The Bachelorette Spoilers Episode 2 Week 2 5/25/15: Kaitlyn Bristowe Boxing, Knockouts and Eliminations

The Bachelorette Spoilers Episode 2 Week 2  5/25/15: Kaitlyn Bristowe Boxing, Knockouts and Eliminations

Kaitlyn Bristowe is officially the lead in ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 this season 11, and with the first rose ceremony out of the way, it’s time to really get things started with week 2 and episode 2 of The Bachelorette spoilers. If you want to know who won The Bachelorette and the unusual season 11 outcome we have the final winner spoilers results right here.

Thanks to Reality Steve, we have a lot of information of what fans can expect on the episode 2 of The Bachelorette which is scheduled to air on Monday, May 25.

According to Reality Steve, Kaitlyn Bristowe will have her first group date this week and it will involve a boxing ring. Eight of the guys will have to go one on one against one another in the ring to earn alone time with Bristowe. Contestant Ben Zorn will destroy this challenge and will face a “scrappy underdog,” in the final round. Reality Steve has indicated that the underdog is actually Jared Haibon, and that he gets knocked out by Ben in the final round, earning quality time with Kaitlyn.

After the boxing matches, Kaitlyn and the guys go off to an after party where they all get to spend some time together, however Ben gets his one on one time with the bachelorette. Ben takes advantage of this time to open up to Kaitlyn and talks about his mother’s death… how romantic?

An anonymous letter is sent to Kaitlyn Bristowe and it will reveal some shocking news. Ben, who took advantage of his alone time with Kaitlyn will get the group date rose.

Clint Arlis will get the first individual date of the season. If you don’t remember, he is the one who drew a picture of Chris Harrison on a dinosaur. The Bachelorette spoilers reveals that they will go to mansion for a high fashion, underwater photo shoot, and goes on to tease that Clint will get the rose.

For the second group date, comedian Amy Schumer will help the guys get ready for a night of stand up comedy. JJ Lane will get the group date rose.

A few of the contestants do not go on dates this week and the bachelors decide that since they did not get to go on a date, they should be the first ones to get alone time with Kaitlyn. One of the guys decides to take it a step further and moves in on some one on one time with Kaitlyn, which causes all sorts of drama in the house.

If you crave more drama, Bachelorette spoilers tease that Kaitlyn will get into a showdown with one of the guys after he accuses Kaitlyn of doing the show for the wrong reasons. It is said to be “explosive and an unexpected turn” that is heard throughout the house.

Reality Steve makes it pretty clear that the tension at the party comes when Kupah James leaves before the rose ceremony begins.

So who is going home? According to Bachelorette spoilers, Cory Shivar and Daniel Finney will be saying their goodbyes and are sent home packing.

And what will become of Britt Nilsson? Britt was last seen at her hotel after she was cut from the show, and Brady Toops was getting ready to visit her. Britt recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and said that the show will cover what happens next.

We now know, thanks to Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers that Britt and Brody started dating and have been together ever since then. Be sure to tune into the The Bachelorette every Monday to see all the drama go down, and check back to CDL every week for your Bachelorette spoilers.

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