Survivor Cambodia Premiere Recap – Skeevy Guy Sent Home: Season 31 Episode 1 “Second Chance”

Survivor Cambodia Premiere Recap - Skeevy Guy Sent Home: Season 31 Episode 1 "Second Chance"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor Cambodia airs with an all new Wednesday September 23 season 31 premiere episode called, “Second Chance,” and we have your weekly recap below! Tonight, twenty returning castaways, who were voted in by fans, arrive in Koh Rong, Cambodia, an island in the South China Sea, for a second chance to win the top $1 million prize as the 31st season begins.

For those of you who don’t know, soon after Survivor premiered on May 31, 2000, it became a cultural phenomenon, and is now the longest-running reality-competition program. The innovative game that helped shape the reality genre of television has filmed 459 episodes across 17 countries, and has been played by 460 castaways. This is the first time in SURVIVOR’s 15-year history that fans have decided the entire cast.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “twenty returning castaways are dropped in the middle of the South China Sea to begin their adventure, on the special 90-minute season premiere. The new season in Cambodia, themed “Second Chance,” features 20 castaways from past editions who were voted for by fans to have another shot at being named “Sole Survivor.” For one tribe, old-school thinking battles new-school strategy when the two distinct groups try to take control of the game. Also, one contestant finds a clue to a hidden immunity idol that requires retrieving it in a way that’s never been seen before.”

Tonight’s season 31 premiere looks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor Cambodia episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 31.

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#Survivor starts with scenes of a temple in Cambodia and the survivors loaded on a truck. Runner up of season one Kelly Wiglesworth is there and is ready to win it this time. Andrew Savage from the Pearl Island season says the only thing bad in his life is that loss on Survivor and he wants another shot too. Spencer Bledsoe says he was cocky the last time he played but says he’s now ready to be more emotionally aware. Kimmi Kappenberg played in Australia and wants a second to make it to the end.

The players unload at Angkor Wat temple to walk around. Kelley Wentworth played with her dad and says that was her downfall. She’s hoping to make moves and have a better game. Ciera Eastin says she played scared last time and that was her problem and she hated voting her mom out and hopes to be fearless from the start. Tasha Fox says she was nice last time so no one at home would be disappointed but says her church family and relatives told her to come back and backstab and really play the game.

Jeff Varner says peanut butter was his million dollar mistake and says it’s haunted him for 14 years. Joe Anglim says he came up short last season and is ready to make things happen. Kass McQuillen says she was a trouble maker last time and says she likes chaos. Abi-Maria Gomes says she made a lot of trouble too and says it was a mistake and says she was aggressive with others and says she has a second chance to patch up those mistakes but says villains have more fun.

Jeremy Collins says it was hard last time because he was so focused on protecting his wife and got blindsided. He says he’s ready to go through this again and wants redemption. Jeff greets them all on a boat and he says they are all returning players who played just once and didn’t win. He says they failed and now have a second chance. He asks Ciera how it feels that fans voted her back to play and she says it’s a lot of pressure. Jeff Varner says he thought about this a lot.

Joe says his transition was quick from last season and he grew up watching these players and says they’re great. He talks about Terri being a challenge beast. Then Jeff talks to Kelly, the first season runner up who lost by one vote. She says she replays it in her mind every day. Jeff says their second season starts now. They each open up a bag and get their buffs to break them into two tribes. Jeff says on the boat are supplies to make their life at camp easier.

They are told to get off their boats and grab as much as they can. There is another boat 100 yards away with a bag of rice. The person that gets that will win for their tribe. They have to decide when to stop grabbing goods from the first boat and race to the second. It starts and they dive in and go for the boat Jeff is on. They are all grabbing stuff and load it onto their flat rafts. Ta Keo and Bayon are the two tribes. Kelly W starts swimming for the other boat and Joe jumps in to try and catch up.

Wu outdoes her and grabs the rice for Ta Keo. Ta Keo rows into their camp and Wu is thrilled. Ta Keo is made of Jeff Varner, Spencer Bledsoe, Terry Deitz, Vytas Baskauskas, Woo Hwang, Abi-Maria Gomes, Kelly Wiglesworth, Kelley Wentworth, Peih-Gee Law, and Shirin Oskooi. Bayon is Andrew Savage, Jeremy Collins, Joe Anglim, Keith Nale, Stephen Fishbach, Ciera Eastin, Kass McQuillen, Kimmi Kappenberg, Monica Padilla, and Tasha Fox. Everyone immediately starts to work making camp.

