next season is Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty in Survivor: Kaoh Rong.

One of the contestants is Caleb Reynolds aka Beast Mode Cowboy from Big Brother Season 16. Survivor Season 32 premieres in February. Jeff talks about how kids love this game and says if you want to play, go to