The Bachelorette 2015 Kaitlyn Bristowe Recap Season 11 Episode 5

The Bachelorette 2015 Kaitlyn Bristowe Recap Season 11 Episode 5

The Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe airs tonight on ABC with an all new June 15 season 11 episode 5. We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Kaitlyn and the 12 remaining bachelors visit San Antonio where she takes one lucky guy to a two-step dance competition. Later, 10 of the men compose mariachi serenades for Kaitlyn; and Kaitlyn spends a day kayaking through the city with one suitor.  If you are loving this season and want to find out who won, we have already spoiled the season.  Head here to find out the scoop!

On the last episode, Clint thought he sweet talked Kaitlyn into giving him a rose, but after the men complained to her about his devious behavior, the Bachelorette decided to confront him. This setted off a combustible chain reaction, shocking Clint and the other bachelors – but it was JJ’s response that made the mansion explode. The remaining men began their world tour to find love – in New York City. A rap battle group date with hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh, a bachelor Broadway competition, featuring Disney’s “Aladdin,” the Tony-winning hit Broadway musical, and a spectacular date at the Metropolitan Museum of Art gave Kaitlyn a new spring in her step. However, when Nick Viall, from Andi Dorfman’s season of “The Bachelorette,” suddenly turned up hoping to convince Kaitlyn to include him in her search for love, her world was turned upside down. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the ABC synopsis “Nick must endure a no-holds-barred interrogation by the other guys vying for Kaitlyn’s attention before they allow him to join the group. Kaitlyn’s worst nightmare comes true at the cocktail party at New York Mets’ Citi Field. Did she make a mistake letting Nick stay? Three men depart at a difficult rose ceremony, leaving 12 men to travel to San Antonio. A Texas two-step competition gets wild for Kaitlyn and one lucky guy who need to strut their stuff in front of a rowdy crowd. Ten bachelors are surprised by a charming 13-year-old superstar Mariachi singer and his band. They will need to write and perform their own songs and serenade Kaitlyn. A special one-on-one date takes the Bachelorette and her date kayaking along the famed River Walk, but the night portion of their romantic tryst turns very emotional. Finally, another explosive showdown is in store, as one frustrated bachelor opens up about the free-spirited Kaitlyn to her face.”

Tonight’s episode is going to have people talking and you are not going to want to miss a minute of it. The Bachelorette airs tonight at 8PM so don’t forget to come back for our live recap!



Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette kicks off where we left off last week – Nick Viall arrives at the hotel and meets the remaining guys. They all sit down and Nick gives a speech, he says that he didn’t join the show to join drama, and he actually liked Kaitlyn Bristowe and wanted to get to know her. One of the guys point out that he was just hanging out with Andi Dorfman – Nick says that he did meet with Andi but it was innocent, they just met up to “bury the hatchet.” Nick says that Kaitlyn is a “cool chick,” and he wants to get to know her. Josh points out that he thinks that she is just a “cool chick” but they think Kaitlyn is an “amazing woman.”

Tanner demands to know how much he and Kaitlyn have already gotten to know each other. Nick says that he and Kaitlyn just talked on Twitter, and they chatted a few times on the show. Nick reiterates that he didn’t just “show up because he has nothing better to do,” he actually likes Kaitlyn and wants to date her and get to know her. Nick sympathizes and gets why the other guys are pissed, but he wants them to still respect him and why he is there. Nick finishes his chat and heads to his room, the entire hotel suite is still on edge. Shawn Booth thinks it is unfair for Kaitlyn to invite someone that she already has talked to in the real world – he says he is putting on the breaks because he doesn’t understand what could possibly be going on inside Kaitlyn’s head. The guys all get dressed for what is sure to be an extremely awkward rose ceremony.

Once the guys are all dressed they head to Citi Field, they have the whole stadium to themselves for their cocktail party. Kaitlyn heads outside for some alone time JJ Lane. Meanwhile, Justin and the other guys sit around and complain about Nick Viall joining the show. Tanner takes Kaitlyn aside and points out that Nick was just trying to hook up with Andi Dorfman a few weeks ago. If he really liked her, then he would have been trying to get on the show at the beginning and not drinking at a bar with Andi.

Shawn is taking it worse than most of the other guys. He is obviously not happy. He sits down for some 1-on-1 time with Kaitlyn and explains to her that it is really hard for him to let his guard down. And, now he feels his guards going back up because she brought Nick back. Kaitlyn reminds him that she has told him from day one how real their connection is, and Nick’s arrival doesn’t change that. Kaitlyn obviously gets upset when Shawn says that he thought she was “smarter than this” and he can’t believe that she doesn’t see through Nick’s bullshit.