Terry says he thinks there’s a huge difference between old and new school. He says the game starts when you hit the beach now and it wasn’t like that before. He says his social game has haunted him and he’s trying to do that better this time. He talks to Spencer who says they’re relying on him to do fire and help make camp. Terry says his son is a Survivor fan and he wrote up dossiers on players and told him to ally with Spencer if he could because he’s smart.

Spencer says he’s a new school player but an every school fan. He hopes to have more one on one conversations right away this time. Abi-Maria starts freaking out because she can’t find her bag and it had a bracelet in it that was of no value but that she liked. Vytas comments on her obsession. Abi-Maria carries on and on about it. She says she said she was going to control her emotions this time, but she’s off to a bad start already.

Over at Bayon, Keith is busy building with lots of help. Ciera says everyone is working and getting along and it’s very peaceful now. She hopes to rewrite her story. Tasha and Kass talk about frond weaving as they work on the roof. Keith says he didn’t think he’d make the cut to come back and is glad to be there. He says 4th pill was a hard pill to swallow and says he’s going to tweak his game but not change it a lot. Jeremy chats up Keith and says they’re going to put everything behind them.

Jeremy says he wanted to talk to Keith first off and build an early alliance since they played together. He also wants Tasha who immediately says yes. He then goes to Andrew who is also in and they talk about Fish and reject him. Jeremy really wants

Joe and thinks he’s a shield. Jeremy hopes no one messes this up and says he thinks their tribe is stronger if they can just stick together. Andrew says he has two teenage daughters who crushed on Joe and says the older one called him “perfect.”

Andrew says it was so uncomfortable hearing that form his teenagers. Joe says he knows he was a big threat last season and hopes to ally with alpha males so they don’t go after each other right now. Andrew cuts down a tree and the others cheer.

Tasha says the guys are impressive. Fishbach says he’s once again in a tribe of people he doesn’t understand and we see him physically struggle. He says he was out of place then connected with someone and he went to the end with TJ who destroyed him.
Fish says he’s going to overplay and flame out or be in charge of the tribe. Back at Ta Keo, Vytas talks about how he likes playing with women and says he’s been accused of manipulating them. He doesn’t want to be perceived that way but wants to bond with the women. He wants the women to think he’s sweet. Shirin says Vytas is smarmy and wants to lock down an alliance. She talks to Jeff and Spencer and thinks about how Vytas how connections to the other tribe.

Jeff says he’s not seeing any of this and is glad to hear Shirin and Spencer explain strategy. They also want Kelley. Jeff says when he played, it was about adventure, not strategy and says he feels out of it now. Jeff says he feels like an OG but is a baby on game play. Abi-Maria is still on about the bracelet and says it was in Peih-Gee’s bag. She says that was interesting but says she’s not going to say anything. She goes and tells a lot of people that she found it in her bag. Wu says no way.

He asks if she took it intentionally. Abi-Maria wonders if Peih-Gee was trying to make her mad but tries to control her temper. Peih-Gee hears this and goes to straighten it out. She tells Abi-Maria that she didn’t realize that was her bag and grabbed it. Peih-Gee is trying to make friends but keep her enemies closer. Over at Bayon, Joe is working on fire. Kass offers her glasses to try and start a flame. They look around for Fish who is out looking for an idol as well as firewood.

He pokes around in a disgusting swamp and doesn’t think he’d hide it there, but decides to look anyway. Fish says he needs the idol or to bond with people who won’t judge him for being a nerd. Joe works on fire continually while the others encourage him. They get it started and everyone is thrilled. Andrew is in awe of Joe for starting a fire from scratch. He says it’s a great sign of things to come. Over at Ta Keo, it’s day two and Vytas is meditating with Kelly. The others wake and talk. Jeff wakes feeling gross.

He says he wants to play hard but not seem like he is. He talks to Peih-Gee and she says she feels like it’s shelter people vs beach people. The old schoolers built the shelter and the new school wants to run around the beach. Jeff says he feels like he’s in an odd situation. They talk about who to pick for a first eviction and she says Abi-Maria and he thinks Vytas based on Shirin’s assessment. Kelley starts thinking about the hidden immunity idol and decides to go look for coconuts and the idol.

She noticed a tree with some stuff crammed into it and finds what she thinks is the idol. She tucks it into her pants and heads back to camp with coconuts. She opens it and finds a paper that says it’s a clue. She is told where to find it and says she has to grab it in the middle of the next challenge – tied to a raft. It’s day 3 at Bayon and they get their official flag with a note saying it’s time for the first challenge. Kimmi says it will be the very first challenge from season one.

