The Bastard Executioner Recap 10/20/15: Season 1 Episode 7 “Behold the Lamb/Gwêl yr Oen”

The Bastard Executioner Recap 10/20/15: Season 1 Episode 7 "Behold the Lamb/Gwêl yr Oen"

Tonight on FX their original series, The Bastard Executioner airs with an all new Tuesday October 20, season 1 episode 7 called, “Behold the Lamb/Gwêl yr Oen,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, an innocent man is condemned to death.

The Bastard Executioner follows the adventures of a warrior knight during the Middle Ages.

On the last episode, Wilkin and Toran got a new timeline for their revenge and a surprising ally visited Lady Love. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FX synopsis “Wilkin and Lady Love come to grips with condemning an innocent man to death.”

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#BastardExecutioner begins with a boys choir singing. The Archdeacon oversees mass with Father Ruskin assisting. Love kneels in prayer. Milus steps out with Leon. Outside, Wilk walks through the market while others dance and cavort. He comes to ask Marshal why he wasn’t at morning mass. Marshal admits he’s struggling. Wilk sits and Marshal says he has the truth of how Milus is putting the screws to them. Marshal asks if that’s why he’s getting close to Love and says he sees it as do others.

Milus reassures him then they hear a disturbance and head out see what’s happening. A man is brought by the guard and Milus says this rebel needs an agonizing death for killing the baroness of Pryceshire. He’ll be punished for the murder of Lady Trula that he and Wilk carried out. Wilk and Marshal share a look. Love tells Milus they have a guest chamber ready for Baron Pryce. Milus comments that Pryce may enjoy comfort there. Milus hints at a romance between she and Edwin Pryce.

Milus says there’s an opportunity for the shires to unite in an execution of justice. They are at the punisher chamber where the rebel is being tormented. MIlus says the man has confessed. Love waits until Milus leaves and Wilk gives her a stool to sit on and nods at Marshal to step out. Love tells the man she read his confession then he says his loyalty is to the wolf. Love questions him then says she heard the Wolf is a beast of a man and describes him as red haired and ruddy. The man agrees she speaks true.

Wilk asks if Love heard what she needed then she asks why would that man lie knowing what fate it would bring him. The man is strung up again. She says the prisoner did not commit this crime. Wilk says frightened men tell desperate tales. He says all liars fear the truth and its responsibility. She leaves the dungeon. Leon tells Marshal that they need another man to ride to investigate the rebel threat. Locke says they will share spoils of the hunt. Marshal agrees to ride along.

Wilk comes to see Milus and says the man is not guilty. Milus says they need a swift punishment. He says the man, Berwyn, has a starving family and debt. He says he will clear the man’s debt and the family will be taken care of. Milus says the man was on his way to debtor’s prison and his family on the brink of starvation. Will broods and Milus says he knows he thinks him a simple demon then says he’s lived hard lives and sees the shadow of the ax before it falls.

He says what he does is to protect the shire. He says what he does also favors Love whom he knows Wilk cares for. Leon comes and asks to talk to Wilk – he has Marshal in tow. Marshal glares at Milus. Ash and the others work at their chores when a man comes and says the Archdeacon wants them unchained. Ash asks what’s an Archdeacon. The others tell him it’s something they don’t need. Rskin sees one taken away.

Love finds Berber working and then sees his shackles. She asks to see accounts on this family in Ventrishire. The other man says he can help. She says gather what he can find with haste. Love leaves. The Archdeacon’s man comes in then and takes Berber out. He has him with the others. Ruskin lurks and asks why he brought these men to his chapel. The man says it’s not his concern and Ruskin disagrees. He won’t move and threatens Ruskin who has no choice but to back down.

Inside the chapel, the Archdeacon has one man brought down front and his shirt stripped. They check his back then fling holy water on him. Ash is next. At the Nomad camp, Marshal rides up with the other men. Wilk says they are nomads, not rebels. He tells Wilk he’s only there because Marshal asked. Leon orders them to search the shelters. A woman hides something then a soldiers stabs her anyway and finds gold and other items of value.