It’s time for the rose ceremony, the guys line up and Kaitlyn begins passing out roses. Kaitlyn gives roses to: Ben H, Ben Z, Shawn, Tanner, Joe, Ian, JJ, Joshua, and Nick. So, Corey, Ryan , and Jonathan are officially eliminated from The Bachelorette. They said their goodbyes to Kaitlyn and the other guys and head home. Then, Kaitlyn announces to the remaining guys that they are going to San Antonio, Texas.

The remaining 12 guys arrive in Texas and they check in to the St. Anthony Hotel, right next to the riverwalk. Tanner is certain that Nick’s true colors will come out when they are in Texas and it is only a matter of time before Kaitlyn sends him home. The first date card arrives at the hotel – Ben H is invited on a 1-on-1 date with Kaitlyn to “take their love one step at a time.”

Ben H gets ready for his alone time with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn surprises him with an antique red truck and Kaitlyn hops in to the driver’s seat. They head to a Texas dance hall, an instructor named Debbie is waiting for them to teach them the two-step. Kaitlyn might be a dance instructor herself – but even she is nervous about the two-step competition that they are going to compete in. When it is time for the competition, Kaitlyn can tell how legit it is, and she and Ben H feel out of place because they can tell that the “Texas Folk” have been doing it their entire life. She and Ben decide to sneak outside and practice some more before the competition starts. When the competition starts, Kaitlyn and Ben H make it through the first round without getting eliminated, but they are tapped out during the second song.

At the hotel another date card arrives – the guys are waiting impatiently to see if Nick gets to go on the group date or a 1-on-1 date. There are still some guys who have been on the show since day one that haven’t received a 1-on-1 date. Justin, David, Chris, Tanner, Joe, JJ, Ben Z, Joshua, and Nick are all going on a group date. The card teases, “I love a man in uniform.” Shawn is secretly thrilled, his name wasn’t on the date card, which means that he is going to get a 1-on-1 date.

Meanwhil, after the dance competition, Kaitlyn and Ben H head out to a romantic candle lit dinner together. Ben confesses that as the day progressed he began to feel stronger and stronger feelings for Kaitlyn. They sit down and discuss their past relationships and get to know each other. But, Kaitlyn is concerned because Ben doesn’t really open up to her. She encourages him to just be honest, and Ben H explains that his life revolved around his ex-girlfriend and when they broke up he felt like he had lost everything. Ben reassures Kaitlyn that he likes her, and he is definitely ready to commit to marriage and a serious relationship. Before they head back to the hotel Kaitlyn gives Ben H the date rose, and he accepts.

The next day Kaitlyn meets up with guys for the group date in Texas, Kaitlyn takes them to a restaurant and they meet a mariachi band, which includes an adorable 12 year old kid who serenades Kaitlyn. After his song the kid announces that his name is Sebastian, and each of the guys have to “sing from their hearts” and try to win Kaitlyn over. After they write their own lyrics, the guys will have to head outside in the mariachi suits and perform the songs for people. The guys sit down and begin working on their songs, and Sebastian gives them some pointers. Ian is certain that he has the competition in the bag. Meanwhile, Joshua is determined to make his song better than Nick’s song because he doesn’t want him to win the group date.

Later that day Kaitlyn’s guys head outside in their mariachi suits to perform their songs on the street in front of a crowd. Justin is up first, his mariachi voice is on point – but his lyrics are questionable. JJ is next – he plays his guitar but it doesn’t drown out his horrible voice. Joe isn’t the greatest mariachi singer, but he wows Kaitlyn by kissing her at the end of his song and getting down on one knee and asking her to “mariachi him.” Ian Thomson bragged about his singing all day, and he completely choked and was one of the worst performers yet.
Nick Viall is up next, and he decides to one up all of the guys and tells the mariachi band to hold on one minute so that he can take Kaitlyn up on the balcony and serenade her up there. Nick’s voice is horrible, but he owns it, and even manages to slip in to his lyrics that Kaitlyn “gives him an erection.” The other guys are not thrilled when the crowd hoots and hollers for Nick.