Andrew says they need to support each other like a family. Monica is worried since she’s small and hopes she can hold her own and says she thinks she’s stronger. Joe is leading a yoga session in the morning and Keith says he likes coffee in the morning and says no one wants to see him bending over like Joe the pretty boy. Tash calls it #Joega and says it’s distracting looking at his body. Over at Ta Keo, Vytas is also doing yoga and shows Shirin a position.

Shirin says he’s so over the top and so monkey pose whatever. The others giggle and Spencer is trying not to look at him. Kelley wants him to go away and says it’s not sexy and she wants him out because he’s annoying her. Vytas is worried that Abi-Maria is sending him negative vibes and doesn’t want to be over-confident. Some others talk about voting out Abi first and Vytas says it makes sense since no one likes her.

It’s time for the first #ImmunityChallenge of season 31. The survivors stream in and Kelley is focused on nabbing the hidden immunity idol. Jeff says they race to a raft, light a torch, then light fires that takes them to a stand where they place their raft. They then make a pole to grab a key that will open a gate so they can light a final fire. Jeff shows the immunity idol and says they are also playing for a reward and shows a huge fire making kit.

Jeff says it’s the first challenge and Kelly was there and lost. They strategize then start. They all dive in the water and swim for the raft. They have to wait on everyone before they can move the fire raft. Ta Keo takes a small lead. Keith lights the torch for Bayon and Spencer for Ta Keo. They are neck and neck as they move to fire two. Keith lost the fire and he has to light it again but it’s wet. Spencer is moving along and Keith’s fire is not as high as the other. Spencer and Ta Keo are pulling ahead.

Ta Keo is on the beach lighting fires as they walk. Keith is struggling. Ta Keo gets all theirs lit and put the raft on the stand. Kelley needs to move down to where the idol is. She had to walk past it and didn’t get the chance to grab it. Joe is working on the pole for Bayon and Kelly for Ta Keo. Kelley keeps looking back at the idol. Kelley gets done with the pole and goes for the key. Joe gets his pole done and tries for the key. Kelley has to make her pole longer.

Joe’s pole is long enough and he’s working on the key. Kelley’s is now long enough and she’s working on it. Joe has the key but is struggling to lift it. Kelley also gets the key. Kelly steps back, grabs the idol and shoves it in her pants while everyone is focused on the key. Jeremy unlocks for Bayon while Ta Keo falls short even when Spencer tries to reach it. Keith runs and lights the last fire. Bayon wins the first immunity challenge. Good thing Kelly grabbed the idol – she might need it.

Bayon grabs the idol and their reward while Jeff tells Ta Keo they have to face #TribalCouncil. Kelley says it’s all her fault and says she doesn’t like to let anyone down. Vytas tells her she didn’t let them down and to calm down. Jeff says they are heading to Tribal Council right now. Spencer says their tribe is full of crazies and there’s no telling what will happen. At Tribal, they all stream in and get their torches for the first time.

Spencer says there’s a new element of heart break since the fans voted them back. Wu says he saw a big division happening and says it’s old school vs new school. One builds the shelter and the other strategizes. Terry says he definitely saw that and says he had to sit down and talk to people. Peih-Gee says the second chance is about learning from your mistakes. She says she’s trying to split the difference and says you can’t get stuck again.

Abi says her second chance is about growth and learning. She says she’s trying not to be a firecracker. Vytas. Kelley says she’s playing catch up and Jeff V says there has been a lot of work on the beach in the last three days. Vytas says there has been talk and people know who they want to work with so it won’t be a random vote tonight. Wu says he has no idea right now where he’s going. Abi says there’s a male thing going on and says she feels nervous. She says it would be heart breaking to go home tonight.

Wu says it’s about how well you can get along with others and Abi says he’s obviously talking about voting to send her out. Kelley says there are cues she’s seeing. Jeff V says he’s so many cues that it’s affecting his sleep and says it’s a whole different world. He says he’s trying hard to be part of this new world of play. Jeff asks if there’s an elephant in the room and Jeff V says they’re about to find out. We see Abi voted for Vytas and he votes for Abi. Kelley also voted for Vytas.

Jeff goes to count the votes. He comes back and calls for immunity idols. Kelley doesn’t volunteer it. Votes are Vytas, Abi, Vytas, Abi, Vytas, Abi, Vytas, Abi, Vytas and one vote left. The last vote send Vytas out and he is stunned. Abi is pleased. Wu is shocked. He tells them no hard feelings and says it’s all good. Jeff says this vote shows that your second chance can end at any time. He says they’ll have flint at camp and sends them back.

Vytas says he would rather not get picked than get to come and then get voted out first. We see that Spencer and Jeff V voted for Vytas and one of the girls for Abi. Other than that it was all females voting for Vytas and males for Abi.