Talking Dead Recap – Eugene, Glenn and Noah Drop By: Season 5 Episode 14 with guests Steven Yeun, Josh McDermitt and Tyler James Williams

Talking Dead Recap - Eugene, Glenn and Noah Drop By: Season 5 Episode 14 with guests Steven Yeun, Josh McDermitt and Tyler James Williams

Tonight on AMC Talking Dead returns with an all new Sunday March 15, season 5 episode 14 and we have our weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, episode “Spend” is discussed with guest stars Steven Yeun, Josh McDermitt and Tyler James Williams.

Talking Dead features host Chris Hardwick who also hosted Talking Bad. Chris spends time with fans, actors, producers and tv enthusiasts, recapping tonight’s TheWalkingDead episode, and taking questions and comments from viewers. Fans may continue to engage with the after-show following the on-air conclusion, online, at for more videos, weekly polls and photo galleries of the guests featured on the series.

On the last episode joining host Chris Hardwick was Ross Marquand who plays the relatively new character named Aaron and Kevin Smith who is known for his films such as Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy. Smith made a name for himself in the comic book and media markets. There was also a mystery cast member. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

Tonight on Talking Dead as per the AMC synopsis,“joining host Chris Hardwick is Steven Yuen who’s known for playing Glenn in The Walking Dead, Josh McDermiit who’s also known for being on The Walking Dead as Eugene and Tyler James William who’s well known for starring in Everybody Hates Chris and for playing Noah on The Walking Dead.”

Talking Dead airs tonight, at 10 PM ET on AMC after The Walking Dead. While you wait for the recap, Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a live recap of tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 14 “Spend” right here!

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On #TalkingDead, Chris Hardwick welcomes Steven Yeun, Tyler James Williams and Josh McDermitt – aka Glenn, Noah and Eugene. Chris says they were all spectacular in tonight’s episode. He says it started out so sunny then went downhill. He asks Tyler when he thought he was going to die and Tyler says he has been expecting it for a while. Chris says as soon as Noah expressed a hope for the future – being an architect – meant that he was going to die.

Chris mentions the notebook that Reg gave Noah that started “in the beginning.” Noah says it was like a terrible omen for the group. Chris asks why Aiden would play Dub Step when it would attract walkers from miles around. Steven toasts Greg Nicotero’s birthday. Steven says the revolving door thing and the don’t let go was where Noah already knew he was lost because the walkers had his foot. He says it was more of don’t let go of hope and what they fought for.

Chris says Noah’s death was one of the most gruesome and being forced to watch it was horrible. Chris asks if this is the first time Glenn has lost someone on his watch. Steven says yes – he saved Rick in the beginning then saved Tara when she was trapped in the rocks. He says Glenn felt true failure and loss. Then Chris asks Josh about Eugene’s moment of bravery. He says Tara is Eugene’s closest friend in the apocalypse. He says she kept his secrets so he had to save her as his only friend.

Josh says the techno music in the van was hilarious. He says Eugene’s worst injury pre-apocalypse was a paper cut opening a video game then Abraham kicked his ass then the grenade explosion. Josh says he was happy to see that Eugene finally stepped up.

Now it’s time for the In Memoriam:
Construction Site Walkers
Abraham Gets Medieval Walkers
Walker Go Boom
Noah Saves the Day Walker
Eugene Grows a Pair Walkers

We get a behind the scenes look at the revolving door of death scene. Tyler says it’s been terrible filming Noah’s death scene. Nicholas calls it the spindle of terror. We see Steven hug Tyler. Josh says this was a particularly gnarly death that people will be talking about for a while. Chris reads a tweet that says – Not Noah, take the new guy! Chris has Noah’s death model and it’s horrifying. Tyler says it’s weird to look at that and watch yourself get ripped apart is weird.

Chris shoves a strawberry in the model’s mouth then Steven puts one in Tyler’s. He says he had to make that face for half an hour while they made the cast. Steven says it was incredible when he watched it happen. He says they set it up so awesomely. Tyler says he couldn’t even watch it. Josh says this brought it to a new level and says the crew had a hard time watching it live and says he had to turn away. He says the fingers were just awful but you didn’t know until they ripped the flesh.

Chris says it was hard to watch but was a necessary part of the story. They ask Tyler if Noah owed anything to the group. He says when Noah came in, he owed them a debt because he was there when they lost Beth and Tyrese and he’s ready to repay it if someone has to die. He says Noah didn’t want anyone else to die for him. Josh is asked if Eugene would have shot Nicholas and he says yes. He says Eugene is stepping up then Eugene figured out quickly something wasn’t right and shut off the van.
He says with Nicholas in the back, Glenn would likely let him live but Eugene is so amped up, he might pull the trigger.

It’s time for the quiz – answers at the end of this post.

#1 Which of these things were they searching for in the warehouse? Charge controller, solar panel or micro inverter

#2 How many pieces of metal impaled Aiden in the blast? Two, three or four

#3 What is the name of the woman who left strawberries for Gabriel? Rosemary, sage, peaches

Chris lets a fan from the audience ask a question. The question is for Steven and is whether Maggie and Glenn would start a family. Steven says get off my back then says that’s what they were looking for. He says Glenn didn’t feel like the prison was safe enough for a baby but now maybe. Chris says probably not after this episode but says Eugene is ready to have a baby. Chris gives the girls a strawberry. Chris says he thinks if anyone would try to have sex with a zombie, it would be Eugene.