Once the mariachi performances are over, they all get ready to go to a cocktail party with Kaitlyn afterwards. Joshua takes Kaitlyn aside for some alone time – he tells her that he wants her to give him a hair cut. Kaitlyn has every intention of giving Joshua a respectable Mohawk – but the clippers died on her halfway through so Josh basically has one half of his head shaved. He heads back to the other guys and they all laugh hysterically at his horrible haircut while Nick slips away with The Bachelorette. While Nick and Kaitlyn are outside, she wants to know if any of the guys have been rude to him. Nick explains that no one has been rude to his face, but he can tell some of the other guys definitely don’t like him.

The guys are all noticing that Joshua is like a ticking time bomb and he is getting more and more wound up. When Nick returns from his date Joshua confronts him and tells Nick that he doesn’t trust him, and he never will. Nick tries to explain himself, again, for the 100th time and insists that he is there for the right reasons – but Joshua isn’t buying it.

Joshua can’t bite his tongue any longer, and he takes Kaitlyn aside again and they head in to the church to talk. Joshua tells Kaitlyn that he “called Nick out,” and he is tired of Nick talking about Andi and last season all of the time. Kaitlyn defends Nick, and says that she thinks he is just trying to fit in. Joshua explains that no one in the house likes Nick and they don’t want him around. Kaitlyn is furious, she starts ranting that all of the guys are lying to her face and telling her that they don’t have a problem with Nick. She can’t believe that none of the guys are being honest with her. Joshua goes back inside and lies to the guys and tells them that he wasn’t talking to Kaitlyn, he was doing an interview.

Kaitlyn heads back inside and blows up Josh’s spot, she says that Josh just told her that they were all lying to her face. Josh backtracks, and tries to say that he didn’t mean everybody, but some of the guys just talked about it that night. No one stands up and has Joshua’s back, they all insist that they like Nick. Then the guys point out that Joshua is a liar and he says that he was in an interview when he was actually talking to Kaitlyn. JJ scoffs that the only liar in the room is the only one that is accusing everyone else of being a liar. Kaitlyn is not impressed, she takes the group date rose and gives it to Nick Viall – which obviously does not go over well with Joshua. He can’t believe that no one stood up, Josh feels like the other guys made him look like “desperate liar.”

The next day it is time for Shawn and Kaitlyn’s 1-on-1 date, they head down to the riverwalk and spend some along time together. Shawn talks to Kaitlyn about Joshua, he explains to her that he felt bad for Joshua and he thinks that some of the guys really did hang him out to dry and weren’t being honest with Kaitlyn last night. Kaitlyn is happy that Shawn is being honest with her, and that is all that she wants from the guys. Later that night they head to a romantic dinner date with a campfire. Shawn tells her about a tragic accident that he was in – he thought that he was dying, and he was in the hospital for a few months. Kaitlyn is shocked when Shawn reveals that he never wore his seatbelt when he was driving, but something told him that day to put his seatbelt on. After Shawn is done telling his story he and Kaitlyn kiss, and he confesses that he is “falling in love with her.” After Kaitlyn gives Shawn the date rose they head out on the river in a kayak to watch a fireworks display.

Meanwhile back at the hotel Ian and Nick are having a heart to heart conversation, he is tired of Kaitlyn not realizing how great of a guy that he is. Ian thinks that he should be the next Bachelor, because he doesn’t find Kaitlyn interesting at all. He informs Nick that at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony he plans to tell The Bachelorette how he really feels about her and quit the show.

It’s finally time for the cocktail party, the energy is not good because the guys are still reeling from the horribly awkward ending to their group date with Joshua. Kaitlyn arrives, and Josh is determined to try and make amends with The Bachelorette so that she doesn’t send him home. Kaitlyn gives a speech about how much she values honesty – Ian laughs because he doesn’t think that Kaitlyn can handle the truth. Kaitlyn takes Jared aside first for some alone time, she reassures him that she trusts him and she doesn’t question his intentions. Jared vows to always be open and honest with her, and tells her that he is falling in love with her.

Ian finally gets his alone time with Kaitlyn, he tells her that he wants to be honest with her and share his feelings with her – just like she wanted. Ian says that the other guys seem to be on a “vacation from life,” and it is hard for him to hang out with a bunch of guys who “make fart jokes, poop jokes, and sex jokes.” Ian says that he came there to meet the girl that got her heart broken by Chris Soules, not the girl who “wanted to get her field plowed.” He really sees her as a surface level person, and he sees how shallow she really is. Kaitlyn is shocked …

To Be Continued…