He comes back out with the woman’s body and says she attacked him. Horses ride up then and Marshal finally pulls his sword. The men attack and Marshal, Wilk and Leon have to fight back. It’s brutal. Leon saves Marshal’s life. One goes running off and Marshal gives Chase with Wilk. They are ready to give up but a guard on horseback keeps pursuing. The rebel leaps onto his horse, stabs him in the temple and rides away. They find the man in his death throes then he’s gone. Wilk tells him that this is another guilty man and Milus will think they did this.
– –
Leon and the group ride back with the booty and bodies. Marshal and Wilk refuse their share. Wilk is still worried that Milus will think they killed the guard, Denley, for revenge. They agree to watch out for their men until this is resolved. Love plays a viola type instrument for the guests. Lord Pryce listens with a small smile. Love thanks the baron for the gift of the instrument. Pryce asks to share a revelation he had during morning prayer. He says he saw a higher purpose for this tragedy.

He says god desires them to have the ill will between their shires washed away. Milus applauds him. Love says she has also been shown the grace in this sadness and says she would like them to govern in harmony, each in their own home. She excuses herself to rest. Milus escorts her out and she says he and the Baron seem to be reading each others thoughts as well as rehearsing them as well. Leon is back and he and Milus share a look.

Wilk goes home and looks around. He sees Jessamy and the kids safe and asleep. He goes to check on the men in the stable and sees them sleeping soundly as well. The two Claras tell him that Love requests him to come to her bedchamber and says she was crying. Wilk says the Claras told him that Love needed him and Isabel tells him the twins do not tend to her. Wilk leaves angry to have been duped away into the castle. Love thinks about his presence.

Wilk runs home and goes into his house and sees Luca gone. The boy comes in with a glass of water and he hugs him relieved. In the stables, one of the men goes to take a piss and someone comes up behind him and whacks him on the head. It’s Milus who tells him, not yet. He says when he was 9 or 10, a cleric that ran the orphanage taught them piety and patience with a hot iron. He says it was cruel but effective. Then he says the man would come to them at night and choose from the boys.

He says he was the priest’s favorite because he was pretty and firm. He says he called him his little Lammy while he raped him. He says he said it sweetly and softly. Milus tells him to say Little Lammy. The man cries and then says it. Milus says to keep saying it. He then beats him to death. Ash stirs in his sleep. Milus puts the instrument that killed him into his friend’s hand. Wilk sees him in his cloak and runs after him but then hears Ash screaming over Cato whose body he found.

Wilk sees the iron in the other man’s hand. Ash says he never heard a thing. Wilk is sickened by this. He knows what happened. Next day, Wilk glares at Milus and says there will be no justice for Cato as there is none for the man he has to punish. Milus walks over and tells Wilk he’s not a man of idle threats. He says they didn’t kill Nomads and says Nomads did it. Milus says he has no proof of that and he had to take a life in return. He tells Wilk to get to work.

They are assembling a torture device of some sort for the condemned man. Marshal is so mad he beast the board with a hammer. Father Ruskin comes to Berber to ask what happened in the chapel. Berber tells him that the Archdeacon was searching for heretical markings, splashed them with holy water then told them if they spoke of it, heretical marks would come to their skin. Ruskin asks if the Archdeacon said what they looked like. Berber asks if he’s seen them.

Ruskin asks if he’s seen the healer’s marks and Berber says she’s not a heretic far from it. The other scribe eavesdrops. Berber says the Archdeacon’s men serve another, not Christ, and says he should warn Nora and tells him she’s in the Far Caverns and tells him where to find her. Ruskin leaves. Milus comes to see Love who says the justice coming at sundown is gruesome. She says she had a records search done on the man and asks why Pryce is buying off the man’s debt.

Milus says she need not concern herself. He tells her Pryce is their only hope and says he knows she’s not pregnant because they all know their baron was barren. She slaps him and he says sorry. She says she has been the offering of marriage once already and says she won’t do it again. Milus says the shire is his concern and marrying Pryce is the only way she will hold her place. Love sits and asks if he had a hand in Lady Trula’s death. Milus denies it and says it was rebels.