Chris asks if Gabriel was right to warn Deanna about the group. 97% of the responders said no. Tyler says that was wrong and he’s messed up. Josh says when he saw it he thought Gabriel was a little bitch because he’s done worse. Steven says the 3% of the people who said yes was Seth who plays Gabriel. Chris asks how Deanna will react to Aiden being dead. Steven says the people in Alexandria are smart enough to know that they needed Rick’s group.

He says they brought them in to scout and then you see Abraham take over the construction crew. She thanked Glenn for punching Aiden in the face. He says Deanna has to know that they could be attacked. Chris says their motto seems to be when the going gets tough, you bail on your friends. Josh says they Otis the crap out of you and run (a reference back to when Shane shot Otis in the leg to keep the zombies away so he could escape with medicine for Carl).

Josh says the people in Alexandria are super soft. A woman calls in with a question for Josh asking what Eugene would say if Jessie offered him a haircut. Josh asks who screened this caller. He says they do not need to cut Eugene’s mullet. He says you’ve seen feral Daryl but it would be ugly if she came at him with scissors. Chris says the end of the season is only two episodes away.

Inside info from tonight’s episode – the episode was directed by Jennifer Lynch daughter of director David Lynch (that explains why it was so gruesome). The construction site was built in what was the yard of the prison. The black streaks on the building were burn marks from the governor’s attack. Tonight was the first time Daryl got to ride his new bike – it’s been 21 episodes since he lost his motorcycle at the prison.

Michael Cudlitz says Abraham is afraid of who he is and who he becomes when the walkers come and he turns into a soldier and protector. He says it’s sort of like, I can play, game on. The next poll question is: what’s your favorite Abraham quote: Dolphin smooth, motherdick or Who’s Deanna? 70% says motherdick. Steven says he likes Who’s Deanna when everyone was being serious. Tyler says motherdick. He asks Josh what Abraham would think about Eugene’s heroics. He says he thinks he would be proud. He mentions Abraham slapped the water out of his hand to protect him.

Chris asks there relationship status and Josh says it’s complicated. He says we really don’t know since they haven’t shared screen time. Josh says the thinks they can mend the fences. Chris says Abraham is starting to crack. Chris asks Steven why Glenn didn’t leave that asshat Nicholas behind. Steven says they did hesitate but you see Glenn struggling with things like that a lot after Beth was lost to them. He says Glenn can’t find the baseline person that he is and wouldn’t leave someone behind no matter what they did.

Steven also says that it’s bad enough coming back without Aiden but to come back without Nicholas. Steven says it’s really interesting with the connection between Aiden and Nicholas. He says Glenn has sympathy for them that’s close to pity. Chris asks Josh how Alanna reacted to him carrying her to safety. He says they had a dummy for him to carry and they told him he was going to carry the dummy so he said – yeah Alanna and they were the only two that laughed and people thought he was a dick.

Chris says #MulletDick and the audience boos. Josh says he ended up carrying her because using the dummy didn’t look right but then she screamed the whole time so they put sand in the dummy to give it the weight. Josh says the arm was swinging like an elephant trunk and says it was so bad but they edited it really well. Tyler asks if he grabbed her boob. Josh says you get all this sticky blood stuff on her and says he was trying to adjust her shirt and it stuck and it was awkward.

Chris asks Tyler if the people who attacked Noah’s home are still out there. He says yes and that’s why Noah was interested in building walls. He says Noah expects their group to be fine, but the Alexandria people not so much. Chris asks Steven if he has any idea how intense Scarol is right now. He says she is awesome and circumnavigates the new place and the existing group. Steven says they haven’t seen the Carol who says tie you to the tree and kill you.

Steven says Carol never shows all her cards to anyone. Chris says now that you know Pete’s family mirror her own situation. Josh says the viewers all knew that Rick had to kill Pete the first time they saw him being a porch dick. The next poll question is – what Father Gabriel sermon does everyone need to hear? Mess not with Carol, Drinketh not with Pete or Quit coveting wives. The audience picks Carol.

Next we see a peak at next week’s episode. We see Carl out with the teenage girl. She has a knife and tells him it was her moms. He asks what happened to her before Alexandria. She says it doesn’t matter but he says it does and says bad things happened to him too. They hear a walker and he says they need to go. She steps into a tree trunk gap with him and they are close – face to face.

Steven says Tyler showed up on a show that’s hot and hard to work on and just fit right in. Tyler says he’ll miss the people and says there’s a family oriented style of shooting and you’re out in the woods and it’s hot and it’s not pleasant but the people are great. Chris says it’s wonder to see someone survive child acting and become a cool guy like him. They all applaud Tyler and Chris says he’s going to be on Criminal Minds.

Quiz Answers:
#1 Micro inverter – They are used to convert solar power from DC to AC power.

#2 Two – The actor cut his honeymoon short to take the role of Aiden.

#3 Rosemary – Strawberries are symbolic of righteousness in Christian art.