She asks why punish this other man. He says it’s a representation. She says an open mind and a heart shut tight. She says that was what her Grandfather told her was needed for leadership. Milus says it’s wise but Love says it’s sad.
– –
The Archdeacon speaks with Absolon. The scribe steps out just then. The Archdeacon says the man is a converted Jew and may have a dark soul but they have to go check out the healer on their way out of the shire. Wilk finishes the assembly and tells Marshal he’s sorry. He says he should never have lied to them back in their village. Marshal says farmer or fighter, he knows him then and now. He tells Marshal he’s a good friend and wishes he was a better friend to him.

Luca says he should help and Wilk says he can do other things but the boy says he wants to be just as he is. Marshal calls the kid a pint of piss and says he can help him with the math he can’t do. Love tells Isabel she’s not happy about the man being pulled apart. There’s a knock and Wilk is there. Isabel calls him insolent and Wilk tells her that he needs a private moment to reveal a truth. Isabel tells him no but Love says to allow it. Isabel steps out.

Wilk says his name is not Gawain and says that executioner died in her husband’s service and he was a hooded bandit and he took the identity to save himself and his friends. Love asks about the wife and he says the real Maddox tortured them so they prefer him. He tells her his name is Wilkin Brittle and says he was a knight in Longshanks army and Ventriss sent him to an ambush and he was spared by God then was roused again by blood. She asks why he’s telling her this.

He says an innocent man will be brutally executed and says he needs to save him. He hands her a scroll and says his friends are innocent too. Love opens the scroll and he says to give it to Pryce’s chancellor. He asks for a brief time to arrange things then says he’s sorry he lied to her. He says his time with her was worth the punishment he’ll receive. He steps close with tears in his eyes then kisses her. She kisses back. He says he saw the vision too – just as she did – he says a male child and says it was ours.

She cries and he touches her face then leaves. She sobs. She looks at the scroll in her hand. She wipes her eyes. Jessamy is making bread when Wilk comes into the house. He says she’s a sweet honest woman then touches her face. He says she’s a good mother and wife. She asks if he means it and he says yes. She kisses him. He kisses back then stops. He takes her to bed. She’s crying at his tenderness. Wilk then heads to the punisher chamber and he’s wearing his sword.

Leon is there and tells them to ready the prisoner. He says the stage is set. Wilk snatches his wife’s necklace off her and attacks him but then Love is there and tells them all to lay down their blades. She tells Leon and Locke to take the prisoner to the square. She says no one will speak of it again. They take the man away. Marshal steps out too closing the door behind him.

Love tells him he can’t trade his life for another. She says his confession is not logical but she says it was not intentional then asks who gave the order. She asks if killing her reeve and knight was his final task. He says they were not innocent and she says he chooses who lives and dies then says it must be great to be done off the cross. She burns the confession but he tries to put the fire out. It’s mostly destroyed. He tells her his soul is so heavy and says to let him take this end.

Love says she recognizes the burden and has one of her own. She says she feels for him may be the work of God or devil but it’s what she’s been waiting for. He asks who she is. She says she needs him to help her find that truth. She calls him noble knight. He takes her hand and helps her up. He goes to kiss her but she stops him and says they have need of Maddox the punisher now. He says he’s at her service and kisses her hand. Ruskin goes to see Nora.

She hands him a drink and says it will settle his mind. He says he has a warning for her. He says the Archdeacon, Father Robinius is looking for the markings. He asks what they are and she says he can read it I Latin. She hands him a book. He says it’s the book of the Nazarean. She tells him to read and then they can talk. He leafs through the book. The Templar knight is outside the cave and Nora sees him. It’s the Mute in his outfit. Nora hugs him and says they are being watched.

He says he knows and says it’s one man but others are near. Absalon watches from behind a tree. The prisoner is placed on the rack in the square. They slice his arm tendons. Love gives her arm to Pryce to escort her to a seat. She gives Wilk a look as she passes. Milus and the other nobles go to sit. The horses are hooked up to the two sides. The knights mount the horses. The condemned beings to pant. Love looks away then nods at Wilk who holds his hand up. He drops his hand and they ride. They ride away and he screams as his arms are ripped off.